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Break Your Cage

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Keigo spent almost a week in the hospital before being released after the battle. The doctors informed him that there would be permanent scarring on the left side of his body (mainly face). He was under strict orders to change his bandages twice a day and to properly take care of it with the prescription medicine he was given. 

It was estimated that the wounds would finish healing within a maximum of one month if proper care is followed. With that, he was also ordered for no hero work for the next month. It drove Keigo mad but he would be lying if he said that he didn't think a small break would be nice in some ways.

The first thing Keigo did when he returned to his apartment was lean against his door and stare at the hardwood flooring. His eyes were wide open, unable to blink as he felt his heart and mind begin to slow down. 

This week was an absolute fucking shit-show

He felt like the scum of the Earth. Well… he technically is one already. Heroes are always the scums, aren't they?

Loud, aggressive knocking echoed throughout the apartment. A pathetic smirk comes up to his face as he suppresses to urge to chuckle. Keigo knows that laugh from anywhere.

Rumi fucking Usagiyama.

He lets out a groan, rubbing his face with his hands as he forces himself to stop staring at the goddamn floor and to open the door. Rumi was just about to knock a second time but then Keigo had whipped the door open. Rumi stood there in all her glory, crutches and all. She had a shit-eating smile that practically beamed.

His gaze drifts down to the cast that covered her leg. Endeavor told him about the injury she suffered when she was impaled in battle. He had saved her, but even thinking about Endeavor leaves his mind feeling sour and foggy and unsure.

Endeavor, what did you do?

"Hey, Hawks! Why do you look all sad like that?"

Keigo rolled his eyes as he let her in, shutting the door behind him. "Sit down on the couch over there. And why the hell are you here? Did you forget how you were impaled?"

After Rumi had finally settled herself on the couch, she threw her crutches to the ground. Keigo struts over, hands in his pockets and he raised his eyebrows. He doesn't sit down. 

"I'm not allowed to do any for two months! I feel like I'm gonna go insane, Hawks!" Rumi groans as she dramatically lays her head against the couch cushion. Keigo grins and fidgets in his spot, "Yeah, well I got only one month, how do you feel about that?"

Rumi rolls her eyes and groans loudly. "This sucks. The other heroes who can work right now and are all on edge too…" She leans forward, a pained expression on her face. It makes Keigo stand up tall and he feels like his heart skipped a bit. The tension seems to grow thick and heavy. "... since you know… two of the villains managed to escape."

Keigo's eyes widened and he took in a sharp breath. If he was carrying glass right now, he was sure would have dropped it by now or grasped it so hard it shattered. He takes in a deep breath and he can see how Rumi becomes visibly concerned at his expression.


"Which two villains?"

Keigo takes a step forward as his eyebrows furrow. He looks down at Rumi with an intense gaze and she could feel her heart beat faster. Was it fear or concern? She couldn't tell. Biting her lip, she debating on telling one of her closest friends, but decided that she just had to.

"Dabi and Shigaraki. The others have been arrested and are now in-"


Keigo yelled and let out a quick breath, grasping his face with his tensed hands. He gazed through his fingers towards the large window that was behind the couch. "Shit… shitshitshit." 

If you couldn't tell already, his mind and emotions were an explosive mess. Keigo didn't give a shit about Shigaraki being free (well, he does but…), he only cares about Dabi. Dabi. Oh God, Dabi.

"Who the hell are you?"

"I am Endeavor's son."

Keigo's breathing becomes erratic as he finally lets go of his face and his hands rest on his hips, gripping them harshly instead. "Hawks what the fuck is going on? Are you okay?" Rumi's voice was laced with concern and sternness. She grabbed one of her crutches and hit him across the head to knock him out of his sense. 

Keigo let out a cry of pain as he resisted the urge to hit her back. An irritated expression crosses his face as he looked over at her, "What the fuck?" He shouts, taking a step back. Rumi simply rolls her eyes and crosses her arms. She gives him that 'are-you-shitting-me' look and Keigo immediately knows what's coming next.

"Do you want to go to therapy with me?"

Wait, wait what?

Keigo… didn't end up knowing what would come next. Therapy? This certainly wasn't on his mind. He thought he was going to get a loud ass lecture. He looks stunned and a little skeptical, "Therapy." Keigo repeats, voice monotone.

He then scoffs and treads over towards his kitchen. "I don't want to go to therapy with someone."

Rumi raises her eyebrows and puts on a sly smile, "So you'd go to therapy?"

Keigo grunts like a grumpy old man as he retrieves an orange juice box from the fridge. "Whatever." He throws the juice box towards Rumi who catches it as if it was the easiest thing in the world. She says her thanks and Keigo grabs his own and shuts the fridge door.

"Wow!~ I remember these juice boxes from I was ten! Haha, are you a little kid now?"

Keigo rolls his eyes but can't but smile.

"Can I be like him? Can I be a hero who beats the bad guys?"

Hawks grips the Endeavor figurine with a satisfied expression, feeling safe and at ease. He wants to be a hero like him, too. A hero that can save and be a shining light for everyone.

Suddenly, Keigo feels sick. He turns to Rumi. "You can leave your therapist's number." Keigo smiles and stuffs his hands in his pockets. As Rumi yelled out in satisfaction, the smile on his face seems faker and faker as the seconds' pass. He grabs his phone from his back pocket and sends a text.

[Hawks]: Are you off work?
[Hawks]: Where are you?

Keigo lets out a sigh as he puts the phone back into his pocket and smiles solemnly at his friend.

He has a lot of talking to do. 


That night, Keigo visited the therapist Rumi recommended. It was a woman named Hase Meiko who worked in a small office that was far away from the city. She had dark skin, short purple hair, and blue eyes. The rate was high, but supposedly she was pretty fucking good. Well… that's what Rumi's words were.

Keigo had made her sign an NDA for all of his future sessions. He wasn't going to get too specific, but you can never be too sure.

He doesn't want his whole life and reputation to be grounded to ash. No good would come out of that.

Keigo also… scheduled a meeting with Endeavor for tomorrow. Endeavor had told him to meet him at his house since no one would be home present due to his kids being away at school and their jobs.

Why doesn't his wife live with him?

He bites his lips and runs his hand across his face. Groaning, he sighs. How frustrating.

"Hi, Endeavor!" Keigo grins ear to ear as he walks inside the Todoroki residence. Endeavor is sitting at the dining table, one teacup in front of him and another across. Endeavor motions him over and Keigo struts over with a pep in his step. Despite his cheery exterior, he's nervous, anxious, not knowing what the future holds. He sits down and rolls his shoulders. An eyebrow raises as he stares down at the green tea.

"Green? Ha, what's the tea for? Didn't think you were that type of guy."

Endeavor keeps his usual stoic expression as he stares at Keigo. "My doctor told me it helps with recovery and muscle damage. I thought you would need some, considering your burns." Keigo grimaced as he ran his fingers across the bandages on his face and left side. The scarring left on his body would sure be interesting to finally see.

Burn scars seemed to be a recent trend nowadays…

"Yeah…" Keigo drummed his fingers against the wooden table on thought as he adjusted his seating position to criss-cross. Endeavor notices his cheery exterior change to something slightly more focused. He doesn't comment on it, thinking that millennials were strange.

"How many kids do you have?"

Yeah, millennials are certainly strange, Endeavor thinks. But, the question boggles him, why would Hawks call up a meeting with him just to ask that question? Nonetheless, he answers, feeling more confused as the seconds' pass. "Yes, I have three."

Keigo holds in a scoff and nods, taking a sip of his hot tea. "Are you lying to me?" Endeavor's jaw clenched in frustration at his words and his eyebrows furrowed. "Excuse me?"

Waving his hands around, Keigo let out a nervous laugh. "Nevermind, nevermind! That was disrespectful of me, I apologize." There's a heavy feeling in the pits of his gut as he takes another sip of the tea. Keigo heard once that green tea had bacteria to help with stomach pain and discomfort.

Why the fuck wasn't it helping now?

"Hawks, why are you asking me this?" Endeavor stares daggers on Keigo and he suddenly feels so small. He cleans his throat and sets the teacup back down at the table. The cup won't be touched again for the rest of their meeting. 

For a few seconds, there's a heavy, deafening silence between the two. Keigo can practically feel Endeavor's scrutinizing glare, and he's almost wondering what's going on inside that old-man brain of his. Does he know what he's talking about? Does he know…. Does he know that one of his sons is a Class-S villain?
Keigo's fingers clench and tighten in his lap. What did Dabi endure under Endeavor?

"I heard something from someone a few days ago. It was shocking really, I was speechless." He remembers that moment vividly: having his eyes widened in shock, breathed labored and Dabi's gracious fucking boot crushing his face with his flames. Whenever he thought about that moment, Keigo could feel his breaths shorten.

Endeavor's dead silent, and so he takes this as a signal to continue. "The guy who said it was whispering. I heard… 'Endeavor has a first-born son who is missing'. I was shocked! I mean, Endeavor having another son! Doesn't he have only two?" Keigo grins to himself as he speaks, keeping his eyes down at the carpet. He wonders what Endeavor's facial expression is right now. "But then the other guy said, 'Yeah, I also heard that he's a villain now'. It's ridiculous, isn't it? A villain!" Forcing out a laugh, he slaps his knee to seem comedic. But his eyes squint at Endeavor in curiosity and slyness and he sees… nothing. Endeavor was simply staring at him with blank eyes. There was something behind it, he knew it, he just fucking knew it. But Endeavor didn't let anything show. 

"Where did you hear this?" 

"Hm, Jaku General Hospital?"

Which was right where the liberation battle took place. The place where Endeavor rescued Rumi. The place where Keigo and Dabi reunited. Keigo knows that Endeavor realizes this from the way that he stiffened and his eyes widened. He watches Endeavor closely, noticing how he doesn't burst out in anger or frustration. Why is that? Were the gears turning and then jamming in his head?

Keigo sighs and smiles, getting up from the rug. "Well, I have to head back home. Sorry for what I said, it's probably nothing." He speaks formally but it almost sounds as if he's teasing Endeavor, trying to get under his skin. In a way, he is.

Endeavor hums and nods, saying a firm goodbye as Keigo walks towards the front door. Keigo smiles and runs a hand over his face. He's in this deep. Too deep to the point where he doesn't know if he can rise back to the top again. He can try to swim and swim and swim, but he'll just keep on sinking and sinking and sinking.

But, Keigo supposes, his whole life has just been like that, hasn't it?

Even with his rise in his popularity and hero ranks, he'll always be sinking deep in the shadows.

One day, he'll drown. But Keigo isn't quite ready for that, yet.

It's Keigo's first time in therapy. He's uncomfortable. No one has ever listened to his… "problems". The Commission wouldn't bat an eye at Hawks if he was acting strange or not doing well mentally. All long as he got the job done, it didn't really matter in their eyes.

He arrives a few minutes early, checking in with the nice lady at the desk. Keigo waves and flashes a curt smile towards the receptionist (who happens to blush and freak out internally) before he heads off into the elevator, pressing '8'. Luckily, no one comes into the elevator with him, and he starts to head up. Currently, he was wearing leisurewear. A pair of his favorite sweatpants that he's owned and loved for years, some slides, and a tank top he had cut out messy holes for his wings. He whistled, rolling on the balls of his feet as the elevator occasionally stopped for some people.

Once a dinging noise rang throughout the elevator, he looked up and realized he was on his floor. Keigo lets out a sigh as he walks through the hallway (which looked extremely pristine), trying to find an '824'. After walking for a few minutes, he finally found it, seeing a gold plated sign that read Dr. Meiko.

Before he could debate himself on leaving the building, he sucks in his breath and forces himself to walk in. Shutting the door behind him, he saw how Dr. Meiko was sitting at her desk, smiling over towards him. 

He suddenly feels out of place. As if he was frozen in spot and an ant in a sea of elephants.

Nonetheless, he forces himself to put on a smile and he bows slightly. "Hello! I'm here for my appointment." Keigo shoves his hands in his pockets and watches as Dr. Meiko points towards the seating area, and says that she'll be right over. He hums, walking over. The area was small but… cozy. There was a large window that overlooked the city and brought a large amount of light into the room. Now that he noticed, the doctor doesn't have a single lamp turned on in her office. There was a stereotypical, brown, leather sofa with a fuzzy blanket that he was supposed to sit on. He remembered watching movies where the patient would lay on their back as they stared up at the wall and recalled their life story. He wonders if that'll happen to him.

Keigo almost laughs at the image he makes in his head of it.

He lets himself sit on the leather couch and he crosses his legs, whistling for a second. Letting his wings spread out to their entire length, he wonders if someone from a building across from them can see him.

"So, Hawks," Dr. Meiko walks over and sits on a white loveseat across from him. "Ready to begin?"

He isn't, really, but what choice does he have?

All in all, the session took an hour and thirty minutes. He ultimately decides that this will be his last session. Yes, it was his first, and it will most certainly be his last. After all, how could he continue going if he already knew what he had to do?

"There's this… person. Who I think I'm in love with. It's complicated. We hate each other, immensely. I really… hurt one of his friends and he won't ever forgive me. He said that he's not sad but, I could see the… uhm, tears coming from his eyes. The agony in his voice. I wonder what he's doing right now." Keigo pauses for a moment as he stares down at the clean, patterned carpet. "I think he likes me, despite everything. We've had our… good moments, intimate ones. We also had a lot of awful ones, too. So it's complicated like I said. But, sometimes I feel trapped like I'm some shitty bird in a cage." Keigo snickers at this, remembering all the times Dabi called him by that nickname. "And it's not just that that is making me feel like I'm in a cage. It's all the hero shit, too. The commission, how it's affected me from my childhood."

There's a silence that makes Keigo feel unsettled. He shifts his position on the leather couch. Ruffling his bed of hair, he looks up towards his therapist who was staring with contempt at him.

"You should break your cage."

Break… huh?

Sensing Keigo's confusion, Dr. Meiko let out a small laugh and sets her clipboard down. "Your cage. You said how you felt as if you were trapped. You must have tried to escape or get free from your entrapment once in your life, right? I believe that breaking your cage will set you free. Break it with all your might, do whatever you can do break that lock and fly free."

Keigo, now back in his apartment, looks outside his window and up at the sky. He almost smiles to himself.


Break my cage.

God, what was he getting himself into?

Pulling out his phone from his pocket, he pulls up Dabi's contact information. He bit his lip and his eyes squinted, realizing how he hasn't texted or called Dabi since a day before the whole liberation battle happened. Keigo wondered if he would respond. There was still love between them, immense love at that. But, there was hate, and maybe there will always be hate.

But Keigo doesn't think he can live without Dabi. 

"Shit," Keigo curses sharply as he takes in a deep breath. He can't believe he was doing this, he really can't fucking believe he was doing this.

[Hawks]: hey
[Hawks]: still using this phone?

Keigo doesn't hear from Dabi until three in the morning. He was sleeping and it was raining outside. Moonlight peered into his room and the light and loud buzzing on Keigo's phone went off. He groaned, patting his hand across his bed covers until he finally found his phone. When he saw what the notification was, his eyes widened.

[Dabi]: Yes
[Dabi]: what do you want.
[Dabi]: Wanna find me and send me off to prison?

Keigo slowly pulls himself up so that he's sitting on his bed. He slouches over, glaring at his phone that laid on his hands.

[Hawks]: I have a plan for us
[Hawks]: but it's really fucking stupid and could get both of us arrested
[Hawks]: do you trust me?

[Dabi]: no
[Dabi]: What's the plan

Keigo grins and removes himself from his bed. Since he's only wearing socks and jeans he passed out in, he throws on a dark-colored hoodie over his bare chest and flies out the window. The two ended up meeting in a park that was abandoned in a south part of town that was a few miles away from Keigo's apartment. It was a little pain in his wings to fly since it wasn't too long since the battle, but he sucked it up. Once he landed, he saw Dabi leaning against a tree in his usual attire, looking like shit. 

Holding back his grin, Keigo strutted over his way to Dabi. Dabi was holding on to a cigarette, halfway finished. Keigo put his hands in his pockets and smiled at him. Dabi doesn't return it back. "Cigs are gonna kill you even faster, you know that, right?"

"Faster than you killed Twice?" Dabi rebutted with a rough tone and Keigo stilled, the smile disappearing. A tense silence overlooks the two of them and Keigo doesn't know what to say for once. Instead, Dabi decides to speak. "You know I won't ever forgive you, right? I hate you for it. Always will, you fucking shit bird." He says as he takes another draw of the cigarette. Dabi drops the cigarette to the ground and crushes it with his boot.

Keigo looks up and the two lock eyes. For a while, all you can hear is the occasional car drive by from far away or the sound of leaves crinkling against each other.

"Escape to American and create new identities."

Dabi's eyebrows raise as he smirks. "What the fuck are you talking about, birdy."

"That's my plan. It's loose but we can do it." Keigo raises his eyebrows and takes a hold of Dabi's collar, pulling him in slightly. "You'll be with me, two irrational people in love-"

"I'm not in love with you." Keigo knows that's a lie.

"-and I'll help us create new identities. We can move to America and to some small city and be free. We will have broken our cage!"

"Broken our cage?" Dabi raises an eyebrow and Keigo waves him off. "Nevermind, nevermind. But… are you up to it? We can be free, alone together, happy. Don't you wanna be happy for once?"

"How do you know I'm not happy?"

"Well, you always look ugly and sad all the time s- OW!" Keigo earns himself a slap against the head and makes an expression of discomfort. He pouts and lets go of his collar. 

"I'll do it."

Dabi's words make Keigo freeze and his eyes widened. He stutters and blinks in shock. "Huh?"

"I said I'll do it. Are you fucking deaf?" Dabi chuckles and rubs the back of his neck. Keigo looks down at the grass beneath them and bites his lip in his attempt to suppress a smile. He feels giddy like a stupid, small child who's about to do something mischievous. Well, he technically is, except it's more like a series of crimes against his country.

Dabi takes a harsh grasp at Keigo's jaw and forces his head to look at him. They stare at each other for a few seconds quizzingly before Dabi pulls him up into a rough kiss. Keigo groans into the kiss and pulls on Dabi's collar. Thank the heavens Dabi was only an inch taller than him so Keigo didn't have to seem like a fool and step on his tiptoes.

Keigo's fingers trail up from Dabi's neck to his hair and that's when Dabi separates. Keigo almost looks annoyed. "What's that for?" Dabi chuckles and shrugs, "If you wanna continue this you'll have to give me a ride to the apartment."

"Will I be able to give you another ride?" Keigo grins and his wings spread, preparing for flight. Dabi slyly grins.

"We'll see."

It's now seven in the morning. Keigo is sleeping on his stomach, face pressed against his plush pillow as he drools onto the casing. His wings are spread wide out as he hugs onto some of the blanket. He feels content as he sleeps.

Dabi, however, wants to fucking punch him in the face.

He deadpans each time Keigo's feathers manage to wack him in this. It's been going on for a solid hour and Keigo is on a thin fucking line to Dabi punching him in the face and ripping off his wings. After removing himself from Keigo's bed (nest-) and stealing some of his clothes, he walks over towards the kitchen and opens the fridge. There were a few boxes of apple juice, leftover takeout that's probably days old, and some packets of ramen.

Why the hell are the packets of ramen in the fridge?

"Hey… come back, my legs hurt." Dabi turns around to see Keigo leaning against his bedroom door frame, wearing only red sweatpants that matched his wings. He rolled his eyes and started rummaging through the cabinets in search of a cup. "That sucks. I wonder why." He could hear Keigo groan and shuffle over as Dabi grabbed some weirdly abstract cup. Dabi could only open and raise an eyebrow at it as he closed the cabinet. "Where did you get this?" He turned to face Keigo.

Keigo hums in thought as he rubs his lower back. "Some fan gave it to me." 

Dabi hums as he fills up the cup with tap water. "What are you gonna do about that plan of yours? Oh… and the fact that you're hiding an S-Class villain in your apartment who you're invested with?" He asks slyly with a smirk and Keigo rolls his eyes.

"I have everything planned, don't give me any shit."

"Yesterday you said you had nothing planned."

"Shut up!"

Keigo ended up going out shopping and returning with two bags filled with a bunch of shit. The blinds on the windows were drawn so the only thing illuminating the house was the two lamps Keigo had. The two sit side by side on his couch as Keigo empties out everything on the coffee table. He hands Dabi a box of sky blue hair dye. Dabi scoffs as he looks up at Keigo.

"Sky blue."

"Yeah! And I'm dying my hair pink. I'm also gonna style our hair differently-"

"Dear God…" Dabi can't believe he fell in love with this dumbass. "What about the documents we'll need to get to America? How the hell will we get there?"

Keigo whistles as he grabs his own box of dye, eyeing the direction. "I'm gonna fake them, duh. I'll sneak into my work when it's closed and make them. Ohh.. we'll also have to do a photo shoot for our new ID pictures. And new names!"

Dabi nods and opens the dye box. "The scarring on my face? My staples?"

Keigo seems to go still at this as he simply stares at Dabi's face. "I was thinking of removing the staples and stitching it instead. Then I'll just slap as much makeup over as I can and give you a mask." Dabi grimaces at the thought. "You? Stitch my face? Better not make me look hideous."

"Ah, don't worry! Not like you can look uglier than you do now."


"OW, OW! Fine, I'm joking, you look very hot."

The two decided that they would dye each other's hair together. Hair dye was all over Keigo's bathroom floor but he could honestly care less since he was about to run away and commit a bunch of crimes with this man. 

"Dabi, can you unwrap my bandages?" He looked over towards Dabi was currently leaning against the tub, waiting for minutes to pass by while the dye was setting in his hair. Dabi gets up from his sitting position and walks over. "What are we going to do about your wounds at security?" Keigo shrugs as Dabi starts to unwrap the bandages that laid on his face and some left side. "I don't know, I'll say I was caught up in some house fire. Oh, grab me my painkillers and ointment, too." 

Dabi lazily groans and shoves the bandages in the small trash can. "Wow, so demanding." He teases as he walks over to the medicine cabinet and Keigo rolls his eyes. Dabi manages to grab hold of the medicine and new bandages and forces Keigo to sit at the edge of the tub. The two share a silence for a while as Dabi attends to Keigo's old wounds. The only sound that could be heard between them was Keigo's occasional wince and complaint that Dabi was being too rough. Not that Dabi would really give a shit, though.

As Dabi started bandaging him back up, Keigo pocked his knee with his foot. Dabi looks down at him with a raised eyebrow and he takes this as his opportunity to talk. "What's your real name?"

Dabi hurriedly looks away. "Touya."

Keigo blinks and thinks for a second. Todoroki Touya. Touya. He snickers. "You're name sounds cute compared to what you are."

"Ok, Keigo. Don't make me burn you even more, you dumbass." 

As Dabi finishes up the new bandaging, he looks up at Keigo's hair to see it drenched with pink dye. "How much longer till we can wash this shit off?" Dabi scoffs and looks over towards the small clock sitting near the sink. Keigo hums and lolls his head, "Five minutes I think. Then after that, I can do your face and body." Dabi looks at Keigo quizzingly as he takes a seat in front of Keigo who was still sitting on the edge of the bathtub. Keigo wraps his legs around Dabi. 

"I thought you were just gonna do my face." Dabi almost sounds annoyed but Keigo can't see his face, only his dye-soaked hair.

"Well, I'm gonna do your body too. Have a problem with that?"

Dabi did end up having a problem with it when Keigo did end up doing the stitching. He sucked it up, though, knowing that Keigo probably hadn't practiced his stitching in a long ass time. By now, their hair dyes were thoroughly rinsed out and hair dry. Keigo kept on staring at Dabi for the longest time, long enough to make him hit Keigo against the head and yell at him to stop staring. 

Dabi would occasionally catch himself staring at Keigo too, though. It was weird seeing Keigo with bubblegum pink hair. Keigo had to do a dye to their eyebrows at the last minute since he had forgotten.

Keigo had to take a quick stop to the store to buy some new "disguise" clothing. He had made Dabi dress up and stand against the wall in Keigo's bedroom so that he could take a picture for their fake ID's. When it was Dabi's turn to take Keigo's picture, he had made sure to take an extra picture on his own phone for safekeeping.

That night, Keigo had snuck out to his old workplace once he was sure that no one was working in the building. Which happened to be at three in the morning. Dabi was already asleep, but earlier in the morning, Keigo had woken him up by hitting him in the face with their new documents and passports. And Dabi couldn't lie, they looked really fucking real.

"When are we leaving?" Dabi asked as he sat on the kitchen counter, watching as Keigo heated up some leftover takeout that had ordered last night. Keigo hums and opens a few drawers before finally stopping at one. He pulls out two printed out plane tickets. "I managed to get us a flight at one in the morning. It's a one way stop, so it'll be about 17 hours."


"Yeah. We'll be landing in… Florida. I located a place we can reside that's far from civilization and on the beach. I think it was somewhere in Key West?"

"The beach…" Dabi trailed off in thought. He had never really had much experience with beaches. Sure, he had snuck out with Shouto a few times when they were younger to take him to see the beach but that was it. 

"Do you even know any English, shitty bird?"

"Little bit!" Keigo grins proudly as he speaks in English, stirring the leftovers in the pan. They're just about done heating up. "I doubt we'll need to use it much, though, since we'll be on our own for the rest of our lives." The thought of them spending the rest of their lives together, free from their shitty lives in Japan, was so foreign to them. It was almost impossible to imagine. 

"That sounds nice…" Dabi smiled fondly as he looked up towards Keigo who was just staring at him. Keigo bit his lip and looked down at the pan, nodding. "Yeah."

"... it seems that pro hero Hawks has disappeared this past week. Friends and coworkers have reported not hearing from the hero for the past few days. Once the police launched an investigation and searched his home, they found that it was completely empty. While there were no signs of foul play or an invasion, there was a suicide note left on the bed. Due to the findings, it is highly presumed that Hawks may have taken his own life. However, police have searched and no body has been found. The investigation is still underway. On other news, there has been a light shined on the number one hero, Endeavor. Anonymously, a user on a popular forum has posted allegations of past child abuse and neglect. These allegations are highly suggested to be proven true due to numerous evidence left behind on the post. While we are not sure who was able to post and get access to this information, we are sure that a court hearing will be held later this week…"

Touya was wide awake. Keigo was sleeping, head laid against Touya's bare chest. The window was open, the ocean breeze making the drapes wave in the course of the wind. The smell of the salty, sandy beach was evident yet calming. Touya glanced over towards the mirror which showed the two huddled together on the queen-sized bed. Both of their blonde and black haired roots had started to grow back in. It had been a month since their successful mission of 'breaking their cage', as Keigo had stupidly put it. Occasionally, the two would listen to radios from Japan to see what has been going on. Since the two didn't have a television, the only news source they had was Twitter and their banged-up radio.

Touya takes in a deep breath and stares up at the ceiling. He takes his fingers through Keigo's giant mass of hair and he could feel him let out a content sigh. It almost makes Touya smile.

A few minutes of comforting silence pass until Keigo's eyes flutter open, brain still foggy from just waking up. Touya notices this and smirks. "Do you think that you broke your cage?"

Keigo slowly blinks and it's evident that he's confused. "Wha…" He slurred, voice deep and scratchy. Rubbing his eyes, he curls himself further into Touya.

Touya let out a chuckle and stares out the window, watching as the waves crash against the shore. "Nevermind, birdy. Go back to sleep." He hears Keigo mumble something that he can't make out and can feel his grip on Touya's body tighten.

Well, in Touya's opinion…

He thinks they're both finally free from that cage.