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You, Me, Her

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about a year ago


Andrea knew that it was petty to show up to the restaurant half an hour early just to know she beat what’s-her-face at something. She knew it was, knew this wasn’t a competition, that the entire point of this dinner was so that the three of them could hopefully avoid that sort of thinking.

She’d arrived half an hour early anyways- after all, she’d never claimed to not be a bit petty.

“Luthor, party of… three,” she’d said to the hostess- that’d been Lena’s idea, using her own name for the reservation rather than either of theirs. It made perfect sense, though that same petty part of Andrea had wished that Lena didn’t know her as well as she does. As the hostess had begun poking at her tablet, Andrea had turned in a slow circle, taking in the restaurant with interest. She’d been to National City before, of course- it’s hardly possible to run a successful tech company without at least occasional visits to the Silicon Valley area these days- but much of her time in the city prior to moving here had been taken up by various conferences, conventions, TED Talks, and Lena. Specifically, Lena in either her hotel or Lena’s apartment... 

Suffice to say, she’d not done a lot of sightseeing.

So when Lena had suggested a restaurant she’d never heard of, on the basis of, “Kara knows all the best places, trust me,” Andrea hadn't had particularly high expectations. Especially when Lena had further clarified that Kara had chosen it specifically because she’d never been there.

(“She doesn’t want a home turf advantage, or something,” Lena had shrugged. “But if she says it’s good, it will be.”)

And, much to Andrea’s chagrin, the place was nice. Impressive, even, though in an understated way. There were no sweeping vistas or bayside deck from which to admire a view of the ocean, but the wide windows stretched to give a nearly uninterrupted view of the fountain square outside. From the host stand, Andrea could see a few young skaters attempting tricks on the lip of the fountain (all unsuccessful), and a young couple walking by- long-legged redhead girl clearly in the midst of relating an exciting story, gesturing wildly and waving their conjoined hands about as her partner looked on, utterly besotted.


Andrea snapped out of it and turned back to the hostess, just as someone else said, “That’s us!”

She’d turned to see Lena walking up, accompanied by… Kara, that was her name. 

Kara. Kara- Kara… something that started with a D. Or a T... She really needed to remember that, or the night would be even more awkward than she already anticipated.

Kara… Tanner? Travers? Davies?

Something like that, anyways.

And to be fair, so far as she knew, there was nothing particularly wrong with Kara. In fact, from the little Lena’d mentioned before Andrea managed to change the subject, she was an angel.

She certainly looked the part, all sunkissed skin, flowing golden curls, and bright smile. Her suit- no doubt courtesy of Lena- was well-fitted, accentuating her trim waist and broad shoulders, and there was a surety to the way she moved that Andrea found almost intriguing.

Right up until she’d tripped over a half-step and almost landed on her face.

Andrea didn’t laugh, though the temptation was strong, but Lena had, catching Kara by the arm and managing to keep her upright, tutting in mock sympathy as Kara had pouted at her, face red.

“I did it on purpose! You know I love, um, physical comedy.”

“Mm, that explains why you're an expert at it…” Lena had crooned, laughing again when Kara had frowned exaggeratedly at her, softening to a smile when Lena squeezed her arm.

The only thing Andrea could think to compare the feeling that had rolled in her gut to was several years prior, when Lena and Jack had both ‘nominated’ her for the Ice Bucket Challenge- the feeling of icy cold, drenching her head to toe.

Andrea had never seen anyone but her make Lena laugh like that.

She’d been contemplating bowing out gracefully, slipping out through the kitchen or something equally humiliating when Kara’s eyes had caught on her, brilliant blue behind thick-rimmed glasses, and she’d grinned, offering a nervous, dorky wave despite being not more than five feet away from her.

The hostess had coughed loudly to cover her own laugh, and informed them that their table wasn’t quite ready, but that it would only be a minute or two. Lena had stepped forward, wrapping her arms around Andrea’s waist, one hand coming to press heavy and soothing between her shoulders. “Relax, Andi,” she’d murmured, face tucked into Andrea’s neck to hide the kiss she pressed against her throat..

“I am relaxed.”

“I’m sure,” Lena had drawled, drawing away enough to smirk up at her. 

Andrea huffed and stepped back, eyes darting to Kara. She seemed perfectly content studying the restaurant, seeming to get caught people-watching as easily as Andrea had. Apparently she’d sensed eyes on her, as she’d turned and offered Andrea another warm smile.

She really was pretty, Andrea had to admit. If you were into the whole muscular-blonde-movie-star look.

She’d stepped forward- carefully, this time- with her hand outstretched. Andrea took it, noting that Kara’s hand was unexpectedly strong in hers, and calloused. “It’s nice to meet you. Lena’s told me a lot about you.”

(Even with heels, Kara still had an inch or so in height on Andrea, which was… deeply irritating.)

“All good, I hope,” Andrea said, neatly sidestepping the fact that she couldn’t say the same.

“Very good,” Kara had assured her, warm and friendly. She’d been distracted by the hostess taking them to their table, and bounced a bit on the balls of her feet in her excitement, drawing another snort of laughter from Lena.

“Kara’s got a thing for food,” Lena confided, pretending to whisper but intentionally pitching her voice forward.

“I heard that, and I resemble that remark.”

Lena had quirked a brow and stepped back out of Andrea’s space.

The hostess stopped beside a large, secluded booth. “Here’s your table! The chef may want to come say hello, if that’s alright?”

Andrea’s brow furrowed slightly, but she nodded with her two companions.

“Sorry about that, tends to happen a lot,” Kara apologized, gesturing Lena into the booth to sit between her and Andrea, a human buffer for whom Andrea was intensely grateful. 

“Comes with the territory, love,” Lena had assured her. “Nothing we’re not used to, believe me. Right Andi?”

“Absolutely,” she agreed smoothly. “Nothing new.”

“Yeah, I know, just- I know it’s been a couple years now, but it’s still new to me ,” Kara muttered.

Andrea could sympathize- the paparazzi in the US was far worse than in Buenos Aires, and it’d been a nasty shock the first time she’d gone out to a party with Lena and photos had appeared in the papers the next day.

“The Luthors do seem to attract attention,” she’d drawled, smirking at the look Lena had shot at her (and completely missing Kara’s puzzled one). 


They manage to have a mostly nice, albeit tangibly awkward, dinner, making conversation as best they were able while avoiding the real topic this evening. The chef had come out and positively fawned over them, and although Andrea wasn’t unused to attention from strangers, or special treatment, it had seemed a bit over the top. Especially since he’d focused most of his attention on Kara.

Not that there was anything wrong with that, of course- Andrea’s used the same tactic while trying to ingratiate herself to various business contacts; flatter the wife, coo over the children, whatever gets her foot in the door of their good graces. It’s a tried and true method, and she’d admire the man’s savvy if she could figure out what, exactly, it was that he was after. She and Lena had no notable contacts within the restaurant world that she was aware of, and with how rapidly the restaurant had filled (and how fucking fantastic the food was) she couldn’t see him making a leap elsewhere.

Kara, for her part, was delighted (and, Andrea noted with no small amount of amusement, relieved ) that he was lingering, talking in rapidfire jargon that Andrea only half-understood, a wide smile on her face as she made a gesture that looked vaguely pornographic (but turned out to be something about a peeler). She turned to Lena and quirked a brow, amused. “Your girl is a bit of a foodie.”

Lena tipped her head back and laughed. “You have no idea.”


He’d finally left, citing needing to get back to take care of the dinner rush- “My sous is a genius, but he will throw a pan at my new saucier if he messes up the saffron sauce”. And now without the buffer of the chef or food, the awkwardness was starting to descend again, Kara, apparently sensing this, did her best to circumvent it. “So, Andrea, are you getting settled in okay? I know National City can be… a lot.”

Andrea shrugged. “Well enough- I’ve still got a box or two left to unpack, I think, but it’s not anything I use much.”

“Well, if you ever wanna know where the best authentic Thai place is, or anything, just, y’know, let me know,” she’d said with a grin. “Not to brag, but I’ve finally narrowed down the best restaurants in the city by culture of origin, pricepoint, and how much food they give you.”

“Very impressive,” Andrea had acknowledged. “How long did that take you?”

“Oh, god… like five years? It’d have been easier if I was, y’know, here a little more, and if restaurants didn’t close and open every day. But I tend to troll around a lot when I’m in town to try to make up for lost time. Stay close to my roots.”

This was interesting. “Do you not live here?”

“Oh no, I do, I just- lots of travel. You know how it is,” Kara said, gesturing vaguely. “I go where Cat wants me.”

“Ah, yes, how is she? I haven’t seen her in years- Lena, you remember the last time?” she’d asked with a sly grin.

The last time she’d bumped into Cat Grant, she’d been 22, and her hands had been up Lena’s skirt in some pretentious douchebag’s empty library. Cat had walked in, seen them, and walked back out, her only acknowledgement a helpful, “Locks exist for a reason, ladies” tossed over her shoulder.

Lena cleared her throat and took a not-so-delicate sip of wine, cheeks turning a rosy pink- god, it was always almost too easy to make her blush. “Yes.”

Kara looks between the two of them, a smile slowly stealing across her face. “I sense a story…”

“No,” Lena had said. Seeing Kara’s smile diminish, she’d dropped a hand onto hers and squeezed again. “Some other time, though.”

Kara brightened. “Deal. But yeah, if you need any help getting around, or anything just, y’know, let me know, and-” Her phone had gone off then, and she’d glanced at the screen before sighing, brow furrowing apologetically. “It’s work, do you mind if I…?”

“If anyone understands work emergencies, it’s two CEOs,” Andrea said, waving a hand at her. 

As Kara had moved off away from the table, Lena turned to her. “So. What do you think of Kara?”

“She’s blonde,” Andrea had deadpanned, earning a laugh and a light slap to the arm from Lena.

“I know that ,” she huffed. “I meant what do you think of her?”

Andrea shrugged. “She seems nice.”

Lena arched a brow. “Nice?”

“Yes, nice.”

“Since when do you ever use the word nice?” Lena laughed.

Andrea rolled her eyes. “Since now, querida. She seems nice. Honestly, I don’t really know why you’re asking me my opinion- she’s your girlfriend, not mine. And it’s not like I’ll be seeing much of her anyways, right?”


day fifty-one (continued)


“I think I want to have a three way.”

Kara- who had been taking a sip of her chardonnay- abruptly starts choking. Lena, brows drawn together in concern, thumps her a few times between the shoulders as she struggles to recover.

Andrea can relate- after 15 years of knowing one another, it’s rare for Andrea to be thrown off by anything Lena says. She’s been by her side, literally and/or figuratively, through pretty much every major happening in her life, and Lena’s said and done her fair share of unexpected things. But this one? This one may well take the cake.

“What?” Andrea yelps, at the exact moment Kara manages to gasp, “With who?!”

Which, okay. Apparently Kara was more surprised.

“I would imagine with us ,” Andrea drawls, glaring as Lena chuckles fondly.

Kara’s still a brilliant red, and the time in which she can blame it wholly on the wine is dwindling. “But- both of us?”

“Yes, that is how they generally work, with three people,” Lena jokes, squeezing Kara’s arm affectionately before leaning back in her chair and scooping up her half-full glass of wine. “At least, that’s been my experience.”

“But… why?”

Lena shrugs exaggeratedly. “Well, I asked my other girlfriends but they turned me down, so you two are my last resort.”

Kara puffs out her cheeks and huffs an incredulous laugh as Andrea scoffs. “Rude. I just meant like, why ?”

Lena arches a brow, eyes twinkling with amusement. “Why do I want you both to fuck me?”

Kara’s eyes widen comically. “Uh-”

“What I think Kara means is, we’re both just a bit surprised; this wasn’t-  it’s not something we’ve talked about,” Andrea interrupts smoothly, doing her level best to stay calm in the face of all this absolute fuckery

“Which is why I started talking about it,” Lena agrees. She swirls the wine in the glass and takes another sip with an appreciative hum. “This is a great pairing, by the way. Great choice, love.”

Kara lets out a half-strangled laugh. “Thank you?”

Deciding that Lena’s having far too much fun tormenting her, personally, Andrea leans over and plucks the glass from her hand, downing its contents in a smooth motion before setting it out of Lena’s reach.

“Now that was rude,” Lena chides.

“I’ve never claimed otherwise,” Andrea says drily. She can feel her walls going up, and the feeling is almost foreign, now. When the fuck did that happen?

Lena levels her with a challenging smirk, and it’s all Andrea can do to avoid squirming under the implications of it. Thankfully, the mischievous expression fades a bit, and the soft knowledge of her that she recognizes so easily warms Lena’s eyes and smile. “You’re right, I’m sorry.” She smooths her hands over the high-gloss finish of the table and takes a breath. “So I want to have a three-way. With both of you,” she states, a bit of humor peeking through as she shoots Kara a sly grin, which is met with a fond huff and rolled eyes.

“Yeah, that part we got, it’s the ‘why’ of it all that’s a bit mysterious,” Andrea muses, eyes darting to Kara as she starts tapping an unsteady rhythm on the tabletop.

Lena shrugs. “There’s not much of a why, honestly; I love you both- obviously -, and we all get along, you’re both… very sexy.” She shrugs again with a small smile. “Everyone has fantasies, right? I’m only human.”

Andrea would laugh at how red Kara’s gotten, if she wasn’t so busy trying to mask her own rising blush. Kara clears her throat, but her voice still cracks a bit as she asks, “Um… how long have you been thinking about this?”

There’s a look Andrea doesn’t have a name for in Kara’s eyes as they rove over Lena’s face, and she quickly averts her gaze to avoid thinking about it.

“A while,” Lena says coyly.

“But like… a couple days, a couple weeks …?” Kara presses.

“Longer than that,” Lena says quietly, dropping a hand onto Kara’s and running her thumb over Kara’s kitchen-scarred knuckles soothingly. “A lot longer, actually. It’s- I want this.”

Which… this isn’t exactly news to Andrea, really. Lena’s as good as said it when Andrea had been made to come clean about her little (not so little) crush, and several times since. But actually hearing her say that? That she wants both of them at the same time, that she’s been thinking- fantasizing about it for god knows how long?

God. 15 years in and apparently Lena can still knock Andrea flat on her ass.

There’s a long moment of silence before Lena breaks it with, “And if it helps my case at all , my birthday is coming up…”

This gets a snort from Kara and fondly rolled eyes from Andrea. “Your birthday is in October , Lena.”

“Which is coming up,” Lena sniffs primly, though the smile dimpling her cheeks ruins the effectiveness of the snooty look somewhat.

“It is coming up. In five months ,” Andrea says wryly.

Lena quirks a brow at her, looking totally nonplussed. “It’s still coming up.”

Kara laughs, squeezing Lena’s hand. Her blue, blue eyes crinkle behind her glasses, and they dart to Andrea conspiratorially. “She’s a brat.”

“Always with the loopholes,” Andrea agrees, chuckling when Lena scoffs at them. “I’m familiar with her work.”

Kara laughs again, leaning over to press a lingering kiss to Lena’s cheek as she pouts. 

“Well now I don’t want either of you to fuck me,” Lena declares, crossing her arms over her chest.

Andrea and Kara’s eyes meet over the table, and they both turn to Lena with devilish smiles.

“No?” Andrea asks, pitching her voice low and raspy and cocking a brow.

“No,” Lena says firmly.

“That’s too bad. Guess we’ll just have to hang out without you,” Kara sighs. She turns to Andrea and says, “Guess we’re gonna be roomies. We’ll have to loft our beds to leave more room for activities. You want top or bottom?”

Andrea smirks as she raises her glass with a hand that definitely does not shake. “Well, if you have to ask …”

Kara grins, and god but she’s pretty. Pretty and clever and kind.

Andrea knows now she never stood a chance.

Lena eyes them. “I hate you both,” she declares, though her words are undercut by the small smile on her lips.

“Mmm, well, hate-fucking can be fun too,” Andrea muses, and Kara bursts into shocked laughter.

Lena rolls her eyes at them. “I’m starting to regret bringing this up…”

“Nooo, no, we’re sorry, we’ll be very serious,” Kara assures her, doing her level best to maintain a straight face. It lasts about two seconds before Andrea snorts at her. 

Lena sighs. “Look, if you both aren’t interested-”

“No! No, sorry. I- I’m kinda nervous, or embarrassed? So I’m being dumb. Ignore me.”

It’s almost irritating how endearing Andrea finds Kara when she stumbles over her own earnestness.

Lena evidently feels the same, giving her hand a firm squeeze and smiling at her. “Well I had to get tipsy to bring it up at all, so at least we’re on the same page.”

Kara blows out a laugh. “Fair. Alright, go ahead, babe.”

“Right. So I want to have a three-way. With you two.”

“We’ve established that much, yes,” Andrea jokes.

“Good. And while it’s fine if you say no, obviously, in the interest of full disclosure, it’s something I’ve wanted for a long time. I just- there wasn’t a good way to bring it up until recently- you two were basically strangers. But now we all know each other well, we all get along, and god knows we have to fill the time somehow… And can you honestly tell me that you’ve never thought of it?”

Andrea feels the blood drain from her face, because she absolutely cannot say that.

Kara blusters a bit, eyes darting from Lena to Andrea to anywhere but Lena and Andrea before managing to stutter, “I, uh. I don’t like that question.”

Andrea doesn’t either. But also…

“That’s not a ‘no’,” Lena notes, a teasing edge to her voice.

Kara shrugs, eyes glued to the surface of the table as her ears burn. “You have good taste, I don’t know what to tell you.”

Andrea blinks as Kara shoots her a shy smile before looking away just a second later.

‘Is she… flirting with me?’

“You’re not terrible to look at either,” Andrea concedes.

Kara scoffs in mock-offense. “I’m hot and you know it.”

“You ruined it,” Andrea sighs. “I was just starting to get past the fact that you’re blonde …”

Kara rolls her eyes fondly. “You’re the worst. Anyway , is this something you want?”

Lena’s eyes dart between the two of them, lower lip disappearing between her teeth. “Very much,” she says breathily.

‘God. God god god.’

Kara’s brow furrows a bit. “You know I’m usually all for anything to make you happy- you know that?” She waits for Lena to nod before continuing. “I’m just a little... worried, I guess?”

“About what?”

“Well I mean, it’s… we’re, um, friends now- we are friends, right?”

Andrea feels herself soften again and curses herself for it. “We’re friends,” she agrees quietly. 

“Right, so we’re… friends. And I just- I don’t want it to be, y’know, weird , or anything. Because I really like the sorta dynamic we all have, right now. Like, we all get along, and hang out, and no one’s thrown anything at anyone else in several days-”

“It was flour , and you were fine,” Andrea scoffs.

Kara grins over at her. “-the point is that this isn’t something we’ve talked about before, really, with all of us. I guess my basic concern is that I don’t wanna mess anything up between any of us, because that’d just… really suck.”

“Agreed,” Andrea says with a nod. “We’re still going to be stuck here for god knows how long, and I’d really rather things not be awkward for the sake of some meaningless sex.”

Kara’s smile falters a bit, and Andrea could slap herself. “Right, yeah, exactly.”

Lena nods thoughtfully. “So you don’t want things to be awkward, or ruin your friendship. Understandable. Anything else you’d like to say?”

Kara and Andrea eye each other a bit warilly, a silent weighing of thoughts passing between them.

Kara takes a breath. “I-”

“Not for me.”

Lena quirks a brow in Andrea’s direction, but she staunchly avoids her gaze. “Alright. So, is this a no, then? Obviously I’m not trying to pressure you-”

Andrea snorts derisively. “Of course not.”

“-but I just wanted to bring it up, as a possibility I’d be interested in.”

“Right, that’s fine,” Kara murmurs. She drums her fingertips against the top of the table, clearly deep in thought. 

“I’m not opposed.”

Lena smothers a grin as Kara whips her head to stare. “What?”

Andrea shrugs, projecting cool indifference even as she can feel her palms sweating. “I’m not. As we said, we’re all friends, we’re all adults, here. And it’s just sex.”

Kara’s studying Andrea, chewing on her lip, brows drawn together in deep focus. “We’re still gonna be alright after, right? Because like, you’re one of my people now too, and I don’t wanna lose that.”

Andrea huffs, rolling her eyes to avoid the deep, searching blue of Kara’s. “We’re friends, Kara. I doubt us having sex in the same room would change that.”

Kara ponders this, brow attractively furrowed. "You're sure? I-"

"I'm sure."

She can feel Kara’s eyes on her for a few seconds, and Andrea does her best acting possibly ever as she keeps her face perfectly impassive, meeting Kara’s gaze easily. Finally satisfied, Kara relaxes. “Then okay.”

Lena grins, slow but bright. “Really?”

“With a couple conditions,” Kara clarifies. “Be right back.” She gets up out of her chair and hurries off into the office. 

As soon as she’s out of earshot, Andrea aims a savage kick at Lena’s shins, becoming only more irritated when it misses. “ ¿Qué carajo fue eso?”

Lena smirks and snags Kara’s wine glass, keeping well out of Andrea’s reach as she takes a sip. “What?”

“What do you mean ‘ what ’?” Andrea whisper-shouts, eyes darting down the hall. “What are you doing, Lena?”

Lena quirks a brow. “I’m trying to ease some of the sexual tension in this house before one of us chokes on it.”

There are endless jokes to be made here, all of which involve choking and Lena’s rather enthusiastic response to it in the past. But Andrea is in no mood to make them, simply opens her mouth and closes it with a disgruntled huff. “You’re insufferable.”

“And you could’ve said no,” Lena points out. “So could Kara, and yet you didn’t.”

Andrea opens her mouth to retort when Kara emerges from the hallway, carrying a legal pad and a marker. Sensing the elevated tension in the room, she slows her stride. “Should I… come back in a minute?”

“No,” they both tell her, Lena with a beatific smile and Andrea with no small hint of a snarl.

“O-kay,” Kara drawls, moving back to her chair and sitting down gingerly. Seemingly settled, she lays out her apparently required tools. “So, um, I thought it’d- I like lists,” she explains. Lena snorts at this, and Kara glares at her playfully. “You probably haven’t seen it as much because I sorta haven’t had anything to do for the past seven weeks, but I make pretty much everything into a list- it helps me think and make sure I get everything done. So I thought that for my sake, um, we should have a list of things we’re not wanting to happen? Because I feel like this is gonna be at least a little awkward. What with it being, um, a first, and all, so-”

Goddammit. God-fucking-dammit. What a dork. What a nerd . She wants to make a list of boundaries. An actual, physical list. It’s so stupidly endearing that Andrea has to resist the urge to yell at her and also drag her across the table.

“A first?” she asks instead.

Kara flushes a bit and clears her throat. “Well I mean, yeah.”

Andrea turns to Lena with a shit-eating grin. “Is she a virgin?”

Lena abruptly chokes on Kara’s stolen wine as she cackles.

Kara rolls her eyes at both of them. “I didn’t mean it was my first time having sex, I just meant it’s the first time I’m having sex with you .”

Andrea stops laughing, her throat suddenly rather dry. “Oh.”

“Yeah, so like, can we go through the list, just for my peace of mind? Because it’d really suck if I did something that you don’t like and y’know, hurt you or upset you.”

“I’d tell you if you did,” Andrea tells her, feeling a nigh-overwhelming urge to reassure this over-earnest goof that she couldn’t possibly do that. She doesn’t believe Kara would even be capable of it.

Kara shrugs, clearly a bit self-conscious but unwilling to let the matter drop. “I know you would. But it’d be better if you didn’t have to, right?”

And there’s really no argument against that, and there’s no good way out of this conversation, Andrea’s figured out, so she just nods and refills her glass (and, after a moment’s hesitation, Lena’s). “Alright, what do you have on your list?”

“So I have just a few things sketched out. Basically an outline of stuff we’re not into.”

“What’s first?”

“Touching,” Kara says, very matter-of-fact despite the blush rising back into her cheeks. “So just if you don’t want me to touch you in a certain way, or a certain place… stuff like that. And obviously this is just a basic list, it’s not, y’know, the end-all-be-all-”

“We know how consent works, slick.”

Lena raises her hand. “I would like to state for the record that I would like both of you to touch me however and wherever you want.”

Andrea snorts as Kara rolls her eyes fondly. “Fair enough.” She scribbles something on her pad of paper and looks to Andrea. “How about you?”

Andrea blinks, wracking her brain for anything she wouldn’t be willing to let either Lena or Kara do to her, and comes up fucking blank.

Her panic at this embarrassing revelation must show on her face, because Lena quickly jumps in with, “You’re ticklish behind your knees. Very extremely.” 

Kara looks over at her for confirmation, a half-smile tugging at her mouth. “Are you?”

Andrea frowns, crossing her arms defensively. “A little. Why?”

“No, sorry, nothing, it’s just… that’s kinda cute,” Kara chuckles, and dutifully jots it down.

“It is not.”

“Kinda is.”

“Don’t call me cute,” Andrea huffs.

“Noted,” Kara says seriously as she scribbles more on her pad of paper, though the amused gleam in her eyes belies her tone. "No calling you cute. Even if you're being cute."

"I'm not cute," Andrea insists.

"Of course not," Kara says, sugary words dripping condescension.

“Quit flirting with my girlfriend,” Lena sing-songs fondly.

They both roll their eyes at her. “So what about you?”

Kara’s face twists into a thoughtful expression, and she taps a beat onto the sheet of paper. “So, you know I’m adopted?” Andrea nods- in her brief dive into Kara’s life several weeks ago, there had been several mentions of her having been adopted when she was young. “Right. Kissing is… kind of a big deal, where I’m from. And I mean, we were pretty affectionate in other ways, but that was like, reserved for, y’know, people you love. So, um, I don’t- I don’t kiss people unless I mean it.”

Against her best efforts, Andrea’s eyes drop to Kara’s pink, plush, now forbidden lips. “Okay, so. No kissing unless you mean it. Got it.”

Kara sags a bit in her chair, seemingly relieved at Andrea’s easy acceptance of this stipulation. “Cool. Anything else?”

Lena smiles and shakes her head, running her thumb over Kara’s knuckles. “I feel I stated my preferences pretty clearly.”

Andrea snorts, prompting Lena to grin outright. “Yes, your boundless thirst has been well established.”

Lena quirks a brow at her. “Well who could blame me, really? Look at you two.”

Kara and Andrea meet eyes over the table before quickly looking away.

“... so what’s next?” Andrea asks.

Kara smiles gratefully at her. “Roles.”

Andrea smirks. “Kinky. I like it.”

Kara’s eyes widen. “Oh, um, not that- I mean, if that’s what we want to do, I guess, but-”

Andrea lets out a loud laugh at her deer-in-headlights expression. “I’m kidding, slick .”

Kara scoffs in mock-offense, desperately fighting a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. “I can totally be slick.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

(There’s a glint in Kara’s eye that she doesn’t quite recognize in that canvas of blue, but would read as a clear challenge in more familiar murky green.)

Lena raises her hand again, and Kara sighs a laugh before gesturing at her to say her piece. “I want to get fucked.”

“We covered that,” Kara says wryly.

“I want you to write it down,” Lena sniffs.

Andrea laughs again as Kara rolls her eyes skyward, clearly seeking patience, before following Lena’s request. She turns the legal pad to Lena, showing that she has drawn a crude sketch of three stick figures (or, more accurately, a tangle of lines and three circles, one of which has a happy face drawn in it) in response to Lena’s demands. This gets a much louder laugh from Andrea and an approving nod from Lena.




“Yes, exactly like that.”

Kara’s shoulders shake with laughter as she scrubs her hands over her face. “Okay, so, we know where Lena falls, here.”

“Yeah, at the bottom ,” Andrea snarks.

Lena waggles her eyebrows unapologetically and takes another sip of wine. 

“Is that mine? Kara asks, having finally noticed that her glass has indeed been stolen.

“It was ,” Lena tells her.

Kara turns to Andrea with big, sad blue eyes, and Andrea slides her the glass she’d taken from Lena earlier, topping it off with the last of the wine.

“You’re a saint,” Kara tells her. She raises the glass to her lips before pausing to examine it. “Did everyone drink out of this? Not very sanitary...”

“Kara, we’re discussing having a three-way with our mutual girlfriend, in the house we’ve all been staying in for two months,” Andrea reminds her. “I think us sharing a wine glass is the least of our concerns at this point.”

“... good point.” Kara takes a long swallow and sets the glass at her elbow, not even looking up from the outline to scoot it out of Lena’s reach when she attempts to steal it. She taps her pen against the pad of paper again, frowning slightly. "Right, so I think, since this is Lena’s thing, she gets to call the shots, right?"

"Does she ever not?" Andrea asks mildly, grinning as Lena rolls her eyes.

"Oh. I just wasn't, y'know, sure what you guys'... dynamic is, and I didn’t wanna assume it'd be the same as ours, so. Better to ask."

Andrea turns to face Lena, smirking. "I see you just boss everyone around. And here I thought I was special..."

"You both like it. And I like that you like it," Lena says airily. Leaning forward, she beckons Andrea closer before stage-whispering, "I think I have a type."

Across from her, Kara snorts, and Andrea sends her a wink as she leans in to humor their girlfriend. "Oh really? What's that?"

"Brilliant, beautiful. Generous ,” she muses, drawing the word out until there’s no doubt as to whether the innuendo was intentional. “And, obviously, a nice ass."

Andrea snorts and shoves at her. "That was almost charming."

Lena studies her for a moment, her wine-glassed eyes suddenly keen. "You like people who are nice to you, even though you act like you hate it. You appreciate people with passion ," she decides. Andrea feels herself freeze, using every bit of her rapidly dwindling willpower to keep her eyes from darting to Kara and praying that Lena stops at that bullseye of a character assessment and doesn't reveal anything else about her. But she needn’t have worried, because a moment later Lena grins, suddenly a bit tipsy once again. "And you also appreciate a nice ass."

Andrea clears her throat. "Ah, well-"

"Kara though," Lena continues, blithely ignoring the comment (and thank god, really, because even she didn't have any idea where that was going). "Kara likes her women bossy. And a little mean. And brunette."

"I suppose she, too, likes a nice ass?" Andrea asks, deadpan.

Lena scoffs, clearly slightly offended. "No! Kara is a boob girl."

"Oh is she?" Andrea asks, quirking a brow at Kara.

Kara sighs ruefully. “Yes. Can we continue?”

Andrea holds her hands up in surrender, holding back laughter.


“I actually have a question.” Lena waits for Kara’s nod to continue. “When are you two going to get naked?” she sighs.

Kara gapes for a moment, seemingly sorting through her options of what to say before deciding on, “You’re very bossy.”

“We’ve already established that you like that about me. Answer the question, Danvers.”

Andrea snorts. “We’ve created a monster.”

“I just know what I want, and what I want is for you both to be naked.”

"I just don't- why is that important? Like, realistically, neither of us needs to be naked for this, right?"

Andrea is mildly insulted at the idea of someone not wanting to see her naked, and fortunately Lena cuts in with an incredulous, "This from the woman who spends a good portion of her time trying to get me out of my pants."

"What, like it's hard?" Kara jokes, affecting a faux Valley-girl accent she knows makes Lena crazy. “Besides, like I said, we don’t need to be naked.”

Andrea arches a brow, seeming unimpressed but fighting to suppress a grin. "Keep talking like that, and you won't be seeing me naked ever , slick."

"Pfft, please. I've already seen you in a wet bikini, that ship has basically sailed."

"No," Andrea snorts, still somewhat miffed, at the same moment Lena states, " Very different experience, trust me."

"Besides, even bikinis cover at least some things," Andrea points out.

"My brain doesn't," Kara says smugly.

Andrea smirks slowly, eyes raking up and down Kara's frame as she leans forward in her chair. "So, you've been picturing me naked?"

Kara's attitude drops away almost as fast as red floods her cheeks. "Wh- no!"

"That's what you said. Just now."

"It is not!"

“It is, though,” Lena agrees with a grin. “So when you’re daydreaming about Andrea naked, is she still wet from the pool , or...?”

Kara is turning a very interesting color when she manages to clear her throat. “So, where do we want to do this?”

“A smooth transition,” Lena notes. “No one suspects a thing…”

Kara glares at her playfully. “Hush, you. I’m asking about… logistics.”

“Presumably in the house, unless you’re looking to entertain your neighbors…?”

“Noooo,” Kara laughs. “I just meant, like, where in the house would everyone be the most comfortable?” Lena raises her hand, and Kara huffs. “Actual answers only, please.”

Lena lowers her hand with a sly grin, and Kara rolls her eyes fondly.

“I have a suggestion,” Andrea cuts in. At Kara’s questioning look, she softens a bit. “Relax.”

“I agree,” Lena says with a gentle smile, reaching out to tuck a stray curl behind Kara’s ear and lingering to cup her cheek. “It’s sex, love, we’re not facing a firing squad.”

Kara opens her mouth, only to close it and slump in her chair. “I know, I know,” she moans (and Kara moaning absolutely does not send a shot of lightning down Andrea’s spine). “I’m a bit out of my depth, here.”

Andrea huffs a laugh. “It doesn’t show,” she says wryly, ducking when Kara chucks the pen at her head halfheartedly.

“I’m just not sure how to do this,” Kara admits.

Andrea hums thoughtfully. “Well, when three women get very horny, sometimes they give each other a very special group hug…”

Lena is laughing loudly between them, and even Kara offers a brief snort. 

“Yeah, yeah, okay, very funny.”

“I thought so,” Andrea preens. When the other two seem to settle, she looks over at Kara. “I get that you’re trying to keep things from being awkward, but honestly? They’re going to be a little awkward no matter how much you try to plan it out.”

Kara breathes out in a rush, dropping her head back over the back of the chair and offering Andrea a rather tantalizing view of her lovely, lovely neck. “You’re right. Obviously.” She picks her head back up and smiles ruefully at both of them. “It’s very annoying that you’re both smart and right so much. Like how dare you.”

Andrea smirks. “It’s a gift.”

Kara shakes her head again, but she finally looks like she’s not about to jump out of her chair at any given moment. “So, what’re you saying?”

“What I’m saying ,” Andrea says, “is to go with it.”

"Go with it?" Kara asks dubiously.

Andrea shrugs. "Go with it. Try to relax. We don't have to do this right now -"

Lena huffs at this. "Beg to differ."

Kara bites her lip, drumming her fingers on the table again. "What if I want it to be now?"

Andrea blinks and leans back in her chair. "Oh. Someone's suddenly eager."

"More like 'still anxious'," Kara laughs, rubbing the back of her neck self-consciously. "If we don't, ah, do it , I'm just gonna be all in my head about it until we do."

Andrea hums. "Fair enough. So how do we want to do this?"

Kara rises grandly out of her chair, mischief dancing in her eyes. "Miss Rojas," she intones. "Would you do me the honor of banging our girlfriend together?"

She's bent in a courtly half-bow, hand extended, and the contrast between cheeky and chivalrous is enough to make Andrea grin as she stands to daintily accept it. "I thought you'd never ask."

“Have I mentioned lately that I hate both of you?”

Kara grins down at Lena. “I bet you say that to all the pretty girls.”

“Only two.”

Andrea snorts. “So mouthy .”

“Is there something you’d rather I do with my mouth?” Lena asks, getting to her feet and stepping into Andrea’s space.


Lena grins, slow as molasses. “What’s that?”

Andrea ducks the scant few inches to Lena’s mouth and- god , kissing Lena never gets old. She’s always so reactive; the breathy moan that catches high in her throat at the first hot swipe of Andrea’s tongue, the way her hands automatically find their way to tangle in Andrea’s hair and the collar of her shirt. She draws Lena flush against her, slowly backing them up until she’s caught between Lena (who is seemingly attempting to climb her like a tree) and the back wall behind them, doing her best to be mindful of the photos hanging there (or are they paintings? She knew 30 seconds ago, remembers asking about them last week but with Lena’s tongue in her mouth and blunt nails scratching against her scalp, she seems to have forgotten). 

They hit it with a dull thump , managing to not break the kiss even for a moment. Andrea pulls Lena even closer. Her hand pushes heavy against the small of her back before sliding down and gripping Lena’s ass firmly enough to draw a muffled moan. Andrea grins, breaking the kiss to ghost her nose over Lena’s cheek to the underside of her jaw. Lena tilts her head accommodatingly, and Andrea plants a few heavy, open-mouthed kisses there before daring to open her eyes.

Kara is standing, though still on the other side of the table from them, seemingly frozen. There’s an odd expression on her face, and all Andrea can draw to mind as a comparison is the look she gets when they sit down to dinner.


Andrea locks eyes with her around Lena and grins against their girlfriend’s neck, smirk only growing when Lena shudders at the feeling of teeth against her skin. Slowly, deliberately, Andrea raises her hand and crooks a finger at Kara, cocking an eyebrow as playfully as she can manage.

‘Get over here’ - the message is unspoken, but quickly heeded. 

Kara rounds the table and crosses to them in a few long strides, coming to stand just behind Lena. She watches for a moment as Andrea continues lavishing Lena’s neck with attention, eyes glassy, hands flexing, but making no move to come closer.

That won’t do.

Querida ,” Andrea murmurs against the skin of her throat. “Do you like this?”

They all know it’s not much of a question, but Lena answers anyway. “Yes,” she breathes, fingers tangling a bit painfully in Andrea’s hair.

“Do you want Kara to touch you?” Andrea meets Kara’s wide eyes over Lena’s shoulder again, and this close she can see how dark they’ve gotten. 


Kara hesitates for another moment, so Andrea hooks a finger through her belt loop and tugs her forward. She stumbles stiffly into them, scrunching her face up at Andrea’s move. Her hands fall to Lena’s hips on instinct, and she finally seems to relax when Lena moans and sags against her warm front. 

“Hi, baby.” Kara’s voice is lower than Andrea’s ever heard it- and closer, too. “Is this what you wanted?”

She must do something , because Lena lets out a strangled whine, gasping when Andrea nips at her neck. “Yeah,” she says, removing the hand tangled in Andrea’s shirt and smacking around behind her before her hand finds purchase somewhere on Kara’s person.

Kara hums, and it’s another strike of tingling heat down Andrea’s spine when the fingers gripping Lena’s hips brush briefly against the exposed skin of her own. “Good. Just want you to feel good, baby. What can we do to make you feel good?”

Kara meets Andrea’s eyes again and smiles, still a bit tentative, still testing the waters, but with confidence growing visibly by the second. She feels the tips of Kara’s thumbs against her stomach as Kara runs them up and down Lena’s sides, and fuck but her hands are big.

Lena doesn’t answer, only groans as Andrea runs her teeth feather-light over the shell of her ear.

“Lena,” Kara cajoles lightly. “You have to tell us what you want.”

Lena mumbles something unintelligible and starts tugging at the hem of her sweater- awkward and ineffectual, with the way she’s pressed tight between them. When she doesn’t make any progress, she growls in frustration, attempting another angle of attack from her sleeves. “Off,” she says, and it’s not the most eloquent but it’s at least very clear.

“We can probably help with that…”

Kara hums in agreement, and hooks her thumbs up under the hem of the ribknit sweater, pulling it smoothly up her torso.

“Arms up, querida ,” Andrea murmurs, smoothing her hands over the soft curve of Lena’s goosebumped stomach in a vain attempt to take away some of the chill. Lena complies immediately, and Kara quickly removes the offending garment and tosses it away. Andrea leans close enough that her nose brushes Lena’s ear. “Good girl,” she whispers.

Lena’s breath hitches, her response almost Pavlovian. She tips her head to capture Andrea’s lips in a kiss, one that lacks her usual finesse but more than makes up for it with unfettered want . Lena’s already a bit glassy-eyed and they’ve barely touched her. Lena arches into Andrea’s embrace, draggling her down insistently by the back of the neck and rocking up onto her toes to gain better access to her mouth. Andrea catches Lena by the hip, sliding one hand around to squeeze her ass and using the other to tilt her head even further to the side

Andrea’s so caught up in it that she almost doesn’t realize that someone is clumsily trying to unbutton her jeans. Which, really, doesn’t make any sense, because Lena’s hands are both clutching at neck and shoulders and-

 There’s a low hum from the other side of Lena, and Andrea’s eyes open just in time to see Kara nipping playfully at the freckled skin of Lena’s bare shoulder. She can see Kara’s arms are flexing, straining slightly against the short sleeves of her button-up shirt.

“Do you want me to take these off for you, babe?” There’s another tug on Andrea’s jeans.


Andrea pulls away with a laugh. “Wrong pants, slick .”

Kara blinks at her, hands stopping their tugging at her waistband. She peers over Lena’s shoulder, ears going a bit pink at the tips. “Oh. My bad. There’s just… more limbs than I’m used to, here. And like, usually when I take someone else’s pants off, it’s from a different, um. Angle.”

‘Dork. Dork dork dork. You're going to have sex with a dork.’

Lena snorts at her eloquence, taking Kara’s wrists in her hands and moving them to her own jeans. “Try now.”

The pants (which are, in fact, leggings) vanish fairly quickly after that, with Kara and Andrea working in tandem to tug both pants and underwear down until Lena can kick out of them. And with Lena standing in front of them, fully naked and flushed and so clearly wanting, it suddenly occurs to Andrea that they may need to figure out the… logistics.

Kara evidently has the same thought. She catches Andrea’s eye and looks deliberately down between them before looking back up and raising her eyebrows, clearly asking the same question as Andrea.

‘Who’s first?’

And while Andrea likes to be first in everything she does- prides herself on it, in fact-, the idea of watching Kara fucking Lena has far more appeal right now.

Andrea takes Kara’s arm and pushes it down Lena’s stomach pointedly, doing her level best to ignore the heat of Kara’s skin under her palm, the muscles shifting and tensing under her loose grip. Kara blinks at this before smiling shyly and returning her attention to Lena. Andrea trails her hand slowly back up Lena’s body, fingertips feather-light against her skin. “Is this what you want?” she husks against Lena’s ear.

Lena whines, swaying back toward Kara even as her fingers dig hard against Andrea’s hips.

“That’s not an answer,” Kara notes, teasing tone turning quietly commanding. “I think she wants an answer, baby.” She strokes slowly over Lena’s clit before slowly pulling her hand up, up, up… 

“Yes. God, would you please just fuck me ,” Lena pants as Andrea’s thumbs brush against her straining nipples.

“So polite,” Andrea teases. “And so pretty when she begs.”

Kara rumbles a laugh and moves her hand back down. “She’s always pretty.”

Lena shudders as Kara’s fingers stroke through her, dropping her forehead to Andrea’s shoulder. Andrea can feel Kara’s knuckles rub against her on every outstroke, and instinctively leans into the pressure before she can stop herself, but Kara doesn’t seem to notice, rhythm slowly increasing. The sound it makes is obscene - this entire undertaking is, really- but… god. God , Lena has to be practically dripping ...

Thoughts skitter through and quickly out of her mind as she watches the muscles in Kara’s arms jump, her brows furrow in concentration, her face turn steadily redder with exertion... 

Andrea blinks herself back to the very present reality of watching the woman she has the hots for fuck her girlfriend, and it’s strangely, undeniably hot. She’d known, on some level, that Kara was probably good- Lena’s not particularly shy or apologetic about her likes and dislikes, and if Kara had been a lousy lay they probably wouldn’t have even had a second date. But this is… Lena’s digging her fingers hard into Andrea, wherever she can get a grip on her- shoulders, arms, hips, trying to anchor herself against whatever Kara is doing to her that’s making her whine . Andrea noses at Lena’s jaw until she picks her head up, watches Lena’s lids flutter, her brow pinching as her mouth drops open in a shuddering gasp. Andrea kneads Lena’s breasts in her hands, rubbing her thumbs more purposefully against Lena’s nipples, pinching and rolling them a bit roughly, doing her best to match the pace Kara’s setting. 

“You look so good,” Andrea croons, trailing open-mouthed wet kisses over Lena’s face. She can feel it as Lena lets out a sigh, and Andrea can hear Kara’s fingers work inside her, hand shifting down until instead of knuckles, it’s Kara’s wrist pressing into her. “You’re so pretty, taking her so well, honey.”

Lena whines and arches into Andrea’s hands

Andrea doesn’t realize she’s grinding against  Kara’s wrist, not at first. But even when she does, Andrea can’t seem to make herself stop, hips chasing the glancing pressure against her clit through her pants. Suddenly she finds herself pressed fully against the wall once more, and Lena’s body is pressed to hers, and the shift has Kara’s hand pressed hard between them, and god , that’s so much better -

Andrea opens her eyes- when had they closed? - and sees Kara wink at her before dropping her gaze down between them, unabashedly watching Andrea’s fingers pull and twist and tease Lena’s nipples. She lifts her eyes again, smirks, and very purposefully digs her wrist up against Andrea out the outstroke. “Is this what you wanted?” she asks quietly, nipping Lena’s earlobe but eyes locked on Andrea’s as she repeats the motion.

“Yeah,” Lena breathes, pulling Andrea down into another desperate kiss.

Lena’s close, they both know- they recognize the warning signs. Kisses going sloppy and uncoordinated and then into nothing more than open-mouthed panting against Andrea’s mouth. Andrea feels her chasing Kara’s fingers more and more, hips jumping and shifting. There’s a sharp, high quality to her inhales, and it soon rounds to uneven gasps and ‘oh’ s and ‘yes’ and ‘please, god, fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t sto- fuck!’

She lets out a strangled gasp as orgasm hits her like a freight train, and Andrea has to quickly shift position and readjust her hands to keep her girlfriend upright as her muscles spasm, sucking a breath in through her teeth as Lena’s short nails dig into her shoulder and back. 

“Kara, keep going,” Andrea says. At the questioning look, Andrea frowns. “I have her, keep going.

Kara does- redoubles her efforts, it seems. Before she’s even started coming down from the first high Lena’s sailing into the second.

After a breathless eternity, she relaxes to a point of near-bonelessness. Fortunately, they’re both still pressed tight against her, holding her up as she regains her bearings and catches her breath. When she opens her eyes again, they’re bright and alive , dancing in the low light of the dining room. She meets Andrea’s gaze and smiles slowly. “Fuck.”

Andrea snorts at her, tucking a stray lock of hair away from her face. “Bit of a hair-trigger , eh querida?

Lena smacks her arm, nipping at her lower lip. “Shut the fuck up .”

“You’re very violent considering you’re the only one of us to have come so far. Twice .”

“Fuck you.”

Kara chuckles, pressing a lingering kiss to Lena’s temple. Kara pulls Lena tight against her front, swaying a bit. “She makes a point.”

“Fuck you both.”

Kara feigns confusion, looking down at where her fingers are still inside Lena. “I thought that was the plan, yeah.”

Andrea laughs loudly as Lena smacks back at Kara playfully only to have her wrist caught in mid air. Kara grins as she presses a kiss to her palm, swaying them both forward into Andrea again. “See, you can’t keep your hands off me!”

“God.” Lena chuckles helplessly as Kara continues planting kisses in a meandering trail up her arm, to the inside of her elbow, across her shoulder, and her breath hitches when Kara’s lips ghost against her neck. “You’re both impossible.”

“You love us,” Kara teases.

“I do, god help me,” Lena chuckles. Her eyes open then, bright and blown , fixated on Andrea’s face before dropping unsubtly to her lips. “Speaking of things I love…”

Andrea’s still a bit jittery herself- the friction she’d gotten from- god , she’d actually been trying to get herself off on the back of Kara’s wrist , what was she doing?- hadn’t been enough to really do anything for her, but the idea of it certainly had. She grins as Lena pulls her closer by the back of her neck, fingers pulling lightly on the baby hairs there. “Did you have something in mind, love?”

“Yeah,” Lena rasps, all playfulness gone from her voice now. She pulls Andrea into a bruising kiss that’s all want and no coordination, tongue flicking out to draw Andrea’s into her mouth and sucking on it, and god. God . It’s hard to focus when Lena gets like this.

Lena’s grumbling a bit, pulling at her shirt and shoulders and pushing Andrea insistently down .

Andrea can’t resist chuckling into Lena’s mouth. So bossy,” she chides.

So slow,” Lena corrects, nipping at her kiss-swollen lips and pressing more firmly at the tops of her shoulders.

And if that’s how Lena wants to play it...

Andrea flattens her palm over Lena’s chest, pressing insistently until Lena half-stumbles backwards (though she’s caught and steadied with ease by Kara). Once she has a bit more room to maneuver, Andrea turns the three of them until it’s Kara’s back pressed to the wall.

Andrea catches Kara’s eyes over Lena’s shoulder, noting how wide they are, how dark they seem in this moment as Kara stares back at her.

And, well, Andrea’s never been one to shy away from putting on a show.

Andrea slowly moves her mouth downward, nipping at Lena’s jaw, nosing at her throat, sucking gently on the freckle that’s just off-center and grinning when Lena’s breath catches…

“Please,” Lena groans, holding Andrea in place. Andrea hums in question, and Lena breathes out, “Iwantyoutomarkmeup. Both of you, I just- Please, please, please...”

Which isn’t really all that unreasonable a request. And it’s not as though there’s really that element of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ in regards to her being with both of them at this point…

Andrea hums again, smile a bit wicked as she works what’s sure to be a rather noticeable hickey onto the column of Lena’s throat.

As she slowly works her way lower, Andrea takes no small pleasure in licking a hot stripe all the way up Lena’s sternum and into the dip of her collarbones before turning her attention to Lena’s breasts. Her nipples are hard , pebbling from a combination of arousal, cool air, and Andrea’s hot breath washing over them, and Andrea spends more time than is strictly necessary meandering her way between them, sucking and running her teeth over them until she can hear Lena’s voice crack in a whine.

“Andi,” Lena gasps, head thrown back against Kara’s shoulder as she struggles not to squirm too much between them. “Honey, please?”

And Andrea may well be the cold-hearted business robot so many seem to think she is (including her, some days), but she’s never been able to resist that .

Andrea presses a last lingering kiss to Lena’s breast before continuing, slowly sinking to her knees and idly reminding herself to move somewhere carpeted next time they do this, because she’s not old , but she is too old to be kneeling on a hardwood floor.

‘Next time…’

Andrea shakes the thought from her mind and loses herself in mapping the constellations of irregular freckles scattered over Lena’s ribs and stomach. When she comes to the one just above the curve of Lena’s hip, though, Andrea finds that Kara’s arm is wrapped tight around her, the muscles of her forearm working rhythmically as she strokes Lena closer and closer to another orgasm (and with the way Lena’s stomach is bunching and jumping, and the way her hips are starting to roll into the strokes, she’s not far off). Andrea looks up and sees Kara murmuring to Lena, one hand tangled in dark hair, tugging Lena’s head to the side as Kara lavishes her neck with kisses. Andrea catches Kara’s eye, just for a moment, and slowly pulls on her wrist.

“I think,” Andrea drawls, over Lena’s barely-coherent protests, “that it’s actually my turn, Danvers.”

Kara grins down at her as she removes her fingers, bringing her hand to Lena’s waist and leaving a sheen of slick on fair skin that catches the fading light. “Sorry, couldn’t resist,” she explains, flipping her hair out of her face and nipping at Lena’s earlobe.

‘Two can play that game…’

Without breaking eye contact, Andrea tugs on Kara’s wrist again, watching as the teasing smile on her face drops to an open-mouthed moan when Andrea takes her fingers into her mouth and sucks . Andrea licks between the digits ( ‘God her fingers are long…’ ), over the webbing, across the tips, noting the slightly rough calluses from years spent god knows where, humming in pleasure at the taste of Lena on her tongue- until every inch of her fingers is thoroughly cleaned. Andrea feels the tendons in Kara’s wrist flex in her grip, feels Kara push her fingers just a bit deeper into her mouth before relaxing again. Finally satisfied that she’s made her point, Andrea releases Kara’s fingers with a wet pop.

“Sorry,” Andrea says, voice low and throaty. “Couldn’t resist.”

Kara’s mouth works soundlessly as Lena chuckles breathlessly at them.

“You’re both killing me,” Lena groans, voice pitching higher as Andrea licks away what little had been spread on Lena’s skin.

“You like it,” Andrea counters, nipping hard enough to leave a pink mark on Lena’s stomach before going back to what she’d been doing before she decided to give Kara an impromptu oral presentation.

And on that topic...

Andrea trails her lips in open-mouthed kisses across Lena’s stomach, watching as her breath hitches in her chest. One of Lena’s hands tangles in her hair and tugs- not hard enough to hurt but with unmistakable intention, pulling Andrea to where Lena wants her.

Kara’s hands appear in Andrea’s line of vision, smoothing a thumb gently over her hip and scraping blunt nails lightly across Lena’s stomach as she shudders.

“Easy, baby,” Kara murmurs, kissing her way down Lena’s neck and across her shoulder. “We’ll take care of you.”

Lena shudders as Andrea allows herself to be pulled a few inches over, pressing a kiss just below Lena’s navel that’d be almost chaste if it weren’t for the placement.  “Well, if you insist…” Andrea says as she curls a hand behind Lena’s thigh, lifting it up and over her shoulder. 

There’s this moment just before she dives in, Andrea reflects, that she’ll never get tired of. That last taut strain of anticipation, that last little power struggle, that last desperate breath… Andrea lives for that. Andrea blows a hot puff of air over Lena’s exposed clit, relishing the tightened grip in her hair before leaning forward and giving Lena what they both so desperately want.

Lena’s dripping , the wetness smeared on the inside of her thighs swiftly transferring to Andrea’s face, but Andrea’s so lost in Lena herself that she barely notices. It’s almost ridiculous how addicting it is to see Lena like this, to taste her like this, spread open and panting, pulling Andrea closer closer closer by the second as her hips start to roll. And normally, Andrea would grip those hips and pin them, would make her wait it out until Andrea was satisfied that she was on the razor’s edge of begging with one foot hovering over the abyss.

But this isn’t really normal anyways, Andrea supposes, flattening her tongue and lapping up some of the wetness at a leisurely pace as she works her way to Lena’s swollen clit. Andrea drags the tip of her tongue sideways around the edges, watching as Lena bites her lip to contain a whine.

“Why are you being quiet?” Kara asks sweetly, nuzzling at the juncture of Lena’s neck and shoulder. “You don’t have to be quiet, baby, we want to hear you. Wanna hear how good she’s making you feel…”

The shiver that runs down Andrea’s spine is entirely coincidental, as is her redoubling her efforts to make Lena moan , loud and long. 

All coincidental.

Lena does moan, and it’s the first time in months that that sound hasn’t made Andrea feel a little guilty. Because instead of sleeping alone in the next room, Kara is right there , hands roaming from Lena’s breasts to her stomach to her ass to her thigh, the one slung over Andrea’s shoulder, gripping and scratching lightly at flushed skin and watching with dark eyes as Andrea does her level best to make Lena pass out.

“God, you look so good , baby,” Kara groans, sucking another mark onto Lena’s neck. 

Over, around, down, inside, up, and suck and again and again in a dance Andrea’s had memorized and perfected since they were 17. Kara watches as Lena’s mouth goes slack as Andrea slowly slides into her with two, then three, fingers, stroking in and pressing against Lena’s g-spot in as perfect sync with the efforts of her tongue as she can manage. 

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop ,” Lena chants, hips rolling to meet Andrea’s pace, heel digging into her upper back.

And god, Kara won’t stop staring .

Andrea’s never really considered exhibitionism all that much- with her position in her family’s company, it’s never been what could be called ‘a good idea’ to explore that particular avenue. But having someone watching her? Helping her get Lena off again and again? Having that person be Kara , specifically is… this is good . It’s turning Andrea almost molten, making her show off with slow drags of her tongue- she even throws in a wink for good measure, once, and Kara briefly freezes in what she’s doing (whispering undoubtedly filthily sweet nothings in Lena’s ear as she slowly sucks hickeys all over her neck and shoulders and pinches and twists her nipples) before Lena whines a bit at the loss of attention and Kara’s concentration seems to return.

It’s almost a surprise when Lena comes, loud and hard, fingers tightening almost painfully in Andrea’s hair as she grinds shamelessly against her tongue. Andrea feels a sliver of pride as she watches Lena’s hips slow their rhythm, watches her take a deep inhale and go completely slack in Kara’s waiting arms with a sigh.

“Hey, hey, we’ve got you,” Kara soothes, pressing a sloppy kiss to Lena’s temple and slowly maneuvering Lena’s leg off of Andrea’s shoulder and onto the ground. 

Lena hums contentedly, eyes closed and a small smile on her face. “That was…”

“It looked like it,” Kara agrees, shooting Andrea a grin and somehow managing to spare a hand to pull her up from her knees. 

Andrea groans a bit herself as her knees make it known that they did not appreciate her efforts as much as her girlfriend did. “Thanks.”

Kara’s brows pull together in concern. “You okay?”

“Hardwood,” Andrea explains.

Understanding crosses Kara’s face, followed swiftly by sympathy. “Ow, yeah. Let’s go somewhere more, um, not the dining room. Unless Lena’s tapping out on us.”

This apparently jolts Lena back to the land of the living. “Not even close,” she assures them. “As soon as I remember how to walk we’re going again.”

“I can probably help with that,” Kara says with a grin, bending and sweeping Lena over her shoulder, laughing as Lena yelps when her world suddenly upends.


Kara turns her head and places a kiss on Lena’s hip. “Yes, dear?”

The only response is a laughing sigh.

“Well now you’re just showing off,” Andrea accuses, though there’s neither heat nor sharpness behind her words.

“What? Noooo… Lena’s tiny, that’s not showing off.”

“Then what does qualify as showing off?”

Andrea knows the answer as soon as Kara looks her up and down and steps purposefully forward with a slow smile.

“Kara,” Andrea warns, fighting to transform a grin into a scowl and taking a step back. “Kara, n-”

But it’s already too late- in a flash, Kara’s arm is around Andrea’s waist and she’s being flipped rapidly up onto Kara’s shoulder. 

“Goddammit,” Andrea sighs. She looks over at Lena, whose face has gone slightly red in the course of the past minute of being ass-up to the world. “She’s not going to put us down, is she?”

Lena just shakes her head with a rueful smile.

“The peach harvest this year is abundant,” Kara jokes, jostling them both a bit as she makes her way to the hallway.

“Oh my god ,” Lena and Andrea groan in unison.

Kara stops, seemingly in the middle of the hallway. “Which room are we going to?”

“Ours,” Lena says. “It has some of the things I want in it.”

“Aw, baby, Andrea and I aren’t even in there yet,” Kara croons, laughing loudly as Lena’s hand makes swift contact with her ass. She jostles Andrea gently. “You okay with that?”

And there it is again, the checking in, checking Andrea’s boundaries and comfort and just.


“You heard the brat.”

Lena’s jaw drops. “How dare you.”

Kara snorts and continues forward, pushing the door open with her foot and pushing it closed behind her. She walks confidently over to the bed and throws them both onto it.

“That was showing off,” Kara informs them, flexing her arms exaggeratedly with a cocky grin.

“It works for you,” Andrea laughs a bit breathlessly.

Kara stops flexing and grins. “Yeah?

Andrea and Lena look her up and down in tandem. “Yeah.”

Kara’s grin turns goofy and genuine. “Cool!” she says before launching herself onto the bed after them.

Kara manages to land mostly between them, though one of her elbows lands (unfortunately?)  on Andrea’s hair, pulling it in a distinctly unpleasant way.

“Fuck, Kara! Hair!” Andrea hisses, pushing at her shoulder ineffectually.

“Oh, sorry, um, let me just- shit !”

Kara seemingly loses her balance and lands on top of Andrea, pressing her down into the very plush mattress with the warm weight of her body, and it’s all Andrea can do to resist rolling up against her because goddammit, she still hasn’t come. And for the briefest moment, Andrea thinks Kara’s eyes dart down to her lips, blonde hair hanging loose around them.

“Sorry,” Kara murmurs quietly, shifting carefully to avoid pulling Andrea’s hair again as she moves into a plank.

“I only like my hair pulled under certain circumstances,” Andrea jokes.

“Noted.” Kara rolls instead on top of Lena who laughs and wraps Kara in her arms (and legs). Kara nuzzles her face against Lena’s neck. “Hi baby. How’re you doing?”

“‘m good,” Lena tells her. 


“Yeah, just need a minute. You two, however…”

“What’s wrong?”

“You’re overdressed,” Lena tells them, looking down at Kara’s shirt with a lazy grin. “Take this off , already.”

“Oh! Oh . Um...” Kara’s eyes dart over to Andrea. 

Andrea snorts, sliding to the edge of the bed and rising up onto her toes in a stretch. “Don’t worry, I only bite if you ask me to.”

“Really? Uh, I mean, um, good. Because I don’t want you biting me.”

Andrea cocks an eyebrow, smirking. “Sure.”

Kara huffs, a bit flustered as she rises up onto her knees and immediately begins struggling with the buttons on her shirt. 

Lena, of course, makes no move to help, instead ducking her head around Kara and locking eyes with Andrea, a challenge clear in the rise of her brow.

Andrea rolls her eyes, forever (unfortunately) surprised at Lena’s unending ‘helpfulness’ with this entire situation. “Kara, dios mio. Come here.”

Kara has, by this point, attempted to wrestle the still-mostly-buttoned shirt out of her still-belted pants and is seemingly growing more frustrated by the moment. She looks down at her disheveled clothes, over to Andrea, and down to Lena, who is smirking up at her, conspicuously not helping at all , and sighs, fumbling her way off the bed. 

Andrea pulls Kara closer by the hips when she stops a few steps too far away, which evidently Kara was not expecting, as she stumbles bodily into Andrea. “Sorry!”

“Are you always this graceful when you’re about to get laid,” Andrea asks conversationally, easily undoing the buttons that Kara had been doing battle with. “Or are we just lucky?”

Kara flushes a bit as she chokes on a laugh, managing to unbuckle her belt and untuck her (now) mostly unbuttoned shirt. “Har har.”

Andrea finishes the last buttons, taking a moment to admire the contrast of toned, tanned skin against the stark white of Kara’s very wrinkled shirt. She looks down at Kara’s pants and then back up at the woman herself, raising an eyebrow pointedly.

Kara rolls her eyes, bending to shuck her chinos with ease and kick out of them, leaving her in boyshorts, a rumpled button down, and a sports bra. “Happy?”

And yes, in fact, with Kara’s muscular thighs and perfectly-shaped ass now within her line of sight, Andrea is much happier. “The view is better.” Andrea indulges a bit, flattening her palms over Kara’s trim stomach and delighting as it twitches in response. “This continues to be unfair,” she informs Kara, flexing her fingers just enough to dig a bit before relaxing again.

Kara grins, stepping a bit closer ( indecently close , some would argue) and reaching out to tug gently at Andrea’s lapel. “I’m very sorry you feel that way. Would it help at all if I returned the favor?”

“That depends- are you going to rip this shirt trying to get the buttons undone?” Andrea asks.

“Would you care if I did?”


Andrea huffs. “Yes, I would- I only brought a week’s worth of clothes.”

“You can always borrow something,” Kara offers, still toying with the front on Andrea’s shirt, close enough that Andrea can smell the scent of fresh, clean sweat and sex on her, can feel the warmth rolling off of Kara in waves. It’s heady and makes the ever tightening knot in Andrea’s low belly ratchet just a bit tighter. “I know you already like one of my shirts…”

Still. “It’s silk, Kara.”

“...Or I can just be gentle,” Kara chuckles, still not moving to undo a single button with her conspicuously steady hands.

Andrea rolls her eyes playfully. “I’ll believe it when I see it, slick.”

“Let me try anyways,” Kara offers, all quiet confidence. “I’d hate to disappoint our girl.”

Andrea’s eyes dart to Lena, who’s watching them from the bed with an expression that’s simultaneously soft and wanton. A pink tongue darts out to wet kiss-bruised lips as she watches the two of them with rapt attention.

Andrea’s never seen Lena like this, honestly, and that’s obviously, definitely, absolutely at least part of the reason her next words are, “Go ahead.”

(It obviously, definitely, absolutely has nothing to do with wanting to feel Kara’s warm hands on her again, even if the reason Kara wants them there is to show off for their girlfriend.)

Kara grins down at her (which is annoying and not a turn on, to be loomed over like this), starting at the top of Andrea’s shirt and working her way down. Andrea tries to let herself just enjoy it, to quell the rising bout of angsty anxiety buzzing in the back of her brain as Kara’s knuckles brush against her sternum, is enjoying watching Kara’s face as more skin is revealed, but….

But Kara’s being so slow and gentle, gentle, gentle and finally Andrea huffs at her, shoving Kara’s hands away in a fit of self-conscious impatience. “If you’re going to do it that slowly, I can do it myself.”

“Andi,” Lena sighs, chiding her quietly.

“Oh, sorry, I just… um, I wanted to give you a chance to say no,” Kara explains quietly, face red.

Instantly, Andrea’s impatience is replaced with guilt. Which she, of course, covers with more irritation. “You don’t have to- it’s just sex, not some… grand romantic thing, alright? This isn’t about me, anyways, it’s about Lena.”

Kara’s deep blue eyes rove over her face, a slight crinkle forming between her brows. “Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get a say in what you’re comfortable with.”

Andrea crosses her arms and frowns up at Kara. “I’m not some delicate damsel you need to be careful with, Kara; in fact most people find I’m quite the opposite, so if we could move this along…?” Kara’s own frown deepens, and Andrea sighs. “Look, I’m sorry for being a bitch, but you really don’t have to be so nice about thi-”

Kara huffs and raises her hand to cup Andrea’s face, tracing a thumb lightly over her cheek. “You really need to stop saying things like that.”

“Like what? That I’m a bitch? That’s not anything but the truth-”

“No, it isn’t,” Kara insists, the crinkle between her brows now deep and pronounced. “You’re stubborn and honest and hardworking and determined, but that’s not- you deserve for people to be nice to you. I know that this is just sex for you, or whatever, but Andrea… you’re not as mean as you think you are. And I just- I wish you’d let people be nice to you.”

And there’s something in the naked sincerity in Kara’s eyes and voice, the way her calloused thumb drags rhythmically over Andrea’s flushed skin, the way she can barely see anything in the dimly lit room but Kara, that finally makes Andrea think, ‘Well. Fuck it.’

And then… Andrea sort of stops thinking.

Andrea knows she tugs Kara down as she rises up onto her toes. Andrea knows she tips her own head to the side to avoid any potential nose-breaking. Andrea knows Kara makes a startled ‘Meep!’ noise (which Andrea fully intends to tease her about later). 

But above and before any of this, Andrea knows that after almost two months of curiosity, both idle and otherwise, she was not prepared for the feeling that swoops in her as Kara’s lips meet hers.

It’s almost tentative at first, just a firm press of lips, unmistakable even in the darkened room. Kara’s so soft- soft skin, soft hair, soft lips against Andrea’s. Andrea’s hand slides up from its hold on Kara’s collar, moving over the sharp jut of collarbone, the rapid thrum of a pulse-point, the heated cords of tendon and muscle, tangling up into thick, wavy hair-

There’s a quick gasp and suddenly Kara’s hands are on Andrea’s hips, pushing her away but making sure to keep her steady. Kara sucks in a greedy lungful of air, eyes dark and confused and almost pained . "Why- Andrea, you know we talked about-"

"I know. Not unless I mean it." And Andrea pulls her in again, kissing Kara for all she's worth because goddamn does she mean it.

"But, wait-"

And again.

"If you're- then…"

And again, and again, and again , until it dawns on Kara, until instead of Kara’s soft ( soft, wet, luscious ) lips against hers, all Andrea feels is teeth. She pulls away with a huff to see Kara looking down at her, befuddled but beaming.

"Do you like me?"

"Less by the minute," Andrea grumbles, pulling her down again and angling for a kiss (which is absolutely not to hide the fact that she’s probably blushing a bit).

But Kara pulls away, still beaming. “You like me.”

“Kara, oh my god .”

There’s definitely the sound of muffled laughter coming from the bed. Andrea tries to glare over at Lena, but Kara’s wrapping her arms around her waist and pulling Andrea flush against her. “But do you?”

Andrea sighs, very put-upon even as she fights a smile. “Yes, I fucking like you.”

And if Andrea thought kissing Kara was something to experience, being kissed by Kara is on another plane entirely.

There’s a mutter of what sounds suspiciously like, “Fucking finally” from Lena’s general direction, but Andrea barely registers it. Because where Kara’s been so soft (hair, hands, skin, lips lips lips ), she’s suddenly firm , slipping a hand up from Andrea’s waist to the back of her neck, kneading lightly with her fingertips before they tangle in dark hair and tip her head to the side and meeting her mouth in a hungry kiss. Kara hums when Andrea pulls her closer, arms reaching up to wind over broad shoulders, pulling her closer in turn, licking into her mouth and god.

Andrea could kick herself for not having this sooner.

“We should’ve done this sooner,” Kara half-laughs, half-pants as she nips at Andrea’s lower lip.

“I’m pretty sure I mentioned that,” Lena drawls. “To both of you. Several times.”

Kara snorts, and Andrea rolls her eyes. “Shut up.”

“Make me.”

Andrea opens her mouth and turns to retort, but Kara’s warm hand gently cups her jaw and encourages her to look back at the blonde instead.

“Excuse me,” she murmurs. “I wasn’t done with you.” There’s a teasing glint in her eyes as they dart over to Lena before meeting Andrea’s again, eyebrow quirking a bit. “I think she’s had enough fun for the moment, don’t you?”

There’s a loud protest from the bed as Andrea grins slyly. “You know, I do.” She shrugs the rest of the way out of her shirt. “What did you have in mind?”

Kara grins. 


It’s been a while, Andrea muses absently, since she was held up and fucked against a wall. But that certainly seems to be Kara’s intention.

Andrea huffs out a laugh as her back makes somewhat abrupt contact with the bedroom wall, and Kara pauses her quest to remove both their remaining clothes without removing her mouth from Andrea’s skin to look up at her in concern.

“Sorry, that was a little-”

“Rough?” Andrea asks with a wicked grin. “I’m not made of glass.”

Kara returns it with one of her own as she nibbles around Andrea’s navel. “No?” she asks teasingly.



There’s a sharp tug, and, just like that, Andrea’s panties have disappeared.

“Show off,” Andrea laughs as Kara grins innocently up at her.

“How do you want me?” she asks, smoothing her hands soothingly over Andrea’s legs. She notably avoids touching the back of Andrea’s knees.

And having Kara looking up at her, patiently waiting for an answer on her knees…

It’s not a visual Andrea is opposed to. In fact, she fully intend to thoroughly explore that avenue later, given the opportunity. But it’s not what she wants right now .

Right now, she just wants to be close to Kara, wrapped up in her. And she wants those damn hands on her, in her.

“I want you inside me,” Andrea says. When Kara looks over toward the closet (where Andrea’s gathered they keep their toys) Andrea cups her jaw and turns her head. “I want you inside me.”

Kara simply stands, hiking Andrea up by the back of her thighs until they’re eye-to-eye. 

Andrea’s unable to resist rolling up against Kara’s taut abs, humming at the friction against her aching clit and burying a hand in Kara’s hair, tightening it into a fist as she does it again. At the pulling, Kara gasps and presses harder against Andrea with her body and it’s just…. Fucking delicious.

“Do that again,” Kara mumbles against the underside of Andrea’s jaw.

“What’s the magic word?”

Kara huffs. “Please.”

Andrea grins, clenching her fist again, meeting the roll of Kara’s hips with one of her own and licking into Kara’s mouth when it drops open in a moan. “Very good.”

And it’s a haze, after that.

One of Kara’s hands moves up over her thigh, big and warm and leaving goosebumps in its wake. Andrea’s head falls back with a thump at the first brush of Kara’s fingers against her clit and then down through a not-insignificant amount of wetness. There’s a questioning hum at her throat, and when Andrea doesn’t answer quickly enough soft lips are replaced with a playful nip on her earlobe. 

“God, Kara, just fuck me,” she snaps impatiently.

And gods above she does.

There’s no slow lead in, no gentle build-up. There’s just one, then two, then three fingers pumping into her, pace unrelenting and a bit harsh and perfect, fingers of her other hand digging into Andrea’s thigh hard enough to bruise. She stops, grabs one of Andrea’s hands, slotting it between her stomach and Andrea’s clit. “Show me what you like,” she says, a bit ragged but sincere as she slips back inside. “You feel good …”

“Fuck,” Andrea gasps, instinctually working herself to meet Kara’s tempo inside her. A moan to the right draws her attention to the bed. 

Lena’s propped herself up on some pillows to watch them, one hand teasing her own nipples, the other moving lazily between her legs- like she’s not even trying to finish, like she’s just enjoying the sensation, just enjoying watching them together.


Andrea knew it wouldn’t take long, with how long she’d been waiting, but this was just ridiculous. It’s barely two minutes when orgasm hits her, fingers stilling and back arching against the wall as her other hand fists Kara’s hair. She can feel Kara grinning against her neck, teeth scraping gently over what must be a half-dozen hickeys between Lena and Kara’s efforts.

“Good?” Kara asks, audibly smug as her shoulder muscles jump and shift, speed slowing as she works Andrea down from her high.

Andrea does her level best to glare down at her as her legs shake around Kara’s waist. “Adequate.”

Kara snorts. “I’ll try harder next time.” She pulls her fingers out slowly, and Andrea can feel herself clench at the loss of fullness. Kara turns her head slightly toward the bed. “What’d you think, baby? Good?”

“Damn good,” Lena laughs, a bit breathless. “Like bespoke porn.”

Kara grins, lowering Andrea so her feet are back on the ground. “Hear that? We’re personal porn stars for a billionaire.”

“Finally, a way to get rich,” Andrea deadpans.

Lena cackles as Kara rolls her eyes fondly. “God, there’s two of them.”

“I told you, love- you have a type.”

“I do not!”

Andrea hums, absently ghosting her fingertips across Kara’s stomach, smiling when it twitches under her touch. She presses her palm flat against Kara’s sternum, pushing her back gently but insistently until Kara’s knees meet the edge of the bed, and then more until she falls back onto it, pulling Andrea down with her at the last second. She lands a bit awkwardly on top of Kara, huffing and blowing a bit of hair out of her face as she props herself up on her elbows. “Very smooth.”

But Kara just smiles up at her, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. “I think I forgot to mention it, but I like you too. I’ve kinda had a crush on you for weeks, actually, and… yeah.”

“You had a crush on me? That’s so embarrassing for you.”

Kara gapes at her, hand frozen in mid-aid. “I was inside of you less than a minute ago!”

Andrea shrugs. “Still.”

“Lena, she’s being mean to me.”

“Mean brunette,” Lena deadpans.

“I do not have a type!”

“It seems like you do , actually,” Andrea counters. She pushes herself up so she’s straddling Kara’s hips, absently reaching back to unclasp her bra behind her back. “Something about being a tit girl…”

Kara sits up abruptly, arms wrapping tight around Andrea’s waist to steady her through the change in position. Her eyes are glued to Andrea’s chest as the bra slips from her shoulders to hang uselessly off her arms. As soon as Andrea shrugs out of the bra entirely, Kara sighs happily, hands smoothing up and over Andrea’s back, across her ribs, down her stomach and back up to cup the real focus of her ministrations in both hands. Her hands aren’t exactly rough but certainly more textured than Lena’s are any day, and the friction across Andrea’s oversensitive skin feels incredible.

Kara evidently feels the same, as she swiftly faceplants directly into Andrea’s chest, nuzzling there with a happy hum-growl.

Lena slides in behind Kara, stretching so her arms wrap around both their waists (or, almost, anyway) and smiles into Kara’s shoulder. “I told you.”

“You did,” Andrea agrees, raking a hand through Kara’s tangled hair and scratching lightly at her scalp. Kara hugs her closer at her sensation, humming again. “Is she always like this?”

“Yes,” Lena chuckles.

Kara says something in protest, but it’s muffled to such a degree they can’t quite make it out. Her hips rock up into the cradle of Andrea’s thighs.

“Hm, and to think she didn’t want to see me naked,” Andrea drawls, meeting Lena’s eye with a smile.

At this slander Kara pulls away, clearly affronted. “I said we didn’t need to be naked.”

“Mhmm. And what do you think now?”

“We’ve all been wearing too many clothes the entire time we’ve been in this house.”

“I said that weeks ago,” Lena grumbles.

“Speaking of too many clothes, why are you still wearing any?” Andrea asks, plucking at the strap of Kara’s sports bra before allowing it to snap back against her skin.

“I got distracted,” Kara mutters, pressing her forehead to Andrea’s collarbone. 

“By what?” Andrea teases.

“You,” Kara tells her earnestly.

And just…. Goddammit.

Andrea never stood a chance.

She clears her throat, avoiding Lena’s knowing smile and raking her fingers through Kara’s hair again. “Were you so distracted that you failed to notice you haven’t come yet?” Kara’s hips grind up against hers again, and Andrea smirks. “I’ll take that as a ‘no.’”

Kara offers a smile that’s almost shy . “I um… I actually don’t mind. Waiting. I like- I’m a giver, so this is- it’s good, for me. I like taking care of people.”

Andrea arches an eyebrow at her before looking over at Lena. “You found a service top in this economy?”

Lena grins, pressing a kiss to Kara’s neck. “Mm. And one with impressive stamina.”

“Well that makes sense, she is a runner,” Andrea acknowledges.

“I’m right here, ” Kara grumbles between them, blushing to the tips of her ears as she starts to shrug out of her sports bra.

“Yes you are,” Lena agrees, running her hands indulgently over Kara’s torso and leaving a lingering kiss on her shoulder as her arms stretch over her head. “Very fortunately for us. Because I still have plans for you this evening.”

Kara smiles and tips her head to the side to allow for better access to her neck. “Oh yeah? What’d you have in mind?”

Lena grins, scraping her teeth over Kara’s earlobe. “There is something I’ve always wanted to try…”

“What’s that?” Kara asks.

“Go get the blue one,” Lena requests, belting out a laugh as Kara very unceremoniously tips Andrea off of her lap onto the bed and hurries across the room, tripping over her own underwear as she shoves them down her legs.


“Are you sure about this?” Andrea asks skeptically. “I feel like this could break you, somehow.” 

“Um, first of all, yes. Very absolutely sure,” Kara tells her, stretching out on the bed and shifting a bit to get comfortable. “Second, I’m pretty strong. And if I do die, please tell everyone exactly how it happened.”

Lena snorts behind her, double-checking that none of the straps on Kara’s harness need to be readjusted. “I feel as though Alex and Eliza wouldn’t appreciate that particular story…”

“Just tell them I died as I lived.”

“Hip-deep in one woman with your face buried in another?” Lena asks wryly.

“Exploring the unexplored,” Kara corrects.

Dios mio ,” Andrea mutters, swinging her leg over Kara so she’s straddling her chest. “You're ridiculous.”

“You like me anyways,” Kara says with a grin, cupping Andrea’s ass and squeezing playfully before encouraging her to move upward. 

Andrea makes her way up until she has her knees on either side of Kara’s head, carefully avoiding the hasty braid Kara had worked her hair into. She takes firm hold of the headboard relaxing a bit as Kara smooths a hand up her thigh as they spread wider. “Ready?”

There’s a familiar gasping moan behind her, and Andrea knows from the sound alone that Lena has started sinking down onto the strap. Kara groans at the pressure, the hand that was previously stroking gently now pulling Andrea down toward her mouth and-

“A la mierda!”

Kara leans up, tongue licking a hot stripe through Andrea’s folds, and she rocks down against Kara’s face instinctively, shuddering as Kara moans into her. The hand on her thigh is still pulling her insistently down, and Andrea lowers herself further still until Kara hums again, her tongue dipping into Andrea before continuing up again to her clit. Kara sucks and licks and nibbles and hums and does seemingly everything in her power to make Andrea lose her tenuous control.

Lena moans high in her throat behind her, and Andrea wishes absently that she could watch that, watch Lena rise and fall and shift and grind on the cock jutting from Kara’s hips, watch Kara’s muscles tense and shift as she rocked up into her, steadying Lena by the hips and pulling her down until she was buried inside her.

“We should’ve recorded this,” Andrea half-laughs, half-groans, one hand moving down to fist loosely in Kara’s hair as she tentatively starts to move her hips.

“Next time,” Lena grunts, panting slightly with exertion.

‘Next time.’

Kara meets her pace with enthusiasm, encouraging her to move faster, to grind a bit harder, grip her hair a bit more roughly. Andrea can hear how wet she is, feel how slick Kara’s face- hell, probably her chest and neck, too- has become with it. She’s gliding almost frictionlessly on Kara, and Kara’s looking up at her with stars in her eyes, and Lena’s leaned forward just enough to lick up the back of Andrea’s spine...

It’s like her horniest college daydreams come wildly, gloriously to life. Andrea doesn’t even know what words are coming out of her mouth right now, only that it’s a steady stream and completely beyond her control.

When Andrea comes, it’s almost a shock. It’s like her body suddenly becomes detached from her brain, or her brain from her body. All she can feel is wave after wave of her orgasm (orgasms?), each cresting higher than the last, and the long, low moan that escapes comes from somewhere deep inside her- maybe down to her toes. 

Andrea’s not sure how long she comes for, exactly, but when she comes back to herself it’s to find Kara tapping gently but insistently on her thigh. She quickly lifts herself off of Kara’s face and rolls to the side. “Shit! Sorry, sorry, that was-”

“‘S okay,” Kara grunts, taking in a grateful lungful of air and moving both hands to Lena’s hips as she continues to rock at an increasingly unsteady pace. “Just couldn’t breathe.”

Kara’s face, neck, and chest are an absolute mess, as is the bed around them. It’s an almost unprecedented amount of cum for Andrea, this having only happened a few other times in her rather extensive history. “I hope you don’t mind the mess,” Andrea offers with a grin. “I guess I get to keep calling you slick.”

“Ha! No- mm, that’s it, baby, take what you need- ‘s fine, ‘s good, I was just surprised,” Kara gasps, rutting her hips up into Lena. “C’mon, baby, you’re so close, taking me so well…” Kara turns her full attention to Andrea, strained smile teasing. “You taste really good. I didn’t mind a little drowning.”

“Next time I’ll try not to waterboard you,” Andrea chuckles.

Lena is red-faced and glistening with sweat, brows drawn together in single-minded focus as she chases her pleasure on Kara, bearing down into her almost savagely when Kara bottoms out and eliciting gasps and moans of her own- probably due to the ridged bit of silicone on the other end of the strap pressing hard into Kara’s clit. 

It’s like watching a well practiced dance, watching the two of them together, and even though she’s just experienced what is undoubtedly one of the better and harder orgasms of her entire life, Andrea feels the stirrings of arousal low in her belly.

They’re beautiful together.

Finally Lena arches back with a shuddering gasp, eyes falling closed as her head lolls back. Her mouth falls open in a silent cry, and she seems to stay suspended like that for minutes rather than a few seconds.

‘Ah. Bespoke porn indeed...’

When Lena does come down, it’s less a descent and more a crash, with her going from taut to ragdoll in the blink of an eye, Kara’s steady hands the only thing keeping her upright.

“Easy, baby, easy,” Kara coos, moving upright and cradling Lena close, brushing sweaty locks of hair out of her face and pressing kisses to every inch of it. She crosses her legs loosely and wraps her arms more securely around Lena, content to anchor her until her soul returns to her earthly body. Suddenly, though, one of Kara’s arms is stretched out awkwardly behind her, fingers waggling at Andrea.

“C’mere,” she murmurs, flapping her hand around more insistently, only stopping when Andrea complies with a groan and moves closer. 

Kara slips her free arm around Andrea’s waist, pulling her in so they’re hip to hip (though facing opposite directions). Andrea’s fairly certain that Lena is, in fact, asleep, or at least dozing, on Kara’s chest.

“That was fun,” Kara finally says, breaking the stillness of the room. “We should do it again, sometime.”

Andrea snorts, running a hand through her doubtlessly rumpled hair. “It was, and we should,” she agrees. “Probably a few more times, to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.”

“Would- when all this is over, would you want to go out with me, sometime?” Kara asks, nerves a bit evident in her voice, eyes big and vulnerable. “Or out with us, I guess?”

“Yeah,” Andrea responds softly, stroking a thumb over Kara’s knee. “Yeah, I would.”

“Quit flirting with my girlfriend,” Lena mumbles, a sleepy smile on her face.

Kara ignores her, beaming at Andrea and leaning in to plant a kiss on the scar between her brows, smiling as it wrinkles under her lips. “I’ve been wanting to do that for weeks,” she whispers conspiratorially, pressing another kiss there for good measure.


Eventually they manage to coax Lena off of Kara, letting her flop bonelessly onto her side with a groan as Kara slowly pulls out of her, cooing comfortingly when Lena whines at the loss of contact. Kara rolls up onto her knees and reaches to start loosening the harness when Andrea swats her hands away.

“Lay back down,” she instructs, pressing her index finger to the center of Kara’s chest and pressing backwards.

“What’re you doing?” Kara asks warrily, though she complies easily enough.

“I’m going to show you the thing that made my ex-boyfriend crash his boat,” Andrea explains casually, running her hands lazily over Kara’s body and sliding down until her face is parallel to the still-wet strap.

Kara’s face betrays her confusion for 0.3 seconds before she remembers the story and grins. “Show me.”

Andrea flips her hair over one shoulder and takes the length into her mouth slowly, sloppily, showily, one hand working the strap as though Kara feels it, the other pressing down on the base so Kar can feel it. It’s a bit foreign, the weight and texture of the silicone on her tongue, but the familiar taste and smell of Lena (and of Kara) neutralize any strangeness. Andrea slowly licks her way up and down the shaft, savoring the taste she loves so well. She frees one hand to find Kara’s, bringing up to her disheveled hair and squeezing Kara’s wrist before letting go and returning to the task at hand. She can feel her face getting spit-slicked and messy but she can’t bring herself to care as Kara rumbles a groan from deep in her throat, thrusting shallowly up into Andrea’s mouth before catching herself and going still. The strain of staying still is evident in her thighs and fingers as they twitch and twist in Andrea’s hair, abdominals rigid with tension.

 Andrea takes her deep in her throat, looking up at Kara through her lashes before backing off completely. “I’m not made of glass,” she reminds Kara, voice a bit huskier than usual. “You can move, I want you to fuck me-”

Kara lets out a helpless groan, grinding up against the harness Andrea is pushing against her. Her fingers tighten in Andrea’s hair as she pulls her back down, and Andrea can’t quite smother her grin as she rests the tip of the blue strap on her tongue and looks back up at Kara.

Kara whines and pulls her down more insistently, thrusting up a bit to meet her open mouth and groaning as Andrea relaxes her throat to take it all the way in. She slips her thumb under the harness and begins rubbing Kara’s clit in small, tight circles in time with the thrusts of Kara’s hips, and it’s not long after that Kara cries out, trembling head to toe as she comes hard.

Andrea hums, more than a bit smug as she pulls away and lays her cheek on Kara’s thigh. 

Kara pants up at the ceiling, eyes screwed shut as she slowly loosens her grip in Andrea’s hair. “Okay, she gasps. “Okay, I get why, with the sandbar and the boat. I get it. Holy shit .”

“I guess I can’t blame him after all,” Andrea muses, smiling when Kara laughs loudly.

“God. Fuck . That was… that was awesome. Like, literally. I am literally filled with awe,” Kara babbles.

“Seconded,” Lena opines, still half-asleep but fully herself.

“Good,” Andrea says, kissing the seam of leg and hip before rolling onto her side. 

And directly into a wet spot on the bed. One of what must be at least four wet spots on the bed. “Ah, Kara…”

“We can’t sleep in this bed,” Kara snorts, seemingly reading either her mind or her disgruntled expression. 

“No, we cannot.”

“Alright. As soon as my legs work again, we’ll go to your room.”

“Sounds good.”

“Hey, we didn’t do that thing,” Lena protests.

“What thing?”

“The one in your drawing. We didn’t do that.”

Kara groans tiredly. “We’ll do it next time, baby.”


“Promise,” Kara and Andrea respond.

day fifty-two 



They do eventually make it to Andrea’s room after a brief nap and a shared shower, settling between the clean sheets in a grateful heap of limbs and half-wet hair and worn-out bodies.

Dawn comes, and for the first time in years, Kara’s tempted to skip her morning run. Not only is she more than a little sore and tired from the night before, not only is she also in bed with the two most beautiful women she’s ever seen (both of whom she’s dating- ain’t life grand?), but that tingling buzz of energy she feels constantly under her skin is mysteriously, miraculously absent.


But still, Kara makes herself get up if only to go for a quick jog around the block if nothing else. She manages to escape without disturbing her bedfellows too much, watching with what has to be the world’s dopiest smile as they curl into each other in the absence of her warmth between them. And even though she knows she shouldn’t, Kara can’t resist giving them both a kiss on the head.

Just because she can.

She's at the doorway when she hears a sleepy, "Hey" behind her. She turns and meets Andrea’s eyes with a bright smile that’s returned around a yawn.

"Hey, I'm just going for a quick run. Be back in a bit."

"You want coffee?" Andrea yawns again.

It's adorable. She's adorable. "Love some."

"'kay. We'll be here when you get back. With coffee."

Kara crosses the room to meet Andrea in a gentle kiss. "Sounds perfect."