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MotoGP in Quarantine

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Day 5 in Quarantine and it was finally driving everyone up the walls. Marc and Valentino got into argument 2487, Tony wasn’t listening to Jorge anymore, and everyone was hypothetically throwing bouncy balls at the walls.

At this very moment that we join these idiots, Alex was cooking lunch with Enea and Balda in the kitchen of the top Spaniard house. They were discussing how much they miss MotoGP and not racing. Alex gave up trying to spread mayo on the breads and joined the conversation. Guess they’d have to go someplace else for lunch today.

“I’m telling you, Enea, we’re all going to have forgotten how to ride when this is over” Balda was saying.

“Oh please! Stop being dramatic, Baldasarri,” Alex exclaimed.

“I’m being serious, Alex. We haven’t raced since the last testing sessions.”

“Actually you guys raced the first race so don’t give me that excuse.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.”

“Obviously,” Enea muttered to Alex, who snorted. Celestino cake walking into the room and grabbed a glass to fill it up with water.

“Oh yeah Cele,” Balda smirked at Enea, who glared at him.

“What’s up, Lorenzo?” Celestino asked, looking at Balda, curiously.

“I was just wondering if you’re seeing anyone. You see, the older guys were thinking about FaceTiming their girlfriends and I wanted to known you wanted to do it.”

“Uh no. I’m good. I don’t have anyone to call anyway,”

“Oh okay. That’s cool.”

“Yep. Anything else, Balda?”

“You mean other than Enea likes you? No, nothing else.” With that Baldasarri left the room with a cackling Alex Marquez behind him.

“Wait what?” Enea screeched. He looked over at Celestino in horror, wishing the floor would swallow him. He couldn’t believe that Balda would do that to him.

“Enea, it’s fine. We can still be friends,” Celestino have him a small smile, that Enea knee was fake.

“Cele, I don’t want to be friends. Before you say anything, I mean I want to be more than friends. More than best friends. I want to date you but if you don’t-“ Enea was cut off by Celestino, who threw himself at Enea and kissed him.

“You are such an idiot, Enea. I’ve been in love you since we met. So yes, I want this.”

“Be my boyfriend,” Enea whispered, his forehead touching Celestino’s.

“Hell yeah I’ll be your boyfriend!” Celestino have Enea another kiss before running off. Enea stood against the stove with a stupid smile on his face. Balda and Alex stuck their heads into the kitchen.

“When’s the wedding?” Alex asked, smugly. He got threatened by a pan for his troubles.

“Do you owe me 50 Euros whenever you get your hands on some,” Alex said, smirking at his boyfriend and his brother in law. They both gaped at him with their mouths open. “Close your mouths before you catch flies before you regain your ability to speak.”

“They’re dating now?” Valentino was the first one to recover.

“Yep,” Alex popped the p.

“Damn it! They were supposed to wait until next week!” Luca exclaimed, throwing his head back and groaning loudly.

“Too bad. Now you gotta pay up, babe,” Alex held his hand out to the brothers. Luca groaned again but paid up. Valentino glared at Alex with mistrust and handed him 50 Euros.

“What’s going on here?” Marc stood at Valentino’s side and looked at his brother curiously.

“Well we just lost 50 euros each to yo brothers here,” Luca glared at his boyfriend.

“So when you lose a bet to me, I’m not your boyfriend? Oh how nice,” Alex said sarcastically.

“Love you too, asshole.”

“I could do with a drink right about now,” Celestino said, as he walked to the where the four were standing.

“So, when is the first date?” Luca smirked at his youngest friend.

“You really don’t waste time with news, do you,” Celestino asked Alex, who smirked and flapped t he money in his hands. “Wait, you all get on this?”

“I’m sorry, did you actually think that we wouldn’t?”

“Unfortunately, I did.”

“You clearly underestimate and doubt us,” Valentino joined in the fun.

“You would think I’d have already learnt.”


“Come on. Let’s go eat something, I’m starving now,” Enea said.

“You’re always hungry,” Celestino joked. Enea gasped and threw Cele over his shoulder. He then fast walked to the VR46 Academy house.

“You heard the man! Let’s go get food,” Marc exclaimed, jumping onto Valentino’s back. “If I just hurt you, I’m really sorry.”

“It’s okay, bambino. Come.” Valentino followed after Enea.

“Ho, Cele you good,” Nelli asked the baby of the group.

“Enea said that if I finish lunch, he’ll give me a surprise,” Celestino replied, his mouth full of lettuce.

“Nuh-uh! I don’t want to know!” Pecco exclaimed, waving his hands around. Nelli and Celestino giggled at Pecco.

“It’s a sweet tooth worthy surprise,” Enea whacked Pecco on the back of the head. Get your head out of the gutter, Bagnaia!”

“I can’t help it! You’re the one who corrupted my mind!”

“I can’t say that I’m sorry.”

“No, because then you’d be lying and that’s bad,” Joe laughed as he ran away from Enea.

“You know, it’s nice to be ourselves. We don’t get to be that most of the time,” Remy said, curling into Lorenzo’s lap.

“What are you? A cat?” Lorenzo raised an eyebrow up at him.

“Yes. I am a cat, Baldassarri!”

“Your boyfriend is going to kill me when he comes back.”

“One, he’s not my boyfriend and two, I’ll deal with him.”

“BALDASSARRI! LEAVE MY BEST FRIEND ALONE,” yelled Joe from on the stairs.



“Valentino, we don’t need to adopt a kid. We already have kids to raise for the rest of our lives,” Marc joked. Valentino and the others stifled their laughter.

“The truest words,” Valentino brought Marc into a hug. Luca smiled down at the half-asleep Alex, who was leaning against him.

“I really want to marry you, Lex. There is no future for me without you,” Luca whispered.