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Roses of Revenge

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"Tsch... the daughter of the leader is this weak?"

"Who said you won?"

"Ah, there we go. The great Yukina hasn't given up yet." A taunting chuckle rang through the air, "Ready to show me your true power?"

Yukina growled as she pushed herself back onto her feet. There were a lot of people watching them. It wasn't every day you saw a fight like this. Two kids of powerful leaders fighting.

There were a lot of demons watching them fight. It wasn't every day they could see this. They didn't want to miss this opportunity. They also wanted to see just how strong they both were.

Why were they fighting? They were meant to date to bring the groups together. However, Yukina refused. This aggravated the boy enough to challenge her to a fight.

Seconds later, they clashed again. Yukina wasn't as strong as others thought. She pretended for the sake of her family. It came back to bite her. She regretted agreeing to lie. It had just caused her nonstop problems.

She was supposed to be strong like the rest of her family, but she would often ditch her training to do other things. Her family didn't know. They thought she attended all her lessons. It wasn't like her teacher would saw otherwise. They'd be blamed for not forcing her to show up.

The boy landed a hard blow. A crack sounded through the area. Something fell to the ground. On closer inspection, it was half of Yukina's horn. He had managed to break it.

Yukina growled and slashed at him. It left deep claw marks in his chest. He growled in pain and returned the attack. It sent Yukina flying back into a wall. She coughed up blood. Her body was at its limit. She couldn't move.

That wasn't good for her. He was going to win. She would disappoint her family. They had so many expectations for her and she wasn't meeting any of them. Yukina wondered if they were watching. Would they still be after seeing how weak she was compared to her opponent?

"I still expected better from you." The boy scoffed as he walked closer to her.

"Leave her alone!" Someone ran into his path.


"This fight is over." Lisa stated, keeping herself in between the two.

"This was a fight to the death. It is not over. Now move." The boy growled in displeasure.

"I won't move. If you want to kill her, you'll have to beat me." Lisa stood her ground.

"Fine then. Let's fight."

The two ran at each other. Lisa feigned being weak. She knew what she needed to do. Once he lowered his guard, she'd strike with everything she had. She wasn't going to let him kill Yukina.

Lisa had swore to always be by her side. This was no different. Even if this wasn't the most moral thing to do, she was going to so it. Yukina meant a lot to her. She couldn't just sit back and let her die. That would hurt her a lot. She couldn't lose the one friend she had.

"Why would a weakling challenge me?" The boy spat.

"Oh? You think I'm weak? Hate to tell you, but I'm actually considered stronger than Yukina." Lisa smirked as she went in for a strong blow.

His eyes shot open in surprise. He had no time to retaliate before Lisa was upon him again. Lisa didn't want to kill him, but that was the rule of this fight. The winner was whoever was still alive.

She struck a finishing blow. The boy fell over, dead. Lisa was panting as she walked back over to Yukina. Yukina stared at her. She was slightly confused, but concern was more evident on her face.

"That was my fight, not yours." Yukina said.

"I wasn't going to just stand back and let him kill you." Lisa replied as she helped Yukina to her feet, "Think you can walk a bit?"

Yukina nodded. Lisa glanced around at all the spectators. Most gave her a disapproving look. She knew what she had done wasn't right. You didn't interfere in a fight. But, she didn't care. Yukina was alive. That was all that mattered to her.

Lisa helped Yukina walk to her house. She sat her down on the couch. Yukina sighed as Lisa started tending to her wounds. Lisa didn't notice the sigh and continued to work away. She was glad that she had won. But, she also was a little worried how the other demons would react to her. She had broken a major rule, after all.

"Lisa, you've made an enemy of yourself." Yukina said.

"So be it. We promised we'd always be there for each other. I'm not breaking that promise." Lisa shrugged.

"What if you're exiled for it? Then what?" Yukina asked.

"You'd run away with me, wouldn't you? Like we always dreamed of." Lisa said.

Neither could say any more. The door slammed open to the house, causing both of them to jump. Yukina gulped. Her dad was here. He looked absolutely pissed. It wasn't like she was expecting any other reaction. What had happened was bad.

"Imai. I let you stay because you were valuable. But this behavior is unacceptable. I want you out by dawn." He growled, "And you, Yukina, I'm disappointed. You lost so easily. You've ruined our name. You get out too. Both of you aren't welcome here any longer."

Lisa couldn't believe what she heard. She expected her punishment, but Yukina? She didn't think that would ever happen. Lisa was going to protest, but Yukina grabbed her arm and shook her head.

Lisa frowned. Yukina didn't want to even try and fight back. She was just willing to accept the fate given to her. Lisa backed down. She decided it was best to just give in to the punishment than to fight it.

"Good. You should know better than to fight my word." It was obvious Yukina's father saw that Lisa wanted to fight back.

Lisa just glared at him. He growled at her and then left the house. Lisa sighed. This wasn't good. Yukina was injured. How would they get anywhere?

This wasn't going to be very easy. Leaving town now was dangerous. Lisa would have to support Yukina. If they got attacked, she didn't know what would happen. This could end in a disaster if they messed up.

"I suppose we should go." Yukina shakily stood up.

"But you're injured!" Lisa protested as she quickly grabbed Yukina to support her.

"I'll be fine. I've been through worse." Yukina replied, though she gritted her teeth. She wasn't able to hide her pain.

"You just rest for now. I'll go pack up our stuff." Lisa stated as she eased Yukina back down into the seat.

"Fine." Yukina agreed. She didn't want to admit just how much she hurt. She was too prideful to admit it.

You weren't supposed to show weakness as demon. That made you seem lower. Demons would look down on those who weren't afraid to admit they were hurting. Yukina did not want that. She still wanted to try and retain some of her dignity. That was all she really had left at the moment.

"Just yell if you need me." Lisa said.

She walked up to their bedroom. Lisa sighed as she grabbed a suitcase. They had been through a lot in this house. Lisa couldn't help but remember everything that they had gone through. And now they were leaving it all behind for good. She knew they'd never return. They would be killed on the spot if they tried.

Lisa focused on her task at hand. She needed to pack the essentials and get moving. They shouldn't linger around this group for too much longer. Who knew what fate could await them if they did.

Lisa finished packing what she could and came back down. Yukina stood up again. Lisa didn't think she looked very sturdy on her feet. This was going to be a tough journey. They needed to find a place to call their own. That could be miles away.

"Lean on me for support." Lisa ordered. She was not about to trust Yukina to walk by herself.

Yukina didn't argue and grabbed Lisa's arm. They two of them slowly made their way out of the camp. It was quite big. They got a lot of glares from other demons as they walked. Most were aimed at Lisa. Lisa kept a straight face as they walked. She wasn't going to cower to them.

She had won the fight. Sure, he may have been weakened slightly, but it was still a thought fight. She won fair and square. It just wasn't supposed to be her fight.

Eventually, they reached the end of their territory. Now things were even more dangerous. This was free land. Anyone could be here. Anyone could be waiting to attack. Lisa was on constant guard.

Yukina wasn't in any condition to fight. Lisa was the only one who could. But, she couldn't handle more than one demon. How would she be able to fight and defend Yukina at the same time? That was too much to do at once. Especially with demons out here. They were very cunning.

"Lisa? What are we going to do?" Yukina asked, "Just the two of us isn't ideal."

"For now it'll have to be." Lisa replied, "Once you recover we can consider our next options."

"I want to make a group." Yukina stated.

Lisa paused in her step, "Huh?"

"I want to create a group to fight back against the current rule." Yukina repeated, "That's always been my plan."

"May I ask why you want to do that?" Lisa didn't quite understand why that was her goal.

"I'm sick of how the groups run. Why should I be forced to date someone when I don't want to?" Yukina said, "And rankings. Hate them with a passion."

"Oh yeah... is my marking gone? Yours is." Lisa felt at her cheek where the group symbol should be.

Yukina nodded, "We no longer belong to the group."

"What symbol do you want for the group?" Lisa asked.

Yukina drew the symbol on the ground, "It's a simple marking. But, sometimes simple things are best."

"Well, let's keep moving before someone finds us." Lisa said.


After two hours of walking, they were ready to collapse. Lisa managed to find an abandoned house for them. It was decaying and very airy, but it was shelter. Lisa helped Yukina onto an old chair.

They both looked around. The house was still mainly intact. It seemed sturdy enough. They wouldn't be staying long if it wasn't. They didn't want an entire house caving in on them. The house was something they could probably work with. It just needed a lot of work.

"Lisa, let's make this our base. I'm sure we can fix it up." Yukina said.

"Very well. I'll follow wherever you go." Lisa nodded.

Yukina winced slightly as she felt a stab on her cheek. She brought her hand up and felt around.

"The symbol you made... it's appearing." Lisa whispered.

"How does it look?" Yukina asked once the pain vanished.

"Why do you have three?" Lisa was confused. Normally the symbol changed colors depending on ranking. It appeared as though that wasn't what Yukina had in mind.

"Three means leader. Two means co-leader. One means regular member. That's what I want the markings to mean." Yukina explained.

"What about traitors?" Lisa questioned.

"Traitors... I don't think that'll be a worry for us for a while." Yukina shrugged.

"Very well. You rest. I'll see about fixing some of these drafts." Lisa said.

"Wait. Let me make you an official member." Yukina called her back.

Lisa nodded and knelt down so Yukina could reach her face. Yukina very carefully cut open Lisa's cheek. It healed within seconds and the marking symbols appeared. Lisa was given two.

"There." Yukina nodded once it was done.

"Any idea what we'll call our group?" Lisa asked as she stood up.