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The Wrath of Minduser

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The Wrath of Minduser

Note: This is my first online fan fiction. Please tell me what you think. Disclaimers: I do not own MARVEL or Wings of Fire. All OC's are mine.

Chapter Two

We flew for a few hours until we reached the rainforest. When the trees started to grow closer together, I suggested that we landed and walked to the Rainwing village.

"Why are we walking?" Clint groaned.

"Because, Archer, it is less likely that we might fly into a vine this way." I explained and looked around warily.

Steve padded up next to me.

"Why are you using his other name?" Steve whispered.

"Because there could be Rainwings all around us." I whispered back.

Steve nodded and looked around warily. We kept on walking until Tony slumped against a tree.

"It's sooooo hot and humid." He groaned.

We all stopped and Vision disappeared, looking for fruit. I unsheathed my sword and tested it on a few vines. It was weird using my wings to help balance myself on the ground. When Vision came back, he had a large armful of varied fruit. We all grabbed a piece and ate it.

"This is good!" Tony groaned with a mouthful of starfruit.

I heard a small 'zzt' and a light 'thunk' before Tony's eyes drooped and he slumped sideways. Clint hopped out of the way. Nat reached over and pulled a small blow dart out of Tony's side.

"A sleeping dart." She said before a dart hit both her and Clint.

I looked over a Bruce, veins of green were creeping over his scales, and he was breathing heavily. Thor walked over to him and spoke soothing words as he rubbed his back.

"What's happening?" Steve asked as Wanda and Vision fell asleep.

"The Rainwings are here." I answered.

A dart went 'ting' against Rhodey's armour and he hissed, looking around. Bucky's spines bristled and he growled. By now Sam, Bruce and Thor had succumbed to the Rainwings' darts. I heard one fly past me.

"I demand an audience with Queen Glory!" I shouted.

"Why?" Came a female voice from overhead.

"My friends and I need help."

There was muttering in the trees, then a few twigs snapped and a rush of air blew past me. The air shimmered in front of Steve and I, and a blue Rainwing appeared. His scales were sky blue with red spots and yellow eyes. His ruff was green and purple. And he had an air of mystery around him.

"How can we trust you? How do we know that you're not here to kill the Queen?" He asked.

"We're not the type of dragons who do that." I replied.

He lifted up an ordinary looking stick.

"I enchant this stick to see if any of these dragons are here to kill Queen Glory. And when you're done, become a completely normal stick again." He ordered.

The stick rose into the air and hovered over my head and then it went over everyone else's. When it finished it returned to the Rainwing.

"Alright, you may come with us." He said.

A troop of 16 Rainwings started rolling our unconscious teammates onto nets.

"My name is Gecko by the way." Said the Rainwing, who now had splotches of yellow on his wings.

"I'm Direwolf, and this is my mate Patriot. And over there is Colonel and Snowstorm." I replied and gestured to Bucky and Rhodey.

"How can he fly with that?" Gecko asked and pointed at Bucky's metal arm.

"It's animus touched so that it's the same weight as a normal arm, but much stronger."

He nodded and made a gesture with his tail. Immediately the other Rainwings started moving our friends through the trees.

When we arrived at the Rainwing village, curious Nightwings and Rainwings came to see us. A few Rainwing dragonets walked over to us and tried to mimic our scales. When they finished they laughed at each other and walked away.

"Excuse me. Coming through." Said a voice to our right.

A Nightwing walked over to us.

"You must be the dragons who want to see Queen Glory." He said.

"That's us." I replied. "Who told you that?"

"Gecko told me. I'm Deathbringer by the way." He said with a grin.

"The assassin?"

"The exact same. I guess word of me has traveled?"

"Something like that." I answered and shifted my wings in a shrug.

Deathbringer eyed my sword warily.

"I'm going to have to ask you to leave that here."

"Understandable." I said and unbuckled my sword and placed it next to Bruce's sleeping form.

"Now, if you follow me, I'll take you to the Queen." Deathbringer announced.

We flew through the village, and dragons looked up as we passed above them. We reached a grand looking tree-house with flowers growing on it. Deathbringer landed and we followed him inside. A beautiful green, blue and orange Rainwing lay on a flower covered throne, absentmindedly stroking the head of a silver furred sloth, which lay in her arms. Deathbringer cleared his throat and the Queen looked at him.

"Your guests are here, your Majesty." He said.

I bowed low and the others followed my lead.

"Queen Glory, it is truly an honour to meet you." I said.

"Now this is a pleasant surprise, not only are you hybrids, but you treat me like I'm a Queen, not a 'lazy, stupid Rainwing'." She said. "Now... why are you here?" She sat up straight, and her sloth chirped and climbed p to her neck.

"We've come to see if you will allow a meeting in your village." I answered.

"Who will be there?"

"Only dragons you know. The rest of the Dragonets of Destiny and the Jade Winglet group, including Peril."

"Why do you need them?" Glory questioned.

"We need their help on a quest that our team is on."

Glory nodded and looked deep in thought, colours sometimes rippling through her scales.

"I agree." She said after a few moments.

"Thank you, your Majesty." Steve said.

"I'll come with you and meet your teammates, when they wake up." Glory said and gracefully hopped off of her throne. "What are your names?"

"I'm Direwolf." I said.

"I'm her mate, Patriot."

"I'm Snowstorm."

"And I'm Colonel." Rhodey finished.

"I'll make sure to remember that." Glory said as we walked outside and took off.

We flew back to our friends, and I saw them starting to wake up. Tony shook his head and slowly sat up, he saw the Rainwings' and Nightwings' gathered around him and the rest of his team.

"Uh... hi?" He greeted.

A Nightwing dragonet looked up at him with wide blue eyes.

"What tribe are you?" She asked.

"Nebular! That's not nice!" Scolded an older dragonet as she walked up to Tony. "Please excuse my sister."

"It-It's alright. I get it all the time." Tony said and scratched his snout, while looking at his armband. "I'm a Seawing Nightwing hybrid." He answered.

"Awesome! Can you breathe underwater?" Nebular asked.

Tony looked at me pleadingly. I nodded and pointed at his neck and mouthed 'gills' to him.

"Yeah, I can. See?" He said and lowered his neck for Nebular to see.

I walked closer and Nebular's sister turned toward me.

"Hello, I'm Direwolf." I greeted.

"I'm Galaxyrider." She said and spread a wing, showing star scales mixed with purples, blues and greens, like a galaxy.

"Wow!" Steve gasped.

"I can see why you're called Galaxyrider now." I commented.

Queen Glory landed behind us and all the dragons gasped and bowed, Tony copied them.

"Iron, this is Queen Glory of the Rainwings and Nightwings." Steve said.

"Your majesty." Tony said.

There was a groan from someone in the team as they woke up. Gecko came forward with a large leaf cup with water in it. He threw the water over them.

"ARRGH!" Clint yelled as he sprang up, water dripping off his snout.

Nat got up and shook her wings, sending droplets spraying into Sam's face. Thor stretched his cramped wings and smacked Vision in the face with one. Bruce adjusted his glasses and blinked rapidly, Wanda stretched like a cat, claws scraping lines in the wood.

"Everyone, this is Queen Glory." I said.

There was the sound of shuffling wings as everyone bowed.

"This is Archer, Crimson, Falcon, Thor, Hulker, Vision and Scarlett." Steve said as each of the raised a talon when Steve said their names.

"Scarlett?!" Glory hissed and red started covering her scales.

"Your Majesty, W- she's a fine dragon, and I promise she won't try to kill you." I pleaded.

Glory's scales slowly shifted back to normal, but her tail was twitching angrily.

"On more important notices, how are we going to get everyone here?" Tony asked.

"We could send someone with a message." Nat suggested.

"Good idea, Crimson." Glory said. "Everyone you need is at Jade Mountain right now." She turned to Deathbringer. "Deathbringer, go find Jambu." She ordered.

Deathbringer nodded and flew off. I walked through the group and found where I left my sword, I picked it up and buckled it back onto my side.

When Deathbringer flew back, he had a very bright pink dragon flying next to him.

"Little sister!" The dragon exclaimed as he landed.

"Hello Jambu. Now listen, I have a very important task for you." Glory said.

Yellow stripes appeared along Jambu's wings.

"What is it?" He asked eagerly.

"I'm going to write a letter, and you're going to take it and fly as fast as you can to Jade Mountain Academy. Understood?"

"I think so... you might have to show me how to get there though."

"Rainwings." Glory muttered under her breath. "Alright. Deathbringer can do that while I write the letter. Gecko, may you please show our guest to the guest huts." And after saying that, she flew off towards the royal treehouse.

Deathbringer ushered Jambu away, while Gecko turned to us.

"So, if you'll follow me, I'll take you to the guest huts." The animus flapped into the air and up towards the canopy.

We all flew after Gecko, some of us swerving to miss branches or animals. As we flew along, flocks of birds rose into the air, and swarms of butterflies fluttered around.

"It's beautiful!" Wanda breathed.

"Yeah..." Sam whispered.

Soon afterward Gecko started angling downwards toward a large group of huts. We landed and looked at the beautifully designed huts.

"You'll be staying here. You're welcome to share huts, if you want."

"Thank you Gecko." I said and smiled gratefully at him.

He nodded and rose into the air, back towards the main village.

"You know what?" Thor asked.

"You're mad and I'm not?" Bruce suggested with a grin.

"No. I'm going to go and sleep off the rest of... whatever was on that dart." And with that he walked off towards one of the huts.

Wanda and Vision also walked off, and slowly everyone else went into a hut. Steve and I pushed away the drape in front of the empty doorway and walked into the hut that we would be using. There was a bowl of fruit on top of a small table, two hammocks at the end of it and a rack of scrolls. Steve ignored the scrolls and fruit and hopped into one of the hammocks, his tail drooping out of it. I unbuckled my sword and placed it next to the scroll rack before climbing into my own hammock, my tail drooping away from Steve's. I closed my eyes and let sleep take me away.