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It wasn’t too unusual for Amane and Tsukasa to fall asleep while cuddling closely underneath the kotatsu they shared in Amane’s room whenever it became too chilly to sleep with just their bedsheets. It was so much warmer when the younger brother could let himself be surrounded by the warmth of the kotatsu’s heater and his older brother’s arms wrapped around him. The chilliness of winter was setting into the late night, and Amane was the one who took the duty of the big spoon at the insistence of Tsukasa for once— not that he minded, of course. It’s enough for him with just the kotatsu’s warmth and Tsukasa’s, said sibling letting out a soft, content noise as he shifts just a little in his embrace. 

It was already getting so late... Amane was almost positive that it was at least 9 or 10 pm by now, and neither of them had fallen asleep just yet. Tsukasa just enjoyed their little cuddle sessions so much that he wouldn’t allow either of them to fall asleep if he could help it. After a few hours straight of the both of them just cuddling for once, he eventually began calming down and settling into their position a bit more. A slow, drawn out yawn escapes Amane’s lips as he keeps his hold on Tsukasa, letting his eyes slowly close as he buries his face against his younger brother’s neck. 

Tsukasa himself had nearly fallen asleep at this point, but the moment he feels his older brother’s breath blowing against his neck, sending the slightest tingles down his back, he’s awake. He’s fully awake now as he quickly opens his eyes and tries to glance back at Amane without turning his head. It was futile, though. There was no way that he could see Amane’s face without letting him know that he was awake right now.

“Mm...~” Tsukasa hums out quietly, contentedly in the way that he can keep his facade of being awake as long as he doesn’t move too much. He didn’t feel like falling asleep at all now as he focused on the feeling of Amane’s arms around him and his breath tickling the back of his neck... His moods were rather fickle, but if he really wanted to, he could definitely find a way to get Amane to take control tonight, he’s sure...~

And Amane was completely positive that he almost felt his consciousness blissfully drifting away into the realm of sleep before he suddenly felt a gentle pressure against his crotch. There’s no way that Tsukasa would be doing that right now when he was just on the brink of falling asleep a few moments ago, right? He must be imagining it. He stays silent and keeps himself fairly still— trying not to move an inch as he waits for any indication that he was just imagining that friction against his crotch just now. 

Just a few moments later, though, it’s there again— a weak, gentle movement against his crotch— and he quickly opens his eyes to see that it’s Tsukasa’s body moving, making the obvious connection. Tsukasa was really trying to tease him so late in the night... He exhales a soft sigh through his nose as his eyes narrow  a bit. It was definitely working— his pajama pants feeling tighter by the second as he exhales another breathy sigh right next to Tsukasa’s ear— sending another tingle up the younger brother’s spine. Amane knows this game by now and exactly what Tsukasa wanted, but he wouldn’t let him have it. They had quite the long day playing in the snow all day, and they needed to rest now.

“... Tsukasa, stop moving like that...” Amane calls quietly, trying to get Tsukasa’s attention, but his little brother doesn’t respond. 

“Tsukasa,” he tries again, a bit louder this time. No response. Was he really going to play this game right now..?

“... Tsukasa, I know you’re already awake,” he speaks as if Tsukasa doesn’t know that fact already, and he furrows his brows together just the slightest, but the moment that he lowers one hand to slip it beneath the hem of Tsukasa’s boxers, he feels fingers wrapping around his wrist to stop him.

“Jeez, Amane... Don’t you know that you’re not supposed to touch my special place...~?” calls Tsukasa’s high-pitched voice suddenly, feigning upsetness, as if he’s just been woken up by Amane slipping his hand under there. He even lets a quiet, sleepy yawn escape his lips as he turns his head slightly to glance back at his older brother.

“Just what are you trying to do while I’m sleeping...?” Tsukasa gives Amane a rather childish pout as he knits his brows together. “I’m your little brother, you know. What would Mom or Dad or your friends think if they knew you were trying to touch your little brother...?

“You already knew that it’s wrong, Amane... So why were you trying to do it?” Tsukasa narrows his eyes back at Amane just the slightest, his tone becoming colder, serious. It doesn’t seem like he’ll take just silence for an answer... Amane can feel a small drop of sweat rolling down his cheek as he thinks carefully about how to reply to Tsukasa, but...

“You were the one that—“ 

“Ah—” Tsukasa interjects, “but I don’t remember asking for Amane to start trying to touch me while I was sleeping, though..? Amane is the one who started it...~ So don’t you think you should take responsibility for it..? As my  big brother...~?” Tsukasa’s tone grew more mischievous by the second as his lips slowly grew into a wide grin— Amane fell right into his trap, even though there was nothing he could do about it in the first place. 

Amane breathes out a soft, defeated sigh. He meets Tsukasa’s eyes now— gazing steadily into those playful, amber hues as he speaks up softly.

“Fine... I’ll take responsibility—“ he whispers, but as soon as those words leave his lips, Tsukasa goes right back to grinding back against his crotch. This time even more eagerly— causing a sharp inhale from Amane as he feels himself growing more and more aroused by Tsukasa’s grinding. It was getting difficult to ignore the weak throbbing in his pants, the fabric getting tighter around his crotch the more Tsukasa teases him. 

“You really enjoy it when I move like this, don’t you, Amane...~?” Tsukasa purrs out rather lovingly when he feels something stiff hesitantly thrust against his rear, the movement slowly becoming confident as Amane grows desperate for more friction. Amane can really feel the warmth pooling in his groin as he begins panting out softly— a soft little whines and breaths escaping him when he feels Tsukasa’s soft rear wiggling back against his erection in turn.

“Tsukasa... nnh ...” 

The calling of his name and the little moan that follows goes straight to Tsukasa’s dick and he almost melts into putty at how needy Amane sounds. All for him .

“Hey, Amane…” he breathes. “Won’t you stick it in tonight...~? You’re the big spoon, after all...~” Tsukasa hums out curiously, as he rubs himself back against Amane at a slightly slower pace— teasing just enough for him to get his words out for a second if he wanted to, but Amane was stubborn. 

Mnn ... Tsukasa, we’re supposed to be asleep... Mom and Dad might hear...” Amane mumbles quietly. He lowers his head a bit to kiss at the nape of Tsukasa’s neck, lips moving lazily as he gives a small suck. He tries closing his eyes again. Of course he wanted to go to sleep. That’s what he wanted more than anything right now— to just fall asleep and let his body forget about the tent that’s forming in his pants, but... there was a certain someone who wouldn’t let him have that, no matter what. 

“That just means that Amane will have to be extra quiet, then...~” Tsukasa says, his voice laced with the intention of pure mischief. Amane may be stubborn, but Tsukasa intends to have his way whether his brother likes it or not tonight. He could always get Amane to succumb to his lust eventually...~

You love fucking your little brother, don’t you?  You couldn’t resist wanting to fuck me even if you wanted to, Amane...~” Tsukasa purrs, and his words ring out loudly in Amane’s head— sending a rush of warmth through his crotch that makes his dick twitch hard in his pants, despite everything he was being told. He knew all of this was wrong. He knew he couldn’t resist wanting to fuck Tsukasa no matter what, but what could he do when he loves his brother this much? His precious little brother who always teases him and cuddles with him and tortures him to hell and back. 

Instead of replying, however, Amane unwraps one of his arms from around Tsukasa and instead lowers it down to his own waist. His thumb hooks into his waistband to tug down his pajama pants and briefs all in one go— tossing them outside of the kotatsu and leaving himself in only his white T-shirt. He lifts it up a bit over his stomach before he wraps his arm around Tsukasa once again— pressing the fabric into place as he hugs himself close against his younger brother’s back. Without his pants on now, he’s able to feel the softness of Tsukasa’s milky thighs against his own— and how it feels like Tsukasa’s wearing some shorter than necessary shorts. Did he anticipate something like this, he wondered? Or did he plan to do this with Amane from the beginning? Whatever it was, it didn’t matter right now. All he wanted was to feel more of Tsukasa’s body on his own. His heat, his softness, he wanted it all. 

He rocks his hips against Tsukasa’s rear a few times— drawing out a soft purr from his younger brother—  before he focuses on the place where the hem of Tsukasa’s shorts ends and the smooth, squishy skin of his legs begins, promptly adjusting his hips just a bit so he can carefully slide the tip of his cock into the tight space underneath the fabric of Tsukasa’s shorts. A quiet moan escapes his lips as he begins slowly rutting against his younger brother’s rear— relishing in the sweet, tight friction it created whenever he jerked his hips against him, a few drops of precum leaking from his dick and wetting Tsukasa’s ass as he continued grinding against him slowly. 

It was the closest to Tsukasa he could bring himself to be right now. Tsukasa himself seemed to enjoy it as he lightly squirmed back against Amane’s dick, a small whine leaving his younger brother’s lips as he glanced back towards Amane once again.

“I want more than just that, Amane...~” Tsukasa purrs ever so sweetly. Despite his earlier ‘protests,’ he seemed like he was enjoying this just as much as Amane was. Amane hums quietly as he pulls his hips away for a moment and focuses his concentration on Tsukasa’s face, lowering one of his arms and unbuttoning Tsukasa’s shorts before he tugs them off and tosses them outside the kotatsu. 

Once the shorts are finally off, he presses himself flush against Tsukasa— sliding his cock in between Tsukasa’s soft, warm asscheeks needily as one of his hands up slides underneath his sweater and trails along Tsukasa’s front— feeling how smooth his skin was along his tummy, chest, and his nipples. He closes two of his fingers around one of Tsukasa’s nipples. They’re so perky and unused to being touched that his younger brother immediately jolts upon contact— an especially sweet mewl of “Amane...~” drawing itself from Tsukasa’s throat as he eagerly wiggles his hips back against him and relishes in the feeling of Amane’s warm, slick cock in between his asscheeks as Amane rolls his nipple in between the warm pads of his fingers.

“Your skin’s so soft, Tsukasa...” Amane murmurs quietly, marvelling at the squishiness as he presses a few gentle kisses against the junction in between Tsukasa’s neck and shoulders. Receiving this much attention from his older brother sends a rather powerful throb right to Tsukasa’s dick— he’s already this hard just from being touched. It’s almost embarrassing. 

Just as Tsukasa lowers one of his hands to try and touch himself, however, he’s the one that feels a tight grip around his wrist this time. His eyes widen in surprise and he tries to glance back to get a look at Amane’s face, but Amane’s eyes are narrowed straight at him-- tense and serious.

“No. Don’t touch yourself,” Amane speaks up once again, his tone much darker-- much colder than Tsukasa is used to hearing. “If you do, I won’t let you cum. The only one that’s going to be touching you tonight is me.”

He leans in, lips brushing against Tsukasa’s ear. “After all, you wanted me to ‘take responsibility,’ right? ” 

And then it hits Tsukasa-- he isn’t the one in control anymore. It’s his older brother. Whatever he wants is going to have to wait in favor of Amane’s needs now. But that’s fine, he thinks…~ It’s rare for Amane to take control anyways, so he’ll gladly let himself be used to Amane’s content.

“How does it feel to be using your little brother like this, Amane…~? If Mom or Dad found out about all of this, what would happen, I wonder…~?” Tsukasa tries to tease him once again, in that playful little tone of his, but it didn’t draw out a reply from Amane this time. The only thing that Tsukasa received in return was two fingers prodding at his lips, urging him to open his mouth and let Amane’s fingers inside.

“Suck them,” Amane mutters in a low tone, sliding his fingers inside of Tsukasa’s warm, wet mouth, promptly shutting him up. Tsukasa eagerly complies, letting his tongue explore the digits inside of his mouth for a moment before he began sucking on Amane’s fingers-- moaning softly around them as he felt Amane rubbing and pinching at his nipple again. He’s already leaking precum onto the blanket beneath them, eagerly sliding his hips against Amane’s throbbing dick and letting it grind against his ass.

“You’re so eager for someone who was just complaining about your big brother touching you a while ago... You actually wanted this, didn’t you ?” Now Amane was the one starting to tease Tsukasa this time, thrusting his fingers slowly in and out of Tsukasa’s mouth-- rubbing his fingers against his brother’s eager tongue as he listened to those soft pants. Tsukasa didn’t respond this time, but he wasn’t going to wait for a reply as he slid his fingers out of Tsukasa’s mouth, reaching down to begin fondling his brother’s other nipple with his saliva-slick digits, pinching and tugging at the rosy, perky nub as he listened to the small mewls of his name that escaped Tsukasa.

With his dry hand, he reaches down to wrap his fingers around Tsukasa’s twitching dick and begins stroking him slowly, using his thumb to spread the little drops of precum clinging to his tip to slick up his fingers. A soft sigh escapes his lips as he busies himself with nibbling at the soft lobe of Tsukasa’s ear, letting his breath blow against it as he feels Tsukasa shivering underneath him-- arching his back and moaning out little “Amane, Amane…~” s every now and then whenever he strokes his cock and fondles his nipple in an especially sweet way.

With the way they were doing things now, though, Amane still wasn’t satisfied with just rubbing his dick and stroking Tsukasa’s like he was doing now. With a nip to Tsukasa’s ear, Amane moved one of his legs forward to part Tsukasa’s thighs-- moving himself closer as he slowly began sliding his cock against his younger brother’s entrance, slick with the precum that leaked from his erection. Tsukasa immediately releases a quiet mewl and relaxes back against his dick. He could feel Tsukasa twitching in anticipation, eagerly squirting precum into his hand-- this is what he really wanted, after all. He was acting as if Amane was the one that topped everyday, fucking him and craving the feeling of Amane spilling his cum inside of him instead of the other way around.

“Mm-- nyaah…~ Is Amane finally gonna stick it in…~?” Tsukasa pants out heatedly, instinctively hooking one of his legs around Amane’s hips as he makes room for his older brother to adjust. He doesn’t dare to try and touch himself, even with Amane’s hand still around his dick.

“I want Amane to stick it in so badly…~ Amane can cum inside of me as deeply as he wants tonight…~” As if Tsukasa had a choice in whether he wanted to be cum inside or not as he keened underneath Amane.

Without any further hesitation or words, though, Amane’s shifting his hips into just the right position and sliding his cock against Tsukasa’s slick hole a few more times before he pushes his hips forward and slides himself inside of Tsukasa’s warm, tight hole with ease.

A rather loud mewl escapes Tsukasa’s lips once he’s finally inside and Amane pinches his nipple rather roughly before shoving his fingers inside of Tsukasa’s mouth once again to shut him up, all while savoring the feeling of Tsukasa’s tight heat around his cock. He’s already relaxing and tightening around him so much that he needs more friction now, and he begins thrusting in and out of Tsukasa with a fervent, needy pace-- panting out quietly as he focuses on fucking Tsukasa on their sides underneath the kotatsu.

Tsukasa’s already mewling and panting sweetly around his fingers as he weakly bucks his hips in rhythm with Amane’s thrusts and strokes. He’s practically a melted little pile of putty underneath Amane’s hands by now as he focuses on the feeling of Amane fucking him so lovingly and roughly. Tsukasa can already feel himself starting to edge towards his climax, but he wants even more--

Luckily for him, it’s not enough for Amane either, as he suddenly adjusts their position and pulls away to abruptly flip his younger brother onto his stomach, leaning over and straddling himself on top of Tsukasa as he intertwined his fingers with Tsukasa’s, holding onto them firmly as he begins roughly thrusting himself inside of Tsukasa once again. It’s hard to ignore the obscene, soft slapping sounds that Amane’s hips make against his rear whenever he thrusts deeply inside of him, and Tsukasa finds himself turning into a pathetic, mewling mess underneath his older brother. Every single thrust sends a rush of pleasure surging through his crotch and Amane is so deep inside of him that there’s no helping the little moans and purrs that escape him as he rests his cheek against the floor.

“Ah...! Aaah…~ Amane…~! I love you…~ I love you so much…~!!” Tsukasa mewls out so lovingly as he feels Amane lowering his head to pepper his back and shoulders with little kisses and nips. He belongs only to his brother and nobody else. Nobody else can leave marks or kisses on his back or bruises on him like his brother can. He wouldn’t allow anybody else in the world to fuck him like Amane does.

Tsukasa can feel his eyes slowly lolling to the back of his head in pleasure as Amane continues fucking him relentlessly-- his entire face is hot, flushing the deepest shade of pink as he lets out soft little pants. The floor beneath the both of them is so cold, but his entire body feels like it’s on fire, and the chilliness of the floor against his twitching cock feels like pure ecstasy as he weakly bucks his hips against it, searching for any friction to bring him closer to climax.

He can tell that Amane’s starting to reach his limit by the way he can hear his older brother’s breaths and moans becoming louder and more desperate as he begins fucking Tsukasa much more roughly and quickly now-- sending the most pleasant tingles thrumming throughout Tsukasa’s body as he feels his climax edging closer and closer now. Amane begins moaning his younger brother’s name this time as he signals his own climax approaching at long last.

“Tsukasa… I’m cumming…--” he murmurs out weakly as he buries his face against his little brother’s back and presses himself close and thrusts inside of Tsukasa as deep as he can-- spilling his warm, creamy essence deep inside of Tsukasa’s ass, a needy, heated moan escaping his lips as he grips onto Tsukasa’s hands tightly.

Tsukasa reaches his climax at the exact moment that Amane cums inside of him, his entire body trembling underneath Amane’s touch-- seeing stars as he releases his own small, milky strings of cum onto the floor beneath them with a sweet, needy mewl as he feels himself being filled by Amane so eagerly.

A-Ahhh…~ Amane caaame…~” Tsukasa pants out lovingly, his body utterly exhausted from how much rough love his older brother made to him. His heart is racing so quickly in his chest that he focuses on catching his breath-- keeping his cheek pressed against the floor as he glances back towards Amane on top of him.

“That was so much fun… I’m so happy…~” Tsukasa grins happily up at his older brother, a small purr rumbling from the back of his throat.

“... Me too,” Amane murmurs in reply, leaning up just a bit to press a gentle kiss to Tsukasa’s cheek as he slowly pulls himself out of Tsukasa (not without a weak little moan first). He slowly peels himself off and sits himself up beside Tsukasa. It was already so late, and he could feel the exhaustion settling into his body as he breathed out a low sigh. He couldn’t deny how fast his heart was racing as he watched Tsukasa sit up and crawl out from underneath the kotatsu as well-- until he made a strange little face, fidgeting with his hand against his butt.

“Mmh… Amane came so much inside of me that it’s leaking out…~ We should take a shower, right…~?” Tsukasa chirps, turning towards Amane with another toothy grin.

Another small sigh escapes Amane. He made a good point. Despite how late it was and how exhausted they were, they couldn’t just fall asleep without getting cleaned up first. Otherwise, they’d be all sticky and gross in the morning.

“... Right,” Amane finally agrees, shakily moving himself to stand up, helping Tsukasa stand up as well as they both headed to the bathroom to take a much-needed shower.

Once the both of them are all clean and fresh out of the shower (and with Tsukasa cleaned of as much cum as Amane could get from his ass), Amane busies himself with quickly cleaning up Tsukasa’s little mess on the floor before the two of them settle underneath the kotatsu once again. 

They were comfortably cuddling once again as they slowly drifted off to sleep, satisfied and content with their little game as they clung onto each other. The darkness of the night blanketed them as they breathed soft little breaths, sleeping peacefully. Without knowing what fate had in store for them, tonight may have been the last time they’d be able to play like this again.