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Sam Rockwell Characters Quarantine Headcanons

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Sam 1

Sam is okay about the quarantine; in his opinion such self-isolation is still better than what he used to experience. He’s a little bit sad he cannot walk in the park and look at people around anymore, but at least he still can see the sun, the sky and the trees, and the most importantly - you are around. It’s enough for him to feel alive.

While staying home, Sam takes care of his plants, entertains himself with all kinds of puzzles and models, you play board games together, he loves to read you something while you cuddle on the couch… There are always a lot of cuddles with him. And if you need help with cooking or cleaning, Sam is always here for you. Together you lead a pretty cozy lifestyle and you enjoy it.

Sometimes when he sees you’re getting a bit too anxious after watching or reading too much news, he gets you into the car and drives somewhere into the woods, where you can walk hand in hand in peace and quiet, breathe fresh air and enjoy the views without anyone around.

Sam 2

He’s also used to isolation, maybe a little bit less than Sam 1, but still. He finds it quite comfortable for his introverted self to spend time with you only. Even though there are only two of you in the house, he still needs alone time sometimes, and you respect that. Usually his time starts in the morning - he wakes up earlier than you and goes to the basement to do some workout. Then he goes back to take a shower. By this time you’re usually already awake and sometimes you join him if you both are in the mood. Then you have breakfast together, and afterwards he usually spends time working at his laptop. It’s better not to distract him at this time. And after lunch he’s usually all yours.

Sam is also good at comforting you if you’re sad or anxious. He’s very good at noticing the changes in your mood even if you try not to show it. He’d always make you a mug of your favorite tea, wrap you into a blanket and would hold you and tell you everything will be alright until you really believe in it.

Jason Dixon

Jason always liked to eat, but he never knew he’d enjoy cooking too! It started with a simple curiosity when the delicious smells brought him to the kitchen where you were making dinner, but with your help he learnt a lot. It surprised him; Jason’s dad always told him that cooking is a woman’s job, so he never really tried to cook anything more complicated than eggs with a toast for breakfast, or meat during the BBQ. Now you very often cook together and try different receipts.

Jason also brought an old VHS player and his collection of cassettes from the attic - mostly the 90s action movies and other nostalgic stuff, and you really enjoy watching them together. Of course you make a big bowl of popcorn for each of your movie nights.

There are also lots of cuddles in your household, and Jason’s favorite way to comfort you is to read you some of his comics in bed, switch on your favorite music, or just hum your favorite song softly on your ear while doing a little slow dance in the kitchen.

Trent Burns

Trent enjoys helping you cook too, or rather goofing around in the kitchen. He especially loves it when you bake.

There are lots of silly dances and pillow fights that often end up with really intense cuddles. If you study, Trent would help; he’d take your book after you finish an assignment and would ask you questions about what you read. He likes to listen to you reading too. Also Trent would spend a lot of time doing something with his hands, like fixing some old furniture or other stuff. He likes to keep his hands busy.

You often walk together in the woods - thankfully Trent lives far from other people. In the evenings you grab the blankets and sit on the porch looking at the stars. On cold nights Trent makes a campfire next to his trailer and you eat sausages or marshmallows.

When you sit next to him at the fire, his arm wrapping around your frame, it feels like you’re all alone in the entire world, and it’s weird but this thought is rather comforting than frightening for some reason.

Billy Bickle

This quarantine is not easy for both of you. For you mostly because someone just cannot shut up for a single second. There’s a lot of energy in Billy, and he’s not sure where to spend it. He buys lots of snacks and ends up eating them all in one evening, he tries to cook, which turns into a disaster mess in the kitchen, but at least he’s busy cleaning it up, because you refuse to do it for him. He tries to work out but finds it boring… In the end he finally accepts the fact he has to stay home for a while and tries to find calmer activities.

He spends time writing crazy scripts, than calls Marty to discuss it. Marty mostly find his ideas ridiculous, but entertaining, so he doesn’t mind. Billy also reads his scripts to you, and each time it’s hilarious, because Billy’s great at creating a show. Sometimes Billy practices his acting skills at the mirror, he’s an actor after all and doesn’t want to lose his competence.

Of course you watch movies and TV-shows together too. Sometimes you just turn on something random on TV, switch off the sound and voice what’s happening on the screen. Of course it was Billy’s idea. He once did that to distract you from sad news and now you’re doing it regularly. You also enjoy playing video games. Billy is very emotional and competitive, but you got used to it. You know how to compensate it to him is he loses.

Overall even though Billy can be pretty loud, chaotic and annoying, you know he cares for you and tries to “turn down his volume” if he sees you need it. And you are grateful that he’s able to always make you laugh, even during the hardest times.

Bob Fosse (let’s call it a modern AU, okay?)

At first he feels a bit weird and anxious - how come he’s not allowed to work?.. He’s restless, doesn’t sleep well, a lot of cigarettes are smoked, a lot of black coffee and stronger drinks are drank… In the end it’s you who help him realize that he’s not missing anything, the whole world is basically put on a pause right now, so he could use this time to relax a bit and recharge his inner batteries. As this realization finally comes to him, the things start getting better.

You have cozy breakfasts together, usually listening to some music on the radio instead of watching the news, and then Bob does some work in his study. He’s working on a new movie script and writes down his ideas for the new projects. You love watching him working on new dance moves in the living room. Sometimes he needs you for this, and even though you don’t think you’re good enough, you like to help him. And sometimes you both don’t want to think about work so you just switch on your favorite record and dance around your apartment.

In the evenings you have romantic dinners from time to time, with a bottle of good wine and candles, and sometimes you just simply cuddle on the couch watching a movie… Very often the cuddles intensify and the movie is forgotten but none of you regrets it.

Overall you enjoy spending so much time together with Bob, since he’s usually quite busy. The only problem is that he still smokes a lot, but as you have to stay inside, he tries to do it on the balcony, or opens the window, so you’re fine with it.

(Modern) Silas Groves

He’s a calm and introverted man, so staying home is fine for him, especially with you. He wakes up early and does a bit of exercises - it’s his military habit. He takes a shower afterwards, and then, if you’re still in bed, he likes to join you for some cuddles (and more). After the breakfast he spends some time in his garage. Not so long before it all started, he bought a pretty old bike and he seems to really enjoy fixing it.

Since you can’t go to the hairdresser’s, it’s now your responsibility to trim his hair and beard and to be honest you really enjoy it.

You usually spend the evenings watching movies together, or reading and exchanging nice quotes from your books. You think this tough guy looks really cute and cozy in home clothes and his reading glasses. Sometimes when you feel the need to relax, you take a bath together. Or if you need a bit of adventure, you hop on his bike and ride into the night until you get to an empty beach - your favorite place. You walk along the shore watching the moon and the stars, listening to the waves and enjoying chilly night air.

Victor Mancini

In fact, Victor strangely enjoys staying home with you. It gives him the sense of normality he didn’t experience enough in his life. He spent most of his childhood on the road with his eccentric mother, with small breaks of normal life in occasional foster families. Then for a while he managed to be a nice guy and a bright student, and then all went wrong again. So now he’s actually really happy to have this simple routine - falling asleep and waking up next to you, cereals for breakfast, TV-shows on the couch…

A couple of times a week Vic has online appointments with his therapist - even though he’s doing much better now, you still insisted that he should continue the therapy. He wasn’t very enthusiastic at first, but you both know he needs it.

His sex drive is still pretty high though. If you’re not in the mood he won’t push on you, but if you are… Well, let’s just say you already did it in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the shower, in the living room on the couch while watching TV and on the floor when you decided to try playing twister once. Still now sex is something more than just an addiction or a way to escape for him. He enjoys having the real intimacy and affection with you. Long kisses and cuddles afterwards became your tradition.

Sex is not the only thing you are busy with these days. Victor is actually an interesting and smart guy, and you often spend evenings having long conversations in the kitchen with a mug of tea or a glass of wine. You talk about life and basically everything at once, get to know each other better, and it’s awesome.

Craig Hunter

First couple of weeks he had a lot of work, even from home. For the most part of the day Craig was occupied with his laptop, phone and papers. He used to lose track of time. If someone asked him what day it is and he’d most certainly have problems answering this question. So one day you decided to do something about it before he lost his mind. You had a serious conversation about it, and Craig agreed with you. Now he still has a lot of work to do, but in the evenings he puts away his laptop and phone and spends time with you - it’s a rule. When he’s still too plunged into his work, you just come over, gently hug him or massage his shoulders, and very soon he gives in.

Usually Craig works in his study, but as the weather started to become more and more sunny and warm, he decided it’s a nice idea to do it in the garden sometimes. And then you have lunch there.

You, him and Annika have movie nights with pizza or popcorn sometimes or play board games together, but usually Annika is bored with you two and prefers spending time chatting with her friends online.

Craig is really thankful that you helped him realize the importance of self-care and rest, so when he sees you’re a bit down or anxious due to the news, or miss your friends and family, or something else is not okay, he tries to make something nice for you too. Like bringing you breakfast in bed, or organizing a romantic evening. Sometimes just having a glass of wine in the garden after the dinner and watching the sunset is enough to feel much needed calm and comfort.


Another active guy on this list - Owen doesn’t enjoy staying in four walls very much. He tries to entertain you and himself organizing parties for the two of you. There’s music, funny clothes, snacks and beer, lots of silly dancing, singing karaoke and playing truth or dare.

Of course you have calmer evenings too. One day you decide to decorate your balcony with twinkle lights and now it’s your tradition to watch the sunset there, wrapped in cozy blankets or his flannel shirts. You also play video games together. Recently Owen purchased Guitar Hero, and so far he’s absolutely enjoying it, feeling like a rock star.

Owen always knows how to cheer you up when you’re not feeling great. He would hug you, tell you funny stories, tickle you to make you laugh, order your favorite pizza or get your favorite snacks.

Sometimes he’s still a bit sad due to the lack of action, but he’s really happy that you’re around because being alone would be a thousand times more terrible for him.