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when love was found

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Fighter was sure that there could never be a more beautiful sight first thing in the morning than Tutor’s face. He hoped he would never get used to it. He noticed that the sun was already flooding their entire room and despite not knowing how long he must have slept for it to be this bright, he could still barely force his eyes to stay open. Normally Fighter was the one to wake up first and it was something he never minded too much. He knew that Tutor could use every bit of sleep and rest he was allowed on their trip. On the contrary being able to enjoy Tutor’s sweet, relaxed face without needing to fear a snarky comment was very nice - also waking up Tutor was one of his favorite things to do, there was hardly another time when the younger was so adorable and allowed Fighter to coddle him this much.

But Fighter could also get used to this right now, waking up in Tutor’s arms and being greeted by his smile.

”Morning kiss,” Tutor murmured and leaned down to just tenderly brush his lips against Fighter’s. Despite this being such a little thing, Fighter couldn’t stop the corners of his mouth from lifting. He lifted his head a bit and did the same because Tutor’s lips just always begged to be kissed, especially when they looked this full and still abused. The temptation was big to make the kiss last a bit longer, but he held himself back for once.

”Morning kiss,” Fighter whispered and rested his head back on Tutor’s shoulder, closing his eyes as he took in a deep breath. Tutor already smelled like he had taken a shower, but it couldn’t be too recently because there was also that perfect bed warm smell clinging to him that Fighter wanted to bury his face in forever. He didn’t know how he could return back home to his own bed and find any sleep again now that he knew how it was to share it with Tutor.

The more he woke up, the more aware he became of the bone deep exhaustion sitting in his body - but it was the good kind of exhaustion, the one that left you completely relaxed and kind of floaty. Tutor drew gentle circles up and down Fighter’s back with one hand and with the other in a similar rhythm up and down Fighter’s arm that was draped over his chest.

”You look like a baby when you sleep”, Tutor teased without much bite to it and Fighter was feeling too comfortable to take any offense at that, ”so cute”. Fighter huffed, breathing another kiss against Tutor’s neck and just snuggled closer to the soft, solid source of warmth and comfort.

”This is nice…being babied is nice,” Fighter admitted quietly, save enough in Tutor’s arms and the privacy of their room to admit this to Tutor and also to himself.

He couldn’t remember if there was ever a point in his life where someone had taken care of him like this, where it wasn’t the other way around or where he hadn’t been told he had to suck it up, be a man. There were no expectations of any kind from Tutor, nothing that Fighter had to hide away and it was more than a little terrifying how easily, how fast the other had come into his life and cracked something open that left Fighter vulnerable and raw. And it was even scarier how he didn’t mind at all, not even a little bit.

”How do you feel?” Tutor let his left hand further up to run through Fighter’s hair. The sensation of the younger’s fingers sent a pleasant tingle over his scalp and down his spine.

”Good,” Fighter sighed, a bit more breathless than he had intended as he closed his eyes again. He could just fall back asleep like that, lulled in by their cocoon and the calm rhythm of Tutor’s heartbeat against his ear.

”P’Fight…,” Tutor chuckled, leaning in to kiss his forehead and stay close, lips barely a centimeter away from his skin as he whispered, like he was sharing a secret- ”How do you feel after last night?”

Last night… oh. It took a moment before his brain registered what exactly Tutor was talking about. Fighter could practically feel his own face heating up as memories from what they had done last night suddenly came back to him in bits and pieces and his perfect peaceful bubble was destroyed in an instant.

What they had done last night - what Tutor had done - what Fighter had allowed to happen -

I am fine,” Fighter pressed out, sitting up a little too quickly, his heart racing in his chest all anew - embarrassment burning hot inside his stomach.

The first movement as he tried to escape from the sheets he was tangled in made him wince, a quick sharp pain shooting up from… shit.  

”P’Fight!” Tutor tried to hold him back from leaving the bed, but Fighter dug away from his hand. There was clear amusement in Tutor’s voice but also a hint of exasperation, worst of all concern and Fighter could not deal with any of it. But even less he could handle looking at the other’s face.

”I am - I just - I’m going to take a shower!” Fighter stammered out, looking anywhere but at Tutor. The first time he stood up, he nearly flopped right back down on the bed, his legs feeling weak and Tutor because he was Tutor, did a very bad job at pretending to sound anything but smug - ”You are sure you are fine?”

”I am fine.”



Fighter stood under the shower, letting the water wash over him on the line to scalding hot and tried to calm his racing mind and beating heart down.

His stomach swirled with a wild mix of conflicting emotions. Memories from last night came back into his mind. It all felt like one big surreal fever dream - he couldn’t believe it actually happened, but every little movement reminded him that it did. His stomach swirled with a wild mix of emotions - mostly he felt like he had uncovered something about himself that he thought would stay buried for the rest of his life, untouched and with a bit of luck eventually forgotten.

Everything was so good that it terrified him.  Terrified that he was asking for things he shouldn’t. Hell, even terrified that he was just dragging Tutor along, that he was only doing these things because he thought it would make Fighter happy. Was it making him happy too or was Fighter nothing but overbearing and Tutor merely humored him?

Most of all he was terrified by the intensity he wanted Tutor, how much he meant it when he said he would never let him go unless Tutor forced him to.

But the needy, desperate mess he had allowed himself to become last night - how this made him feel -

”Fuck,” Fighter cursed under his breath and shook his head, trying to calm down and not spiral into a million questions he probably wouldn’t find an answer to anyway.

He looked down on himself and was shocked in what state Tutor had left behind his body and even more shocked when a quick spike of arousal settled low in his stomach. His chest was littered with marks and bruises so dark red and prominent that he could trace the exact shape of Tutor’s teeth and mouth on some of them. He genuinely looked like he had been mauled by a wild animal. Fighter inhaled sharply as he remembered how Tutor sank his teeth into his shoulder while spreading his legs and feeding his cock into him, fucked him so good that Fighter was struggling to remember all of it. At some point his brain just completely left the room and there was nothing left but how Tutor felt in him.

Fighter squeezed his eyes shut, leaning his forehead against the cool tiles of the shower wall as if this could clear his head. Before Fighter could stop himself, he reached behind himself with one hand. Hesitantly he brushed his index finger between his ass cheeks, letting it press against where Tutor had been just a couple of hours ago. The stretch of Tutor’s cock in him was still a phantom feeling lingering there and to his own embarrassment his body reacted to it, his hole puckering against his fingers as Fighter sighed shakily.

He had never felt like his in his life - his head so empty, his body only reacting to everything Tutor was giving him - Tutor could have asked anything of him in that moment and Fighter would have just gladly given it to him. What did this say about him? This was so far removed from the image he had built of himself in his own head.


Fighter flinched, immediately pulling his own hand away like he had just been burned. His head snapped around, seeing Tutor in the entrance of the shower, amused smirk on his face. Fighter didn’t know what to say or do - obviously Tutor had seen.

Tutor stepped inside the shower, came closer and wrapped an arm around Fighter’s waist, hooking his chin over Fighter’s shoulder.

”T-Tor-!” Fighter stammered, mortified by what he had been caught doing. That feeling of dread didn’t really go away as Tutor stayed quiet or was soothed in any way by the kisses the younger started peppering on his shoulder and neck. On the contrary - being treated with so much care made it just worse because he immediately felt himself melting and leaning into the other, his skin tingling overly sensitive wherever Tutor touched with his lips.

”I thought I should come check on you,” Tutor explained, his tone unnervingly neutral and easygoing. Fighter’s flight instinct was kicking in again, shame burning hot in his neck, but there was really nowhere to go.  He tried to wiggle his way out of Tutor’s arms, but the younger would have none of it. All it achieved eventually was that Fighter was facing Tutor and that was the last thing he wanted to do right now. He looked anywhere but at the other, focusing instead on an unspecific tile to his right.

”What’s going on? Use your words with me, P’, please.”

”Nothing.” How was he supposed to explain something he didn’t even understand himself? He didn’t want Tutor to see him like that - insecure like this. Shameful like that. It wasn’t what Tutor deserved.

”This doesn’t look like nothing.” And now there was irritation in Tutor’s voice despite him not letting go of Fighter yet.

Fighter didn’t know what to say - he didn’t know the right words to express what was going on.

”P’Fight, is this some weird manly ego crisis-”

Before Tutor could finish the sentence Fighter interrupted him, ”No! That’s not it!”

”Then what is it? Tell me so I can understand you.”

”There is just…” Fighter let his head sink, brows furrowing. Alone this again - Tutor wanted to understand him. Usually people didn’t bother trying - they always just assumed and Fighter went along with these assumptions or didn’t care enough to correct them. But with Tutor he cared. But Fighter was so bad with words.

 ”There are things I have always…wanted. And I thought I could never have them. It still kind of feels like I shouldn’t… but then there’s you.” And this was at the core the thing - the biggest thing - he couldn’t wrap his head around, how lucky he was that he got to have Tutor. Like this. After he had wanted him from the moment he first laid his eyes on him, but thought this was also just something he could neatly put in the box of things labelled ‚you are not allowed to have this‘ and then things changed. Tutor had come into his life - walking right out of Fighter’s wildest, most forbidden fantasies and had dragged it all out of him. And now it left Fighter shaken to the core. And it all felt like too much - like he wasn’t supposed to be this greedy.

Was he asking for too much? Tutor had been so, so good to him in every possible way, gave him so much, gave him all these things Fighter thought he wasn’t allowed to have or even want and Fighter was just - overwhelmed by it all.  He didn’t know how to handle this or his own desires and it certainly wasn’t made easier by the nagging guilty voice in the back of his head (that always sounded too much like his father - who had always a very clear opinion on what Fighter was supposed to want and do - but that was certainly something he didn’t want to think about at all, not even a tiny little bit, especially not now.)

Tutor’s expression immediately softened. ”Why are you so cute, P’Fight?”

”Ay, Tor!” Fighter blushed. That certainly wasn’t the reaction he had been expecting.

Tutor smiled and cupped Fighter’s face gently with his hands, guiding him to meet his gaze.  Fighter was floored once more - by Tutor’s warm brown eyes, the beautiful curve of his lips, just by everything about the man in front of him. Tutor opened his mouth like he wanted to say something but then decided against it, instead leaning forward to draw Fighter into a kiss. Fighter couldn’t help the weak sigh escaping him as he immediately reciprocated. What felt impossible mere seconds ago - just one kiss from Tutor and he calmed down. As always - the world fell quiet with Tutor in his arms.

They indulged in the kiss under the shower for a while, Fighter allowing Tutor the lead. Tutor was the first one to draw back. ”You can have whatever you want. You are allowed to have this. You have me.” Tutor was still close enough that their lips brushed with every word. Each sentence was sealed with a short peck to Fighter’s mouth, a nip at his bottom lip. The younger’s hands ran through Fighter’s wet hair, brushing it out of his face. Slowly he trailed a path with his mouth over Fighter’s cheek, over his jawline and up again to his ear.

”And  if you want me to fuck you, P’Fight - you most certainly can have that.”

Fighter shuddered as he felt Tutor’s hand gliding down his spine, not stopping when he reached the curve of Fighter’s ass. He was once more completely entranced, his eyes falling closed when Tutor, without any hesitation, let his index finger glide where Fighter had touched himself just a moment ago, where a dull throb still reminded him constantly how it had felt to be completely filled by Tutor, to take him -

He had fantasied about it a lot. Before he could ever dream of calling Tutor his. When Tutor had shown this other side of him - behind the pleasant smiles, the politeness and modest charm - , had reacted just the way Fighter had secretly wanted him to but never would have admitted out loud. He knew he had been in love with Tutor at this point but this had truly made Fighter for the first time want, weak and pathetic. If Tutor had just gone further that night when he pressed him onto the sofa - if he would have not even asked - Fighter would have just willingly offered it all to him. Coming home that evening Fighter had still been shaken by this new realization - how far his desperate craving need for Tutor really went. He had come harder than ever that night, with a pillow muffling his moans as he had fucked himself on his fingers - imagined it was Tutor, imagined it was Tutor bending him over that sofa -

Now he didn’t have to imagine anymore and he wouldn’t have thought that his would make it even worse. Now he knew what it felt like and he couldn’t believe that he wanted it again already. He just wanted everything Tutor was willing to give him, take it all so gladly.

”You were so good for me last night,” Tutor murmured, voice dropping lower, losing its usual soft spoken cadence. It was the tone he had first heard when Tutor had cornered him - do you like boys? And all Fighter’s head had screamed was Yes but most of all I just like you.

Tutor’s finger circled the ring of his muscles, even more sensitive now from the abuse of last night. Fighter hissed when Tutor used a bit of pressure, not enough to push inside yet but just teasing him with the promise - his heart picked up its pace with embarrassment. The water of the shower barely functioned as lube, but he was still a bit loosened up from their activities just a couple hours ago, so…

”Can I take care of you some more?”

”No…” It came out weaker then intended. He was supposed to be taking care of Tutor - he didn’t need for Tutor to take care of him. This was not how it was supposed to go, he shouldn’t let himself indulge in this too much. No matter how nice and good it felt, no matter how much his body reacted to the barest touch of Tutor.

P’Fight”, Tutor whined, playing coy again as  he kissed Fighter’s cheek sweetly, ”You have been taking care of me so well - with this trip, these last days…let me pay you back.”

”Tor!” This snapped Fighter out of it for a moment. Before Tutor could continue the path with his mouth down his neck, Fighter pushed him away a bit, far enough to be able to look at him. ”This is not what this is about. You don’t have to pay back anything! I-”

”I know, I know. Calm down,” Tutor shushed him. ”I know you don’t pay me for sex”, he bluntly stated making Fighter gape at him. Tutor shot him one of his mischievous, teasing grins with a raised eyebrow.

When Fighter first met him, he could have never predicted how much outrageous, shameless filth could come out of the younger’s mouth but if he was being honest with himself it just added to Tutor’s charm.

The grin slipped off Tutor‘s face and his eyes trailed down. “But...there‘s something I really want to try, P‘,“ the younger muttered, licking his lips and looked back up through his lashes.

“What- oh.”

Fighter’s breath caught in his throat, a violent shiver running through his whole body as he watched wide-eyed as Tutor went down on his knees in front of him. The sight was - really was a lot to handle for him. Tutor looked gorgeous whatever he was doing and Fighter admitted that he was very biased in that regard. But seeing him in front of him like that, naked, hair wet and brushed out of his face, lips slightly parted and brown eyes shimmering with anything but submission was - doing a lot of things for Fighter but mostly his dick.

”Don’t,” his voice was thick and quiet, barely audible over the sound of the shower still raining down on them. ”You don’t have to do this -” Fighter mumbled but couldn’t go further. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to ask these things of you. You don’t have to do this for me. You don’t have to do anything for me!

 It was hard to not understand Tutor’s intention when he was in this position. They hadn’t… done that yet. And it was more than a bit ironic considering what else they had already tried out with each other. Even more ironic… Fighter had of course thought about it - but for some reason in his head it had always been the other way around. Just another part of Tutor to worship - had he really never thought about this? Now that the situation presented itself, it successfully short circuited his brain in a similar way to last night.

”P’Fight…” Tutor met his gaze, looking over his face for a moment before his lips curved into a small smile. ”You are allowed to want this.”

Tutor carefully wrapped his fingers around Fighter’s dick, running his thumb over the tip before he began to tug lightly. Fighter closed his eyes, slumped against the wall behind him and let his head fall back, thoroughly embarrassed and very tempted to back away from the situation to not once more lose his entire control. He reached up and pressed the back of his hand to his lips for a split second before lowering it back to his side  again as he steeled himself and forced himself to just breathe.

Fighter tried really hard to keep his eyes closed, definitely not looking at Tutor. He chose probably the worst time of all to crack his eyes open and sneak a peek down anyway. Because he was treated to the exact moment Tutor opened his mouth, pink tongue already darting out, and mouthing the tip of Fighter’s cock, lightly sucking on it as if he just wanted to have a first experimental taste. Why was this the dirtiest thing he had ever seen?

Fighter heard a soft sucking noise even over the water as Tutor pulled off again and ... resituated himself? Fighter couldn’t tell what he was doing because he had snapped his eyes back shut so quickly or he would have come right on the spot. Once the younger seemed satisfied, he leaned in a second time and sucked Fighter back into his mouth, this time with little to no hesitation; something that had Fighter’s eyelids fluttering as he tipped his chin up and resisted every temptation to look again.

Tutor held the base of Fighter’s cock as he bobbed his head along the first half, his hand working over the base. Apparently the younger had a very clear plan of what he was doing there and all the shame Fighter felt for the both of them, didn’t faze Tutor at all.

Fighter swallowed thickly before a choked sound escaped him and he might have swallowed a good chunk of water as Tutor began to stroke him in sync with each bob of his head, twisting his wrist each time he went down. Fighter could hear every obscene sound coming from him - each suck, swallow and slurp. Fighter licked his lips and furrowed his eyebrows, attempting to concentrate on…something - anything - else.

But all he could focus on was Tutor’s mouth. Fighter breathed shallowly, his jaw going slack as Tutor sucked so hard on the tip of his cock, with so much gusto and heat that he felt like his knees were going to give out any second.

Where the fuck did he learn this? Fighter didn’t want to know. He absolutely 100% didn’t want to know because if Tutor did this with anyone else ever in his life, Fighter might have to find that person, kill them and bury them in the ocean.

Fighter felt it when Tutor went too far down, successfully gagging himself. Though it had probably not been the greatest experience for Tutor, it had Fighter shaking. His hips jerked and his knees trembled as he canted his hips up into Tutor’s mouth before he realized what he was doing and promptly stilled himself. ”Sorry. Fuck - I’m sorry!” Fighter’s eyes flew up and watched as Tutor pulled back off him, kept holding onto his dick and cleared his throat a bit. His lips were crimson red and his eyes had a wet shine to them.

”Don’t apologize. Don’t treat me like I am breaking.” Tutor’s voice was rough and there was a similar determination on his face Fighter usually saw when he was sitting over a particular hard subject of study - and Fighter might hate himself a bit for making this comparison because now all future stay sessions of theirs would be forever ruined.

A dead giveaway Fighter should have paid more attention to was the little sparkle in Tutor’s eyes that Fighter learned by now meant danger for his sanity.

Tutor leaned forward again, licking an obscene stripe along the whole length of his cock and stopping at the head, tip of his tongue still out. Then Tutor continued his work like he hadn’t been just gagged, his actions only appearing to be more intensive with renewed determination.

Fighter moved a hand from where it have been just impotently holding onto the wall, hovered it over Tutor’s head, not sure if he should touch the other or not. His thought process however was brought to an abrupt halt as Tutor pulled back slightly and tongued the slit of his cock before sucking at it audibly. Fighter squeezed his eyes shut, a low strangled moan coming from his throat as his hand came down to rest against the back of Tutor’s head.

His hand moved so his fingers were tangled in Tutor’s hair, simply resting against his head as it moved up and down over his cock. Every part of him wanted to jerk up into Tutor’s hot mouth and hold his head down over his dick but he had way too much love and respect for the other. He couldn’t, absolutely couldn’t do it.

”T-Tor…you’re driving me insane…fuck.”

Tutor hummed around his cock, the vibration he could feel in his bones. In a slow delicious slurp Tutor pulled off his dick, audibly taking a deep breath. Fighter was almost glad that he got a couple of second of breathing room along with Tutor.

”Do you think you can handle a bit more, P’?” Tutor asked with fake innocence after a couple of moments where Fighter could hear nothing but the rush of water and the sound of his own frantically beating heart.

”What do you mean?” Fighter’s voice broke embarrassingly in the middle of the question. He had his cock in Tutor’s mouth - what else could there be happening?

His question would be answered more quickly than expected as he felt Tutor reaching between his legs and two slick fingers pressing between his cheeks.

”T-Tor-!” Fighter stuttered, his mouth falling open as Tutor slowly slipped one finger inside with minimal resistance. He still felt too tender from last night, too sensitive but he was shocked - how it burned for only a moment when Tutor barely wasted any time to slip a second finger inside him alongside the first.

”W-wait - Tor-!” Every further protest was drowned out by Fighter’s own deep moan, his head falling backwards, hitting the tiles a bit too hard when Tutor curled his fingers just right, like he had already memorized the exact spot of Fighter’s prostate and it took him barely any second thought to find it. It hurt a bit, but in a good way - in the best way - his right hand fisted involuntarily into Tutor’s hair, holding onto it as his only anchor - as his other hand reached behind himself as if he could stop Tutor from slowly torturously fucking him with his fingers. But his fingers only weakly brushed Tutor’s hand, unable to do much, his body unwilling to cooperate.

”P’Fight,” Tutor moaned his name, awe and satisfaction clear in his voice and that was - when Fighter was truly lost for good. Tutor’s breath was hot against his straining cock and a second later that perfect mouth wrapped around it again, sucking hard.

Fighter didn’t know how he managed to stay upright - he didn’t know what to do in general. His skin felt too tight, white hot pleasure cursing through his entire body as Tutor moved his head in the same rhythm as he worked his fingers in and out of Fighter. Fighter was torn on where to go, where to move - his hips wanting to snap forward and deeper into Tutor’s mouth and back to fuck himself on Tutor’s fingers at the same time.

Tutor - set out to drive Fighter into an early grave - didn’t allow him even a moment to get used to anything, changing his speed, the pressure of his fingers and the angle of his head however he pleased, as if he was testing which would draw the most desperate sounds out of Fighter. The answer was everything - it was too much, Fighter’s head nothing but a blank empty space, all his senses overwhelmed, his hips and thighs dangerously quivering.

Fighter held his breath as a thrum of something jerked through his entire body before a familiar warm sensation threatened to pool over in his abdomen. He could feel it in his stomach, his balls and through his cock. This would be over, he wouldn’t last any longer. He was surprised he even lasted this long at all.

”Fuck,” Fighter sobbed, the word little more than a gasp as he impotently tugged on Tutor’s head and shoulder. ”I’m gonna - come- Tor -”

Instead of the wanted effect to get Tutor off his dick, it only resulted in the younger taking him deeper than before, his fingers barely moving inside him, just brushing against his prostate and causing near-continuous thrums of sensation to flare up in his lower body.

Fighter felt his stomach drop just before his orgasm was tearing him apart. Fighter gasped and squeezed his eyes shut hard enough to see stars dancing before his eyes while his cock jerked in Tutor’s mouth with each wave of heat.

Tutor swallowed it all, Fighter could cry feeling his throat work as he gently continued to suckle him through his climax and pulled only off him, when he licked the last drop of come from the tip of his cock and carefully pulled his fingers out.

Fighter’s head was spinning, his whole body was trembling with overstimulation, as he tried to catch his breath. The water still coming down from the showerhead felt like a thousand tiny little needles.

”P’Fight.” He heard Tutor softly mewl his name and he felt the younger’s warm hands on his chest. Fighter cracked his eyes open, looking at Tutor’s flushed face, his shining eyes, looking as needy as Fighter had felt just a couple seconds ago. Fighter sighed, reaching out to gently cup the younger’s face with one hand, pressing his thumb into the corner of his plump mouth where he saw his own come shining. He might feel ready to drop dead right back into bed, but the sight of Tutor made him regather some final strength - drawing the younger into a hot, hungry kiss, tasting himself.

How was Tutor real? How did he deserve him? When would this all turn out to be just one big dream and he’d wake up, still just staring from across the university campus at the gorgeous boy he fell in love with on first sight? This was too perfect. He could feel Tutor straining against him, pressing closer and fuck - he was pressing so hard against his thigh - so turned on by Fighter.

Tutor kissed him back enthusiastically, wrapping his arms around Fighter’s shoulder. Fighter managed to flip them around, pressing Tutor against the cold tiles. The younger whined between their lips, arching his back away from the cool surface and into Fighter.

Fighter slipped his hand between their bodies, wrapping his hand around Tutor’s cock. It took only a couple of strokes, before Tutor pulled away from his mouth and his hip snapped forward, reaching his climax with Fighter’s name on his lips and his eyes squeezed shut like it pained him. Fighter affectionately nuzzled his temple with his nose, placing gentle kisses against his skin while he worked him through his orgasm until Tutor started to whimper.

Fighter wrapped both arms around the other’s waist, drawing him close. As soon as Tutor’s breathing calmed down a bit he searched for Fighter’s lips again and Fighter was only willing to let himself be drawn into a slow, lazy kiss - both of them just enjoying the taste, the warmth of one another as they clung to each other.



Somehow they managed to get out of the shower, even after they both had mustered the strength to properly clean up, the whole process taking longer by getting distracted by each other. They would need to leave the hotel in not even two hours, but they had fallen back on the bed anyway. There was not much stuff to pack up and even if got later - well, Fighter could pay for it.

Tutor was lying on his chest, a welcome weight in Fighter’s arms.

”How are you so perfect…,” Fighter murmured absentmindedly as he gently let his fingers run through Tutor’s still damp hair.

”Don’t be cheesy,” the younger complained, turning his head and resting his chin on Fighter’s chest with an adorable displeased look on his face.

Fighter’s heart clenched in his chest, overcome all over with… just how much he loved this man. As simple as that. ”Thank you.” It felt like he needed to say it.

”P’Fight!” Tutor rolled his eyes but there was a fond little smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as he scooted a little bit higher up to place a kiss on Fighter’s chin. ”Don’t say that.”

”I mean it!” Fighter insisted, tugging gently on the younger’s hair.

He wouldn’t ever be able to let him go again. No matter how terrifying it was how perfectly Tutor fit into his arms, how he pried open every single thing that Fighter had struggled for so long to keep locked away - all desires, all wants, all needs - he’d lay it all bare for him. He never thought he could be this happy in life - not like this, not like he needed to ask himself if it was possible to die from it. Cause of death - too much happiness. What a way to go.

”I also mean it.” Tutor sounded serious all of the sudden, pushing himself up, so he could lean over Fighter. ”There is no need for ‚thank you’s.”  Tutor’s sudden honesty left Fighter speechless. ”I also meant it when I said - you are allowed to have everything you want. You don’t owe me anything.” And then, quieter but no less sincere, ”I love you.”

Fighter drew in a shaky breath, his heart hurting. ”I love you, too.” There was no need to argue with Tutor about this - Fighter owed him everything, and he would feel grateful every single day he was allowed to have him and if Tutor didn’t want to hear it with words than Fighter had to just show him for the rest of his life.

Tutor’s expression softened and his eyes dropped closed as he leaned his forehead against Fighter’s. Fighter smiled, closing his eyes.

”Also…P’Fight is really hot when he comes for me like that,” Tutor whispered, mischievous tone back in place.

Fighter’s eyes widened. ”Tor!” There was more amusement than true irritation in his voice. Tutor cackled when Fighter rolled them around, burying the other underneath him and punished him in the best possible way - with tickles and kisses until Tutor begged him for mercy while laughing tears.