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The Point of No Return

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With a drawstring on her back containing nothing but a few outfits, Kylo’s shirt, a few cosmetics, and a blanket, Maeda walked through the cold dark hallway with the storm trooper.

She hugged her pillow close to her chest as they walked, looking down dumbly.

Her mind raced with a million thoughts. Was she being kicked off? Was she simply being moved to another room?

Was she going where An’ya was? She trembled at the thought.

She secretly wished they’d turn down Kylo’s hallway, at least he would be there.

But as they approached it, they kept going until they reached a much larger corridor.

“I’m not authorized to proceed any farther” the trooper said, “but you know where you’re going”

Maeda shook her head.

Suddenly, a tall man dressed similarly to Kylo appeared in one of the doorways. He was brandishing a massive weapon that Maeda didn’t recognize. Fear spread across her chest.

“I can take her from here” he said blankly.

The storm trooper nodded and walked away.

The man grabbed her hand and began marching her down the corridor.

They paced in silence.

“I’m Cardo” he said, attempting to make the situation less awkward.

Maeda introduced herself, but was too deep in anxiety to even remember his name.

“where are we going?” She asked nervously.

He hesitated.

“The throne room. To see Master Ren”. He said.

A bit of relief filled her at the sound of his name, though she still had no idea what to expect.

The doors to the throne room were massive, Maeda had never seen anything like it before. They opened with a whine.

Maeda gasped when she saw the inside. The room was red and huge, very different than the rest of the ship, and much colder. All of the walls were windows revealing the star speckled sky. Sure enough, there was a red throne in the middle of it, where sat Kylo Ren, in his uniform and mask.

She turned around to the man for more direction, but he wasn’t there anymore. Without glancing behind again, she took a deep breath and stepped into the circular room.

“Come here” he said coldly.

Her small feet pattered against the floor as she scurried up to him.

She stopped 5 feet in front of him and stared, afraid.

“No” he growled, “I said come here”

Nervously, she got closer, until she was looking right into his mask, his knee between her legs. He put his hands on her waist.

Being this close to him, her heart melted. She remembered how much she wanted him and tried to push the fear from her mind. But, her thoughts on her peculiar situation were paramount.

“Why am I here?” She asked blankly, regaining her composure.

She sensed a small laugh from beneath the mask.

“you’re going to meet our Supreme Leader” he explained, “he’s interested in you, because with you... the force is strong”

Maeda’s whole body tingled at the sound of him admitting it.

Her arrogance returned to her.

“how long have you known?” She asked awkwardly.

He turned away from her, slight shame rising in him.

“I’ve always known”

Her jaw dropped. She wondered why he would hide this from her. Perhaps, she figured, he wanted to keep her submissive, a slave, for longer.

“you have explaining to do, too” he growled suddenly, standing up.

She swallowed.

“What happened this morning?” He followed, walking to the window.

Maeda followed him, wracking her mind for something to say.

“I figured you’d want me gone” she stated dumbly, standing next to him. This was only half true.

there was a silence.

“You’re so fucking bad” he finally spoke, his tone much different “what am I going to do with you?”

She felt heat rushing between her legs at his words. She had done it to tease him, she thought, intending for him to hear. Sensing this, he bent down and stroked her core.

“you’re such a fucking whore” he said, pushing her panties to the side underneath her dress.

She winced as he slipped a gloved finger inside her, the leather burning her delicate walls.

He rhythmically pumped his fingers in and out of her as she tried not to scream, afraid of someone hearing.

“Moan for me” he commanded.

“Won’t someone hear?” She breathed, confused.

“Let them. Let them know what a fucking slut you are” he growled, raising his thumb to rub her clit.

shocked by his rapid motions, she couldn’t hold back as she moaned a mix of profanities and his name.

“That’s it. Let everyone know who you fucking belong to”

She screamed his name even louder. She reached for his mask, trying lazily to remove it.

He pulled out abruptly, causing her whimper.

“Bad girls don’t get to see me, remember?” He cooed, slapping her cunt.

She nodded, breathless and resumed. She threw her head into his shoulder, feeling her orgasm building inside her.

Just then, a blue projection flashed through the room. Maeda gasped, pushing Kylo away as she realized it was a person, albeit a very distorted and deformed person. She had never seen anyone who looked like that before.

Kylo rushed in front of the projected man and kneeled, his head down. This solidified Maeda’s fear — the supreme leader had just walked in on Kylo finger blasting her. So much for first impressions, she thought.

Feeling the heat leave her body, Maeda reluctantly rushed to do the same as Kylo, a mix of disappointment and fear in her stomach.

There was a wordless tension as she could hear Kylo breathing. She looked over to see his helmet removed, his black hair hanging over his face.

“should we do this at another time?” the man said sarcastically, staring at them with disgust.

His voice was loud and booming, filling Maeda with fear.

“N-no sir” Kylo spoke.

She was shocked to hear him address the man like this. There was something amusing about it, really, but it also reinforced her fear of the man.

He disregarding Kylo’s answer.

“I expect too much from you” He growled.

Kylo nodded. Maeda stared on.

“And where is Hux?” He added, raising his voice.