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MotoGP in Quarantine

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“Alright, who’s idea was this again?” Marc asked his brother as they were driving to Vale’s rental street of houses in Lucerne.

Someone had decided that the MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3 riders should be together for this social distancing crap. Of course that meant that Vale and some of the Academy boys put some of their money together to rent out an entire street just for them. And that’s led to this precise moment of regret for Marc, who knew he was hated by most of the guys attending this giant, chaotic mess.

“Uhm if I remember correctly, this quarantine together idea came from you. So you’re an idiot, bro.” Alex teased his brother. He was actually looking forward to this. He was missing the action but knew there was bound to be a competition this week especially considering the younger riders had made a separate group chat and agreed they’d be bringing their dirt bikes.

“I hate myself,” Marc grumbled, taking his phone out of his pocket and texting his boyfriend.

“It’ll be fun! Relax old man! It’s only until this pandemic is gone.”

“Which could be in September!”

“Cheer up. This is totally not the worst place we could be stuck in. No one likes a moody old man!”

“Who are you calling old?”

“Uhh… you.”

“Just be glad you’re driving so I can’t kill you. But as soon as we get there, you’re dead, hermano.”

“Ooo I’m so scared,” Alex rolled his eyes.


“LUCA!! SAVE ME! HE IS TRYING TO KILL ME!” Alex ran to the back of the house that the VR46 Academy boys would be sharing. Luca Marini looked down from where he was standing on the balcony.

“Who’s trying to kill you this time?” Luca raised an eyebrow at the Spaniard running up the balcony steps. Alex jumped onto Luca’s back and hugging his tight.

“My brother,” Alex stage whispered. Andrea Migno, Pecco Bagnaia, and Stefano Manzi cracked up from next to Luca. “It’s Not funny guys. He’s going to murder me!” Alex whined, hiding his face in Luca’s shoulder.

“Shh tesoro, I won’t let him get you.” Luca ran his fingers through Alex’s hair.

“What did you do to make him want to kill you?” Pecco asked the Spaniard. He got his answer not even 15 seconds later.

“ALEX, WHERE ARE YOU?! HOW DARE YOU CALL ME AN OLD MAN!” They all heard Marc yelling and turned to the shaking Alex Marquez.

“You called him old?! He’s not that old!” Stefano exclaimed.

“I know but he was being annoying about being here in Lucerne and it just slipped out. I tried apologizing but he tried to hit me with his bag so I ran.”

“Oh Alex! Come on. You can stay here tonight. I’ll get Valentino and the other veterans to take care of Marc tonight.” Pecco said, already going to the sliding door.

“Who’s cooking dinner?” Alex looked at Andrea.

“Celestino,” he shrugged.

“Alright I’ll stay.”

“What if Mig had said someone else?” Stefano asked curious.

“Honestly as long as it isn’t Franky or Luca, I don’t care.” Alex said with a straight face. All of them, minus a mock offended Luca, laughed.

“Alex, you can stay here all the time we’re here honestly,” Andrea said between his laughter.

“I’m a great cook!” Luca argued.

“Oh yes amor! The burnt shrimp scampi agreed with you,” Alex pat Luca’s cheek before releasing Luca and walking into the house after Pecco.

“How does one burn shrimp scampi?!” Pecco looked at Luca incredulously.

“I don’t know Pecco. I don’t know.”

The 5 men walked through the kitchen with Alex greeting Celestino with a loud hello. Then they went into the living room and sat on the couches.

“So…what’s the plan for while we’re here?” Celestino asked as he came into the room.

“I was thinking since I’m pretty sure us young riders brought our dirt bikes, we could go I to the woods and practice,” Alex suggested. He was laying on one of the three couches with his head on the armrest and his feet on Luca’s lap.

“Yeah that sounds good. I know Arbolino and Fabio have been itching to get on bikes sim this whole thing started.” Luca stated. He started unconsciously rubbing Alex’s ankles. The other Italians in the room smiled at them but didn’t say anything.

“Where’s Franky? Usually he’s really loud.”

“I think he was going to his room to call Fabio to see how much longer until he gets here,” Pecco scratched his chin in thought.

“Hmm,” Alex closed his eyes.

“Those two are always training together.” Niccolo Antonelli groaned as he came down the stairs.

“Let’s be honest for a minute. Franky is giving Fabio tips on how to beat Valentino on the tracks.” Manzi stated, raising his hand in the air.

“Haha maybe,” Andrea laughed. He was the only one laying on the floor until Celestino joined him.

“Hey Vi, when’s your boyfriend getting here?” Nelli threw a sock at the youngest.

“Enea has to pick up Gardner and Roberts from the airport.”

“How did you know who he was talking about?” Alex gasped and sat up. “Wait are you two finally dating?”

“No we aren’t dating! We’re just friends!”

“Cele, baby, Remy and Joe are just friends. What you and Enea have is called straight-up crushes on each other. Just ask the guy out,” Luca pointed at Celestino.

“Hello Italians! Oh hi Alex! When did you get here?” Franky came down the stairs and waved at the sole Spaniard.

“10 minutes ago. Where’ve you been?” Alex got up and gave Franky a hug.

“Calling Pasini and Fabio.”

“Ah okay.”

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with the other Spaniards right now?”

“Marc wants to kill me for saying that’s he’s an old man so I’m camping here tonight.”

“You’ve already insulted his age? Jeez Alex, I’m worried we’re going to be burying you before this is over.”

“Very funny Morbidelli.” Alex playfully punched Franky’s shoulder.

“Mamma Mia! It’s getting late! I have to start making dinner!” Celestino jumped up from the ground and into the kitchen.

“I can help!” Franky called out.

“NO!” Everyone said simultaneously.


“Marquez, come on! It’ll be fun!” Aleix Espargaró pulled Marc into the house that the Marquez brothers would be staying in with the Espargaró brothers and Jorge Lorenzo.

“But Aleix! I need to get Alex!”

“Bambi, you want to get Alex but you don’t need to. He’s safe with my brother and their friends.” Vale pushed Marc from behind.

“Ugh fine! You putas win!”

“Thank Christ!” Dovizioso opened the front door with the key Aleix had given him.

“Just relax, bastard. Enjoy the fact that we are being nice to you,” Valentino whispered in Marc’s ear.

“Hijo de puta!” Marc went to tackle Valentino before Jorge’s car pulled up in the driveway and Alex Rins was holding Marc away from Vale.

“What’s going on here?”

“Just the Rossi-Marquez rivalry saying hello.” Dovi said from inside the house. He was leaning against the frame looking at the scene with his facial expression one of boredom.

“This is going to be a long quarantine,” Jorge groaned and walked past all of them and into the house.

“This is going to be so much fun,” Pol clapped and ran in too.

“Oh joy,” Aleix and Alex rolled their eyes.


Meanwhile, back at the Academy house, Enea, Pasini, Joe, and Remy has just arrived in time for dinner.

“Woah you guys have the biggest at house here!” Remy was jumping around in every room on the main floor. Joe was sitting on barstool talking to Marco about the QatarGP. Enea, Franky and Pasini were in the bathroom most likely concocting their next prank on one of the guys.

“Yeah well. Valentino knows we need a big space. Especially considering we’re the party-goers on the grid.” Luca laughed as he put a picture frame back on the table after Remy had accidentally knocked into it.

“Plus you can have as many people as you want here,” Remy smirked and looked between Niccolo and the bathroom door.

“Hahaha yeah. I don’t think he’s leaving until this whole thing is under control.”

“Let’s hope for everyone’s sanity, this is under control soon. Those three are going to keep pranking everyone.” And right on cue a shrill shriek came from the kitchen. Remy and Luca looked at each other in alarm and ran to their congregated friends to see Joe and Celestino standing on the kitchen counter while fake mice were on the ground around the counter.

“Boys! Come on! You are so lucky that Vale—“

“What the fucking fuck is going on here?” Valentino, Dovi, and Marc came crashing through the front door.

“Didn’t come to see what happened,” Luca face palmed and went to grab the mice.

“Franky and Pasini pulled a prank on us again,” Joe whined before Remy helped him get down. Celestino wrapped his arms around Enea when he came to help.

“Ugh all of you go to bed at 9. We’re too tired to deal with your pranks and whatever else’s you’re planning.” Valentino ran a hand down his face. Marc rubbed his shoulder and head back outside. Alex hugged his brother goodbye before he left.

“No! We’ll go to bed whenever we want to go to sleep!” Luca exclaimed standing in a chair and glaring at his half-brother.

“Luca Marini! Go to bed at 9!”

“Am? Great!”

“Luca, please before your brother combusts somehow, just pretend like you’re going to listen to him,” Marc puppy-eyed Luca, who nodded and jumped off the chair to shake Marc’s hand.

“By the way, your brother is staying here to tonight so don’t be worried if he doesn’t show up at your rental house tomorrow.”

“Okay that’s fine. The older guys and I are probably going to go to Italian house and play cards or something boring. Just go to bed at some point. Jorge wants to take everyone on a nature walk tomorrow.”

“Understood Marc.” Luca nodded before walking them to the end of the driveway. “Goodnight guys. See you all tomorrow.”

“I just realized Tony never arrived,” Andrea announced when Luca had come back into the house. “He said he’d be here before the Marquez brothers arrived but he never got here.”

“Oh yeah and Jorge’s been here for hours.” Fabio said. They all looked toward the door in concern.

Suddenly, the balcony door opened and a pillow cane flying at Nelli.

“PILLOW FIGHT!” Tony yelled from outside and just like that the calm aura in the house shattered.