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Roses of Revenge

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Kaoru was a mess. She didn't know what to think of everything that had happened. Misaki was a traitor. This entire time she had never been on the same side as everyone else. It hurt so much. Why did she do this to her? To all of them? All of their group was hurt by the betrayal.

And now she was putting so many lives in danger. For what? Did she really believe in the organization? Did she think what they were doing was right? All those demons killed... she believed it was just...

Kaoru was quickly approaching the base. She was desperate for answers and had rushed as fast as she could to confront Misaki. Not only that, Tsugumi's life was in danger as long as she was here.

Now, how was she going to manage this? This base was very highly guarded. How did she get in and find Misaki? Especially without being spotted by anyone else. That was going to be a very challenging time.

Kaoru took a deep breath and snuck to the edge of the building. She was looking around for any entrances that weren't guarded. That was very difficult to do. There were so many guards everywhere. She was lucky no one had spotted her yet.

She really needed to hurry and get inside. Otherwise she was as good as dead.

Kaoru kept searching. She eventually found an open window and jumped in. She landed in a room. The room was dark. She sighed and carefully made her way to the door. Thankfully demons had night vision. This made everything so much easier.

She crept to the door and peaked out as best she could through the crack. She didn't want to open it if she didn't have to in order to see. She didn't see anyone out there. The coast was clear. But... where was she supposed to go? How did she find Misaki? She didn't know anything about this place's layout.

She would just have to hope she could find them without getting herself caught. Kaoru took a deep breath and opened the door. Time to move. She shouldn't stay in one place for too long. It wasn't safe with so many guards around.

Kaoru started quietly walking around, trying to figure out where she was in the building. She assumed Misaki would have taken Tsugumi to the jail here. Now to just find where that was...

There was a sign leading to it. That made things a lot easier. Now to just make it there without getting spotted. There would probably be a lot of demons around the jail. She would have to be super careful about what she did now. One wrong move and it would all be over.

She was a little concerned by the fact she didn't see any demons around as she walked down the hallway. Where were they all? Shouldn't they be guarding their prisoners heavily? Why wouldn't anyone be here? Kaoru didn't like this at all. Something was off.

"I see you decided to come."

Kaoru froze as a voice came from behind her. She whipped around to see Misaki standing there. Kaoru went on the defensive. She couldn't trust her anymore. She was against them. She would kill her if she had the chance to.

"You lied to me..." Kaoru stated, "You betrayed us... you're a filthy traitor."

Misaki didn't react with any emotion, "So what if I am? That group won't win no matter what they think they can do. We will destroy all who oppose us."

"Then why did you spare us? Why didn't you let anyone kill us before?"

"So I could learn more info on what exactly was happening in this rebellion."

"Where is Tsugumi? I'm not leaving without her." Kaoru held a knife out at Misaki, "Even if that means killing you."

"Killing your partner? A bit cruel, don't you think?" Misaki still was emotionless with her responses. Kaoru was unnerved by it. Where did the Misaki she know go?

"You never loved me! It was all just a lie! You just used me!" Kaoru yelled, running at her.

Misaki dodged, "I didn't lie. I do love you, Kaoru. So... why not join me? They'll give you another chance if you join us."

Kaoru stared at her with wide eyes, "No! I'll never join you!"

Kaoru attacked again. Misaki dodged every attempt she made. This was getting nowhere. She needed to just grab Tsugumi and go at this point. But... she wanted more information from Misaki first.

"Misaki... or Michelle... whoever you are. Tell me honestly. What was the point of everything you did?"

"To make him proud of me." Misaki replied, "If I can prove my worth, he'll give me a better standing."

"And was it really fucking worth it? You lost all of us. Don't you care at all?!"

Misaki briefly looked sad, before she put on this facade again, "I wish things didn't have to be this way, Kaoru. I really do. But, this is my job."

"Run away. You can leave, Misaki. We can start over. You don't have to do this!" Kaoru was desperate to get her back on their side.

"I haven't told them where you are at." Misaki turned away and started walking, "Not even reported you breaking in. Leave now and I'll leave you be."

"Misaki!" Kaoru grabbed her and didn't let go, "You aren't leaving. Not until you tell me where Tsugumi is. I'm not leaving her here with you all."

"The jail is right there. Have fun. Ten minutes before I set off the alarm." Misaki got away and left.

Kaoru stared at her retreating figure in shock. What was she playing at here? Letting her leave? Was she... on her side? Perhaps she wasn't completely loyal to the organization.

Either way, she had ten minutes to get out. She better hurry. So, Kaoru quickly went to the jail and searched for Tsugumi. She found her hiding away from the others in a cell way in the back.

"Tsugumi." Kaoru found the keys and unlocked the door, "Are you okay? Can you walk?"

"You're... Kaoru, right? Why are you here?" Tsugumi questioned as Kaoru undid her chains.

"To talk to Misaki. Can you perhaps help me with something?"


"We're kidnapping her and bringing her back."


"I can't leave her here. I will get her back on our side. Please, Tsugumi." Kaoru begged. She needed to get Misaki out of here.

Tsugumi gulped and nodded, "Okay... I'll do my best to help you."

"Thank you. We need to hurry. She'll sound the alarm in ten minutes if I'm not gone."