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Blinding Lights

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Miranda rested her head against her hand as Max drove through Palma’s streets. She had recently moved closer to his apartment, partly out of choice. Being closer to Max meant that she got a lift into work, but it also meant that he insisted on her having over for dinner at his most nights.

He had been convinced she barely ate properly after helping her move and finding she had a lack of cooking utensils. 

It didn’t help that her fridge had one bottle of wine and a single ready meal at the time.

“Soooo Carmen is going out with Rico tonight”.

“Rico?!” Miranda said, looking at him, “Rico?” She repeated.

“That was my reaction!” Max laughed, “honestly why him?”

Miranda laughed, “Well for one thing he probably answers his phone”.

“I answer my phone”.

“You answer if it’s me or Inés phoning Max, you never answered Carmen unless prompted”.

“Yeah well… Rico isn’t even that good looking”.

“You both decided to end things Max. You can’t be jealous she’s going on a date”.

Miranda looked across at Max and sighed, “okay you can be a bit jealous. Carmen is getting on with her life and here you are…stuck with me driving through the streets of Palma for a suspect we only half think is still here. Not exactly living the dream”.

“I like being with you” he replied.

Miranda looked ahead of them at the roads ahead, “be a bit awkward if my compañero hated me”.

Max laughed, “it would make solving crimes a bit hard”.

Miranda smiled at him. The sun made the silver hairs in his beard shine, “so dinner tonight…I was thinking maybe paella?”

Max grinned, “I love paella”.

“I know” she said, “but can you cook it?”

Max looked at her, “if you’re going to tell me you can secretly cook paella Miranda I will have to insist on you cooking every night”.

Miranda smiled up at the sun, “I might be able to”.

“Miranda” he grinned wide, “and you’ve been making me cook all this time”.

“You assumed I couldn’t cook”.

“And you just let me? How very laid back of you” Max smiled, “okay so you are cooking tonight. I shall provide the wine…your place?”

“My place” she said.

“It’s a date” he grinned before catching himself, “I mean not a date date just a date you know uhm-“

“I understood what you meant” she said but found herself disappointed it wasn’t a date.

She looked across at Max again and wondered if he felt the same. She was good at hiding her emotions, but when it mattered, Max could be even better.

There were times when he had fooled her, meaning one thing but saying another.

“But it sort of classes as a date” she continued, gauging his reaction out of the corner of her eye as she looked back to the road, “two people. Food…wine…a social engagement”.

He was half smiling, perhaps shocked at her declaration. Her suggestion that it could in fact be a date.

“A date is usually more romantic than that” he replied hesitantly, unsure of what direction Miranda was going in.

“I think I’ve got candles if that’s what you mean by romantic” she replied, “and no doubt you’ll want to play that stupid song again”.

“We use candles all the time at mine” he said, “and we have music playing and…hey is that our guy?”

Miranda sat up in her chair and reached for the radio, “this is DC Miranda Blake and Max Winter. We have eyes on the suspect, he’s heading west along Ca'n Pastilla”.

Max put his foot down on the accelerator as their suspect hopped onto his moped and began to speed away.

Miranda leaned forwards in the car, “in pursuit. License plate number GHE12 4GB” she barked into the radio.



They chased their suspect down side street after size street before he eventually sped down a narrow alley, making it impossible for Max’s BMW to follow.

Miranda cursed, “damnit! He’s going in the direction of the Arenal”.

Max reversed his car and thought about another route to take. He started driving as patrol cars sped down the road. Getting Miranda’s message and hoping to get there first.

“What’s the bet we get to him first?” Max said as he drove in the opposite direction. 

“It’s actually a date tonight” she said.

Max smiled, “and if we’re not?”

“You’ll have to cope without listening to music for a night”. 

Max laughed, “you love that song admit it. Fine. We’re not there first it’s staying off my phone okay? And if we are it’s a date”.

 “It’s a song I barely understand Max, I tapped my foot once to it”.

“Actually, we danced to it. Tapping feet and dancing the paso are two different things”.

“I’ll say, one resulted in me having a swollen ankle for a week”.

Max smiled and turned left quickly.

They spotted up ahead the man on the moped. Both Max and Miranda were secretly pleased that they were going to win. Going to have an actual date.

Not that every other time they ate together at his wasn’t already a date. Miranda looked at Max, maybe they were already dating, and they just didn’t know it. Inés had certainly ramped up her teasing, asking her each day where her boyfriend was. Christian had begun to call her Max’s better half. She didn’t know what Max had been subjected to, but both had long since stopped correcting everyone.

“Max watch out!” she said grabbing his leg as he suddenly served left to avoid being hit by a patrol car.

He swerved to avoid the car and some bins before stopping the car. Both sat in shock at the recklessness of the patrol car.

“You okay?” he asked.


“Yeah” he breathed and placed his hand on hers, she relaxed her grip on his leg, suddenly conscious she had reached out for him. He laced their fingers together and they sat for a few seconds. Letting their bodies calm down.

“Guess we’re not having music tonight” he said after a beat, “shame. I wanted to teach you the paso”.

“We should probably get back in the chase…otherwise they’ll wonder where we got to” she said but didn’t let his hand go.

“Yeah” Max said and looked at her, “so uhm,” he let her hand go and she found herself missing the contact.

He got the car back onto the road and drove on in the direction they’d seen the moped and patrol car. Orders were sent through the radio and within a few moments “suspect apprehended”.

Max slowed his car down, “guess that means no date”.

Miranda chose not to make a comment, instead she looked out at the Mallorcan views, a place she had begun to call home. She smiled, hiding her face from Max, “be at mine at 7”.

“Yes ma’am” he joked and she hit his side without looking.

“You see this is why it’s not a date. You keep abusing me” he grinned.

Miranda looked at him.

He grinned so she just shook her head, “just get us back to the station?”