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            —This is a story about a girl.

            “I won’t accept an end like this.”

            She certainly heard those words in the moment before the castle burst into flame.
            —The battle should have been almost over.
            The emperor himself was the single enemy remaining, and all that was left was to defeat him or force his surrender.
            ……But instead, the enemy gathered all his resolve and declared that he would never give up, and the castle was transformed into something like a hell.
            Through the fire, she saw him.
            …He looked nothing like the man whose appearance had become familiar to her across the battlefield.

            The young queen remembered what she had been told by her country’s fortune-tellers and the priests who had crowned her.
            She remembered the portents that had been described to her, which signified the end of the era and the revival of the great demon slain in this land a thousand years ago.
            —That demon had been worshipped as a god by the people of the empire.
            What her enemy was trying to do… finally fell into place.

            She swung her sword against him.
            The enemy’s body that should have been exhausted from many battles and recovering from numerous injuries was filled with terrible, inhuman strength.
            Even alone against her entire army, he fought like a beast, as though his pride itself had become his power.
            —And still, she managed to triumph, wearing that man down with her superior numbers.

            …Even so, the battle still would not end.

            The enemy’s body was covered in blood and numerous fatal wounds.
            His armor was broken, he had been run through numerous times, and he was still losing blood at a rate that should have been enough to immobilize him, and he could barely stand.
            …Still, he slipped through a door that had been concealed in the wall behind him.

            The chamber beyond him was even more like hell.
            It was a burning altar carved into a volcano, and past the dais there was a great narrow chasm that could have gone to the very heart of the earth.
            In a room filled with pressure that could have killed the weak of will, the emperor stubbornly dragged his failing body to that place.
            …If he reached that altar, it seemed as though he would offer himself as a sacrifice to that demon and resurrect it to defend his people and destroy all others.
            But even if he did so.
            …The queen knew that the world after his death would not be the world that he wished for.

            That demon, the great dragon he called his ancestor, knew not pity or love.
            It would destroy the empire and the kingdom and all countries alike, and subjugate all life in this world.
            …If she allowed her enemy to do as he planned to…, the entire world would burn.

            So she grasped her sword and followed him into that place alone.
            In the room where she could barely even move her body, she chased him as he dragged himself towards the dais where he surely intended to kill himself.
            …She bore the great pressure and the heat and accepted her enemy’s great despair.
            It was for the sake of the world.
            For the sake of what she had fought to protect.
            …So that the numerous deaths, ally and enemy, would not go to waste—
            She continued to wield her sword, telling herself it was for that purpose.

            He still had his great power and the strength born of desperation, but he was already dying.
            …It was not so much of a battle.

            His body collapsed, leaving him on his knees before her, unable to move.

            And for just a moment.
            …The two of them spoke as equals.

            For some reason.
            …She didn’t know why, but as the madness of his blood faded from him, he smiled bitterly.
            If he had regrets, he did not speak them to her, and when she brandished her ideals all he did was smile gently as if suppressing tears.
            —When she said that she only wished to use her power to protect, he laughed at her.
            Not in scorn, but as if there was some irony in her words that she could not understand.

            As if setting down some great burden, the young emperor died with a smile on his face.

            The castle was collapsing around them.
            …As she retreated from that place, the young queen wondered just what he had thought and felt all this time.
            As he himself had told her, she would probably never understand him.

            —After that.
            The war was finally over.
            …There was still a great deal of conflict left, of course.
            Many of her allied countries’ governments had collapsed as a result of their civil wars, and the empire itself had been left in dire straits from her army’s genocide of its people alone.
            She had a responsibility to the world.
            …As a contributor to the mess, all she could do was try to support the people who only had her to depend on.

            The queen knew now.
            …She knew that what she had been told since childhood was a lie.
            A fairy tale passed down through the kingdom as justification for its actions.
            How… truly arrogant they had all been.
            She set aside her sword and refused to let it be passed down.
            …If nothing else, she could at least prevent her people from going down the same road.

            She lived her life carrying various regrets.
            …She was known amongst her people as a sovereign who was strict but very kind.
            She was beloved by many, and even those who could not forgive what she had done in the war came to begrudgingly respect her.
            She tried to help the poor and to reduce discrimination against those who had once been the kingdom’s enemies, and she took firm charge of government.
            ……Still, she could not help but feel as though it was not good enough.

            The queen eventually married and had many children.
            …She taught her daughters about the war, and she taught them to live and rule the way that she herself tried to.
            She sealed the sword she had been told was justice away, and while watching over her country and all other countries, she grew old.
            …Her people idolized her as a great hero.

            …As an old, old woman.
            Still carrying her regrets, still remembering those who had died by her hands and died in her name—
            The queen went to sleep.
            …Hoping that even if she had not been able to compensate for the wrong she had done…, she had laid the foundations for the prevention of further war.

            I, who have watched silently as she worked all her life—
            …I cannot speak for what she might have felt at that time.
            But she told me.
            She said that even now, she regrets it.
            Even becoming a Heroic Spirit, she has not run away from her burdens even when it seems she might collapse beneath them.
            Even now—she would sacrifice her own happiness in hopes that peace will one day arrive.

            Perhaps it is foolish.
            …But she believes in justice, and so she wants to accept the weight of her sins.
            She wants what she has always grown up believing not to be a lie anymore.

            No matter how you try and try to save all the people in your sight, no matter how hard you fight for them to be able to smile forever—
            There’s one person you will never be able to save.
            That one person is “yourself”, who will not enter your sight in a mindset like that.
            …At this rate, Yggdra will fall into the same trap as her enemy.
            By continuing to sacrifice yourself for the happiness of others without considering yourself equally important, everything will slip through your fingers until you are left with nothing but pain.
            I mean…
            Even after everything she did to make her people happy and all of her successes…, Yggdra is still tormented by her regrets.

            In that case.
            …I don’t think it’s so terrible a thing to want to live for others.
            But in that case, you need someone who will also consider your own happiness to be important.
            …Yggdra has always taken care of me.
            And I’m not so selfless a man that I have no desires.
            But I also wish for her happiness and peace of mind.
            If she won’t consider herself, she needs to have someone by her side to do it for her.
            Because at this rate, Yggdra herself will never be saved—

            …I open my eyes with my thoughts still clear in my mind.

            …When I go downstairs after washing my face and dressing, Yggdra is already awake and standing where she can look out the window with an intense look on her face.
            She still has not bothered to change into the clothes brought here for her, and stands in the gown she wore when she was alive.
            She stands.
            …She stares out the window as though searching for prey.

            “—I won’t forgive them.”
            She says so.
            In a clear voice, she says so.
            “—I will never forgive Caster and that man.”

            Because I agree with her, I walk to stand beside her.
            …Yggdra is far more agitated than she was yesterday.
            I think that since we came back from our patrol, she probably hasn’t slept.

            The magus in white had no one.
            …Looking at him like that, I knew.
            Berserker was all.
            …So I burned his body using magic and we gathered up the ashes of the two.
            In the end, that was all we could do for either of them.

            Yggdra is very tense.
            …I know that no matter her habitual reaction to Berserker, she cannot forgive harm done to him by outside parties.
            As mortal enemies, they tried to destroy each other.
            …And even so, her regrets mean that she would have moved to protect him if she could have, rather than seeing him harmed again.

            She has seen that man die twice.
            …She did not even want to see him die once.

            So even beyond the fight for the Holy Grail, this has become a personal battle for her.

            …Even so.
            Even as I know and fully understand what she feels and why.
            It’s no good to go out chasing them now.
            We don’t know where Hector’s hideout will be, and just charging in without a plan is stupid.
            If he returns to the church, attacking him in his own workshop will be suicidal.

            “I cannot forgive them, either.
            “So when we go tonight to battle them over who shall claim the Holy Grail—we mustn’t lose.”

            Yggdra turns to me, and her angry expression evens out.
            Like she’s a curious child being told something she never even considered.
            …I nod to her, and we both turn to look at the early morning sky.

            It’s overcast and gray outside.
            …Still, there is light on the horizon as the sun rises.

            I reach out and take Yggdra’s hand as we stand side by side, and she does not pull away.

(interlude 15-1)


            Her consciousness is hazy.
            …That’s really only to be expected.
            The treatment that she is undergoing is very painful.
            Because the doctors treating her are not doing their job to cause others pain, that pain is dulled with a number of drugs.
            …It’s the first time in her life she’s had so many drugs in her system, and it weighs her mind down even when the drugs are not supposed to.
            …Where she is from, there is no money to spend on drugs, and so problematic diseases and infections were always burned out of her body using magic.
            Money that could be spent on food and water had no business being wasted on drugs.

            …Well, she can’t complain.

            The days and hours blur together as she drifts.
            …When she sleeps, she feels vaguely lonely as her Servant’s memories are no longer transmitted to her.


            The girl in the hospital bed does not know where her familiar is.
            The spirit in the bird she has imbued with her power and trained for years must either have escaped or been killed, as it is not in this building.
            …That has cut off her ability to communicate, as she is right-handed.
            It will still be some time before she is capable of writing, even if the doctors’ treatment of replacing her nerves with Magic Circuits works.

            She sighs around the tube hooked to her face.
            …Her condition has stabilized.
            But her nerve endings cannot be deadened if this treatment is to work, and her arm must be kept from dying in the process.
            ……So she is stuck here.
            She honestly wishes that the doctors would just put her to sleep in that case, as there is nothing to do and nothing she can do.


            She does not know how many days it has been.
            …She only notices that there is something off about the hospital in one of her more lucid moments.
            …It’s the presence of magical energy that does not belong.
            If she were to describe it, she would say that it’s as though long feelers of gray have been sliding around the floor of the place that should be colorless.
            She is especially sensitive to the irregularity because of her elemental alignment and the drugs in her system, which skew her perspective.

            But she cannot tell anyone, even if there were anyone to tell.

            She simply watches, drifting between sleep and wakefulness.

            …When the man in dark robes appears in the door to her room, she just stares at him through eyes too dizzied to make out details.

            “Yes, you are indeed the perfect candidate.
            “—I have a task for you.”

(15-1 interlude out.)

            The four of us, three magi and one Servant, sit around the table together.
            Ein and Rose, who accepted our return without making a fuss last night, now discuss with us everything that they know about Hector.
            …Some of the things that Rose has to say surprise even Ein, as apparently their upbringing was quite different even though they both were raised in the same environment, Hector’s territory.
            Well, the gap between their abilities and experience made that much obvious to begin with.

            “—Basically the problem is that Hector is really old.
            “Much, much older than he looks.
            “The technique he practices is directly inherited from the age of gods, so he’s going to be using stronger spells than you, much faster than you can use them.”
            Rose, who is at about the same skill level as me, pronounces this with a sigh.
            …On top of which, she can perform in close combat, whereas I must fight from a distance as I’m no good at strengthening my own body or at using basic martial arts.
            My family are traditionalists, so…
            Even if I said so, though, it would just feel like I’m trying to make excuses, so I don’t.

            “That’s only a problem for Roswell.
            “—My magic resistance should be sufficient to deal with most of what the Master can do; the problem is Caster herself.”

            It’s Ein’s turn to sigh.
            “Well, as you can tell, she’s a guardian angel.
            “—Her armor is a defensive Noble Phantasm that nullifies attacks beyond a certain rank, and she can use both very powerful magic and that staff should amplify her other abilities.”

            I’m definitely impressed that he can rattle off this kind of information at will.

            Rose shrugs with a lopsided smile.
            “—This guy’s hobby is heroes.
            “I’m sure that if we had a few days to research, we could come up with her identity, but right now we’ve just got to give you a broad guess and send you off.
            “The Holy Grail is going to open tonight at midnight, so you’ve got to be off toward the Tohsaka residence by then.”

            She’s right.
            Seven out of nine Servants are dead, and that should be enough to complete the Holy Grail.
            “Then, please tell us everything that you can.”

            “She’s especially troublesome because of that staff.”
            Ein says so as if explaining carefully to an amateur.
            “…Well, most guardian angels have some kind of immensely powerful spell that they can use, right? And they wouldn’t be guardians unless they could act as a wall between the enemy and Asgard.
            “But the problem here is that her staff gives her even greater power.
            “So taking too many hits from her magic is going to shave off your life bit by bit no matter how great a Servant you are.”

            “How to overwhelm the defense without succumbing to the offense in the meantime—huh.”
            It’s certainly quite a task.
            “Caster will have to be left up to Saber’s Noble Phantasm, but I don’t think we have enough magical energy to use the same strategy we did on Assassin.”
            Especially not coming in from the front.
            Even if I ended the discussion here and spent most of the rest of the day supplying Yggdra with more energy, I’d just be tiring myself out in an effort to give the cannon that is her Noble Phantasm a handful of extra shots.
            It would be ideal if I could find some way to dispatch Caster’s Master and thus put a limit on her ability to fight offensively, but we shouldn’t count on a miracle like that.

            …No matter what, it’s going to be a difficult battle.
            But Yggdra sighs and narrows her eyes.
            “—Even if it’s close to impossible.
            “As long as there’s a chance for victory, then we can’t give up.”

            It’s the enemy that was even able to defeat Berserker and Nessiah.
            …Well, I had confidence that Yggdra would have been able to do the same, given her history, but the enemy defeated those two so easily.
            So it’s clear that we’ll be at a disadvantage.

            But it’s true.
            Even if we can’t think of a plan to even out our chances, we still have to go.
            We can’t allow a man like that to take the Holy Grail.

            After that, Yggdra and I just go back upstairs.
            …Logically, I know that I should at least give her some energy anyhow, but whether we decide to do that or not, I want to talk to her for a while.
            …Just about whatever.
            Because no matter how this fight ends, this will probably be the last of our time together.


            …It isn’t really fair.
            Yggdra already enjoys this age.
            There are a lot of things that she had fun with.
            ……She shouldn’t have to sacrifice that just for the chance that it might be impetus for humanity to change.
            …It’s not just altruism that makes me say that, of course.
            I love her, after all.
            So it’s natural for me to not want her to go.

            “…Yggdra, you know.”
            I’m not sure how to begin.
            “They say that the Holy Grail emits that much energy, so if you take in the contents I think you could probably remain in this world in physical form without needing a Master.”
            We are sitting together on the side of the bed.
            I made it up haphazardly this morning, but it seems as though someone else came and straightened it out a bit.

            “It’s reasonable to think that’s possible.”
            Yggdra answers me in a neutral tone, although her expression suggests that she’s not paying too much attention.

            “You said that you want there to be peace, not just now but for as long as possible.”
            I hesitate, as I really don’t know how to say this.
            “…And that’s a really admirable thing to wish for.
            “It’s true that it may not be plausible, but I don’t think it’s a foolish thing to want.”

            Yggdra continues to space out next to me.
            “But no matter how hard you work to save people, that only means that there are some people who aren’t going to be saved.
            “Like yourself, and the people whose happiness depends on you being saved.”
            …Is she actually listening?
            If she’s ignoring me, then that’s even more disheartening, since these are things that are nearly impossible for me to say.

            “You interrupted me the last time I tried to tell you this.
            “But, Yggdra, I love—”

            …Next to me.
            ……She is shaking her head.

            “We can’t stay together, and you know that.”

            …I know.
            There’s hardly any chance that Yggdra would choose to remain here when she could use this opportunity to have her wish granted.
            It’s foolish of me to even suggest it.

            “……I know.
            “But we still have one more night together.
            “…As long as we’re here, in the same space, then I’m going to love you.
            “Even after you disappear, I’m still going to love you.
            “I’m still never going to forget what you’ve done for me or the time that we’ve spent side by side, the things that we did together and what made you laugh and smile.”

            Yggdra closes her eyes.
            “…All of this is unfair to you.
            “I may just be blending your image with the man I loved when I was alive.
            “……You’re very much like him, after all, and the ways that you differ are dear to me, but… just that means that I can’t answer your feelings.”

            She’s still worrying more about me than about herself.

            “Well, if you’re going to use that argument.”
            I try to keep my voice lighthearted.
            “I’ve been enchanted by you ever since I first saw your portrait.
            “—Doesn’t that mean that I might just be pushing all my childish ideals and illusions onto you one-sidedly?”

            It’s normal for that kind of thing to occur.
            …For two people to have unrealistic images of each other, to compare their past and present lovers.
            That is never a reason not to love someone.

            Yggdra shakes her head and smiles.

            “And the truth is that even so, I love you.
            “—I want you to be happy. Even when I want to keep you here selfishly, if it would make you happier to let you go and use your wish on making peace come faster, then I still want to keep loving you with no regrets.”

            …She shakes her head again.
            Her long golden hair sways softly.
            “…And here all I want is for you to be happy, as well.
            “That’s why I was hoping that this wasn’t going to happen, because I know that saying goodbye is going to hurt you.”

            …Well, I know that, which is why I’m being underhanded and suggesting such things as Yggdra finding a way to stay at my side.
            But even so, even if this devastates me, I don’t want to regret having loved her.

            For as long as we have time.
            Then I want to use that time so that we have no regrets.

            I touch her face and gently pull her into a kiss.
            Yggdra’s hands move down my body and get my blood running.

            I’ve tasted her like this twice already, but having her mouth on mine still makes my head go blank of everything but her.
            …I want to push her down on the bed already, but we’re both fully clothed, and my will to go further is battling with my will to continue the kiss.

            She makes a noise like she’s humming against my lips and slips her tongue into my mouth.
            …Somehow it always winds up this way.
            But I do trust her, so I don’t mind so much that she always takes the lead.
            ……Technically, she probably has more experience than I do, too.

            That thought is troubling in a lot of ways.

            Yggdra’s hands touch me over my clothing.
            They run from my shoulders down my chest to rub over my erection through my pants, and then move back up to my chest.
            …Ahh, all these clothes are just in the way.

            I pull back to take a breath.
            “—I want to undress.”
            …And I just blurt it out without thinking.

            “Hmm, all right.”
            Yggdra says so absently.
            It’s harder to turn away from her when she’s acting like that, but since my ultimate priority is to be inside her, it mitigates the resistance since this is the first step.
            …I slide off the edge of the mattress and take off my shirt and pants while facing the opposite wall, and when I turn back—


            …I am frankly stunned.
            Yggdra is sitting there nonchalantly.
            Her body is completely bare, and she sits on the mattress with her legs folded, running her hand through her golden hair as she stares at me.

            …Um, despite having had sex with her twice already… this is the first time I’ve actually seen her completely naked.
            There’s nothing but soft skin no matter where I look.
            And she’s smiling at me like she knows exactly what I’m thinking.

            “You can come back up here, Roswell.”

            …I cannot disobey that smile.
            It’s a very unfair expression.

            What’s even more unfair is that as soon as I do sit down, she leans in to kiss me again, exerting energy so that I am soon leaning back.
            Her breasts brush against me, and the sensation of her nipples is like silk on my skin.
            …Just that single detail makes all the strength go out of my spine, and I collapse backwards onto the mattress.
            The pillow is underneath my shoulders and neck as I land.
            My penis stands up perpendicular from my body.
            Yggdra wraps her hand around the shaft and stares at it with a mischievous look on her face…
            And then she gets up on her knees and swings one leg over my hips.

            …It’s not the same as looking at her bent over the table, begging me to fuck her from behind…
            ……but I can still see her vagina perfectly from this angle.
            There is already wetness shining about it, and the dark pink lips are open and eager.
            She isn’t ashamed of her desire at all, and there’s an awful lot of it.
            I couldn’t be happier.
            …I’m sure that if we had twenty-four hours to devote to whatever we wanted, Yggdra would be just as likely to devote them all to sex as I would be.
            …Maybe even more likely.

            Yggdra lowers her hips so that the head is touching her vulva.
            She rolls her hips once as if to make sure it’s in the right place, then releases my cock to pull the folds of her pussy wider apart.
            …And then she lets her legs fold slowly.
            My penis sinks inside her in one even motion.

            “—, —”
            …It’s only logical given that we’re in this position, but unlike the other two times, my entire penis fits inside of Yggdra now.
            Her eyes have gone unfocused, and she strokes her stomach as she breathes in a way that makes her breasts shake.
            She’s still smiling as though she’s won.
            …The walls of her vagina pulse slightly, and the folds ripple a little as if with arousal.
            She’s even wetter than last time, if that’s possible.
            I feel like she’s going to make really perverse wet sounds if she thrusts too hard.
            …Yggdra rolls her hips slightly, and I grit my teeth to bear it.

            “Hmhm, you’re in so deep that you’re hitting the top.”
            Yggdra murmurs that and closes her eyes.
            She spreads her legs a little further apart, which causes the muscles of her vagina to narrow.
            My voice comes out on its own as she squeezes my cock mercilessly, which makes her giggle.
            “—It tickles when you twitch.
            “I like it, it’s a really exciting feeling.
            “—Your penis is really sensitive.”

            …Of course it’s sensitive.
            It’s buried up to the root in the pussy of the woman I love, and it’s so drenched in her fluid that I think it’s going to trickle down over my testes—
            She giggles again.
            ……Did I space out and say that out loud?

            “Roswell, you’re so cute.”
            Yggdra leans down, which creates extra pressure against my penis.
            She lifts her hips as she does so, and I make an effort to push myself up on my elbows.
            …She cups my shoulders with her hands and kisses me.
            I push the tip of my tongue past her lips and run it against her tongue as she presses our mouths together.
            As she’s above me, when I swallow, I think some of her saliva might be mixed in.
            …I can’t tell the difference, but the thought of that makes my cock throb.

            Yggdra moans and then sits back up abruptly.
            Her hips shake like she really wants to thrust them against mine hard enough to slap, but she just rocks.
            …My cock is stirring the inside of her vagina.
            Her fluids are very thick, so that’s really what it feels like.
            Like moving my penis through a narrow, pliable jar of honey.

            Yggdra stares down at me with lidded eyes.
            “—You’re big. You keep pressing as far as you can go—”
            It’s true, as the movements Yggdra keeps making are rolling the head of my penis against her cervix, and the texture is driving me crazy.
            If I ejaculate like this, the semen is going to go straight into her uterus, and even though I don’t think Servants can get pregnant, the thought still makes my face burn and drives me crazy.
            “It feels really nice. I can’t reach this deep when I masturbate, so it’s been a really long time.”

            …Now the mental image of Yggdra touching herself is making me crazier.
            Not just absentmindedly teasing herself during foreplay, but really trying to push herself to orgasm with all her might—
            Idle questions of whether she penetrates herself with her fingers or plays with her clitoris and breasts explode in my brain.
            ……I wonder if they had things like dildos in her era.
            I don’t imagine a sheltered princess would have had access to such a thing, but then again, if she had enough influence I’m sure she could get hold of whatever she wanted…… I don’t think her people would have wanted to refuse her even if it was for something embarrassing like that.
            …I really ought to stop thinking.
            My face is dangerously red, and I can feel precome leaking out of me already.
            I have to pant for breath and struggle for control of my imagination, and Yggdra’s naked body is in front of me for the first time and the stimulus of her warm pussy wrapped around my cock is eroding away at my ability to think straight.
            …I don’t think I can do this.

            Yggdra is smiling as she takes my hand and places it against her breast.
            “—Touch me.”
            She says so coyly.
            “I could use my own hands, but it feels better when it’s someone else.”

            I run my fingertip over her soft nipple, and the skin puckers and hardens beneath my touch.
            Yggdra sighs.
            I move my left hand, as well, and rest it over her pubes where our bodies join.
            My fingertips brush against my own groin and make my skin jump a little as I roll them over her clitoris.
            …It’s swollen, and she moans thoroughly when I touch it gently.
            It’s throbbing in an even faster rhythm than my penis, which is only a few millimeters away from it.
            Yggdra’s body quakes and tenses a little, and her fluids seep out of her and dirty my fingers and her clit.
            “Roswell—I’m going to start now.”

            She takes my hands in hers and holds them as if to balance herself, and starts to thrust her hips.
            She lifts herself smoothly off my cock and then engulfs it again, and in this position I can see the movements perfectly, right down to the trickle of her liquid and my precome against my own penis, rolling over the veins that stand out.
            Yggdra seems to intend to move slowly, but in no time at all she’s thrusting very quickly.
            Her groin slaps wetly against mine.
            Her folds flutter against the shaft of my penis and I choke back the urge to ejaculate immediately.
           As she puts strength into her hips, her pussy tightens naturally, and my vision starts to tunnel from the pleasure.
            …I feel feverish.

            “Yggdra—I’m already…”
            “Ah—ah, Roswell, you’re getting bigger—”

            Her voice is slurred slightly.
            …I try to bear it with all my might.
            Yggdra calls out urgently.
            Her hair scatters in the air, and incredibly lewd wet noises are rising from where we join.
            “Ah—ah, Roswell—”
            Her breasts sway as she moves, but it’s her expression that really gets to me.
            “—I’m going to—”
            Her face is red and her mouth is open wide as she pants.

            “Ah—ah, ah—!!”
            She clamps down mightily and instead of thrusting in broad motions, her hips jerk back and forth like a convulsion.
            Her tightening pussy swallows my penis to the root and she grinds her hips against me, pushing her clitoris against my skin as she comes.

            I come.
            …Semen explodes out of me with intense force, and Yggdra cries out again as my fluids fill her.
            Our movements slow, and my penis slips out of her vagina as it returns to closer to its usual size, trailed by ribbons of mixed clear and white fluid.
            …Our fluids make patterns on Yggdra’s thighs, my groin, and the sheets, and continue to drip out of her opened pussy.

            She sits down as if to catch her breath, and I push myself back up.

            “—It really does feel much better to have you inside me than to have to take care of everything myself.”
            Yggdra announces this as her breathing returns to normal.
            She reaches out and runs the pad of her forefinger over my mostly-flaccid penis, which makes me shudder.

            “You really know how to use this, and the way it’s sensitive like that is so cute.”
            ……It’s not the first time I’ve been told that.
            W-well, I do try to make sure to keep my whole body clean, and it’s not like I have an overabundance of pubic hair anyway, but I don’t think any man ever knows what to do with himself when told that his arousal is “cute”.

            “…You don’t seem to want to stop.”
            Yggdra is still staring at me as though she wants to play with me, when usually she would be trying to clean herself up by now.
            “We have time.
            “—I think you’ll have time enough to get back in the mood.”

            …Well, if I could, I’d still be fucking her right now, but obviously I have to wait.
            Too much stimulation at a point like this when I’ve just ejaculated might be a little painful.
            …Yggdra lies down, still staring at me between my legs and touching me with just her fingertips.
            This is getting to be a little embarrassing, but I’m at least glad that she knows better than to just grab when I’m still recovering.

            “You’re good with your hands, your penis, and your mouth.
            “—I thought I was going to melt and die from the pleasure when your tongue was inside me and you took my reason away completely.
            “You just made me feel so good and so cherished, like you thought my pussy was that worthy of being loved. …You really drove me crazy then, I wanted to keep coming until my head stopped working completely.”

            Saying embarrassing things in a casual voice, Yggdra kisses at the shaft of my penis very lightly, and all the blood in my body thuds.

            “—, —, —”
            “Can I try this?”
            She looks up at me as she asks.
            Um. …Um.
            “S-sure, if you really want to.”
            …Like I could refuse her when she’s offering to do that!
            I-I’ve always… kind of wanted her to use her mouth on me, too.
            It’s… like a fantasy of mine.

            She smiles.
            “—I’ve heard that this is the way you’re supposed to prepare a man for the second time.
            “I’ve always wanted to try this, too.
            “—I only sort of know what I’m doing, so tell me if I start to do something wrong—”

            And she kisses my throbbing shaft more firmly.
            …I can feel the press of her lips against the side.
            Yggdra’s hands are very careful, and she uses her lips and tongue to venture around the circumference of my penis and trace patterns along the shaft.
            …Just the way that she’s touching me with love and tenderness makes me crazy.

            “Oh, it’s getting bigger already.”
            Yggdra announces that in a pleased tone.
            As if that’s given her confidence, she starts making bigger licks.
            Everywhere her tongue moves, the skin burns.
            “You taste like me.”
            …That’s because she saturated my penis with her fluids when it was inside her.
            Still, the implications of Yggdra’s words turn me on even more helplessly.

            …My erection is not quite to its full size, but it is standing up without her help.
            Yggdra stares at it from inches away, her brow knit as if considering.
            “…How do I do this?
            “I don’t think I could fit very much of it in my mouth…”

            “That’s—that’s all right.
            “If you try, just be careful with your teeth.”

            She nods as if fascinated and kisses the head directly.

            I bear it frantically as blood starts to pound in my penis.
            …Physically, I don’t think I can ejaculate yet, but even so I think she’ll be angry if I come on her face.
            She wants to have sex again, and if I get come in her hair or her eyes she definitely won’t forgive me.
            Even as I think so, she licks experimentally and then opens her mouth.
            …She takes just the tip between her lips as her tongue kneads the head.
            Pleasure is exploding through my sensitive cock, and I can feel my balls cramping as if they want to let go.
            I bite my lip to try to compensate for the pleasure, and then Yggdra leans in further, so that the whole head is inside her mouth.
            …Her lips are hooked around the rim, and her tongue moves against the bottom, the most sensitive spot, like it’s exploring.
            She sucks experimentally and then bobs her head slightly, but quickly gives up and lifts her mouth back off of my penis.
            …I sigh a little.
            Thank god.
            Any more of that and I definitely would have come in her mouth.

            “It’s different from when it’s inside me.”
            She brushes the fingers of one hand against her pussy as if she has to specify where.
            “I can feel the shape a lot more clearly.”
            And then Yggdra kisses the head firmly, so that I almost expect to hear a smacking sound.
            I squirm and precome starts to bead underneath her lips.

            Yggdra giggles and sits up, licking her lips instead of wiping them on her hand.
            “I can’t watch you twitch and not want you inside me.”
            I can’t say anything.
            Yggdra takes my face in both hands and kisses me fully.
            ……I can taste traces of her own fluids in her mouth from the fellatio, as well as the lingering taste of my own semen.
            I—still can’t stop.

            Yggdra lifts her face away from mine and makes to lie down on her side, smiling at me.
            “Do it from behind?
            “I want you really badly, and—I think you might come earlier, so this is just in case.
            “You hit sensitive places from behind, so I’ll come faster this way too.”

            “All right.”
            I lie down behind her so that my chin is level with her shoulders.
            The length of my cock rubs against her soaking vulva, and both of us moan.
            Yggdra turns halfway around to kiss me, and we entangle our throbbing lips as we rub our pulsing genitals together.
            …Because we’ll just come like this if we keep going, I pull back.
            I push myself up on my elbow, and Yggdra lifts her leg slightly so that I can work the head of my penis into the open mouth of her pussy like this.

            Her body welcomes me easily now, as we’re getting used to sex with each other.
            She’s still open from the last time, so I sink into her naturally.
            Her fluids have built up and combined stickily with my last release, as the way she’s been lying has kept it from flowing out of her vagina naturally.
            I imagine our mixed come flowing out of her if I thrust especially hard, and the inside of my head goes white.
            Only about half of my cock can fit inside of Yggdra in this position, but the head rubs against the rough spot inside her pussy that feels especially good for both of us.

            She shivers and moans, which shakes her entire body from her hair to her breasts to her trim thighs.
            …I reach down and get my hand between her legs, and lift up her thigh, holding it tightly.
            She sounds confused.
            …I see, she must not have ever tried this particular position before.
            Holding her leg up like this forces the muscles of her pussy to squeeze inward.
            We’ll both feel more intense pleasure this way, and since we both want to come so badly, it might be a good idea.
            “—Does it feel any different?”
            Yggdra moans.
            “Your penis—your penis…, it’s—getting really big…”
            Well, it’s reaching its last engorgement, stimulated by the contraction of her vagina…
            …But I’m sure it feels especially like that to Yggdra, whose pussy just narrowed deeply.

            “Ah—ah, ah.”
            She moans freely in a heated voice.
            I move my hips, starting at a leisurely pace so that I can get used to thrusting with the friction of the comforter slowing me down.
            Yggdra twists her body like she’s begging.
            I kiss her shoulder and the nape of her neck, the base of her jaw and her earlobe—everything I can reach.
            My other arm is being used to cushion my head, and so I can’t do much else to pleasure her.
            “Ah—ah, ah—I want…”
            As if realizing that I don’t have any hands free, Yggdra tucks one hand between her legs and touches her breasts with the other.
            She stimulates the edges and outside of her labia with her two forefingers so that her clitoris keeps pushing against the cleft of her fingers.
            Sometimes her knuckles brush against my cock and make me want to sob.
            Her other hand just cups her breast so that the pad of her index finger rolls over the very point of the nipple over and over.

            “Ah—ah, ah, ah—ah…”

            Some sort of flash from the other side of the room distracts me for a moment.
            I didn’t realize before, but there’s a small mirror on top of the dresser against the wall.
            From this angle, I can just see Yggdra’s expression reflected in the lower half.
            Her mouth is open as she pants, and her deep blue eyes are blind.

            Her pussy, already so tight that I can barely breathe, grips down on me once, and the movements of her hands slow.

            “Did you come a little—?”
            Yggdra shakes her head and moans.
            “More—Roswell, I want more—ah, hah, it’s—not enough—”
            She wiggles her hips greedily.
            “—All right—”

            And I tighten my hold on her leg as I thrust as hard as I can.

            “Ahh—yah, ah—ahh!”

            Immediately, Yggdra’s cries become much more urgent.
            A wash of liquid is spilling against my cock the more I thrust.
            Her ass is pressed up against my lower belly like she’s sitting in my lap and I’m thrusting into her from below.
            Yggdra grips at the sheets with one hand and reaches between our legs with the other to stroke at the root of my penis and my balls.
            “Ah—Yggdra, if you do that…”
            “Roswell—Roswell, I want—I want you, come inside me again, Roswell—!”
            Her body has heated up unbelievably.
            Her pussy is so tight that I don’t know how this isn’t hurting her, and still she’s crying for me to move harder, to give her more.
            She’s tight enough that my confused mind could mistake her for a virgin, the world’s most demanding and perverted maiden.
            I love her.
            …I love her so much, my head’s already completely broken.

            “Yggdra, I’m going to—”
            I try to warn her in advance, but I am cut off as she screams out.
            Her entire body is quivering, her eyes squeezed shut and saliva trickling from the side of her mouth as she forgets to swallow and her hands go slack in the most intense orgasm I have seen her have.
            Her vagina clamps down on me viciously, and I press my face into her hair and moan as I ejaculate all my built-up come into her waiting body—

            Like that.
            …I lose myself inside her completely and desperately on the eve of our farewell—

(interlude 15-2)


            Caster gazes up at the slowly dilating gate of the Holy Grail.
            …Right now, if the gate were to be compared to an eye, that eye would only be open a tiny slit, and is just a single line of colorless light.
            The naked body of the small girl hung before it as though crucified seems to want to struggle, and her thin chest is rising and falling painfully.
            And Caster’s Master simply looks on with a smile.

            She has remained silent all through the war and never questioned orders.
            She has quietly watched all the other battles come to an end and saved up her strength for the time that she herself would eventually have to set out.
            She has never questioned her orders even once.
            …If there was anything she had learned from her life and from her end, it was that going against what her superiors wished was never a good idea.
            That way lays only dishonor and madness.

            …Still, the events of the past two days did make her wonder about her Master’s taste.
            Tormenting the enemy Master and Servant had become somewhat excessive, but she was prepared to overlook it in their case, as a fallen one and a demon.
            But now, this abduction of a disqualified Master to use as a vessel.
            The look on her Master’s face when he had implanted the core of the Grail.
            …Anywhere should have been fine as long as it could connect to that Master’s Magic Circuit, which formed the basis for the Grail.
            As a Caster, she had access to rudimentary knowledge of artifacts, and so she knew the principle of the thing.
            Her Master had smiled and smiled and planted the heart inside the girl’s uterus.
            …It was the most suitable place, he had said with the same grin and dark laughter while placing her to open the Grail.
            Much more suitable than the heart’s original owner.


            …Her Master was a great and famous magus of Asgard.
            She should not doubt him.
            She must not doubt him.
            ……All the same.
            Lately, she could only sense ill intent from this man, who had always been so opaque to her.

            So she spoke.
            “Please excuse me for asking such a thing at a time like this, but I am curious now that the time is upon us.
            “—What is my Master’s wish?”

            Her Master, Hector, turns toward her dismissively.
            “You know the state of our world.
            “—With the seat of absolute power empty, the order that should be perfect is in disarray.
            “I have come the furthest among my brethren. I have done the most, and so it is time for me to be rewarded, Servant.
            “This world needs the guidance of a god.”

            She looks at the man before her.
            “—I see.
            “I had not known it was something like that.”

            “The Holy Grail is a gate to the Origin, you know.
            “After our victory over that pitiful Saber, the Grail will be saturated with the prana of eight Servants, a never-before-imagined windfall.
            “That prana is the belonging of any magus who seeks to claim it.
            “—All I lack is the power itself.
            “Asgard will be reorganized, reborn in my image.
            “As a Guardian Angel, you must surely understand the necessity.”

            His tone of voice has only boredom for her, as all his attention is on the Grail itself.

            Caster observes his back for another moment.
            …The Magi as she remembers them were always vaguely like this.
            Her people were distrusted, and the Magi were arrogant, seeking their own gain.
            Still, the angels obeyed them.
            Be it for the sake of Asgard, they would fulfill their duty no matter whence the orders came.

            “—I see.”
            In a completely neutral tone of voice, Caster holds her staff.
            “It cannot be helped, then.”

            He must have sensed the danger in her words, as he is already turning around.
            …They are from the same age of gods.
            So it is only natural that whoever has the advantage of time shall strike first.

            …He falls in a single bolt of divine lightning.
            Even though her Master has all three of his Command Spells remaining, Caster strikes him dead in a single blow after taking him by surprise.

            She stares down at the body of her Master.
            …And the angel strokes her hand through her long hair, tossing it over her shoulder.
            Even if he had intended to become god, she might have accepted it of someone not of that character.
            …But even one as lowly and dishonorable as she can understand.
            A god like that would be no better than letting the demons have their run of the world.

            She turns.
            It is dark, and only the moonlight and the faint shimmer of the Grail illuminate the underground Tohsaka workshop.

            …Caster has work to do yet.

(15-2 interlude out.)