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when love was found

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“You’re not the one breaking the promise, I’m the one who will.” 

Tutor could feel his heart beating so hard, that he was afraid it would break out of his ribcage any moment. But he tried his best to not let it show on the outside.

Tutor traced his fingers over Fighter’s mouth and watched with fascination as the older’s eyes got that half lidded, distant look - like Fighter’s head was going to another place he was too afraid to let anyone see, especially Tutor. It was exactly the opening Tutor had been looking for from the moment he had undressed them both and gently dragged Fighter along into the sauna with exactly zero pretense on how innocent his plans were. So far Tutor just spared Fighter the details.

Fighter chased after his fingers with his mouth and Tutor knew he needed to be careful or he’d get distracted himself.  He’d been teasing already long enough - before the sauna, in the sauna now. He wasn’t even sure if Fighter was aware of it, how his tongue darted out and his brows furrowed, so desperate to get Tutor’s fingers into his mouth. Tutor felt arousal nearly knock him over.

The dark, pessimistic part in Tutor had been sure, that they would have this little beach trip and nothing more. Whatever unresolved sexual tension there had been between them - as soon as they just fucked it out, they’d be done with it. Fighter would lose his obsession with him when he finally got what he wanted - some outlet for his obviously repressed desires - and Tutor would have a good time. Then, finally with all that horny energy out of their system - they would realize that it was nothing more than that. The thrill of the unknown would be gone. They could move on with their lives and it would be just a good memory.

Instead - the opposite seemed to happen. Every little thing Tutor discovered about Fighter made him grow addicted, made his blood boil, made his heart explode. And instead of Fighter growing tired of him, it overwhelmed Tutor every single day how the older just couldn’t get enough of him in the same way.

Tutor denied Fighter his fingers and before the hurt look could drive him completely insane he drew Fighter into a kiss and climbed on top of him. Their skin would be already hot and sweat slick even without the sauna - the heat was making Tutor dizzy or maybe it was the taste of Fighter or the way the older sighed into his kiss with such bliss, opened his mouth so willingly for him and his tongue. As he liked to do so often, Fighter allowed Tutor the lead and Tutor gladly took it to bite, lick and kiss that perfect mouth in whatever way he pleased.

Fighter’s hands roamed over his body like they were unsure where they wanted to hold onto him. Or maybe he was still hung up on that stupid ”promise” he had made and didn’t know whether he should draw Tutor closer or push him away.

Fuck that, I take you however I please, Tutor thought, still stuck somewhere between amused and irritated by the stupid gentlemanly ideas Fighter got in his head.  And it was not like Tutor didn’t already feel prominently how little Fighter would like for this to stop. The evidence was very obviously grinding against him.

As they broke apart, heavily breathing and Tutor looked down at Fighter there was that glassy look in Fighter’s eyes. His cheeks were flushed, his lips red, the corners of his mouth shining. So damn beautiful and just for Tutor to take.

He saw it on Fighter’s face the second the older wanted to switch their positions, bury Tutor under him and have his way. Tutor allowed Fighter to turn them over but before he could push for Tutor’s legs to open and make room for him, Tutor grabbed him by the thigh and pulled him into his lap instead. It was really interesting how such a little change could already flip around who’s in charge and who wasn’t.

With a smug smile and an arched eyebrow Tutor looked up at Fighter. The immediate reaction was even better than he could have hoped for. Fighter always liked having Tutor in his lap - loved the unrestrained access it gave him, loved when Tutor smiled coyly and wrapped his arms around his neck. The surprise was plain to see on Fighter’s face now - the wild mix of emotions that followed and the insecurity that lay underneath all of this as he found himself in this unfamiliar position.

Feeling the tension and the nervousness, Tutor started to draw soothing circles over Fighter’s flanks, over his stomach and chest. His hands wandered further up, came together around Fighter’s neck, his jaw until he could pull Fighter’s face towards him. Before the kiss had been all heat and explosive arousal - this time Tutor nipped delicately on his boyfriend’s lips, pressed his thumb into the corner of his mouth to make him open up.

Despite being as noticeably insecure as Fighter was at the moment, he went along with it and easily got distracted. The hands of the older lay on Tutor’s shoulders, his fingers burying themselves almost painfully into Tutor’s flesh. The kiss might be slower but all the more intense and deliciously more desperate on Fighter’s part.

It was clear that Fighter didn’t quite know what to do with himself in his situation so Tutor placed a hand on his hips and pulled him in while lifting his own hips at the same time to press them together. Both of them moaned into the kiss. At that point they got lost for a bit, falling into a rhythm that came natural to them grinding against each other.

Tutor enjoyed every little sound coming from Fighter too much and he wanted to be able to hear more of it, so he pulled away from Fighter’s mouth. As always Fighter looked unhappy about that -  if Tutor would let Fighter have his way then they would just spend hours in bed making out and nothing else. But he was soothed easily as Tutor trailed kisses over his jaw, to his throat to indulge in one of his favorite parts of Fighter. Fighter pressed harder against him when Tutor’s teeth sunk into his pale perfect skin before sucking on it with the plan to leave a mark. If Fighter insisted on running around with half open shirts, then he could start wearing evidence of their holiday exploits. Tutor feared he could just come like this - with Fighter in his lap grinding against him like a horny teenager while he leaned his head back and exposed his neck and throat for Tutor to feast on and do whatever he pleased. And if the shaky sighs coming from the older were any indication than he felt the same.

But this was not what Tutor aimed for here, not on their last night. There was something he needed to know, he needed to do - even though he feared if Fighter agreed than the deal would be sealed for good. Then Tutor didn’t know if he could ever let go of this man again.

Tutor’s hand wandered away from where they had rested and encouraged Fighter’s movement on his hips and continued where he had left off before Fighter had pulled away like a spooked deer. Even with the bottom open and the zipper pulled down the jeans were such a tight fit - great for Fighter’s ass, annoying for Tutor now when he wanted nothing more but to wrap his damn hand around his boyfriend’s cock. Conscious not to hurt the other on the teeth of the zipper, Tutor managed to pull him out carefully. It wasn’t exactly a surprise that Fighter was already hard in his hand - Fighter was so easy for him and Tutor loved it more than anything. Every touch of him seemed to drive the older wild and it gave Tutor a power rush he would never admit out loud. Tutor sank his teeth into Fighter’s chest.

”Tutor - maybe - we shouldn’t…”, Fighter murmured, basically vibrating with restraint in his arms. Tutor peaked up innocently from his newest dark red achievement on Fighter’s pec. Until now he had forgotten that technically they were in public at the moment. The sauna and pool area was not exactly theirs. But Tutor had seen maybe two people at most during their visit in this way too fancy, expensive resort and it was very late already. The chances that someone would walk in on them and get a nice eyeful through the glass walls was close to 0, but not entirely impossible. And yet - he couldn’t really get himself to care all that much about it. And he didn’t even want to know how much damn money Fighter paid for all the staff to pretend like they haven’t seen anything.

On the contrary, everyone should send him a damn “Thank you”-note if they were lucky to be treated to this kind of view.

Fighter looked down on him with a frown, a beautiful flush spreading from his cheeks all the way down his chest. His lips were red and wet and showed clearly what they had been doing way too much for the last couple days and Tutor’s propensity to use teeth. Tutor smiled sweetly and leaned in to press a soft peck against the older’s abused lips. ”Don’t worry, P’.” Tutor brushed his lips over Fighter’s once more and all protest Fighter might have left in him was immediately forgotten when Tutor lifted his right hand up to his own mouth. He kept eye contact with Fighter the entire time while he licked an obscene wet stripe from his palm to his fingers and back down again, before wrapping it back around Fighter’s cock and gave it a nice form tug.

Fighter drew in a sharp breath, his pupil’s dilating and mouth hanging open in awe. ”How are you real…!”

Tutor had been asking himself the same about Fighter more than once.

Tutor started to move his hand in a slow, thorough rhythm and knotted his free hand into Fighter’s hair to hold him in place as he practically pried Fighter’s lips apart with his tongue before he licked into his mouth. Fighter moaned into the kiss and opened up willingly while he grazed his thumb against Tutor’s jaw line, pushing upwards into his hand. Tutor hummed as he felt Fighter’s tongue brushing against his own.

Fighter was distracted enough that Tutor could let his left hand glide back out of his hair and run it down over Fighter’s neck, along his spine, the slight dip of the small of his back before it snuck further down to grab Fighter’s partially bare ass, squeezing it a bit. Fighter broke away from his mouth with a gasp, staring down at him wide eyed.

Tutor carefully studied his face, watched how Fighter bit his bottom lip as Tutor dug his fingernails in the perfect firm flesh of his ass and his gaze went from shocked to overcome by that certain desire he kept so carefully locked away, his eyes fluttering shut. The tips of Tutor’s index and middle finger dipped slightly between Fighter’s cheeks. He was sure he was making his intention very clear and he was sure Fighter got that message judging from his reaction.

”Tor-!” Fighter gasped hotly, hiding his face against Tutor’s shoulder, but he wasn’t exactly pushing Tutor away - so that was a good first sign.

”Tell me to stop and I’ll do it”, Tutor murmured right next to Fighter’s ear, pressing a kiss to his sweat salty temple. It would take a considerable amount of will, but he’d stop. He didn’t want to push the older into anything he didn’t want - or no. Tutor would bet a large sum of money that Fighter wanted exactly this. But he wouldn’t force him into anything he wasn’t ready for just yet.  Because Tutor couldn’t quite stop himself from pushing a bit, letting his voice drop deeper with promise. ”Tell me to stop or this is happening.”

When Fighter didn’t answer, Tutor let his fingers dip lower and daringly brushed the tip of his index finger against Fighter’s hole. ”I know you want this, babe.” Tutor knew he was playing a bit dirty and he would feel bad for it if he wasn’t so sure that he was saying the truth. Fighter wanted this. Tutor had seen it in his face the first time he had pressed the other into the cushions of the sofa during what was supposed to be a study sessions - that look, fuck, Tutor would never forget the look in his eyes. It was the first thing Tutor had embarrassingly jerked off to, when their relationship still felt impossible and he still believed that Fighter would never in a million years get over all his repressed feelings and issues. He might have become a bit obsessed with it, trying to tease this needy, raw side of Fighter to the surface.

”Let me take care of you, P’, please.” That was probably the hardest part for Fighter to wrap his head around. When Fighter still didn’t say anything, just kept clinging onto him and hiding his face, Tutor picked up the movement of his hand again. Fighter was still hard in his hand and by now leaking as Tutor circled his thumb over his tip. The continuous trembling of Fighter’s thighs were a sure sign that he was close to coming already. Maybe this might be answer enough. Still not seeing any protest Tutor dared even more and pressed his index finger against the tight ring of muscles until he breached the first tense resistance. It was too dry to go further. They had no lube at hand so he couldn’t really do everything he wanted to do here, but he could carefully test the waters - what he didn’t expect though was that this was apparently all it needed to push Fighter over the edge.

Stunned Tutor watched as Fighter gasped wet and desperate against his shoulder and his hips snapped forward into Tutor’s hands. Tutor still had the presence of mind to cover Fighter’s cock with his hand to not completely ruin both of their shorts and make a mess of them entirely.  With awe Tutor stroked Fighter through his orgasm before carefully withdrawing his hands. Fighter sacked against him, body shaking. Tutor had expected….he didn’t know what exactly he had expected anymore. His own cock might still be trapped and desperate for attention in his pants - but his brain was just as blown away as if he’d been the one hitting his climax.

His own arousal hit him like a truck at full speed, making his blood run so hot he feared he’d pass out this instant in the sauna. Just when he thought that Fighter couldn’t drive him any crazier - just when he thought that he couldn’t want him any more -

”P’Fight…”, Tutor gasped, retracting his hands very carefully and using his… well, not cum stained hand to gently push the older up a bit, to be able to look in his face again. What he saw took his breath away all over.

”Don’t stop, Tor, please…don’t stop.” Fighter’s voice broke wetly around his name. A strangled gasp left Tutor when Fighter fished for his hand and started to suck his fingers into his mouth, cleaning his own cum from Tutor’s hand with such a devastating devotion that Tutor’s felt his heart burst in his chest and his brain going almost entirely blank, his cock throb painfully. I love you, I love you, I love you, was all his mind blared in a screaming mantra.



Tutor didn’t quite know how he managed to drag both of them back to their hotel room. Even less did he remember how he got them into the shower to wash away the sweat from the sauna. It was all kind of disconnected in his memory - the next thing he remembered was only his back hitting the cold tiles of the shower wall and Fighter ravishing his mouth like he wouldn’t have another chance tomorrow. But he also remembered how he kissed back with the same fervor, holding onto Fighter with one hand buried in his hair and the other now with zero hesitation holding onto his ass.

When Fighter grew a bit too eager (and Tutor too close to being tempted to just cave in and allow the other to fuck him against the glass shower wall), Tutor flipped them around, squeezing his hand around Fighter’s throat in warning. The way Fighter moaned, his head hitting the shower wall with a worryingly loud thunk.

Somehow they made it out of the shower - no mean feat considering how neither of them seemed ready to really let go of the other. It was a struggle with towels - Tutor pressed into the sink while Fighter kissed and licked his cheek - Fighter being shoved away but drawn back a second later for Tutor to bite into his jaw - until they were finally dry enough to not regret their wet bed later in the night.

By the time they finally reached the bed, Tutor felt ready to burst out of his skin, his body prickled with arousal and his cock was aching. In the shower he had come close to shoving Fighter to his knees, feeding him his cock like he seemed so eager for, but he had sworn to himself that if he came tonight it would be inside Fighter and nowhere else. With a bit more force than strictly necessary Tutor pushed Fighter onto the pristine white sheets. The bed creaked under the sudden weight thrown on it.

As frantic as their way here had been, it all turned quiet as the tension rose again in the room. The only light falling into the bedroom was the full moon coming in from the window front. Tutor took a moment - no matter how desperate and high strung he felt - to take in the sight in front of him. Fighter was gorgeous. In a completely different way than he usually was. Splayed out entirely naked like this. Pale skin littered with the evidence of previous nights and today. He was already half hard again from their shower escapades. His hair was wild from the vicious towel rub it had received from Tutor. His lips parted, abused and his dark eyes were fixed on Tutor. He didn’t look afraid exactly - his emotions were somewhere between anxious and restrained excitement. He already looked debauched and they hadn’t even really come to the main act.

Tutor never wanted anything or anyone more than he wanted Fighter in this moment.

”P’Fight…” Tutor slowly crawled on the bed, coming close enough to reach out and gently cup the older’s cheek. ”Tell me to stop and we have to never talk about this again.” He would. That was still the truth. But he couldn’t promise that he’d be able to stop himself anywhere past this point. He had to make sure one last time - despite how sure he was - he needed Fighter to say it.

Fighter leaned his head into Tutor’s hand, turning far enough that he could press a kiss into Tutor’s palm. ”I…” Fighter started and clearly struggled to find the words. Tutor gave him all the time he needed. ”You- damn.” He closed his eyes, expression turning distressed. Before Tutor could draw his hand away, say he’d stop, tell him he was sorry for pushing, Fighter breathed in deeply and wrapped his hand around Tutor’s wrist, holding it in place. When he finally met Tutor’s eyes there was nothing but raw, unfiltered longing shining in his dark eyes. ”You don’t know how much I want you. Please, Tor…I want you. Take me.”

Tutor inhaled sharply and suddenly he was the one trembling, barely able to hold Fighter’s gaze. It was too much. It always felt like too much - too soon - too good - and it made the dark, hungry, greedy part in his brain roar with hunger.

Mine. You are mine. You will be forever mine. No one else can have you. I gave up so many things in my life but I will never give you up.

With a deep growl, Tutor pushed onto the bed, forcing Fighter’s legs apart and the older into a rather aggressive kiss. Tutor couldn’t bear to see that look on the older’s face any longer. Fighter wrapped one of his legs loosely around Tutor’s waist and held his face between his hands for a short moment before he slid his hands down and over Tutor’s chest, his fingers tracing over his skin until he brushed them against Tutor’s nipples, his ribs and then along his sides. Every place Fighter touched felt like it was on fire.

Tutor pulled back from the kiss, at which Fighter chased his lips a little to brush them against each other once more before he laid back and looked up at Tutor with anxious expectations. Tutor gave him a short encouraging smile, before he gave his mouth something better to do - working his way down from Fighter’s lips to his chin, along his throat, chest and stomach. Retracing all that well-known territory once more. He paused to give Fighter’s cock a few tugs and to suck the tip gently before he was mouthing along that too, the action causing Fighter to moan and squirm under him. Tutor’s reflexes were quick enough to grab Fighter’s right thigh and stop the older from closing his legs around him. He heard the usual soft protests coming from Fighter - it was really cute how he always seemed so shocked when Tutor used his mouth on his cock, like that was truly the most scandalous and taboo thing Tutor could do for him. But he wasn’t here to suck Fighter off but rather to coax him skillfully back to full hardness and distract him a bit. Tutor turned his head and kissed the inside of Fighter’s thigh before he sat up und stretched upwards for the lube he knew was shoved under the pillows. When he huffed with frustration - that damn bed was just too unnecessarily large - Fighter stretched out for him and handed him the lube.

”Did you ever touch yourself there?”, Tutor asked, opening the cap on the lube before he squeezed some of it onto his hand. It was as much distraction for him as it was supposed to be for Fighter. They… hadn’t really talked about this yet. They have finally talked on their trip more about themselves, gotten to know each other - but tumbling into this intimacy with each other was still a new and very unexplored territory. Tutor never expected he would be one day so interested in learning every little detail about someone in this area - or in general.

”Yeah”, Fighter replied after a pause. Tutor regretted asking because he had to close his eyes for a second and take a deep breath. The mental image of Fighter in his room, biting his pillow while shoving his own fingers inside himself was an image he had to immediately lock away or he’d come within a second. At some point, they had to talk about this more.

”O- okay.” Tutor pressed out, hating how his voice cracked there and rather focused back on the task at hand. But this was good. It was nothing entirely new to Fighter. He rubbed his fingers together and then reached down to brush his lube slick middle finger against Fighter’s puckering hole.

Fighter breathed out shakily. Tutor could feel his hole twitching against the pad of his finger reflexively. He paused, looking up to see that Fighter had draped his left arm over his face, hiding his face from him. His chest was rising and falling with heavy breathes, trying to calm himself. Tutor leaned down to peck his knee. When he felt Fighter willing himself to relax, Tutor slowly slipped his index finger inside him with minimal resistance because - well, he had used a lot of lube and it was only one finger.

Fighter’s face might be half hidden from him, but he could still see his jaw working, his teeth worrying his bottom lip while Tutor worked his finger in and out. It didn’t take too long, before Tutor continued to carefully push a second in, which caused Fighter to groan slightly, now stretched beyond the point of comfort. Tutor knew that this hurt a little. He had been in a similar situation not too long ago and the knowledge he gained from being on the receiving end certainly helped now just as much as it made him weirdly attentive and careful. There was no way he could put into words of how much it meant to him that Fighter trusted him enough to do this.

Overcome by the need to be closer all of the sudden, Tutor moved to lie beside Fighter on his side. He carefully pulled his fingers out and nudged the older boy’s hip; urging him to roll over. Fighter hesitated, peaking out under his arm before slowly rolling onto his side so his back was to Tutor.

Tutor bit his lip and ran a hand down the back of Fighter’s tense thigh before guiding it up so it was hiked up on the bed a bit.

He pressed a light kiss to Fighter’s shoulder blade as his hand slid back up the back of Fighter’s thigh to pull him closer by the hips - bare chest to back.

”Wait - Tutor -!” Fighter gasped, throwing him a slightly panicked look over his shoulder - Tutor raised a questioning eyebrow before it dawned on him what the issue was. Tutor chuckled, planting soothing kisses on Fighter’s shoulder. No, he would not just fuck him now.

 Tutor moved forward and carefully placed his arm in the crook between Fighter’s head and the bed, which provoked Fighter to lean his head against his biceps as Tutor dipped his head down and pecked the back of his neck.

”I just wanted to be close.” Tutor muttered against Fighter’s skin and reached back down to press his fingers inside of the older boy in one swift motion. He certainly wouldn’t rush this. He wanted to do this right - just as Fighter had been so, so good for him until now. Fighter twitched at the fingers slipping back inside him, a sound coming from him that sounded suspiciously like a whine. Even though Fighter turned his face away again, he brought his leg up a bit further to give Tutor more room.

”Are you okay?” Tutor murmured, brushing his nose against Fighter’s temple.

All he got was a small nod.

”Use words for me, please.” He wanted to make really sure. Also he wanted to hear Fighter’s voice.

”S’ok”, Fighter replied, voice rough already, just before Tutor twisted his wrist, bending it a bit more so he could reach deeper. The surprised choked sound coming from Fighter was well worth it and Tutor smiled satisfied, knowingly.

”There?” Tutor whispered, his breath hitching slightly when Fighter nodded jerkily and pushed back against his hand. He shifted closer so their bodies were pressed even more snuggly together, so he could bury his nose in Fighter’s hair, breath in the shower fresh, expensive shampoo smell but also hoping this would make Fighter feel save, feel comforted. And it also had the positive effect that Fighter turned towards him like a sunflower seeking daylight, as if he couldn’t help himself.

Tutor allowed Fighter a bit more time to get used to his two fingers and just enjoyed the warm, quiet comfort of their bodies pressed so close, exploring that perfect point that brought Fighter so much pleasure as he worked his fingers in.

Fighter breathed shakily as Tutor very carefully and slowly added a third finger into him, moving them in and out of him in quick succession, the tips of his fingers brushing against where every little noise of Fighter told him he was finding his prostate.

Tutor scooted a little bit up, so he could look over Fighter’s shoulder. Even though Fighter had already been the one blessed by a first orgasm, his cock was hard and curved towards his belly. Tutor watched it twitch with fascination as he pushed harder against his prostate and listened to Fighter groan, felt his muscle tremble around his fingers. For a moment the thought of just making the older come with his fingers seemed enticing, of just teasing him for the next hour, bringing him close to his climax just to deny him the pleasure. If he could make him come just with his fingers? He was pretty sure he could, seeing how sensitive Fighter was, how it took so little for the older to move back onto his hand. Distracted by this Tutor moved his hands a bit faster. Fighter groaned and bowed his head forward again so his cheek was pressed against the mattress.

”Tutor…” Fighter shivered out, eyes squeezed shut as he brought his arm up and buried his face in his elbow, restless like he didn’t know what to do with himself.. ”Please, Tor, please…”

Tutor hummed and sank his teeth into the crook of Fighter’s neck, something desperate and possessive curling in his stomach. Tutor picked up a bit more speed, curling his fingers to press harder against Fighter’s prostate. Fighter keened and suddenly reached down, wrapping his hand around Tutor’s wrist frantically, squeezing it hard enough to leave marks with his fingernails. ”No - don’t - I can’t - I’ll come -” Fighter sounded so wrecked.

”You are doing so good, babe.” Tutor couldn’t help but tease and curl his finger once more, making the other writhe against his chest. Another time he would have gone even further, would have made Fighter beg to get fucked, might have tested if he could take another finger, but this was not the night for that. Also - he wasn’t sure how much his own patience was still going to last. He hadn’t even touched his own cock yet and he already felt like he was being strung tight and slowly pulled apart in too many directions while the tension building in his stomach threatened to choke him. ”But you need to let go first.”

Slowly Fighter’s steel grip around his wrist was loosening enough so Tutor could gently withdraw his fingers. Once more he peppered soft kisses over Fighter’s shaking shoulders while he pushed him onto his stomach. Tutor didn’t even have to guide him further than that for Fighter to pull his knees up under himself, lifting his ass up and presenting himself in way that Tutor had to reach down and give his throbbing cock a sharp squeeze to stop himself from coming right then and there - just from the view of his boyfriend’s curved back, his ass - it was a lot to take in. This was like every wet dream coming together.

Despite it being very clear that Fighter was turned on, it was just as clear that he was nervous. His body still looked tense. The way he shook when Tutor popped open the lube once more to squeeze a very generous amount out and coat his own cock in pragmatic strokes, had Tutor’s face growing soft and his heart squeeze with an overwhelming fondness.

He knew there was a lot going on in Fighter’s head - knew there must have been things in his past, in the relationship with his father, that had led to barriers being build - to create an image of himself he must adhere to - that made him lock away his own needs and desires. And then Tutor had barged in and dragged it all outside. It had been a fast ride - from do you like boys to do you like me to do you like this. But Tutor suspected that those might be the wrong questions after all. Maybe it’s rather about what Fighter thought he was allowed to like, want, have.

If you’d asked Tutor, Fighter deserved the world and he just wanted to give him whatever he could.

Tutor bent over, gently stroking through Fighter’s hair and beckoning him to turn his face to the side so he could see him. ”P’Fight.” Fighter opened his eyes after a second of hesitation. Tutor smiled down at him and planted a tender kiss against the corner of his mouth. ”I love you”, he whispered hotly against Fighter’s cheek, laughing softly as Fighter made a strangled, indignant sound. Every time Tutor said it, it felt like it wasn’t enough anymore.

”Love you, too”, Fighter answered just as quietly but sounding more sure than he did the whole evening about anything else.

Tutor smiled. ”Ready?”, he asked once more.

Fighter nodded and squeezed his eyes shut while taking in deep breaths to relax. There was a beat of stillness and silence until Tutor took a deep breath to steady himself, suppress his eagerness to finally be in Fighter. His own heart was beating a nervous, anxious rhythm in his chest now - he wanted to make this good, he wanted this to be exactly what Fighter imagined it to be and more and the dark, selfish part of him thought - he wanted it to be so good that Fighter would be ruined for anyone else that might come after Tutor. Not that Tutor ever planned to let go of this, of them, of Fighter.

Tutor swallowed thickly and guided his cock to Fighter’s entrance, brushing the tip over it and watching with wide eyed wonder how the tight muscle ring fluttered for him. Another deep breath and Tutor spread his own legs a bit, placed his free hand on the bed besides Fighter and pushed forward, watching as the tip of his cock pressed firmly inside Fighter. Tutor, breath caught in his throat, carefully fed his cock into Fighter for about another inch before he dared to look away, glancing back up the other’s face in an instinctive effort to make sure he was okay.

Fighter looked like he was channeling every ounce of willpower in his existence; he had his eyes closed, his expression was blank, and he seemed to be forcing his breathing to remain even. However, the look distorted around the fourth inch of Tutor’s cock working its way in, during which Fighter grimaced as his entrance clenched hard around Tutor. It was everything Tutor could do to go still, his breathing coming shallow as his cock throbbed.

”Too much?” It certainly felt like too much for him.

”No - k-keep going - don’t stop-”, Fighter panted after a long time and reached blindly behind himself to place his hand against Tutor’s hips, his jaw muscles flexing as he arched and shifted. Tutor, as instructed, continued until he felt the tight ring of Fighter’s entrance wrapped around the base of his cock, after which the pair let out a very shallow breath in unison.

Tutor could feel that every muscle in the older’s body was tense as his heat clenched and squeezed him. He shivered and let his head fall forward, afraid that if he moved right then, he was just going to come. He remembered how he had laughed through the initial pain of Fighter being inside him the first time, distracted and too endeared by the completely lost expression on the other’s face, like this was the best thing he ever felt in his entire life. Tutor was sure that he must be not looking any better now as he didn’t dare to even move an inch, being held down by the doom of a premature orgasm.

But he was inside of Fighter. He was inside and it felt even better than he could have ever imagined.

”Holy shit…”, was what slipped out of Tutor under his breath without even meaning to as he rolled his hips shallowly, his cock having barely started moving inside the other before he could feel pressure swirling in the pit of his stomach. He might have really underestimated before they had gotten started, that it really didn’t help one’s ability to last long when that which was wrapped around one’s dick was almost impossibly tight. 

What dragged him more than anything back to focus was when he heard Fighter’s little, desperate moans and he felt the older’s hips shake, unclear if he wanted to push away or back to him. ”Hurts…”, Fighter mumbled thickly as his fingernails dug painfully into Tutor’s hips and his other hand fisted the sheets.

Tutor bent down over the older, far enough so he could trail kisses over his shoulder blades, his spine, the bite mark he had left earlier. Fighter’s pale skin bruised so beautifully for him and his back was already a canvas of Tutor’s overeager mouth. ”You are so good for me.” Every second word he placed another kiss on Fighter’s skin, breathing in his warm smell. As expected his words had the wanted effect - Fighter panted wetly, moaning his name softly. On the other hand it felt like Fighter was clenching even harder around him. ”You need to relax for me a little when you can, please.” Tutor delicately coaxed Fighter to turn his head some more with one hand in his hair, far enough so he could kiss him - sloppily thanks to the angle but Fighter immediately responded to it, pressing forward even though they had to break apart far too quickly again.

Tutor used the brief distraction to start moving his hips for real - still carefully and slowly he picked himself up so he could achieve a better angle, searching for that sweet spot that would allow him to make it better for Fighter.

Trembling, Fighter groaned as Tutor started to push in and out deeply and fluently and every time Tutor pressed back into him, Fighter seemed to relax a bit more or at least he got used to it. With both hands on Fighter’s hips he forced him to spread a bit more for him, brushing his cock deeper, his hips pressing hard against Fighter’s ass.

There”, Tutor breathed out with satisfaction - the reaction was unmistakable and the most stunning thing Tutor might have ever seen. Fighter almost sobbed, his eyes flying wide open with surprise, mouth hanging open as he pushed back with so much force that Tutor needed to really dig his knees into the bed to not be thrown off.

”F-fuck - you’re - Tor - s-so deep-” Fighter moaned, panting hotly, composure completely forgotten in that instant and most likely not even aware of what filth came from him. Tutor grinned, feeling as accomplished as if he had just gotten perfect top scores through all of his exams. Maybe even more so.

Tutor moaned and finally started fucking into Fighter in long, deep languid motions - having burned the perfect angle into his mind he was aiming for Fighter’s prostate with every snap of his hips. He might not hit every single time, but he seemed to hit more than enough times to have Fighter nearly well and truly ruined - all anxiety, all shame, all worries finally gone.

Fighter met him for every jab of his hips, chasing his cock like he usually chased his mouth, like he couldn’t bear to not have him fully inside for just a moment. It created a frantic rhythm between their bodies. It was a bit insane how perfectly they always fell into sync.

Tutor looked down between them, watching how Fighter’s hole stretched wet and red around his cock, eagerly taking him like he had never done anything else before.

Fighter unwound beautifully underneath him. As if that was the magic switch to let all tension he had been holding inside himself pour out in one crushing wave. Fighter was always relatively restrained vocally during sex as far as Tutor had experienced it so far. It wasn’t that Fighter was per se quiet or something - Tutor wouldn’t call it that…it was not that Fighter primarily held himself back but the noises he made sounded very much like those which weren’t meant to be heard at all, like he was already struggling to do something as simple and innate as breathing thanks to how Tutor was making him feel. Tutor would have never thought he’d find that as unbearably hot as he did.

But now - it most certainly sounded like Fighter was trying to hold himself back from moaning, mewling and every other noise he probably deemed embarrassing. It only spurred Tutor on to move faster, fuck him harder to fuck every little noise out of him that he so desperately tried to keep inside. That was all for Tutor to have and not for Fighter to keep from him.

Tutor huffed with frustration when Fighter seemed so determined to stifle every sound into the mattress. That just wouldn’t do. Tutor pulled out entirely in one swift motion which earned him an indignant gasp from the older, and flipped him over onto his back. Tutor groaned at the sight - the red face, the wide dark eyes, the flush spreading down to his chest, strangely highlighting all the of Tutor’s hickeys and bite marks even more - but before Fighter could feel his loss too much, Tutor spread his legs and pressed inside him again, bottoming out at once and thus punching the air right out of Fighter’s lungs before any protests could be voiced.

”I want to see you.” Tutor leaned down, biting Fighter’s inviting bottom lip between his teeth, before swallowing the sharp mewl of him with his mouth. Tutor took Fighter’s wrists in his hands and pinned them to the bed next to Fighter’s head, trapping him underneath him. Fighter responded with a delay but all too eagerly, craning his neck to meet Tutor’s tongue, to suck on his lips. It was the messiest kiss they ever had - not enough air, too much spit, both of them aggressive and delirious with lust.

When Tutor had to break the kiss, a thin string of saliva linked their lower lips together as they panted against each other’s mouths, which provoked Tutor to lean down once more and suck lazily on Fighter’s lower lip before pulling away. ”And I want to hear you.”

Tutor circled his hips, carefully studying Fighter’s face, now nicely in view. ”Yes. Yes, right there-!”, Fighter hissed and arched his back, hiking his legs instinctively higher around Tutor’s waist. There was that look again - the one Tutor had been chasing after, the one that he had wanted to see properly and not just for a short moment before Fighter would snap himself out of it - completely, unrestrained bliss making all of the older’s features soft. ”Yes - please - Tutor - please, please…!”

To hear Fighter beg like this without even knowing what exactly he was asking for, voice rough and wet, was really the last straw for Tutor’s patience and self-restrained. He let his hands slip away from Fighter’s wrist in favor of hiking them underneath Fighter’s knees to shove his legs up a bit more, nearly bending the older in half as he started to fuck him deep and fast. Fighter gasped, his mouth falling open in a silent scream as his body jerked with each stab of Tutor’s cock inside him. The whole room was filled with both of their moans and pants, their skin against each other, the wet sound of his cock being shoved inside of Fighter - and best of all with Fighter’s incoherent, overwhelmed begging and a sobbing repeat of Tutor’s name.

Fighter squirmed underneath him, arching hard enough to force Tutor’s cock out of him about half way - ”too much, Tor - please -” - however, that didn’t last long as Tutor snapped his hips forward, burying himself back deep and holding the older in place. Mercifully Tutor changed his tempo - slowing down a bit, but taking his time to press into Fighter real good, real deep and enjoy the feeling of his tight heat clenching and unclenching around him.

”You take it so well”, Tutor murmured, rolling his hips languidly against Fighter’s so his cock eased in and out of Fighter just barely. ”Look how much you love this.”

”Just you - love you - want you…” Fighter slurred and canted his hips wantonly.

Tutor snapped his hips forward again and again as he reached between them with one hand to take hold of Fighter’s cock and started tugging at it roughly, his grip tight and even a bit unforgiving in the same rhythm as he fucked him. He wanted to see Fighter come first - he wanted that sight, that feeling of being inside his boyfriend while he came on his cock to bring him to his own orgasm.

Fighter whimpered, his hands fisting into the bed sheets underneath him, his body jerking like he couldn’t decide whether to fuck himself on Tutor’s cock or into his hand.

Tutor’s whole body ached by now, burned like it was on flames with his effort to hold back just a moment longer - just this bit more.

”Wanna see you come - c’mon. I got you - come for me.”

And that seemed to do it - for both of them really.

Fuck.” Tutor groaned, feeling it when Fighter’s entire body seized up, his heat clamping down on his cock like a vice and came. Tutor had only a moment to appreciate the sight of Fighter reaching his climax underneath him - how his eyes rolled back and it almost looked like he was in so much pleasure it had turned into pain. Looking back - this whole thing might have been the greatest mistake of his life - it sealed the deal. Mine. As much as he had hoped to ruin Fighter for anyone else in the future, he wasn’t sure if anyone could ever make him feel like this in his entire life.

Tutor’s hips jerked, burying himself deep, deep inside of Fighter - his orgasm hit him with an intensity he had never felt before. It certainly felt different from when their roles were reversed. Not per se better, not worse - just a whole different island of feelings punching the air out of his lungs and making his blood rush in his ears. His hips jerked and he held Fighter in place as he came buried in him, making a mess he was willing to clean up later.

Tutor didn’t know how long it took him to recollect some of his senses. Out of breath, his entire body throbbing, he pulled back shakily and out of Fighter - face scrunching up half relieved and half at loss, missing the tight heat around him.

Tutor looked down at Fighter - who just lay on the bed, eyes closed, lips parted, his chest heaving up and down like he had been close to drowning just a moment ago. Tenderly Tutor reached out, brushing the wetness on Fighter’s cheeks away. He’d get up in a bit and get something to clean them up, but for now he just lay down beside his boyfriend and drew him into his arms. Fighter immediately sought out the comfort of Tutor’s arms, curling towards him and burying his face against Tutor’s shoulder and chest.

Tutor just held Fighter close, turning his head and nuzzling his face against the older boy’s hair, breathing in deeply. Tutor felt his throat clog up with overwhelming affection. He trailed his fingers up and down Fighter’s spine, not commenting on how tightly Fighter wrapped his arms around him or how his shoulder shook ever so slightly.

”You are forever mine now.” Tutor didn’t know if he was only thinking it or if he actually said it out loud - not caring either way because it was the truth. Tutor kissed the top of Fighter’s head.

He didn’t know how long they just lay there, just holding onto each other and not moving at all. He was pretty sure that he must have dozed off. Fighter was definitely sound asleep, his face as relaxed as he had never seen it before, completely out cold.

Carefully, very carefully, Tutor extracted himself from Fighter’s hold. His legs felt like pudding and his body hurt like he ran a whole marathon as he stood up and tip toed into the bathroom to shower himself off quickly before getting back to the bedroom with a wet washcloth in hand. It took some effort to clean Fighter up tentatively considering how the older refused to cooperate at all. Despite himself Tutor blushed a bit, when he cleaned up the mess he left between Fighter’s legs as well as he could at the moment. Fighter would still need a proper shower in a couple hours, but for now that should do to not make him feel uncomfortable.

Tutor was ready to crawl back into bed himself when he remembered something all of the sudden, getting up once more to retrieve the necklace and the earring from where he had put them away before going to the sauna. A bit bemused by his own sudden sentimentality he put the necklace on again and then went back to slip the earring into Fighter’s pierced ear.

Happy that Fighter was not able to see the dumb dopey smile Tutor felt on his face, he traced the cool, smooth edges of the black earring with his initial carved in it.

Once upon a time he had thought that Fighter was the most predictable, annoying asshole he had ever come across. It was insane - and scary - how everything before seemed just like a distant dream and this was his reality now.

He was ripped out of his thoughts before they could turn a more somber edge when he heard Fighter softly whining his name in his sleep, shifting on the sheets and reaching out for him blindly. There wasn’t more persuasion needed than that for Tutor to finally crawl back into bed and lay down. Just a second later he had his arms full of his warm boyfriend. Totally a koala. Just as clingy. Tutor smiled to himself - or he had maybe not stopped smiling ever since he came back to bed or ever since they came here to the beach really.