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Sweet Tooth Oneshots

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You didn't know why you had felt it that night, but you climbed onto your roof to look at the stars, back hunched and hands in your lap.
It had been hours, not that you could tell, your mind much too busy mapping out the stars and naming constellations.

A clawed hand met your shoulder, snapping you from your trance, "what are you doing?" Conrad’s voice rang out, you shushed him to speak quieter, as if his loudness would wake the sleepy stars, "looking at the constellations," he only cocked his head, one antennae twitching.
Sighing, you pulled him down to sit with you, shifting as he shuffled closer to you to get warm, "your kind don't have names for stars?" You asked, receiving a shake, "no, we use coordinations, it's much easier," you shrugged, "sure, but it's boring." You said matter-o-factly, raising your finger to point out a constellation, "see that, that's Canis Major," you chuckled, "he looks like a stick figure fighting,” you jumped a bit and then pointed to the sky, “ah, Look, that’s Venus.” You looked over for his approval, in which he squinted at the night sky, making those strange high pitched clicking sounds you learned was his language, “show me another,” he asked, you complied and proceeded to point out more constellations, you learned his new favorite was Ursa Minor, a classic.

You both fell silent after, and you startled a bit when you could feel Conrad tilt his head on your shoulder, trying to grasp all the stars names in his mind, "do you know a lot about the stars?" He asked, you shuffled, shrugging your shoulders, "I like them, there so interesting and there's so many too, I wanted to spend my whole life studying them.." you trailed off, your gaze starting to get watery and shiny in the night, Conrad breathed out, a cold wisp of cloud escaping, "why didn't you?" It was a simple question, but you didn't know the answer. You never figured it out.
"I don't know..."