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So I'm not one who usually flings rants at strangers, but I don't have any social media accounts and I don't have a discord. However the amount of support and interest in my work was far more than I was expecting. I honestly didn't expect any attention until I had a real half decent story or two going at about 10 chapters and climbing. So thank you all very much.


As for this Newsletter and why I've started it is to serve as a more personal space to write about what I'm up to, give you all a better idea of where things are, and whats coming next. Some of you may have noticed I now have three... THREE! Fanfictions going at the same time... I know that this will cause delays for the ones you want updated and also means my attention is diverted. I promise I will do my best to keep all three going at a steady pace so all may enjoy themselves... Which is why I am fighting with myself to NOT START THREE MORE!


This is both my blessing and my curse: a powerful and abundant imagination. All throughout my life I've had it. A love of taking ideas and running with them. From my earliest stories (which were a mess) to my latest fan-fiction, I can't help but grab the protagonist or another interesting character and put them in different crossover situations or alt takes. It gets even harder not to do this with Midoriya Izuku. In terms of protagonist he is perfect for characters I love to explore ideas with. He is thoughtful, cunning, has a good heart, and a will which while very flexible it does not break often. With my wide taste of shows, video games, and knowledge of fantasy and sci-fi tropes...


Ahem, so yes I have a few more crossover ideas and of them all I have three I want to explore further with rough drafts. I also took a look around the site to see if there are any stories that run too similar to my ideas. All three seem free to use, on this site at least, which means I'm not inadvertently plagiarizing anyone.


The not so short versions of each are: Midoriya and the Joy of Painting. Midoriya can make solid objects and even animate ones through paint applied to his surroundings (aka Midoriya Izuku fights crime with oil paints.) Also he's a master people-reader and so he saved his friendship with Bakugo. Midoriya secretly curbs Bakugo's worst tendencies but he's still majorly narcissistic, but hey mild Bakugo redemption is a nice change right? Midoriya's quirk is powered by his emotions, positive emotions create powerful and colorful constructs but he also has to be careful as negative emotions like fear and anger make him create black ink monsters (Not Bendy and the Ink Machine, but same sort of idea.) This one came about from my love of Bob Ross and his "You can do anything mentality" in his videos. I can't paint worth a damn but I can appreciate good technique and better lessons. I picture Midoriya becoming very positively minded but also really good at playing the fool. In truth he has a deep dislike for playing sycophant to Bakugo to keep him under control. This will create conflict later alongside issues with his own identity crisis. The older and wiser he gets, the more he realizes he's strong enough on his own to be a really good hero. Also not so subtle references to Eldar Harlequins and their crazy mascaraed appearances. I would LOVE fan art of Midoriya Izuku in a Harlequin Coat like Inquisitor Czevak is depicted to wear, minus the frills, just the coat in emerald green and red. Classic Midoriya coloring. This one would be about a teen and up rating with Midoriya being a ray of sunshine but also being emotionally conflicted over years of playing sycophant keeper to Bakugo. Possible relationship with Momo or Jiro.


Inquisitor Czevak for reference:


Number two: Midoriya Izuku, Hero of the Arena. This one is a lot more dystopian in nature. Midoriya Izuku and most of his classmates are gladiators, artificially bred for one purpose, to survive. Like Monday Night Combat with all the rampant consumerism leading to casual blood-sport. Popped into my head after a mad combination of Enter the Gungeon, fond memories of MNC, and of course poor Midoriya being thrown into a gladiatorial what-if. For the gladiators, its their purpose to fight. They are raised to believe arena veterans retire one day, that simulated death is just part of the grind. Then Midoriya gets out.... learns a few truths, goes full Spartacus. Add some references to Alita Battle Angel, Gamer (2009) (Link because bit obscure, it flopped as a movie but interesting concept), and The Island (2005). Oh and Bakugo is an antagonist because he's a spoiled brat who was born naturally. Yeah, people can join in the blood-sport as overpowered avatars just to fuck over the poor clones, so a bit like Westworld too. This one would obviously be mature with graphic violence but also looking at some attempts at romance and after action (if you know what I mean). This one is a lot more tentative than the others.


Number three: Solo Nobre: Only Blood will Buy Freedom. This one is majorly canon divergent as it shifts from the My Hero Academia Universe and instead places Midoriya and friends into a different universe. That universe is the one that exists in gritty, vicious, high speed slaughter, isometric based shooter: Brigador. It should be noted in the trailer that the game is intentionally running at about 70% in-game speed... this is a game that is designed to run so fast that there is an option to raise or lower the base speed from "drug-induced Tachypsychia" at 50% speed, to the unassisted reality induced full speed mayhem of 100% speed. When you realize how fast some of these things are moving... a situation in Brigador can go from fine to hanging on by a fingernail in an eye blink. Brigador's setting is also pretty bad. Solo Nobre is an alien planet settled by mankind which went very wrong. The early settlers lost most of their number on planet fall due to "technical difficulties" with the survivors scratching out a living on a world far more hostile than first reported by initial surveys. In the end it survives by building about three majorly walled cities to keep the wild out and people's organs in. Then the corporations show up late to forcibly take over after the colonists finally set the groundwork. Couple years of mismanagement and terrible wealth disparity and an enigmatic figure known to us as "Great Leader" stages a bloody coup to gain control of the planet. Years of unstable but far better rule later... "Great Leader is Dead! Three factions fight over the planet, all for their own reasons. Todoroki Shouto is the son of a Solo Nobre General. Great expectations are placed on him from a young age, but all he wants is to escape Solo Nobre and his abusive father. Then he gets a chance... when Great Leader dies and the whole planet goes mad. In the chaos, he and a number of unhappy members of the NEP (Novo Exército do Povo) will risk everything to escape; they become Brigadors. /// Midoriya Izuku hadn't been with the Corvids long, long enough to realize they hadn't got a chance now though. Great Leader is dead but things have only gotten worse. The Solo Nobre Concern is back for their world, and with them is an army of expatriates, mercenaries, and worse... Spacers... This planet is gonna be glass before anyone wins this war. He wasn't old enough to remember the times when the SNC ruled but their offer of a way out in exchange for work was more than appealing. Midoriya didn't care how dangerous or how many jobs he'd need to do, for his mother, his friends, and a ticket for them all off this rock... he'd fly through hell. /// Bakugo gritted his teeth in impatience. His commander had insisted, insisted, that he wait for an invitation to begin from the SNC. Those dirt sucking bastards were lucky to have someone like him on retainer like this. It didn't matter though, if he wanted to prove he was the best then he would wait. There was no arguing with his superiors on this. But soon enough, Solo Nobre would burn in his wake and he would rise higher on the winds it created." This one is also at the extreme end at adult. Brigadors are war criminals, they operate above the law and the moment they accept being a Brigador they are essentially people with licenses to kill. They even earn compensation for killing civvies who get in the way. Shouto and Izuku are gonna have to do some really awful things to escape and Bakugo is going full Spacer (they willingly use gamma ray emitting guns as anti infantry weapons, though Bakugo won't, he prefers explosions to liquification). As for who is in what faction I'm still deciding but its mostly going to be 1-A and some of the more human teachers as support characters. Also this one I will be attempting the pillow talk but not much more. Relationships as I figure them out.


This last one is the most defined and one I really want to do, but not yet. Four feels like dangerous number of active projects. And speaking of active projects, the status updates I promised. Mechanicus Hero Deku is the next due to be updated but I'm going to disappoint some people who have been waiting for Chapter 4 and I implied Bakugo getting the boot... Looking back I was too heavy handed about the first day battle. Only a few seconds of fighting and Bakugo tries murdering Izuku... I'm not going to change what happened nor the intent, but I'm going to give Bakugo one pass for his actions... as much as I hate Bakugo as a character and his quirk, I feel that whole thing went from 0 to 1000% overboard. Bakugo is a shit and doesn't understand being a hero at all but he's not that much of an idiot... he'll blame the incident on his support gear, something we would all see through in a heartbeat but its My Hero Academia after all... I'm sorry. He is going to try again at the finals fight when they are against All Might, when the tension should be far better for full blown murder attempt to occur. On that day, he will go to jail. My rewrite of chapter 4 and subsequent chapters has been part of the reason for the delay.


Next will be Dragon Shepherd with a fairly short chapter where Midoriya tells half truths to the staff, not too much to say. But in that chapter we will also learn is to be done about Midoriya's "wardrobe situation."


Finally, Blood of the Mountain will go on pause for a bit while I complete updates for the prior two and finish hashing out the rough draft for the next chapter.


No sneak peaks or hints this time but I have a few in mind for a later day. Once again I thank you all for your viewership, your patience, and your understanding. If you have questions or opinions on what I've wrote here, feel free to comment. I would love to hear from you all.