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Blinding Lights

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Palmer looked up at Miranda as she entered the Interview Room.

“Have to give you credit Miranda” Palmer said, “you’re tough”.

Miranda locked the door and smirked at the woman, “I learnt from the best”.


“Thankfully you weren’t around”.

Palmer scowled, “so you’re doing my interview then?”

“I’m going to ask you some questions, and I want the truth, everything you know. Then you’ll be taken away and if you’re really lucky, put into prison”.

Palmer nodded, her hands clasped together on the table, “fire away”.

“How much do you know about the DoMinidas?”

Palmer smiled faintly, “I know you are a part of it…I don’t know how but I know you’re involved and I’m sure it’s pretty high up in their division. I told them i-I’d hurt you and they went silent. Threatened to have me killed if I didn’t make sure you survived. I told your boss that you’d been crying so as to keep an eye on you…Miranda, this boss… who is he? How deep are you in? You call me corrupt but how can you look at yourself and put on this mask? I know what you did in Vice was part of being undercover but what exactly are you to the DoMinidas?”

Miranda sat on the table and smiled, sending a chill through Palmer, “what I am to them? Palmer just think, you hurt me and they threatened you with death. What I am is very important clearly. Now, imagine how I’m feeling after you hurt Max. I won’t tell him you shot me because surely by now you know the boss is a man…that he’s just one part of DoMinidas”.

Palmer nodded.

“And if he was angered by you trying to kill me…how am I going to react at your attempts to murder Max? How sad and hurt that made me…”


“Shut up” Miranda said and gripped Palmer’s chin in her hand, she squeezed tightly and smirked, “I should let him know you shot me, but I won’t. Call it a mercy, because after I’ve finished with you you’ll be grateful for it”. She leaned close and chuckled, letting Palmer see just how serious she was.

There was no warmth in Miranda’s eyes, no remorse, only a deep seated coldness that made Palmer question her judgement. Question how well she really knew Miranda.

Miranda let Palmer’s chin go and walked around the table. Stroking her wrists, reminding Palmer of what she had done. The attempt on Miranda’s life had ensured hers was threatened. There was a date for her death and Miranda held it within her grasp.

“So…I came here looking for the DoMinidas” Palmer said, “when you were there all along. By my side at the start”.

Miranda shrugged and smiled, “you made me question a few things I’ll give that to you. I didn’t expect Max to have to arrest but then, he has wanted to use handcuffs on me”.

Palmer turned her head.

“I told you” Miranda grinned, “he’s good with hands. I’m not so good” she smirked, “too trigger happy… too eager”

“So, you’re going to kill me then. Make it look like an accident?”

Miranda tilted her head, a small grin danced across her features, making her look every inch the psychopath she was acting.

“Not really my style. I prefer finding out secrets and exposing them. That’s what I do. I’m not as corrupt as you are. I didn’t sell my information to the DoMinidas. I didn’t give up my career for an extra bit of money. No…that was all you…Framing Rico? Sure, I’ve done that. Done some pretty stupid things. But you came here and began picking on all of my friends and twisting their lives into your own corrupt creation. I’ve done none of that. I’m not evil nor am I corrupt. I do my job. You really should’ve liked Max”.

“But you’re part of the DoMinidas. That makes you worse in every possible way” Palmer spat, “I knew they had spies every where, but this is ridiculous! You are working for them?! Are you stupid? Everything you’ve built for yourself you want to throw it away. Max? You want to throw that away?!” Palmer hissed.

When Miranda didn’t rise to the challenge Palmer looked at her.

“How long have you been part of it then? Was it out here or-“

Miranda laughed, “How long have I been part of it?” she smirked and leaned close “I created it. I am the DoMinidas. Well, I’m the silent partner. Donne, now he’s the real deal. He’s the one organising the deaths, the drug deals, the hits. Nice to know he still cares about me, I’ve not seen him for years. But you mess with him and it’s game over…perhaps I should tell him you shot me whilst trying to kill my boyfriend”.


Miranda grinned wickedly, “the boss. He’s ever so protective of me…I despise his methods but I have to admit he’s got a flair for finding the right dirt bag to use…oh don’t look so sad, if I hadn’t of arrested you he would’ve murdered you at some point this week, he doesn’t keep a payroll. Too messy”.

“You’re crazy! You’re you- you are part of a crime gang Miranda. Like it or not, deaths are on your head”.

“NO!” she pressed their foreheads together, hissing with fury and anger that rivalled Inés. “They are on his head. Not mine. His. I told you, silent partner. I am not a killer”. She pulled back and stepped back slowly, as though considering her words “I didn’t even know what Donne was doing until I heard the whispers of the DoMinidas a few months ago. The name was too close for it not to be him. But I know, that dear old Donne will welcome me home with open arms if I did decide to kill you”.

“Playing with fire will only get you burnt Miranda” Palmer said, “he’s a killer. You said it yourself, he doesn’t keep a payroll? How long before you end up dead. He’ll find out what you’re up to and kill you! He’ll kill you and Max and everyone else you know. This Donne will only be on your side for so long…what will be the price you pay?”

Miranda titled her head, a wry grin on her face.

“Who is he Miranda? Who is he to you? You can tell me. Who am I going to tell? I’ve got a price on my head now”.

Miranda moved towards Palmer one last time and slapped her before gripping her chin again, “and what a shame that is…still, you really shouldn’t’ve tried to kill me. It’s your own fault. You know he said I could kill you and I thought about it. How I would do it. What I’d use…”.

Palmer wrenched her head free, “I did what I had to do! And I don’t regret it! Not one bit! I wish I had let you die. I wish I’d shot your head off. This isn’t fun and games Miranda. It’s life and death. I shot those drug dealers yes, but only because you were the one stupid enough to leave your badge behind! The evidence against you was circumstantial… an added bonus”.

Miranda pulled back and rubbed her wrists, relieving some of the pain holding Palmer had caused her.

“I’m a good person” Miranda stated.

“It won’t be long before you’re found out. Before you realise no one wants you. Not even Donne. Not seen him for a while? Why is that?”

Miranda walked to the door and unlocked it, “he went away” she spoke calmly, “but you’ll never know why. Good luck with your life Palmer. However long that may be” she threatened and walked out.



Max looked up as Miranda emerged from interviewing Palmer, she looked tired and drained. As though Palmer had snatched her life away. He handed her a coffee, now lukewarm but she accepted it and drained it in one. Before rubbing her wrists.

“You okay?” he asked softly and took her hands in his, rubbing her wrists with his own thumbs. Relieving some of the ache and pains slapping Palmer had created. Her eyes fluttered shut and she smiled softly, “I am now”.

He smiled and pulled her into his embrace, he pressed his chin to the top of her head and rubbed her back, “I watched you interview her you know? Not the last bit…but God Miranda…you’re scary sometimes”.

Miranda chuckled and looked at him, bringing her lips to meet his. She hovered away before they met, “I’m-“

Max kissed her, “my girlfriend”.

Miranda grinned at him, “I’ll explain things to you Max. I will just give me time…okay?”

Max nodded, “like telling me who Donne is?”

“If you want to take that risk yeah. I’ll tell you”.

Max took her hands in his, “I’ll take any risk for you. I love you”.

Miranda rolled her eyes, “sap. An utter sap…”

“You can be quite scary Miranda” he grinned, “please pull scary Miranda out in bed? I'd quite like to be tied to the bed as Scary Miranda-”

A cough separated them.

They turned to face Inés, who had scarily snuck up on them, “good job Miranda. I am proud to have you as one of my Detectives”.

“Thank you…” she said and smiled weakly.

“What tipped you off then?” Inés asked, “how did you know that she was corrupt?”

Miranda laughed bitterly, “from the moment I saw her in your office, I knew she wasn’t back for anything good. But the big tip off was the way she was around Max. She hated him instantly…not many people hate Max. He’s got one of those stupid faces”.

“So, your boyfriend is disliked and you go on the defensive”.

Miranda looked at Max and smiled, “yeah…something like that”.

“She tried to kill you” Inés said.

“I imagine she’s probably tried to kill me quite a few times as of late…back home, Niall Taylor, in the cells…” Miranda replied, “wish I’d punched her”.

“After what she has done to you” Inés said faintly, “I would’ve killed her”.

Max smiled and took her hand in his, “me too…by the way Schatz, remind me to show you how grateful I am tonight for saving my life and by the way, you still owe me angry hot sex English and I am not going to forget that anytime soon”.

“You’ve got ten seconds to run and hide Max” Miranda laughed.

“Oooo scary” he grinned before she made to run, her eyes going deadly for a second. He bolted down the corridor, nearly running into a door as Inés and Miranda laughed.

“You know you still haven’t properly told me about how you are connected to the DoMinidas”.

“Haven’t I?” Miranda asked.


“Oh…well… Dominidas is just a made-up name really. An amalgamation of two people. Minidas was my nickname as a kid, it was all I could say and it stuck, well my older brother called me it. He left when I was 4 but he kept in contact for a while…lying bastard told me he was in France. Didn’t realise that the DoMinidas was out here till a few months ago. The DoMinidas have gotten too powerful Inés. I’m going to take them down…can I trust you?”

Inés nodded, “you have my trust Detective…but how are you going to take them down?”

Miranda ignored the question and smiled, “Max you coward! Yeah you better run!” before chasing after him.

“Dios mío she really is a murderer” Inés breathed, a murderer that she had granted full immunity to for confessing to murder the other day.

Inés looked at Max and Miranda’s desk and at the evidence they had retrieved from Palmer’s apartment.

It appeared that they hadn’t finished with the DoMinidas yet.

Not by a long shot.