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You, Me, Her

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day one


“Hey, good morning! Want some coffee?”

Andrea blinks blearily, first at Kara, and then at the steaming, bowl-sized mug she’s offering. “That’d be great,” she says quietly, accepting it and the smile Kara gives her with an averted gaze. “Where’s Lena?”

“Oh, she’s conferencing with her board. Or… the city board? A board, anyways,” Kara says, shrugging easily as she fixes herself a cup of... coffee-flavored sugar-milk, apparently. Seeing the distaste on Andrea’s face, she laughs. “Yeah, Lena hates how I take my coffee too. Says I’m gonna get diabetes.”

Andrea shrugs, not disagreeing, eyes roving over the open-concept living room and kitchen. The wall of windows lets in enough light to be blinding as it bounces off of the white-washed brick and pale wood floors. It's got Lena's modern, minimalist aesthetic; the furniture is upholstered in all whites and grays but there’s bright pops of color scattered around (jewel-toned pillows and throws on the couch, brightly-colored appliances in the kitchen), no small amount of family photos and paintings on the walls, and huge bookcases stand on either side of the TV in the living room. It’s a nice place. Cozy, lived-in, comfortable.


“What’s that?”

Her attention jerks to Kara, and she clears her throat. “This is a nice place. It’s cute.”

And it is. Even if a small house in the hills isn't at all where she ever pictured Lena living.

Kara visibly brightens. “Thanks! It took forever to find a place we both liked, and like, even longer to decorate it. But I’m really happy with how it turned out. You sleep okay? I know there’s a bit of clutter in the spare room, sorry. I use it to write in when Lena needs the office- she has this thing about doing work in our room- and sometimes I forget stuff in there. And I know some of my weights are under the bed, so-”

“It’s fine,” Andrea assures her. “Thank you again, for letting me stay here.”

“Of course! I didn’t want you getting stranded by yourself in National City any more than Lena did, I’m glad she agreed when I mentioned it.”

This is new. And very surprising. “When you-”

“Hey, sorry, that took longer than I anticipated,” Lena says, emerging from the hallway. She grins when Kara passes her another huge mug of coffee without pause. “How are my favorite girls this morning?” she asks, popping up onto her toes to press a kiss to Andrea’s cheek that absolutely doesn’t make her flush. “Good morning.”


“You sleep okay?”

“As well as can be expected,” Andrea says, eyes darting to Kara’s face when Lena lingers in her space. She doesn’t know what she’s expecting to see, but it isn’t concern.

“If there’s anything we can do to make you more comfortable, please let us know,” Kara says.

Lena hums her agreement, dropping a kiss to Andrea’s shoulder and a squeeze around her waist. “What she said.”

Andrea offers a smile. “Thank you. I know this is… awkward.”

Kara’s face screws up. “Is it?” Lena huffs a laugh, crossing to Kara and butting her head against her girlfriend’s chest. Kara maneuvers to wrap her arms around Lena without spilling coffee on her. “Is... am I making you feel awkward? Because that’s not-”

“No, no you’re fine. Just the situation is… strange.”

Kara shrugs, chin resting on Lena’s head. “I’ve been in weirder.”

“Trust me, she has.” From Lena’s loud bark of laughter, Andrea doesn’t doubt it. 

Andrea offers a thin smile. “Do you mind if I use your office for a bit? I have a few video calls I have to make.”

“Of course. Kara?”

“Oh, yeah, go for it! Our casa is su casa, and all that.”

Andrea smirks at the bad Spanglish and heads back to the room she’s staying in to change into some work attire.

Kara may have found herself in stranger situations before, but Andrea has not.


the day before


"They're talking about quarantining the city, setting up curfews and not letting people in or out."

Andrea hummed thoughtfully as she spun in her chair. "I've heard the same thing. I know they just shut down the airports, grounded all flights in and out of National City as of this afternoon."

"God. This is crazy. What are you going to do?"

Andrea's brow had furrowed. "Do?"

"You can't get back to your family, you know they aren't going to let you keep going to the office..."

Andrea shrugged. "Then I'll be working from home."

"You're going to stay in your apartment, alone, for god knows how long?"

"That's the plan. It's not like I'll be wanting for space," Andrea joked.

Lena sighed. "I really don't like that, Andi."

"I'll be fine, I can take care of myself."

"I'd rather you weren't alone."

"Yes, well, I'd rather be with you. But-"

There'd been some yelling before Lena had tapped the mute and stepped out of frame. When she came back a minute or two later, she was all smiles. "So, I might have a solution. Why don't you come stay with us?"

"Us, as in... you and Kara."


If there were things Andrea had been expecting from this day, being offered a place to stay with her girlfriend and her girlfriend's other girlfriend wasn't one of them. "Lena..."

"I'd feel better if you weren't in the city, cooped up by yourself. And we have plenty of space- an office and a spare bedroom, and Kara doesn't mind, do you?" she asks, turning to, presumably, ask Kara the question. A muffled "Of course not!" had crackled through the phone, and then Lena had turned back to Andrea, eyebrow raised expectantly. "So, pack a bag or two and we'll see you in a bit?"

"Lena," Andrea muttered. "Won't that be a little weird?"

She'd frowned slightly, bright eyes dimming a bit. "Not for me, or her. But if it makes you uncomfortable, I don't- I know you’re far from home, right now. I just don’t like the thought of you being alone while all this is going on. And I'm going to miss you."

Andrea sighed, already mentally sifting through her closet. "Can I bring you two anything on the way?"

The bright smile she'd received had more than made up for what was sure to be an extremely awkward week.

(Hopefully only a week.)  


It's not that Andrea doesn't like Kara. She just doesn't know her. Like, they've met- the three of them had a nice sit-down dinner at a restaurant when this whole thing started, and they've bumped into each other once or twice around town, since they work in adjoining buildings. But aside from knowing that Kara is a writer who works part-time at CatCo and has been dating Lena for a little over two years, she's a stranger.

Granted, a stranger she shares a partner with, but a stranger nonetheless.

She seems nice enough, in the brief interactions they've had, and Lena talks about Kara like she's the sun in midwinter. She’d honestly been kind of shocked when she’d met Kara- she’s not exactly Lena’s usual type. Her old friend (and now girlfriend) has always gone for people who are ambitious, smooth, and, to be totally truthful… snobs.

Kara appears to be none of these things. She’s been nothing but nice and accommodating, happy to make an absurd amount of coffee in the morning and as friendly as Lena’d said. But still, she… Andrea feels like she should be walking on eggshells, here. After all, this isn’t her home, or a space she’s particularly comfortable in- in fact, before yesterday, she’d never set foot inside. 

So it's been almost a full day, and it's been weird.

There's a knock at the door, and Andrea blinks rapidly, pulled from her musing. "It's unlocked."

The door creaks open and Lena's face appears around it. "Hey, finished with your conference calls? Kara apparently has to talk to someone and she left her laptop in here.”

“Oh, yeah, finished.” 

Lena nods, stepping into the room and moving to sit on Andrea’s lap. “How was your call?”

Andrea’s eyes dart to the door as Lena settles. “Doesn’t Kara need her laptop?”

Lena quirks an eyebrow at her, looping her arms around Andrea’s neck. “Do you want me to leave?”

Andrea smirks. “Not particularly, I’m just trying to be... respectful.”


“Lena,” Andrea says, a note of warning in her voice. “You know what I’m trying to be respectful of. I’m already putting you both out enough, I don’t want to be all over you in her home.

Lena hums thoughtfully. “You do know that Kara is aware of the fact that we’re dating, right?”

Andrea rolls her eyes. “I figured as much, yes.”

“And that this is also my home?”


“Good. Then stop being weird,” Lena breathes, ducking forward for a kiss.

“This entire situation is weird,” Andrea hisses.

Lena sighs, pulls away. “I know. But Kara honestly just wants to make friends with you. She’s afraid you don’t like her, or something. And I have to say, someone liking me and not liking Kara would be a real first.”

“I don’t dislike her,” Andrea disagrees, and it’s… well, it's not un true. “I just don’t know her. And now I’m staying in your house, I don’t… I’m not sure what the boundaries are, here. I’m trying to be a good houseguest, and a good girlfriend to you while also not upsetting your other girlfriend…”

“It’s a lot,” Lena summarizes. When Andrea keeps her gaze fixed elsewhere, she cups her face, smoothing her thumbs over the muscles jumping at her jaw until Andrea turns to look at her. “Look, I know this is hard. It’s not the easiest thing for me, either- I’m pretty used to you both being different parts of my life. But,” she cuts in when Andrea opens her mouth to agree, “I don’t hate having you both here. It’s nice, to have my favorite people all in one place. If you want to go try to find somewhere else to stay, I get it, and I won’t argue. Just know that Kara will think it’s her fault and mope for as long as we’re stuck in isolation.”

Andrea huffs. “Well that’s hardly fair to use against me. She’s basically a puppy. You’re telling me I’m kicking a puppy.”

Lena shrugs. “I don’t know that I’d call Kara a puppy.”


“Give her a chance. Kara wants you to like her, and I promise that it’s easier to like her than it is to not. And, if it’ll make you feel better, we can have a talk about boundaries and whatnot later- though I think you’d be surprised. Kara’s… very laid-back. Not a jealous bone in her body.”

"Lucky you.” Andrea thinks on all of this for a moment. “You understand that this tactic is totally unfair? Sitting on my lap and diffusing my arguments?”

A wicked smile crosses Lena’s face. “Oh, I’m sorry, did you find it distracting ?” she asks breathily, rocking her hips slowly down into Andrea’s.

“You’re a tease,” Andrea grumbles.

“Who’s teasing?” Lena asks, arching an eyebrow. Against her will, Andrea’s gaze darts to the door, and Lena sighs fondly. She climbs off of Andrea’s lap and reaches to straighten the collar of her shirt. “Fine. Just know that you teased yourself on this one.”



When Lena reemerges into the main room, she sees Kara twisted into a human pretzel on the couch, staring intently at her phone, tongue poking out between her teeth. Deep in her process, she’s utterly focused and very adorable. “I believe you need this?”

Kara’s attention snaps over to her, and she smiles. “My hero.” She makes grabby hands at Lena, who chuckles and walks the wayward device to her. 

“How’s it going?” Lena asks. 

Kara shrugs. “It’s going. Slower, now that I can’t get to the library.”

The fact that Kara specifically goes to the library to do research on her phone is inexplicably lovely. God, Lena loves her. Like, loves her. “You know you can probably go use the office now, She’s finished with her calls, and I know you usually do better in there than out here. Andrea’s always been a good study partner, doesn’t talk or pop her gum.”

The tips of Kara’s ears flush. “Oh, I mean, I don’t want to disturb her. She can use the office, I’m fine working out here for a bit.”

Lena sighs. “Kara…”

“Lena,” she says firmly, “I want all of us to be comfy here. She isn’t, so I’m gonna hang back and give her some space, which she clearly wants. No biggie.” Seeing that Lena’s apparently a bit put out at this logic, she sets aside the computer and drags Lena down onto her lap. “Don’t pout, it doesn’t suit you.”

Lena smirks, looping her arms loosely over Kara's shoulders. “Excuse you, I was made to pout. Do you see these lips?”

"Mmm, I do, and you're absolutely right. I’m sorry. I know how you pride yourself on having a gift for gloom.”

“Thank you.”

 “Being masterfully morose.”


“Exceptionally emo.”

“Oh my god,” Lena laughs. She digs her fingers into Kara’s sides, eliciting a shriek. “You’re a dork.”

“Hey, you knew that going in. Really you enabled me, maybe even made me more of a dork.”

“Oh, really?”

“Well, I mean, you’re the hottest woman on the planet, and you regularly have sex with me- even though I’m a dork.” Kara says this thoughtfully before gripping Lena’s hips and flipping them in a swift movement, so Lena’s stretched out along the couch with Kara’s hips between her legs. “If having sex with you isn’t incentive, I don’t know what is,” Kara continues, as though she didn’t just send Lena from a simmer to a boil with the casual display of strength. 

Lena laughs a bit breathlessly. “I can’t argue that.”

“I know. It’s ‘cause I’m smart at words, and stuff.”

“Mm, clearly. And so humble, too.”


Lena tangles a hand in her hair, dragging her down for a kiss. Kara hums happily, nipping at Lena’s lower lip and running her tongue along it soothingly. Lena gasps a bit, like she always does, and Kara takes her open mouth as an invitation to slide her tongue inside. The hand in her hair tightens to a fist, and Kara whimpers a bit before grinding her hips against Lena in retaliation. The answering gasp sends her head spinning. Lena’s hand is just sliding under the hem of Kara’s goofy ‘Salad: the Taste of Sadness’ shirt when-

"Oh. Sorry."

Kara leaps backwards- or at least, she attempts to. Lena’s ankles are locked around her, and she’s stopped abruptly, arms windmilling in the air as she tries to keep her balance. “Hey, Andrea!”

Andrea arches a brow, fighting a smirk at this display (and losing). “Sorry, I was just letting you know I’m finished up in the office. In case you needed to use it.”

“Okay great, thank you!” Kara yells, both hands covering her scarlet face. 

“You’re- ahem- you’re welcome,” Andrea snorts, fully against her will, and retreats back to the spare bedroom.

Lena is laughing herself silly, shaking so hard she’s almost afraid she’ll break a rib as Kara collapses face first onto her, forehead knocking heavy against her sternum. “Oh, god. Oh my god. She probably hates me.”

“She doesn’t hate you.”

“She caught me humping you!”


“Lenaaaaa,” Kara groans. “I’ve been trying to make her feel more comfortable here! This probably did the opposite!” She disentangles herself from Lena and stands, running a hand through her hair and fixing her clothes with a frustrated sigh. “I’m gonna change and go for a run, okay?”

Lena nods, lips pursed, and Kara disappears down the hallway, the door to their bedroom closing loudly in the too-quiet house.

“How is it,” she muses aloud, still sprawled on the couch and aching, “that I’m dating two beautiful women, they’re both under one roof, and I can barely get a kiss?”

The world is truly unfair.


day three


Dinner is… very quiet.

Which is unusual for any number of reasons, not the least of which are Kara being a bit of a chatterbox whenever she tweaks a recipe to get solid feedback on it, and Andrea generally being very… vocal, in her appreciation of a good meal. And this is a very good meal, a mushroom and chicken risotto with a handful of herbs and spices, paired with a crisp, fruity white burgundy that compliments it well. Andrea had said as much to Kara, who immediately beamed and sucked in a breath to start explaining everything before she’d let it out in a whoosh, simply saying “Thank you,” before shoveling food into her mouth with near-mechanical repetition.  Andrea had followed suit, staying silent and eating as quickly as was polite.

It’s been three days of stilted conversation and the three of them existing in the same room as little as possible, and quite frankly, Lena’s had enough. “Okay, so, I think it’s clear that we need to talk about the elephant in the room, here.”

Two pairs of wide, bright blue eyes lock on her, and she can practically see Andrea’s defenses going up- she can certainly see Kara’s shoulders hunch up to her ears. 

“Okay. What, um… what do we need to talk about?” Kara asks.

Andrea snorts delicately into her wine, draining it before reaching to pour herself another glass.

Lena shoots them both a look but continues. “Both of you have expressed to me that you’re concerned about boundaries. So, we need to talk about that.”

Kara immediately chokes, averting her gaze, ears burning. Andrea remains stoic, face carefully nonchalant even as a flush creeps up her neck. “Alright.”

Lena looks at them, from one to the other, and sighs in fond frustration. "Neither of you is going to talk, are you?"

Kara turns redder. Andrea's brow ticks upward before her expression goes smooth again.



Lena turns to Kara with a relieved smile. "Go ahead."

"Actually, I was kinda hoping to talk to Andrea? Like, alone? Just for a minute- if she's okay with it, that is."

Andrea blinks. "That's fine."

Lena shrugs, sliding her chair back and standing. "Alright. I'll go answer some emails, or something." She drops a quick kiss to the tops of both their heads and leaves the room, a heavy silence descending in her wake.

Kara takes a deep breath, seems to be working herself up to speaking, and Andrea can’t help but to vent the steam she’s building with a, “Go ahead.”

She’s never claimed to not be a bit of a shit.

Kara looks up, slightly startled, before laughing at herself sheepishly. “Sorry, I um… okay, so I sorta get this feeling. That you don’t particularly like me. And I’m not sure if I’ve done something to upset you, or make you feel uncomfortable, but if I did, that’s not what- I didn’t mean to, and if you tell me what it is, I think this whole… isolation thing would be a little less-”

“Fucking agonizing?” Andrea interrupts, whipcrack grin and eyebrow raise breaking the tension of her words.

“-awkward,” Kara agrees with a relieved laugh. “I know that this is super weird for you, and I just… I guess I don’t like feeling like that, and I’d hate to have you think I feel that way about you. Because I really don’t. Dislike you, that is. I’m sorry, I haven’t done… this before, ever, and I’m trying not to make any mistakes. But just know that you’re welcome here, okay? And I know it probably sounds childish, or whatever, but I’d like for us to be friends. My sister says I’m a people-pleaser, can’t stand having people not like me, but, I mean, what’s wrong with being nice to people, right?”

Andrea studies her, head cocked slightly to the side. A faint hint of a smile tugs up at the corner of her mouth. “Wow.”

Kara laughs again, a bit self-conscious as she rubs at the back of her neck and adjusts her glasses. “Sorry, I know I talk a lot. Lena’s kinda into it, but it drives other people crazy. But the point is, I want you to be comfortable here. I don’t want you feeling like you can’t kiss our girlfriend in front of me, or that you can’t, like, exist outside of that spare room. Because that kinda defeats the point of you not staying in the city, right?” She locks eyes with Andrea, determined and empathetic, and it occurs to Andrea that she just might have Kara Danvers pegged entirely wrong. “So how can we make this work? ‘Cause I think we’re driving Lena insane.”

Andrea snorts, shaking her head. “I think you’re right about that. I overheard her loudly lamenting her blue-balls when you went out the other day.”

Kara claps a hand over her mouth, eyes brightening up as her shoulders shake with restrained mirth before she clears her throat. “Okay. So how can we do this? Because between you and me, I don’t think the status quo of us barely interacting is going to keep working out....”

Andrea fully laughs at this. “Right again.” She resettles herself, drawing her legs up and crossing them on the seat of the chair and shifting until she’s more comfortable. Kara reaches to top up her wine. “Oh, thank you. And I’m to blame for this awkwardness more than you are. I’m not used to sharing my space with anyone, and especially not sharing a space that isn’t mine with my girlfriend and her other girlfriend. So I apologize, if I made you- either of you- uncomfortable in your own home. That wasn’t my intention. I’ve honestly just been trying to be respectful of, well, you. Not make you any more uncomfortable than you probably already are, with my being here for who knows how long.”

“Wow. Who knew Lena had a thing for dummies?” Kara chuckles. 

"Anyone who went to high school with her," Andrea deadpans, pulling a loud belt of laughter from Kara.

“Look, I know you guys are dating. You’re in a committed relationship, I understand that. You don’t need to tiptoe around me.”

Andrea raises a brow, sips at her wine. “Are you sure? It can be different, knowing those things and seeing them in person.”

Kara’s scoffs. “If you think Lena went for this polyamorous thing without using literally all of these arguments to make sure I was okay with it…”

“I’m not arguing, I’m just saying-”

“You don’t have to. I get that it can be weird for people.”

“But not for you?”

Kara shakes her head slowly, eyes earnest. “Why would it?”

“Because we’re talking about me and your girlfriend.”

Kara cocks her head, brows furrowed. “She’s your girlfriend, too.”

And, oh , but that’s the reassurance Andrea didn’t realize she needed- surrounded by evidence, tangible and otherwise, of Lena’s life with Kara has Andrea distinctly feeling herself to be the other woman in the lives of an otherwise very happy couple. She shakes off the deep resonance of the simple statement with a chuckle and a sip from her wine. 

“And like I said, I know it’s… silly, but I really would like for us to get to a point where we’re friends. Because I’m nice, I promise I’m nice. And like, I tend to ramble and I sing what I’m doing when I cook and I’m very obsessed with food, but I think we could be good friends. And I already like you, and I am very likeable, so it’d be super easy to get on that track.”

This is, once again, a surprise. “You like me? You don’t even know me.”

Kara shrugs, adjusts her glasses, smiles. “I know you make Lena happy,” she says simply. “That says a lot. And the rest I can learn, right?”

Andrea shakes her head with a smile. “Right.”

“Awesome! So, in summary, we have to stop edging Lena or she’s gonna become homicidal." This has Andrea struggling not to spit wine across the table as she laughs, and Kara looks very pleased with herself. "I don’t care if you guys do whatever, please stop hiding in the spare room because it makes me anxiety-clean random parts of the house, and feel free to read, watch, use, or eat whatever, whenever. Okay?”

And maybe it’s the wine, or the (now) obviously necessary conversation, or the first home cooked meal Andrea’s had in ages, but she feels a lot lighter. “Okay.”

“Do you have any boundaries you want set for this? Because if you’re staying here, you deserve to have a say on what you’re comfortable with, and what you’re not.”

Surprised again. “Oh. No, I don’t think.”

Kara watches her. “Are you sure? I know you kind of caught us in a compromising position the other day.”

Andrea considers this. Remembers the sight of Kara’s lean body on Lena’s, the motion of her hips as they ground into the cradle of Lena’s thighs, the smooth expanse of tanned skin as Lena slid her hands up Kara’s shirt, the sound Kara had made when Lena had pulled her hair…


She blinks rapidly and clears her throat. “I’m sure.”

Kara smiles, warm and happy. “Great. I’m gonna go grab Lena, so she can stop pretending she wasn’t trying to overhear everything we’ve been saying.” She says this last notably louder, almost yelling, a knowing smile on her face that seems to say, ‘Wait for it…'

There’s a dull thud from the office, followed by muffled cursing, and Kara winks as she gets up and moves down the hallway.

‘Well, damn,’ Andrea thinks. ‘Lena was right; she’s very hard to dislike.’


Later that night, after the dishes are cleared away (Andrea had helped, amid protests from Kara) and the wine finished by Lena ( “It’s how I help with dinner,” she’d said with a grin, mimicking the skunk face Kara had given her and pulling a laugh from the blonde), and boundaries have been discussed again (this time with Lena's input and approval), the three of them settle in the living room- Andrea on the loveseat with her laptop (determined that if she’s going to be more friendly, the least she can do is not hide in her room immediately after dinner like a teenager), and Kara and Lena on the sofa, Lena’s head in Kara’s lap and Kara’s hand in her hair as the scrolls aimlessly through her Netflix, stopping occasionally to read a description before inevitably moving on. After nearly 20 minutes of this, Lena twists to look up at her.

“Just put on Jiro, you know you want to.”

Kara huffs fondly. “You’ve gotta be sick of that movie by now, babe.”

“It’s a good movie,” Lena counters. “Besides, it usually gets me sushi the next day, so…”

Kara shrugs before turning her attention to Andrea. “How about you? Opposed to watching a tiny man make delicious sushi for an hour?”

Andrea smirks over her laptop. “Sushi, huh?”

“If you don’t want to, it’s fine, but I promise it’s really good- and it’s also gonna make you want sushi, like, immediately,” Kara assures her. When Andrea nods, she grins, quickly slides to her ‘My List’ section, locating the appropriate documentary and settling on the couch with a happy noise of content, fingers scratching gently against Lena’s scalp.

Andrea finds herself unexpectedly enthralled by the film, laptop left forgotten on the floor. And, true to Kara’s prediction, she’s left with a wicked craving for sushi. At the end, she makes a mental note to attempt getting a reservation the next time business takes her to Japan.


Andrea tips her head back to look at her. “You were right- I’m hungry again.”

Lena laughs. “So am I. But, I also need to get some sleep.”

“Okie doke. Snack, real quick?”

“Sounds great, thank you.”

Kara smiles and extricates herself from under Lena and moves to the kitchen, mumbling to herself before pulling up short and turning around. “Andrea, snack?”

“Sure,” she agrees, calculating that it’d be rude to refuse. And, well, she is a bit hungry, after watching the documentary...

Kara nods and continues her journey. Lena sits up and turns to Andrea with a raised eyebrow and a half-smile. “She was very appalled by my eating habits when we first got together, so now she tries to be sneaky and feed me all the time. And she probably thinks you have the same bad habits I did.”

“Ah. I’ll need to step up my exercise regimen, if I’m going to be eating this much all the time.”

“You will,” Lena agrees. “Food is how Kara shows she cares. And she cares a lot.”

They’re both still chuckling when Kara comes back out bearing a small wooden platter with apple slices, cheese, slices of a toasted, crusty bread, as well as what appears to be some sort of sausage. At Andrea’s questioning look, she hastens to explain. “So a mix of carbs, protein, and fat is actually pretty good for you before bed, helps you stay in REM longer because you don’t get hungry- even though people think your metabolism slows way down when you’re asleep, it stays pretty much the same, so not eating makes your energy get too low and makes you sleep poorly.”

Andrea’s eyebrows raise. “I’ve never heard that. I always heard the opposite, that snacking before bed was an easy way to gain weight.”

Kara bobbles her head back and forth. “Yes and no. It depends on what you eat. Like, all this stuff is pretty healthy- the mozzarella is a low-fat cheese, fruit, fresh bread, and this salami… well, that’s mostly because it tastes good,” Kara admits, biting into a miniature apple-cheese-salami sandwich with a grin. "But it is a good source of protein."

“Fair enough,” Andrea chuckles. She spreads some cheese on an apple slice, humming. “If nothing else, it tastes good.”


“Kara makes the cheese herself,” Lena says fondly.


“Yeah, I learned when I was working on a project in Italy a few years back. It’s super easy- I can show you sometime, if you want?”

“Sure,” Andrea shrugs.

“Awesome! It only takes like 20 minutes, too, and like, warm, freshly-made mozzarella is gonna blow your mind.”

“I bet.”

Lena watches the exchange with a soft smile before yawning. 

Kara knocks her shoulder against Lena’s gently. “Ready for bed?”

There’s a brief pause before Lena nods. “Yeah.”

“Where are you sleeping tonight, sweetheart?”

Lena looks briefly over at Andrea, who, after having frozen momentarily, is trying very hard to seem like she’s aloof and barely paying attention to the conversation happening less than three feet away. It hasn’t come up, since she got here, where Lena would be sleeping- Andrea usually retreats to the spare room right after dinner and doesn’t reemerge until morning. 

Lena turns back to Kara, drops a kiss to her shoulder. ”The other room, tonight. If Andrea doesn’t mind, of course?”

Andrea forces herself to swallow as two sets of eyes move to her. “No, that’s fine,” she says, proud that she manages to keep her voice steady. “Let me just clear the bed off, I probably left papers all over it this afternoon.”

Lena nods. “I wanted to say goodnight to Kara anyways.”

“Okie doke,” Kara says, warm and affectionate and utterly dorky. “I’m gonna clean this up, okay?”

“I’ll help,” Lena offers, and Andrea takes the easy out gratefully, collecting her laptop and disappearing into the spare room.


Lena slips into the room around 20 minutes later, closing the door behind her with a soft click. “Hey, you.”

And it’s so simple, is the thing. It shouldn’t feel like home and forever, hearing ‘Hey, you’ from the woman she loves- who she’s loved, in one way or another, since they were 15. Two words, six letters, aren’t big enough for that. But it’s all she thinks whenever Lena says it, and it makes her so goddamn soft it’s mildly disgusting.

“Hi,” she murmurs, lifting the comforter in invitation. 

Lena takes it, sliding into the empty half of the bed and shifting so she’s facing Andrea. “Are you doing better?”

“I am,” Andrea agrees, wrapping an arm around Lena’s waist and pulling her closer until they’re chest to chest and nose to nose. “I get it now.”

“Get what?”

“Why you like her. Kara.”

Rather than take offense, Lena hums and smiles. “Mm. She’s something else, isn’t she?”

Andrea thinks of the very intense conversation they’d managed to laugh through, the constant checking-in Kara’s been doing, with both her and Lena, the food, the earnestness shining in her eyes when she'd said she wanted to be friends.... and promptly decides to shove these thoughts away, refocusing on Lena’s face. “She is. And here I thought you’d lost your mind- a blonde writer, Lena. A. Blonde. Writer. Lillian must be thrilled.”

Lena snorts. “Kara’s still convinced that she can win her over. But we do tend to spend holidays with Kara’s family. They’re really great people. It's easier, with them. Easier than I ever thought it'd be for me."

“Good for you,” Andrea says softly, and she means it- she knows how much Lena had always wanted a family who wanted her.

“Thanks.” Lena pulls back slightly, mismatched eyes roving over Andrea’s face as she pushes a few locks of hair from her eyes. “I’m really happy, you know. You make me happy, always have.”

Andrea smiles, slow as curling smoke. “Good,” she whispers, leaning forward to press a chaste kiss to Lena’s lips.

Lena had evidently anticipated this, and when Andrea pulls back, she leans in again for a slightly longer, slower kiss. And then another, and another, until she's sucking Andrea’s lower lip between her own, biting down gently on it, soothing it with her tongue. Her hands start to wander, cupping the back of Andrea’s neck to pull her closer as she drags the instep of her foot up her girlfriend’s calf.

“What are you doing?” Andrea asks knowingly.

“What do you think?” Lena breathes, recapturing her lips and kissing her deep and languid and filthy . Her nails scratch at the nape of Andrea’s neck, other hand already under her shirt and moving slowly up her torso.

“I think you think you’re going to get laid.”

“Someone in this house should,” Lena counters, and Andrea’s answering chuckle is lost in another kiss.

It’s almost effortless, them building and building, slow slow slow until it isn’t slow, until Lena’s panting, hips shifting as she grinds on the thigh Andrea’s slotted between her own and the friction through her shorts isn’t even close to what she wants, what she needs. Until Andrea’s got one hand gripping at her hip, pushing and pulling with Lena’s movements, and the other cupping her breast under her shirt, thumbing over her nipple as she nips and sucks and chases Lena’s lips rather than chasing the air her lungs are burning for.

When Lena hooks her knee over Andrea’s hip, Andrea pulls back a bit, panting, eyes dark and lips red and kiss-swollen. “Kara-”

“-is fine,” Lena says in a rush, mouthing wetly at Andrea’s chin, lips, the underside of her jaw- anywhere she can reach. “The walls are thick, this bed is sturdy enough not to creak, and she installed those bumper things to the headboard a few months ago.” 

“You’re sure?”

“Yes.” She rolls onto her back, pulling Andrea halfway on top of her. “You’ve always made me happy, so, so happy, Andi, and what would make me really, really happy is if you would just fuck me. Now.”

“You’re very demanding for someone who’s literally begging for it,” Andrea husks against her ear, punctuating this with a bite to her earlobe that’s just the right side of harsh and a firm roll of her hips. 

Lena whines, rolls her body up against Andrea’s in invitation. “Please, Andi. Please, please, please, you’re driving me crazy …”

‘Well, hell. In for a penny...’

“Okay, baby. Okay. But I need you to be quiet, can you be quiet?”

Lena nods eagerly, biting down on her lower lip, pupils blown wide, hips canting up to roll against… anything. Anything for some friction, some relief. 

Andrea kisses her temple, dragging her lips back to the shell of Lena’s ear. “Good girl.” She smirks into Lena’s hair at the full-body shudder those words never fail to elicit. “What do you want, Lena?”


God, but she’s soft. “You’ve got me,” Andrea tells her quietly. “Lift up.”

Lena raises her hips eagerly, helping Andrea push her shorts down and kicking them off, pulling her sleep-shirt over her head preemptively, leaving her in nothing but a thin pair of panties. Andrea settles her hips between her legs, propping herself up on her elbows and licking her lips before trailing them sloppy and open-mouthed from Lena’s ear to her cheek to lips to chin to neck. Lena whines a bit, hips shifting, legs parting further, only to snap tight around her waist when Andrea’s wandering mouth nips lightly at the top of her breast. “ Andi.”

“You bruise so easy,” Andrea murmurs quietly, watching the mark turn a faint pink and moving to smooth a thumb over it reverently. “Always have to be careful, so I don’t mark you all up.” She massages one breast almost lazily, licks out at the pert nipple, biting down, grinning against the soft skin when Lena shudders under her again. She grinds her hips forward in a calculated move, and Lena moans, loud in the quiet room. Andrea moves up swiftly to capture the sound in her mouth with a smile, hand smoothing over Lena’s soft stomach and relishing in the way it twitches at her touch.  “What happened to staying quiet?”

“God, fuck, please, please stop teasing,” Lena begs, pulling her roughly into a needy, uncoordinated, wet kiss. “‘m so turned on I can’t think.”

“I like hearing that,” Andrea admits quietly, staying close enough to Lena that their lips brush as she speaks. “I love hearing how much you want me. Love seeing how red you get.” She grinds forward again, harder, this time, and goes a bit glassy when Lena’s teeth bite down on her lip, the white a stark contrast to swollen red. “You’re the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.”


Andrea decides- based on the slickness she feels seeping through Lena’s underwear into the stomach of her shirt, and the gasping whines she keeps letting out- like she can’t seem to catch her breath, and the near-teary way her eyes are shining before they squeeze shut- that Lena’s really and truly had enough.

‘Well,' she amends as she bears down again and sends Lena’s breath stuttering from her chest, ‘almost enough.’

“Okay, querida, okay. I’ve got you,” Andrea assures her quietly, pressing a soft kiss to her lips and shifting her weight. “How do you want me?”

“I want your mouth on me,” Lena pants, grunting as Andrea’s hips shift again and draw heavy over her clit. “God, please, I’m- please.”

“I’ve got you.”

Andrea moves down, licking at the freckle in the center of Lena’s throat that she’s always hated and Andrea thinks is adorable, nipping and sucking lightly at the straining muscles in her neck, across her collarbones, meandering down to her left breast and then to the right, kissing down the underside to her stomach, which jumps and tenses under her ministrations. Lena grumbles at her lackadaisical pace, tangling her hands in Andrea’s dark hair and pushing her down .

“Bossy,” Andrea chides, nipping just below Lena’s bellybutton.

“Slow,” Lena counters, slightly petulant.

And Andrea can’t really argue that, just laughs as she shifts, shouldering her way between Lena’s thighs and looking down at her hungrily. “I hope you didn’t like these underwear, cariño, ” she comments. “Because you soaked them.”

“Your fault,” Lena groans quietly.

Andrea ducks forward and licks hot and firm over the underwear in question, gratified when Lena has to clap a hand over her mouth to stifle the noise this pulls from her and unable to resist doing it again. “Look at you,” she murmurs, fingers hooking into the waistband and pulling them down, eyes fixated on the skin she’s uncovering- swollen and slick and perfect . “You’re wrecked .”

“Andi,” Lena murmurs. “You’re killing me.”

And without further ado, Andrea tugs hard  on the underwear, one side of the flimsy (but pretty) pair giving way under the assault and freeing up Lena’s legs and Andrea’s hands. Andrea smooths her hands up the tops of Lena’s thighs before using them to pin her hips to the bed.

Andrea’’s always liked giving oral. It’s fun, and relaxing, and it makes her partner feel good, which, in turn, makes her feel good. She’s good at it, too, she knows she is, able to read and adjust to every little twitch and roll and whimper. And Lena, especially, is fun. So reactive to every slick slide of Andrea’s tongue, every scratch of her nails on Lena’s hips… Andrea knows her so well , is the thing. It heightens it, in a way that’s not there with anyone else. It knocks Andrea on her ass every time.

And all that’s leaving out the fact that she tastes fucking good . A heady mix of salt and tang and something so uniquely her

Lena is every flavor Andrea's ever wanted on her tongue. 

Andrea dives in with fervor, tongue dragging from her hole up to her clit and lips sealing around it as she sucks at it, hands heavy as she keeps Lena’s jerking hips pinned. Lena lets out a breathy moan, her wetness coating Andrea’s chin. She drags her tongue over her again, feather-light, this time, reveling in Lena’s hand balling tight in her hair as she loses herself in this. Over and again, her jaw works and cheeks hollow, dragging the edge of her teeth over Lena's clit… Andrea's using everything she knows gets Lena loud, just to see if she can stay quiet.

"God, you taste so fucking good…"

It’s not that she wants Kara to hear them, honestly; she just wants to see how far she can really push Lena. Wants to see how much she can do to her while Lena manages to keep quiet and be good.

After all, Lena likes to be good.

And, to her credit, Lena’s handling it shockingly well. Or, at least, she is until Andrea’s tongue slides back down, licking at her entrance before working inside.

“Fuck!” she hisses, pulling one of her hands from Andrea’s hair and clamping it tight over her mouth.

Andrea chuckles. She can feel how close Lena is- the muscles clenching tighter and tighter around her tongue, hips jumping under her hands, legs closing a bit around her head. She shifts a bit, looping an arm over Lena’s thigh and slipping one hand down lower until she can feel Lena’s clit under her thumb. She licks her way to the straining bud, wet and messy, before returning to where she’d been. Her thumb rubs a few firm, tight circles over Lena’s clit, tongue reaching as deep inside her as Andrea can get it, and it sends Lena over with a sharp gasp.

Her body goes taut, arching up off the bed, nails scratching harshly at Andrea’s scalp as her legs snap tight over her ears. Andrea keeps up the pace, not slowing for a second, and is rewarded with a husky groan as Lena flies over again. After what seems like forever, she goes limp, slumping back onto the bed, chest heaving with exertion as her legs fall open. She’s flushed from hairline to thigh, sweaty and lead-limbed and perfect.

"You're so good, querida."Perfect." Andrea grins against her, pressing a soft kiss to her clit that has Lena groaning a laugh and pushing her head away.

“No, no more, you broke me.”

"You're tapping out after two? Who are you?"

"Oh, honey, this is just round one. You're sorely mistaken if you think I'm done with you."

Andrea’s forehead drops to Lena’s stomach as they both laugh breathlessly. She presses a lingering kiss there, licking out at the cooling sweat on her belly before propping her chin on arms crossed over Lena’s hips and looking up at her with what she knows is probably the world’s dopiest, softest smile. 

Lena smiles down at her, fingers still twisted in her hair, massaging her scalp soothingly where she'd scratched before. “Hey, you.”

God , but Andrea loves her. “Hey.”

“You gonna come up here?”

Andrea shrugs, licking at her own lips. “The view from here’s pretty great, actually.”

And, if possible, Lena flushes even darker as she laughs, the movement bouncing Andrea’s head. “ God . Get up here so I can return the favor.”

Andrea grins, crawling up so she’s face to face with her girlfriend. “Well, who am I to deny the great Lena Luthor what she wants?”

Lena snorts and slaps at her shoulder, smoothing her hands down Andrea's back over her shirt (which is, somehow, still on). “You just made me beg for almost an hour.” 

“Are you complaining?”

“Yes,”  Lena mutters petulantly. “I think I blacked out for a second.”

“I’m going to take that as a high compliment,” Andrea informs her.

“How dare you.” She pulls gently upward where her hands are gripping at Andrea’s ass. “C’mon, hora de montar, vaquera.

“I should’ve never taught you Spanish,” Andrea deadpans. “I knew I’d regret it eventually, I just didn't realize it'd be sex jokes.”

Lena snorts as Andrea shifts so she’s straddling her hips. “I was learning Spanish before I met you. I just had more incentive with you around. Now get naked.”

Siempre tan madonda, Lena ,” Andrea chides, words rolling warm and sooth off her tongue. She strips out of her sweaty, sticky shirt and throws it somewhere across the room. When Lena scrapes her nails pointedly over her bare ass, she shrugs. "Some of us come prepared."

Lena strokes her hands down and back up Andrea’s thighs, looking up at her so full of warm affection and love that Andrea has to look away before she breaks. “Fingers or mouth?” she asks softly.

Andrea knows she won’t last long- she’s cooled a bit while they’ve been talking, but with Lena’s strong hands gliding up and down her legs, sliding closer and closer to where she needs them before moving away again, she can already feel the telltale tightening in her lower belly. 

She really likes giving oral.

“Fingers,” she says, relieved when Lena just taps her hip to get her to lift up. She sits up and turns, piling a mountain of pillows behind her and settling back against them. 

“I know you hate the term ‘pillow princess’, but, I mean...” Andrea muses, grinning when Lena squawks and slaps her thigh. 

“Shut up.”

Andrea chuckles, moving forward until her knees bracket Lena’s hips. Lena slots her hand between them, fingers dragging intentionally through Andrea’s wetness, and she cocks a brow. 

Andrea huffs at her, impatient herself now that she’s so close to getting what she wants. “Yes, you’re very hot, whatever.” She loops her arms over Lena’s shoulders and pulls Lena forward, thrusting her chest out in clear invitation.

Lena grins at her, tipping forward to lick Andrea from sternum to collarbone, and Andrea aligns Lena's fingers to her entrance before sinking down on them with a stuttering gasp. Lena nips at Andrea’s sharp collarbones with a smirk, fluttering her fingers inside of the clinging, wet heat. Andrea groans. “Now who’s being loud?” Lena teases.

Andrea draws herself up until only the tips of Lena’s fingers are still inside her before slamming back down with a glare. “I will kill you.”

“La petite mort,” Lena drawls, free hand gripping Andrea’s hip to steady her as she picks up her pace, increasing it until she’s well and truly riding Lena’s fingers for all she’s worth. Lena meets her thrusts eagerly, curling her fingers every time Andrea’s hips rise, sucking hard at the stiff peak of Andrea’s nipple. “I can tell you’re close,” she says, mouthing her way to the nipple she’s been neglecting and nipping harshly at it. “What do you need?”

“God, fuck,” Andrea groans, head dropping onto Lena’s shoulder as her rhythm falters. “More.”

“I’ve got you, honey,” Lena tells her, slotting a third finger into place. 

Andrea swallows a whine at the new stretch, just this side of painful. She grinds once, twice, three times before biting down on her own wrist as she comes hard around Lena's long fingers. After a long time (or maybe no time at all), she relaxes, dropping her full weight onto Lena’s torso and panting against her neck. “Have I ever mentioned,” she gasps, “how much I love your hands? They’re like magic.”

Lena chuckles, running her free hand over Andrea’s hair and down her back soothingly. “Once or twice. And the feeling is mutual.” She flutters the fingers still trapped inside Andrea, and the spent woman yelps and jackknifes sideways onto the bed, sending Lena into a laughing fit. 

“You’re the worst girlfriend,” Andrea huffs, chuckling in spite of herself.

“Maybe. But you love me, so.”

Andrea looks up at Lena, smiling, the moonlight streaming in through the window making her appear even more ethereal than usual. “I do. God help me.”

Lena tips over so she’s leaning slightly over Andrea, smiling that same smile that makes Andrea simultaneously feel capable of anything and want to explode. “Good. You thirsty?”

“Har-har,” Andrea deadpans.

“For water .”


Lena ducks forward to press a quick kiss to her cheek. “Alright. Be right back.”

Andrea watches her pull on her shorts (and pull a face at the way the damp parts cling to her thighs) and shirt before tiptoeing her way to the kitchen. Andrea snorts loudly when she hears Lena curse from the other room- this entire situation reminds her so much of their time at Mt. Helena’s that she half-expects a nun to appear in the doorway with a flashlight. 

“What’s funny?” Lena asks, two water bottles in her hands. 

“I was just thinking, this whole thing reminds me of when we were kids,” Andrea says, watching a smile break across Lena’s face as she kicks the door closed quietly behind her. “Being quiet, sneaking around... “

“God, yeah, you’re right.” Lena hands her a bottle. Andrea shoots her a grateful smile. “I didn’t even think about that.”

“Does that make Kara a nun?”

Lena smirks, arches a brow. “If Kara’s a nun, then she’s a very, very bad one.”

Andrea snorts again. She redistributes the pillow pile Lena made, settling down on the bed and pulling Lena down beside her and positioning them both so she can curl around her like a shell. “Thank you,” she says quietly into Lena’s (very messy) hair.

“For what?” Lena asks through a yawn.

There are a million potential answers to this- romantic, flirty, dirty, funny-, but the one Andrea goes with is, “For always being my best friend.”

Lena turns around, smiles. "You're such a softie."

And she is, but how dare she say it aloud. "Oh, I'll show you who's soft ," Andrea rumbles, jerking Lena closer by the hips.

And then they're off again.


day four


Lena’s still dead to the world when Andrea wakes up the next morning, feeling loose-limbed and happy. She carefully extricates herself, pulling on a pair of slacks and a blue blouse that she'd found in her closet a few weeks ago before trooping off to the kitchen.

She freezes momentarily when she sees Kara at the counter, sipping coffee and scrolling on her tablet. She was hoping for a non-awkward morning. But as soon as the blonde sees her, the same smile as always crosses her face. Her pattern of shirts featuring food-themed puns continues, today’s reading ‘All That and Dim Sum’  with a basket of smiling cartoon dumplings on it.

“Morning! You want some coffee?”

With no real other option (and far too proud to duck back into the bedroom now that she's been spotted) Andrea straightens her spine and crosses the room. “Please.”

Kara grins, filling the same red mug Andrea’s been drinking out of all week and passing it over. She opens her mouth before a strange look crosses her face and she snaps it closed. At Andrea's questioning look, she huffs a laugh. "Sorry, I was about to say something awkward and reveal what a suburban dad I am in the process. Ignore me."

Andrea cocks a brow. "Well now I have to know."

"Really? You're really gonna make me?" When the only response is an expectant gaze over the rim of the red mug, Kara sighs and pulls a face. "Fine. I was gonna say, 'Did you kids have fun?'"

Andrea manages to not choke on her coffee. Barely. She swallows carefully and sets the mug on the counter. “Ah.”

“Like I said, awkward dad behavior. Sorry.” Kara’s very red and looking anywhere but at Andrea.

“I’m the one who asked.” There’s a beat before Andrea smirks again. “You don’t actually want me to answer that, do you?

“I do not.” 

Andrea chuckles despite herself. "What's on your docket for today?" she asks, trying to be friendly. She can be friendly, she has at least two friends.

(Granted, she’s dating one and the other is on another continent, but still .)

"Oh, just gotta talk to some people, go over audio recordings I need, do some writing. Nothing too awful. How about you?" 

“Video conference with investors. With this whole… outbreak, we won’t be rolling out some products we’d planned to release, and we’ve had to postpone a new platform announcement.”

“So you get the dubious pleasure of telling a bunch of rich people to be patient. That sounds awesome.”

Andrea huffs a laugh. “Something like that. It’s definitely not my favorite part of the job.”

“I bet.” Kara eyes her, an unreadable expression on her face. "Okay, this is gonna be awkward, but I've gotta say something before I explode."

"What?" Andrea asks, fully prepared for something unpleasant to happen. 'So much for friendly…'

"Sorry, it's nothing bad, just- thank you, for providing me with proof that Lena totally steals my clothes."

Andrea frowns. "Excuse me?"

And Kara has the nerve to wink. "Nice shirt."

Andrea looks down, confused, at her shirt, which appears to be a normal sleeveless blouse patterned with….

tiny, smiling sushi rolls.

This is absolutely not her shirt.

Andrea clears her throat, fights a rising blush. "Oh. Well, that's…"

"It's fine," Kara laughs. "Looks good on you, actually. I'm just happy that this is finally good enough evidence that she steals my stuff. I mean, unless you took that boundaries talk really seriously and like, raided my closet."

Andrea smirks. "You caught me. It was either this or the one with the dancing ice cream cones."

Because if anyone owns such a shirt, it's Kara Danvers.

Kara nods, fighting to look serious and contemplative as she fixes the collar of 'Andrea's' shirt, the edge of a calloused thumb brushing against her neck. "I think you made the right choice, then, 'cause blue is definitely your color." Her gaze shifts to something over Andrea's shoulder and she smiles, blue eyes sparkling behind her glasses. "Hey, babe. Coffee?"

Evidently Lena nods, because Kara turns away and starts fixing another cup. Lena is not, and never has been, a morning person, so the sight of her, disheveled and squinting grumpily behind her glasses isn't exactly surprising. She steps up beside Andrea and leans heavily against her side, snagging the mug she'd left on the counter and drinking from it.

"Good morning, thief," Andrea huffs at her, pointedly stealing her coffee back and holding it out of Lena's reach.

Lena tips her head back and pouts , eyes going big and watery and lower lip jutting out. It might even tremble.

"Goddammit," Andrea sighs, passing the mug back. 

Lena hums happily, planting an open-mouthed kiss under her jaw and drinking deeply.

Kara laughs, pressing a fresh mug into Andrea's hands almost immediately. "She does that. Not with me, because-"

"Because you're gross and drink liquid candy," Lena grumps, breaking into a scrunch-faced smile when Kara presses a kiss to her cheek.

"I was actually gonna say because you're spoiled, but hey, whatever helps you sleep at night, babe." She successfully dodges Lena's half-hearted swipe and grins. "And speaking of thievery, how do you like Andrea's shirt?"