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For You!

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For such a beautiful woman, Yuu really had to admit that his fiancé’s stage performance was far from the art of finesse. Throwing herself around the stage with glee, Fuuka happily reached out and slapped palms with the audience, waved as girls screamed the words with glee, and accidentally spat over her mic when she sung some of the high notes.

It had been many years since their early shows in small bars to tiny crowds of drunken patrons and disinterested audiences. To have gone from that to playing festivals and packed out shows was nothing short of a miracle.

All the fights, all the cold nights in vans, empty stomachs and devilish record producers had led them here, to these wall-to-wall crowds in Osaka. Yuu was ecstatic. What he had wanted more than anything was to bring her here, and beyond.

Fuuka spun on her heel and held out her microphone to the crowd, who belted the words back at her.

A sly smile played across her lips, and she bounced across the stage and flicked him as in the arm as he sped through his run, biting his lip as he desperately tried to keep time with his chaotic bandmates.

His bass flair done, Fuuka danced away, her eyes twinkling.  Her hair was a little longer now, and as fluffy as it had ever been. Her stage performance was something others aspired to have.

Yuu turned to face the audience, and let a smile break across his lips.

Crying girls, shouting men, cheers, singing, dancing. This was where he belonged.

Oh shit.

He quickly leant into the microphone and started singing his chorus lines as Fuuka gave him a scolding look.

His throat felt a bit dry, but he hit his notes alright, catching his lover’s voice and twisting it together with his. “For You” still hit him as hard as the first time he’d heard her singing it. A song from the girl who loved him so much, begging him, desperately clawing at him.

Those feelings had never faded, not even for a moment.

“I may as well confess it all now

Transcribing the depths of my heart, singing, singing…

Yeah, I’ll tell you how I feel!”

The chorus over, Yuu leant back from the mic, ready to fill the musical space as Sara’s guitar switched back to lead.

A big slide, and now just Makoto and Fuuka, before Yuu jumped back in.

The pressure, the intensity was building. Sara’s solo blasted in, tearing over the top of his bass notes. Fuuka was spinning around, weaving the microphone cord around her wrist tight before it was Yuu, Sara and and Nachi stopped dead, leaving nothing but the sound of her soft breathing filling the packed room.

“I may as well just cry now,” she whispered into the mic, the audience enthralled.

“Spitting out all the emotions I have for you, singing… I have no hesitation left in me!” she began to rise to her feet, cradling her microphone like a child.

“I’m bearing the pain, but not forcing myself,” she spat out, her desperation filling her voice, “Yeah, I’m having regrets without looking back, I’ll toss that version of myself away!”

With a crash, Yuu and the rest of the band launched back in, Yuu’s vocals backing her up as she gave everything she had into this last song.

Yuu felt himself wavering as he sung the words to their first song, their closing song, their love song. His fingers trembled as he fretted the notes and sung along. He could see tears cascading down Fuuka’s face.

They’d performed this song a hundred times, hundreds of times, and they’d perform it hundreds more, but she still choked up every time. She wiped at her eyes and flicked the tears into the air, sparkling in the stagelights.

Finally, the last notes rung out, and silence filled the air for a bare moment, before the silence exploded into cheers. Fuuka sank to her knees, Yuu took a huge breath of relief and the rest of the band exchanged satisfied looks.

“Thank you, Osaka! I love you all!”

Shouts of “I love you Akituski!” rang back from the audience, and Yuu had to smile.

For a band that had been booed off stage in the past, seeing them come this far was a sight to be seen.

He swung his bass into the hands of a roadie, and lifted Fuuka off the stage, allowing her one last half bow before carrying her into the wings.

He set her down and she gleefully wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Another successful show, Yuu!” Her excitement was palpable, and he grinned right back.  

“You did great, Fuuka.”

She grinned and poked out her tongue. “Of course I did, dummy! That’s why I’m number one!” Playing it up, he sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Oh, my feelings. Here I was thinking I was your number one!”

Fuuka stood on tip toes and pressed her lips to his cheek. “You will always be my number one, Yuu.”

“Are you two done?” came a biting voice, and the pair turned to find the rest of the band smirking at them.

“If you’re nearly done, shall we go talk to some of our delightful fans?” Makoto’s voice was like silk, and he was very likely sincere.

“Let’s.” Yuu linked his fingers with Fuuka’s and they opened the door to their next adventure.