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Desperate Measures

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Chloe figures there are worse people she could be forced into isolation with than Beca Mitchell.


Like, of roughly 8 billion people on the planet, she has the best one to be quarantined with.


It helps that Amy was already shacking up with someone before the Mayor sent down his shelter in place orders. They have the apartment to themselves for the foreseeable future.


At this news, Beca had announced she would be taking over Amy’s bed for a week, and then it would be Chloe’s turn, so she and Chloe wouldn’t have to continue sharing the small, mostly uncomfortable pull-out sofa they’ve been living on for the past year. 


However, when it came time to go to bed, Chloe bit her tongue as Beca rolled her eyes and climbed into the shared bed, same as always.


“Shut up.”


“I didn’t say anything.”


Chloe watches her in her peripheral vision while they unwind from a day of doing nothing. Beca’s on her phone with only one of her AirPods in, the one on her right side, opposite Chloe. She can hear the tinny, empty sound of the music she’s listening to escaping that one earbud and it’s an odd comfort. Some version of normalcy in the world that’s been turned upside-down recently.


She reads until her eyelids grow too heavy. When she sets aside her book, Beca puts her phone away and they turn in for the night, together, like always.



They’re on Day 13 when Chloe’s getting antsy. Not antsy from being home, though; they get outside often enough for fresh air. It’s quickly become her favorite thing to grab Beca’s hand and pull her out the door to go for a walk on the least populated streets they can find. Social distancing has only given Chloe more excuses to be closer to Beca than usual by using basic excuses such as, “I’m starved for physical interaction, Bec!”


But all the daily walks can’t quell a different kind of starvation.


Beca not going to work and Chloe never having privacy has resulted in little to no opportunities for Chloe to tend to her personal sexual needs.

And it’s not that she’s insatiable. She considers herself to have a normal, healthy libido and an active sex life. But her hormonal cycle is starting to kick into overdrive and it’s becoming difficult to ignore. She also has precious little to distract herself with, forcing her to fixate on her unexpected and involuntary celibacy.


She does sneak one quick personal session in while Beca showers a few feet away behind nothing but a patterned curtain. The riskiness amps up the hotness of it, as does the fact that she can so easily picture Beca nude and showering, but it’s quick and does little to satisfy her. In fact, it only makes it worse, to the point that she’s beginning to feel drunk with horniness.


It’s a shitty state to be in when you live with your best friend in an apartment with zero privacy.


Which is why she’s not surprised when the question falls from her foggy brain to her lips when they’re in bed doing their nightly domestic routine of reading together quietly after she’s stared at the same page of her book for 15 minutes.


“What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?”


She sees Beca’s face turn toward her. “Dude, what?”


“Like, in bed,” she says with a casual shrug. She keeps her eyes on her book as one does with any casual conversation. “You know, sex.”


“Yeah, I know, what kinky means,” Beca says with a hint of amusement in her voice. “You’re asking me this why?”


She turns the page in her book. She has no idea what it says. “Why not?”


“Because that’s pretty personal?”


She shrugs again and tries to quell her thoughts but fails. She’s horny and in bed with the one person she’s been genuinely attracted to for as long as she can remember. She’s also had a lot of time to think about how she and Beca could be passing their down-time. For example, taking turns going down on each other. Or simultaneously.


“I let someone handcuff me once,” Beca says after a few beats of silence. She mutters it under her breath but it reaches Chloe’s ears loud and clear.


She aims to keep her voice conversational. “Did you like it?”


Beca clears her throat. “Yeah. It was...good, I guess. What about you?”


Chloe doesn’t expect Beca to volley it back to her but is pleasantly surprised. “Ooh, yeah. I like being tied up.” She closes her book to glance at Beca who is staring intently at the screen of her phone, though her thumb isn’t scrolling through anything. “But I like to be the one doing the tying.”


Beca’s swallow is audible. “Cool.”


It makes Chloe chuckle. “Yeah. Cool.” She glances again and she can tell Beca’s blushing, the tiniest hint of pink coloring her cheeks and tips of her ears. “You know what I’ve always wanted to try?”


“No, but I bet you’re going to tell me.”




“Oh, my God,” Beca says, sounding thoroughly mortified. Not that that fazes Chloe at all.


“I mean, I’ve done it, but not like, really , done it, you know? Not like bent over a knee, counting them off kind of spanking.”


Beca seems to shrink in on herself. “Wow, yeah. I got it.”


“Oh, come on,” she says, amused by Beca’s bashfulness. She knows it’s mostly false; she’s seen Beca when she gets out of her head. Hell, she’s seen Beca have sex with a woman in a bar (not that Beca knows that; they were clearly trying to be discreet but they weren’t even in a booth; it was literally on a barstool with Beca’s hand under the woman’s skirt. Chloe remembers it clearly and thinks about it often.). She moves her foot over to kick at Beca’s. “I’m bored. Tell me something you want to try. Have you been spanked?”


Beca laughs and whips her head around to look at Chloe again. She’s smiling, but it’s one of her bright, biting, sarcastic smiles. “I am not drunk enough for this. Or, like, at all.”


“Just tell me,” she whines, putting on her famed puppy-dog eyes that she knows Beca can never say ‘no’ to. “Or maybe you’re the one who did the spanking,” she adds thoughtfully and watches as Beca drops her phone and covers her face with both hands with a groan. “No, you totally are the one who’d get spanked.”


“Fine,” Beca grits out and Chloe almost hops out of bed in excitement. “Just...turn off the fucking lights I am not sitting here talking about this like we’re meal planning for the week.”


“Done,” Chloe says, twisting around to turn off her bedside lamp while Beca does the same. She knew she’d be able to crack Beca; it never takes much.


“I’m going on record that I’m only having this conversation out of sheer boredom.”


“Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law,” Chloe says in her best Law & Order voice as she flips onto her side to face Beca.


“No, none of that,” Beca says swirling her finger at Chloe. “Eyes on the ceiling.”


“Fine,” Chloe sighs and rolls to her back to get comfortable and feels Beca doing the same. “Well?” she prompts after a few seconds of stillness and silence.


“Well, what?”


“Don’t act like you forgot. Answer the question.”


“Oh, my God.” Beca sounds exasperated. “Yes, okay?”


Chloe hadn’t expected that or the welcomed visions that accompany it. “Did you like it?”


There’s a beat of silence. Then, “Yeah.” Chloe can tell she’s rolling her eyes with the answer.




“They’re fine.”


The hesitancy is shorter that time, which surprises Chloe. She wonders if it’s because it was a vanilla question or if Beca’s accepting the line of questioning and resigning herself to it. Or if Beca just didn’t have to think about it. “Role-play?”


“...What kind of role-play?”


The tone of Beca’s voice holds curiosity, and that curiosity makes Chloe’s heart skip a beat. “You tell me.”


Extended silence follows and she hears Beca sniff, a nervous tick Chloe knows well, before she answers. “I don’t know, like...student/teacher.”


Her heart thumps again. “Who did you role-play student/teacher with?”


Beca’s voice is direct. “We’re talking about what we’ve done, not who we did it with.”


“Okay, okay. Were you the student or the teacher?” She smiles, letting the images of Beca in a Catholic school girl uniform fill her brain. “You were totally the student.”


“Shut up,” she mumbles, making Chloe laugh. “Why am I the one confessing everything?”


Chloe has already confessed a few things but she doesn’t argue. She’d rather keep talking about dirty things with Beca in the dark, in bed, right next to her. “I had a four-way once.”


She sees Beca’s head snap to the left to stare at her, breaking Beca’s own rule. “Seriously?”


“Yes, seriously,” she laughs.


She feels Beca’s eyes on her but doesn’t give in to the temptation to turn and look and Beca goes back to staring at the ceiling. “And it was all girls,” she decides to clarify. “I thought it would be complicated but we were just, like, in a circle head to toe. Well, more like mouth to—”


Beca interrupts her. “I get it.” 


She decides to embellish. “It was really hot. Like, one girl moaning? Hot. But three? At the same time? I came so—


“Holy shit, I said I got it,” Beca interrupts again, sounding a bit winded. 


Chloe laughs and tries not to think about the fact that she knows her panties are growing wetter the longer this conversation goes on. “Okay, okay. Your turn.”


“Just give me a minute,” Beca grumbles.


Chloe keeps her thoughts to herself to let Beca think. Thoughts of what Beca might sound like when she moans. Of how hard she could make Beca come. Of what she tastes— 


“I had sex on the desk once.”


Chloe gasps; it’s her turn to snap her head to the right to stare at Beca’s profile in the darkness. “The no-sex-on-the-desk desk?!”


“Yeah,” Beca laughs. “It was bad, too. I just wanted to do it because I wasn’t supposed to.”


“Always the little rebel,” Chloe teases and she watches Beca roll her eyes and smile. “My turn to confess something.”


“Oh God, I don’t know if I’m ready.”


“I saw you fingering that blonde girl at the bar a few weeks ago.” She hadn’t meant to confess that, but there it was.


Beca turns to meet her eyes. “You did not!”


“I totally did,” Chloe laughs. “She was pretty. And came, like, super-fast. I’m impressed.”


“Wait, that she was pretty or that she came fast?”


“No, no,” she clarifies. “Of course you can get the pretty girls. I wasn’t surprised by that.”


“Just that I’m good at fucking them?”


Chloe wonders what her face looks like right now; probably all kinds of entertained and shocked. “No, I was impressed that you did it right there where everybody could see you.”


“Well, I mean, it wasn’t that obvious.”


“It was totes obvious,” she whispers. “But it was really hot.” She hadn’t meant to confess that either, but…


She sees the corner of Beca’s mouth twitch like she’s trying not to react. “Yeah?”


“Mhm,” she replies as she decides it’s finally safe to turn onto her side rather than crane her neck to see Beca while they talk. “I could tell you really wanted her to feel good.”


“I mean, yeah,” Beca says, starting to smile like she’s proud until her mind catches up with the conversation. “Oh, my God you saw me having sex. We are not talking about that anymore.” She turns to stare at the ceiling once more. “I’ve never seen you have sex.”


It’s hard to separate what is amusement and what is arousal now, but there are ample amounts of both flowing through Chloe’s system. “That could be arranged.”


Beca’s eyes close and Chloe can tell she’s clenching her jaw even in the darkness. “I didn’t mean it like that.”


“I know,” Chloe says thoughtfully. “But I did. I like being watched.”


She watches Beca swallow; it feels abnormally slow. “Voyeurism, huh?” 


“Mhm.” Something feels different suddenly, like when the air grows still and humid before a thunderstorm.


“That doesn’t surprise me,” Beca adds. She sounds kind of breathless and Chloe can’t help but wonder if this conversation is turning Beca on the say way it’s turning her on. “You like to...perform.”


“Yes, I do.” She watches Beca for a few seconds; she seems fidgety. “What’s your favorite position?”


“I am not answering that,” Beca says, her most Beca-like laugh of awkwardness leaping out with the words.


“Oh, please. Who cares. I’ll tell you mine.” The level of need Chloe has to know the answer is not one she should have for her friend. But she can’t unpack that right now.


“You first.”


Chloe pushes back. “No, you first. It was my question.” 


She watches Beca pull a hand out from under their shared blankets to squeeze the bridge of her nose between her fingers. She says something but it’s unclear.




Beca repeats herself but Chloe can only make out that it ends with the letter ‘d.’


“I’m sorry, but I really can’t hear—”


“From behind! I like it from behind, okay?” Beca literally shouts it before covering her face with both hands again. “Oh, my God, I want to die.”


The confession absolutely floors Chloe and she doesn’t stop herself from reaching over to pull one of Beca’s hands away from her face. “That’s really hot,” she says, words measured to not make Beca think she’s mocking her. It’s difficult, though; she’s so physically affected by Beca’s blurted answer that she feels lightheaded. Images swirl through her mind again like butterflies of Beca on her hands and knees looking over her shoulder as Chloe— 


“You said you’d answer it, too,” Beca says, voice tight with embarrassment and anxiety. “Hurry up and put me out of my misery.”


“Oh, right,” she says once she remembers to breathe. She’s sure her palm is sweating where it’s still resting against Beca’s arm. “I really like it when the girl is on my lap riding me. Fingers, strap, whatever.”


“That’s nice,” Beca says, voice breaking into some kind of a stressed squeak, her one free hand turning to cover both her eyes.


“And I like my hair being pulled.”


“I didn’t ask about that.”


Chloe shrugs but she doubts Beca can see it, still hiding her eyes the way she is. “You know, both of us being home every day, I haven’t been able to touch myself in a long time.” She’s starting to operate on adrenaline and arousal which is often a dangerous combination.


Beca mutters, “Oh, my God,” for the dozenth time of this conversation. “Do you need me to go stand in the hall? I can give you privacy.”


“Remember how I said I like being watched?” She bites her lip and watches Beca’s reaction.


It’s a full-body one. She squirms until she’s pulled her captive arm away from Chloe so she can drag the covers up and over her head. “Why are you like this?”


“Where are you going?” Chloe laughs as she tugs on the blanket. “You want a front-row seat?”


Beca whips the blanket off her face, wispy hairs floating for a few seconds from static electricity to stare at her. “Dude.”


“Dude,” Chloe parrots, grinning at her. “It’s just me. When is the last time you did it?”


“I cannot believe we’re having this conversation,” Beca says to herself. “I don’t know. Like, the other day, I guess.”


Chloe’s tickled by her honesty. “And where was I?”


“You went to get the mail,” Beca groans, though she doesn’t try to hide her face again. She just avoids eye contact instead.


“It takes, like, two minutes to run downstairs and back.” She just smiles wider. “So quick.”


“Dude, shut up!” Beca says with exasperation. “You literally just said we’re both always here it’s not like I get to do it as often as I’d like.”


Chloe hears her teeth click when she slams her jaw closed for once again revealing more than she had intended, though it’s exactly the kind of revelation Chloe was hoping for. “You know…” she starts.


“What is that tone? What is your voice doing?”


“I don’t know what you mean,” Chloe says as she turns to her back to once again lay side by side with Beca. “But if we’re both wound up because we’re never alone to...relieve ourselves—”


“‘Relieve ourselves’ sounds like you mean peeing.”


“Wait, Beca, are you into golden showers?” she teases, just to watch Beca hit the roof again.


Instead, she’s met with nothing but a long, irritated exhale. “You were saying?” Beca surprisingly asks.


“Oh, right. We’re really good friends, right? And we have to share this place for however long. And we have needs. Well, I know I have needs—”


“I have needs,” Beca interjects. It makes Chloe’s eyebrows lift with much interest.


"We have needs. I know talking about all this stuff tonight got me all riled up—”


“It did?”


Chloe chances a glance at Beca, but her eyes are tightly closed. “Yeah,” she answers. “What about you?”


There’s a long pause, and then, “Yeah, I guess.”


It makes Chloe’s heart want to hammer right out of her chest. Beca’s admitting she’s turned on. Right now. In bed. With Chloe. “Then if you’re okay with it, maybe we just agree to…” She has to stop and wet her lips; she’s irritatingly nervous and she only gets nervous like this before a performance. (Well…) “Do you want to touch yourself?”


The painfully extended silence is very telling.


“Because I really want to touch myself right now,” she continues when Beca doesn’t answer. “Would that be okay?” 


Beca finally speaks. “How is that not weird?”


“Who says it’s weird?”


“I don’t know. People.”


“We’re the only people who will know. I don’t think it’s weird. I think it’s kind of sexy.” She leaves it at that. She can’t push it further; she’s on thin ice as it is. All she can do is wait and try to ignore the ache between her legs.


“Just...don’t look at me,” Beca huffs and Chloe sees her pointedly turn her face toward the wall.


“Deal,” Chloe says, basically squealing as she does as requested and turns away while she closes her eyes.


Her heart is beating so hard she barely hears Beca’s voice over it.


“So, are we just, like, doing this? Or…?”


“Do you need me to say 3-2-1-go?”


Beca just sighs and Chloe giggles, but chooses to let her giggle turn into a sigh of her own as she slips her hand down the front of her pajama shorts.


How wet she is comes as no surprise to her, but her sensitivity is unexpected and a whimper she didn’t quite mean to release escapes.


“Oh, my God you’re really doing it,” Beca says next to her and Chloe feels her shifting around but keeps her eyes closed.


She can’t get a read on Beca’s tone; it sounds more surprised than anything, but it’s laced with something else. She strains her hearing to listen to Beca, to listen for any movement or a change in her breathing or any sign whatsoever that Chloe is not doing this alone.


She’d be okay if she was, though. It is extraordinarily hot that Beca agreed to it at all, that she decided to be okay to be present and inches away while Chloe touches herself and the wetness beneath her fingers is confirmation of that.


It’s easy to begin to lose herself in it, though Beca’s proximity remains at the forefront of her mind. She’s touch-starved and needy and it feels so good to finally be able to let her hands wander, to let her fingers stroke over and around her clit while her other hand pushes under her pajama top to tease a stiff nipple. To let herself moan and not worry about getting caught.


Every nerve in her body comes alive when she hears Beca’s breath hitch just the tiniest bit. 


She’s filled with a new kind of ache: to make Beca talk about what she might be doing on her side of the bed. It’s too soon for Beca, though. Chloe knows her well enough that everything Beca does has to be worked through in stages until she finds her comfort with it or abandons it altogether.


Instead, Chloe tries to offer encouragement through an embellished moan, but she doesn’t have to fake the pleasure. The very possibility that Beca is touching herself next to her is almost enough to bring on her climax and she has to grit her teeth for a moment or two and still her fingers to let the sudden rush of arousal subside. While she waits, she holds her breath and listens for Beca, for any confirmation that she really is touching herself. She can hear her breathing and it’s almost too even and slow, a little too nasal for it to be natural.


“You don’t have to be quiet,” she chances to say. 


“It’s not like you’re being loud.”


Chloe smiles to herself. “Is that a challenge?”




“But does that mean you’re doing it?”


There’s another pause, and then, “Maybe.”


She can’t help the groan that comes with Beca’s admission. 


“You don’t have to sound like porn,” Beca says, actual amusement in her tone.


“Can’t help it,” Chloe says with a smile in her voice, too, as her head tips back and her fingers slip lower to tease her entrance. “This is super hot.”


She hears Beca kind of hum and Chloe thinks she’s doing it to agree or disagree but the hum breaks into a stilted, very brief moan.


“Oh, yeah, you’re doing it,” Chloe breathes, starting to throw what little caution she still has to the wind.


Beca’s only response is a stubborn kind of grunt that tells Chloe she should probably stop commenting on Beca’s actions. So she does and instead lets Beca know what she’s feeling, sighing and whimpering when she tugs on her own nipple, whining when she teases herself by not slipping inside yet.


Beca was right, earlier. Chloe does like performing, especially for Beca. Especially with her voice, but her body is an instrument in this as well, and she lets her hips start rocking up into her hand. She knows Beca will be able to feel it; they can’t so much as blink without it being felt by the other in their rickety bed.


She doesn’t expect Beca’s reaction to be so immediate, or so vocal, but it’s there: a light, airy, unrestrained moan.


She wonders what Beca’s doing. If her fingers are between her legs, inside or outside her pajama pants, if her hands are on her breasts or stomach or thighs. She wonders what Beca likes, how Beca likes to be worked up, to be touched, how she likes to touch herself. If it’s hard and fast or soft and slow. She knows Beca has a vibrator; Chloe found it once by accident when she was looking for a spare cord to charge her phone after forgetting hers at the office. She wants to know how she uses it.


She wants to know what Beca sounds like when she’s being taken from behind, how her back would be sweating when Chloe would drag her nails down it as she— 


A whispered curse slices through her thoughts and on instinct she turns her head to look.


She wishes she hadn’t; she wishes she’d prepared herself for what Beca would look like, eyes closed and lips parted as her head tips back further into her pillow. As her chest rises and falls with her quickened breathing. As the covers over her midsection move with subtle but distinct rhythm. She wasn’t supposed to look. She promised Beca she wouldn’t. But she did and she can’t help the moan that escapes at the sight.


She doesn’t expect Beca to do what she just did until they’re suddenly looking at each other. She readies herself for the moment to fall apart.


“You weren’t supposed to look at me,” Beca says instead, and, breathtakingly, it is clear she hasn’t stopped what she was doing.


“Oops,” Chloe breathes, stilling her fingers and hips for a moment to step her orgasm back again.


“This is hot.”


Chloe almost moans again. “So hot.”


“No, I mean…” Beca uses her free hand, the one not apparently between her legs, to push at the quilt that’s covering them both. “This is hot. Can it go away?”


Chloe has to close her eyes for a second before she nods. At least she has a warning this time, to be able to mentally prepare herself for what she’ll see when they both work together to push down and kick away the blanket until it’s in a crumpled heap at their feet. She whimpers when her eyes reopen because Beca’s right hand is down the front of her pants. Her shirt has ridden up—or was pushed up—past her navel and Chloe’s filled with the desire to kiss the soft skin there. She knows her own is displaced as well and doesn’t bother to fix it.


“Yeah, this is hot, too,” Beca says with a laugh that shouldn’t be as sexy as it is when it sounds so shy. Her eyes are closed again but they reopen after a few seconds, and she’s still facing Chloe.


Chloe can’t help but smile. “So hot,” she repeats.


Beca’s eyelashes flutter a few times before they close again. “This is…”


“Hot?” Chloe finishes.


She watches Beca’s lips tug into a small smile. “I’m not...I can’t…” She huffs instead of finishing her thought and Chloe connects the dots.


“Oh. Oh. Do you want me to put headphones on or something? Or I can move to the floor—”


A hand landing on her forearm, the one that is connected to the hand down her shorts, stops her. “No. Just...”


Chloe’s heart feels like it’s in her stomach. Physical contact wasn’t part of the deal and Beca just initiated it. “Just?” she says, hearing how tight her voice sounds. Her wrist also flexes as her hips tilt, need starting to overtake her again.

She watches Beca’s hips roll, too, as a moan escapes her. “Do that again.”


Beca wants to feel her moving.


“Like this?” she asks as she resumes her pace, her fingers sliding up and down as her hips lift and fall.


Beca licks her lips and nods. 


“God,” Chloe breathes as she watches Beca match her pace until they’re moving in sync. She wants to reach over and touch Beca. She wants Beca’s hand to follow her arm down until it’s her fingers playing with Chloe’s clit. She wants to watch as Beca starts to relax, the tension in her shoulders lessening even as her hand tightens around Chloe’s arm. 


Another quiet moan escapes Beca and Chloe echoes it. She allows her hips to speed up as she pushes her hand further down, down until she’s slipping a finger inside herself. It drags Beca’s hand down, too, and Chloe’s breath catches when she sees that Beca’s fingertips are actually beneath the elastic of Chloe’s shorts where she’s holding on to her arm.


Beca’s eyebrows knit like she’s thinking and a sudden, loud moan almost startles Chloe. She’s maybe realized what Chloe is doing and Chloe is more than okay with that. She moves in and out of herself slowly, exaggerating it for Beca’s benefit though the way it feels needs no theatrics. She’s letting every moan and whimper spill out that needs to because with each one she sees Beca’s hips cant upward sharply.


She wants Beca to look at her, to see what she’s doing to Chloe in the way Chloe can see what she’s doing to Beca, even in the darkness. How her cheeks are flushed and how her tongue flits over her lips and how... God , and how her nipples are so visibly hard beneath the thin material of her T-shirt.


Chloe wants to come. She wants to come so badly it hurts. For all her bravado in proposing this, she doesn’t know how that should play out. If she should bite her tongue and come quietly and modestly. If she should let her hips buck and her voice do what it wants.


She doesn’t get a choice in the matter as Beca’s eyes open and meet hers.


It sets Chloe off like lightning striking.


She comes before she finishes figuring out how to handle it so her climax is uncensored and full-volume. Unbridled and wild as her hips buck and Beca’s blunt fingernails dig into the soft underside of her arm. Her body throbs and she manages to open her eyes, just for a moment, and finds Beca watching her and wearing a look of absolute desperation.


Beca’s release seems to hit her as unexpectedly as Chloe’s and she watches in awe as Beca comes, eyes slamming closed as her body tenses. Her moans are muffled by the way she’s clenching her jaw, like she’s trying to be quiet. Then her body’s curling in on itself, knees drawing toward her chest as she breathes hard until it passes and her legs fall back to the bed.


The whole event nearly makes Chloe come again but she’s too caught up in watching it to think to twitch her fingers. Instead, she watches Beca try to catch her breath. Her hand is still wrapped around Chloe’s forearm but it’s no longer clutching it. Beca seems to remember it’s there and loosens her grip as though to pull away but she just ends up dragging it higher a few inches before stopping again.


She watches the muscle in Beca’s jaw twitch a few times before she’s wetting her lips and swallowing. “Um…”


“Wow, Beca,” Chloe says as soon as Beca’s broken the moment.


“Just…” Beca finally, sadly, removes her hand from Chloe’s arm and uses it to hold her finger in the air to ask for a moment. Chloe’s hyper-aware that her other hand is still in her pants, as is her own, and she struggles to keep from staring even though Beca’s eyes are closed. “Gimme a minute.”


Chloe bites her lip and smiles, content to watch Beca return to herself. Chloe does slip her hand out of her shorts to rest wet fingers against her bare stomach


Finally, Beca opens her eyes and keeps them fixed firmly on the ceiling. “What did you mean by ‘wow’?” she asks.


Chloe smiles so big she knows Beca can see it out the corner of her eye. “You are so freaking hot,” she says with earnest.


“Oh, my God, I am not,” Beca huffs and Chloe watches her try to bring her hands to cover her face, including the one she’s just dragged out of her pants, only to stop short.


Chloe tries not to notice that she can see them glistening in the faint ambient light and instead giggles as she twists to grab a tissue from the box next to the bed to pass to her.

She just huffs again and though it’s too dark to measure levels of blushing, Chloe’s sure whatever flush she’s wearing just deepened as she snaps it out of Chloe’s hand to wipe at her hand until she’s crumpling it and tossing it to the floor.


“So totally hot,” Chloe edges once Beca doesn’t seem ready to blow her top with embarrassment.


“Chloe,” she groans with a roll of her eyes that finally lands them back on Chloe for the first time since her climax. “Don’t make this weird.”


“I’m not!” she laughs. “I came so hard watching you.”


“You weren’t supposed to look at me!” Beca screeches as she half-sits up until she’s turning onto her side and laying back down. Facing Chloe.


“Yeah, well, you were looking at me,” Chloe shrugs as she wiggles onto her side, too. “You totally got off on me watching you.”


Beca’s eyes go wide and she puffs her cheeks out in exasperation.


“And I thought I was the one into voyeurism,” she continues teasing. “Learn something new about yourself?”


Beca’s exhale is loud but brief. “Whatever.” She points at Chloe, narrowing her eyes. “We don’t talk about this.”


Chloe’s heart sinks, just a little. It had been fun to live in her fantasy if only for a few minutes. “Ever?” She knows she sounds sad and she’s not trying to manipulate Beca. “I mean, this thing is going to last another month at least,” she amends. “You aren’t going to want to do it again?”


“Right now?” Beca blurts.


“I didn’t mean right now,” Chloe smiles, though suddenly her body warms.




“Unless you want to?”


“Well...a month is a long time,” Beca finally answers, a bit begrudgingly. “I’m good for now, though.”


Chloe feels her heart soar and has to stop herself from moving to tackle Beca. Any other night and she would do it without thinking. Tonight, though, it’s different. “So you admit it was hot,” she says, grinning.


Beca presses her lips together for a few seconds until she rolls her eyes again. “Fine, it was hot.”


“Told you,” Chloe smiles and she watches Beca start to smile, too, before it fades to something else. Something Chloe can’t label, but it’s there as Beca quietly looks at her. Something about it makes her heart start to race.


It feels a lot like Beca might be thinking about kissing her.


Chloe wets her lips automatically, the possibility already making her breath speed up, until Beca breaks eye contact and starts to move until she’s turned onto her right side, back to Chloe, the way she always sleeps.


Chloe uses it as an invitation to move in behind her, like always, to fit herself along Beca’s back and slip an arm around her waist. Beca’s body is warmer than usual and Chloe can’t help but tip her face closer to breathe her in and find comfort in the familiarity. She lets her closeness bring her lips to the shell of Beca’s ear, which she kisses lightly.


“Sleep well,” she says as she rests her head on the pillow they’re sharing.


“Pretty sure I will now,” Beca replies, her tone playfully wry.


It makes Chloe squeeze her around her middle and give her a jostle. “You’re welcome,” she teases.


Beca hums and pokes her butt backward to bump into Chloe. “You, too. G’night.”


Chloe knows she shouldn’t, but she can’t help herself. It’s too perfect. She pops her hips forward right into her ass. “So you like it from behind, huh?”


The only thing that keeps Beca from running out the door is Chloe’s hold on her waist as Chloe laughs until tears prick her eyes as Beca cusses her out with the most colorful language she knows until she finally gives up and goes limp.


“I hate you,” Beca says after a few seconds of breathing hard from trying to escape.


“Love you, too,” Chloe sing-songs as she presses a kiss to Beca’s shoulder. “Go to sleep.”


She hears Beca muttering something under her breath that sounds a lot like, “Whatever,” and she can’t help but smile as she closes her eyes, Beca in her arms.


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