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When people thought of Bakugo, they thought of angry yelling and insults being thrown around. They thought of how ready he was to fight anyone who pissed him off. He was known for his harsh mannerisms and huge ego, despite his attitude having mellowed out just a bit after a couple months into the first year. He was still seen as someone you wouldn’t want to fuck with unless you were in the mood to get blasted in the face. Kaminari, on the other hand, was seen as a ray of sunshine. Like Kirishima, he was the glue that held their class together. He brightened up people’s day and was attentive to the moods of others, knowing just what to say to cheer someone up if they weren’t doing well. He was caring and eccentric, not one to be controlled by his negative emotions or be prone to outbursts.

That was why it had come as a shock when they heard it was Kaminari that had gotten into a fight with some student outside their class. The details were still unknown. All they knew was that it had been a full-blown fist fight, no Quirks used, and that it happened after lunch was over before everyone had returned to class. His friends had noticed he had never come back from the bathroom and knew something was up when he wasn’t in class either. Then Aoyama had come in and asked if anyone knew why Kaminari and some other guy, both bloodied and bruised, were being escorted by Aizawa to, possibly, the principal’s office. That was when the class erupted, coming up with theories to explain the incident. Most thought that the random student has initiated it and Kaminari only acted in self-defense, feeling that Kaminari wouldn’t be one to start a fight.

“So you saw them, too? Was the guy from class 1C?” Sero asked, turning around in his seat to face Tokoyami.

The bird nodded a bit, his expression remaining neutral. “Yeah, although I didn’t recognize the other student. They both looked pretty roughed up. It seemed like they were an even match.”

Kirishima chimed in. “That guy must’ve been picking on him or something! I’m glad Kami stood up for himself!”

Sero turned back around and looked over at Bakugo, who looked uninterested in the conversations floating around him. “What do you think happened? Did he ever mention someone messing with him?”

Bakugo glared at him. “I don’t fuckin’ know anything, same as you fuckers! Don’t bother me!”

Despite his obvious irritation, it was obvious Bakugo was a bit concerned about the whole ordeal. His boyfriend was one who ignored his own problems to instead help others. If he was ever upset about something, Bakugo had to pry it out of him and assure him that he was allowed to focus on himself too. Bakugo felt it was a possibility that maybe this kid had been bothering Kaminari for a while and the latter just snapped after having dealt with it for so long. He had been acting a bit weird lately, looking over his shoulder a lot, but it was possible Bakugo was just overthinking things. Maybe it truly was something that just happened in the moment, though. Kaminari was known to do and say stuff before he thought things through.

Bakugo was sure he’d get answers once class and training were over and they had all returned to the dorms. It was just a fight—one with fists, not Quirks—so Bakugo doubted that Kaminari will he kept here for long. He’d probably just get sent back to the dorms for a day of house arrest depending on what caused the fight to occur. He was sure Aizawa wouldn’t be stupid enough to have Kaminari come back to class since their classmates would just be distracted by it all instead of focusing on their work. His theory was proven to be correct when they got back to the dorms and there were new dishes in the sink. A few of their classmates thought about going up and visiting him until Bakugo spoke up.

“If he’s not down here then he doesn’t wanna fuckin’ talk! Just leave him alone for now!”

They relented begrudgingly and went off to do their own things until dinner time. For the time being, Bakugo found himself in his own room, doing his homework despite his brain constantly wanting to go back to earlier today. It had been a normal day, them and their friends sitting together at the cafe as usual. It was nearing the end of their lunch period when Kaminari said he needed to use the restroom and to just go on ahead of him if he didn’t come back in time. The bell rang later and they returned without him, realizing quickly that something was amiss when he and Aizawa weren’t there. Even more so when Aoyama and Tokoyami revealed what they saw and Aizawa came back by himself.

Bakugo tried to wrack his brain for some kind of explanation for what happened and if it was related to how Kaminari’s been acting for the past week. He had been a bit gloomy sometimes, which was a rarity in itself, and he wasn’t initiating physical contact with anyone. Not even Bakugo, who he’d have no problem hugging and kissing at any given moment. Bakugo never pushed for it of course, hadn’t even asked about the sudden change in behavior. He had figured that if Kaminari was bothered by something and couldn’t deal with it on his own, he’d have said something. Now he felt stupid for assuming something like that.

The hours passed by quickly and soon Kirishima was outside his door, banging on it loudly. “C’mon, Bakubro! Satou said he made something special tonight!” He knocked a couple more times.

“Alright, alright, quiet down, shitty hair!”

They made their way down to the lounge, both of them surprised to see Kaminari already there. He was surrounded by Midoriya, Mina, and Jiro. When he saw the two, he turned to face them more and gave a small smile. He looked worn out. The main damage was the ugly bruising around his left eye and his split lip. There were also a couple more bruises mottled on his jaw and a small cut on his forehead above one of his eyebrows. Thankfully it seemed as though any blood that had been on him had been washed off.

“Holy shit, Kami! That looks like it hurts!” Kirishima exclaimed, never one to filter himself. Kaminari doesn’t seem to take offense, though, and just chuckled a bit.

“Yeah, he got me pretty good. But hey, I got in a few good hits of my own!” The two of them high-fived.

“How come you two were fighting in the first place?” Mina asked.

Kaminari paused, his smile falling a bit. He looked unsure of what to say as his eyes darted to the side in an attempt to avoid any eye contact. He acted like he was nervous, or maybe even sheepish. Bakugo knew then that something had definitely been up, but whether or not Kaminari would tell them the truth was up for debate.

“Ah, well... he was jus’ saying stuff, you know? No big deal, really. I tried to ignore it but...” Kaminari shrugged. “I guess he just really wanted to fight.”

Lies. Bakugo could easily tell when the other blonde was lying. There was a feigned nonchalance in that voice that let Bakugo know instantly that it was forced. What happened hadn’t just been the result of exchanged words. There had been something more going on, and he would try later to get the truth from him.

The others bought it, though. “Well, hopefully you didn’t get in too much trouble, idiot,” Jiro said, Midoriya chirping in to agree with her.

The crowd dispersed eventually when it was time for them to serve themselves food. Kaminari locked eyes with Bakugo and beamed at him, heading towards him. Even though Bakugo really wanted to prod for the truth, he couldn’t find it in himself to do so once Kaminari looped one of his arms with his own. It was one of the rare instances of physical affection that Kaminari had shown him in the past week and Bakugo was for once not going to ruin the moment with his big mouth. Instead, he allowed Kaminari to lead him to the kitchen.

Bakugo was sure he saw whoever the other guy was the next day at lunch. He was bruised up as well and every now and then would look over at Kaminari to glare at the back of his head. Kaminari doesn’t seem to notice. Either that or just doesn’t care that he’s being watched. Bakugo cared, though. While he wasn’t certain that guy would pull anything, he was still thinking it’d be best to be cautious. Now that he thought about it, he had definitely seen that black-haired asshole around school. He was usually standing too close to the girls he would talk to in the hallways as he seemingly flirted with them. From what it looked like, he was in class 1C, as he was sitting at the table with a few students Bakugo knew for sure were in that class. He wasn’t one to really pay attention to extras, but a couple of class 1C students had needed help with something regarding techniques, since one of them also had an explosive-related Quirk.

Suddenly he had an idea. He knew he wasn’t going to get any info out of Kaminari right now, and while logically he knew he shouldn’t stick his nose where it doesn’t belong until Kaminari’s ready to tell him himself, he also had a feeling it was still affecting him negatively. Yesterday things had gone smoothly at dinner time and a little bit afterwards. Bakugo had even been able to kiss all the places Kaminari had been injured, the other humming happily at the actions. They were kissing afterwards, just repeated small pecks, nothing heated at all. It was just a sweet moment between the two. Then things took a weird turn when Bakugo rested his hand on Kaminari’s thigh, squeezing it in a comforting gesture. Suddenly Kaminari had pulled away from him, batting his hands away as a nervous chuckle fell from his lips. It had been obvious he was uncomfortable in that moment, but he had forced a smile and gave some half-assed excuse that he reacted that way because he was just sore from the fight. It had been an obvious lie but Bakugo didn’t push it, just nodded and told him goodnight.

Fortunately Shinsou had transferred into their class and he used to be in 1C, so it was possible he knew a bit about the guy. He hadn’t been in school for the past couple days due to a cold, but he was here today. He looked a bit worse for wear, his eye bags even more prominent than usual, but still. He was here and that was what Bakugo cared about that. It was possible that Shinsou wasn’t in the loop about everything. Although he must’ve seen the bruises decorating Kaminari’s face, he wasn’t the type of person to engage in gossip.

“Hey, mindfucker, I need to ask you about some shit,” Bakugo said as he approached the other before class began that day. He tried to keep his voice low so that no one, especially Kaminari, would be able to eavesdrop on them. The class wasn’t the ideal place to have this conversation but it was the best bet they’d get. Bakugo would rather not wait to ask anymore. He and Shinsou rarely ever talked, only doing so when necessary. Even though Shinsou had become friends with Kaminari and Sero, he still chose to hang around Midoriya and his friends instead.

Shinsou looked up at him from the book he was reading, a blank look on his face. “Does this have anything to do with Kaminari and Itou’s fight?”

Itou. So that must’ve been the name of that guy. That was one question answered. “What the fuck was he like when you were in 1C?”

Shinsou started looking exasperated, despite it only being the second question asked. It was obvious he wasn’t interested in the conversation and would rather go back to his book, but Bakugo wasn’t going to let up. He wanted answers and Shinsou was his best bet at getting them.

Despite his obvious annoyance, Shinsou still replied. “He was never serious with his studies, usually choosing to goof off in lectures. He was a player from what I could see, always flirting with the girls, even to the point of making them uncomfortable. He has no sense of personal space... kind of like you.”

Bakugo ignored the jab made at him and the small smirk on the other’s face when it was apparent that Bakugo was struggling not to yell at him. “That doesn’t explain why he got into a fuckin’ fist fight with Kaminari.” He could feel himself getting frustrated.

The other actually groaned this time, his own frustration building too. “Listen, I never hung around him. He was a creep towards the girls. Maybe Kaminari saw him being so again and decided to lash out.”

Bakugo thought about it until—“Wait! Again?!” Screw being quiet.

“Yeah,” Shinsou said, “I’ve seen the two of them in the halls a couple times this past week looking angry with each other. I never thought much of it though. Lots of people got irritated with Itou.”

So this hadn’t been the first interaction between the two. They’ve been on bad terms for a bit now, and it, for some reason, had come to a head. Well, that was definitely something that could be important later on.

Bakugo and Kaminari have been naked in each other’s presences a lot, both because of the locker rooms when changing into or out of their hero suits and during... more intimate times. It was something they were used to. They no longer felt uncomfortable or weird about it so it wasn’t strange for Bakugo to go to the other while partially-clothed to talk while they were getting back into their school uniforms. He was going to ask Kaminari if he wanted help with his math homework when he saw it. Right on Kaminari’s shoulder was a bite mark. It looked pretty new, and Bakugo knew for a fact that he hadn’t made that one. He and Kaminari haven’t done anything in about a week, and that mark was definitely more of an actual bite with teeth than a hickey. It was an attack. There was no way it wasn’t from Itou now that he thought about it.

“I’m gonna fuckin’ kill that bastard...” Bakugo said aloud. Kaminari looked away from his locker in shock at the voice. He noticed that Bakugo was looking at his shoulder and instantly understood what was going through the explosive teen’s head.

“Katsuki, I—“

“I swear to fuckin’ god I’m gonna fuckin’ blast him to pieces! That piece of shit! What else did he do to you?!” By then, the others in the room were watching the commotion, wondering what was happening.

Bakugo used all the self-control he could muster to not lash out and blow something up. He knew that allowing himself to be consumed by his anger would only scare Kaminari off and that wasn’t something he wanted to do. Although, he couldn’t deny that there’s a rage in his heart that begged to be released in the form of sending that Itou guy to the hospital. Hell, he wouldn’t mind putting that bastard six feet under if it didn’t mean worrying about going to prison. Just the thought of the asshole ignited even more fury within him. Even if he wasn’t allowed to give into his wrath, he was still hoping he could get answers. He had to know what happened. There was no way it wasn’t something serious. He barely registered that the others in the locker room had filed out, leaving just the two of them.

“What. The fuck. Did he do?” he gritted out, trying to keep himself from yelling and scaring the smaller blonde.

Kaminari just shrunk in on himself as he buttoned up the rest of his own shirt. His hands were shaking. “I’m sorry, I just...” He sniffled a bit.

“You don’t have to fuckin’ apologize, Denki. I just wanna know what the fuck happened,” Bakugo replied, feeling his heart clench at how vulnerable Kaminari looked. He clenched his fists as he subconsciously kept himself from making any explosions. It was hard, though, since he was literally contemplating murder.

“He just—He keeps harassing these girls and so I‘ve been tryin’ to help them, but yesterday...”

Kaminari just wanted to take a piss, that was all. It wasn’t an urgent matter, of course, since he went that morning, but he figured it’d be smarter to go now rather than wait until he absolutely couldn’t hold it any longer. When he had was walking down the hallway, however, he heard a couple voices that caught his attention. His attention was always all over the place, so it wasn’t that strange for him to concentrate on the voices as he continued his way to the bathroom. But then he looked over and there, behind the corner, he could see a figure with slicked back black hair, some of the strands falling over his forehead. Kaminari instantly recognized it as Itou.

He was content to just ignore him until he noticed there was a girl with him, someone hidden behind the corner. He could hear her voice, although not what she was saying, but he had a feeling that this was another case of Itou being a creep. It wouldn’t be the first time that he’s seen the guy harassing the girls in the school and has had to intervene. In fact, he had already stopped him three times earlier this week.

He had contemplated telling the teachers many times about the guy’s behavior, but it seemed every time the girls would beg him not to. He wasn’t sure if it was out of some sort of embarrassment or maybe just not wanting the attention and deciding to write it off as no big deal despite how uncomfortable they obviously had been. Perhaps there was some kind of well-known family tie that the guy had that made them afraid to come forward.

He walked over to where the two were and saw that Itou had the girl backed up against the wall, his hands gripping her arms tightly and legs bracketing her own. She looked very uncomfortable as she stared at the floor to avoid eye contact. Neither of them have noticed Kaminari yet, Itou being too busy with pressing his body against the girl and whispering stuff in her ear. Just looking at the scene made Kaminari uncomfortable and he couldn’t imagine how she was feeling at the moment.

“Don’t you have some food you need to be eating?” Kaminari said, catching both people’s attention. When the girl looked up and saw Kaminari, her eyes widen a little and the relief in them was clear as day.

Itou turned his head around to look at Kaminari. “How about you go do that yourself and leave us alone? This doesn’t concern you.”

“Technically, now that you’ve talked to me, it does,” Kaminari replied cheekily in an attempt to rile the other up. Maybe if he got Itou to focus his attention on him, the girl will have a chance to get away.

Itou took the bait, just as Kaminari had hoped he would. “Sounds to me like you’re looking for a fight.” His hands fell from the wall as he took a step away from the girl to turn around fully to sneer at Kaminari. Kaminari and the girl exchanged glances before the girl made a run for it. Itou noticed and cursed under his breath as he watched the girl disappear after making a turn. His attention then returned to Kaminari, who just smirked at him.

“Looks like my job here is done,” Kaminari said, “You really need to leave the girls alone. Can’t you tell by now that they don’t want you around?” With that, he left, making his way to where he was supposed to go in the first place: the bathroom. He still needed to pee, after all. He entered it without looking back.

It seemed things weren’t over yet, though.

“Why the fuck can’t you just mind your damn business, man?” Itou asked as he burst through the bathroom door. Kaminari decided to ignore him, continuing to make his way past the sinks. Apparently that had been the wrong move because suddenly he was grabbed from behind and thrown into the wall, pinned against it with rough grips. Every time Kaminari would intervene he found himself on the receiving end of those hands painfully squeezing his arms. A couple days ago it had been his throat being grabbed roughly.

“I asked you a fucking question,” Itou growled out angrily, his eyes narrowed. One of his arms was pressed harshly against Kaminari’s stomach, trapping his arms, while the other gripped his face, fingers digging into his cheeks. He was taller and bigger than Kaminari, so it made it easier for him to use his legs to bracket Kaminari’s own to keep the blonde from being able to run away. It was obviously an aggressive display of power, something used to assert control. “I’m so sick of seeing your damn face whenever I’m tryna pick up a chick.”

Kaminari was slowly losing his patience. As much as he’d love to shock the guy away, he knew it wouldn’t work. Itou’s Quirk was similar to Monoma’s—or even Fatgum’s—in that he can absorb someone’s power if it’s used during physical contact. If Kaminari were to shoot out a voltage while Itou’s hands were still on him, the other won’t get hurt and could instead redirect the shock back towards Kaminari himself. It was why he would always corner girls and make sure both his hands were somewhere on their body.

“You call it ‘picking up chicks’, everyone else calls it sexual harassment,” Kaminari said slowly.

“Me talking with them isn’t fucking harassment!” Itou barked out. His eyes were full of animosity before something mischievous took over his expression. “You wanna know what real harassment is?”

Kaminari instantly felt his stomach drop at those words. He had a feeling things were just going to get worse. That wasn’t just a statement, it was a threat. Suddenly one of the legs bracketing his own slipped in between his thighs, lifting up and digging painfully into his crotch. He could feel the other’s erection pressing against his hip and he had to hold himself back from gagging. He tried to pull away but the arm against his stomach was too strong. Itou’s other hand squeezed his thigh, making him jolt, before it slipped around his waist to yank his shirt out of his pants, going back to rest on his lower back. Itou used it as leverage to move their lower bodies together harder and Kaminari felt like he could puke right about now. He hated the feeling of someone unfamiliar grinding against him. These weren’t the touches he was used to. This wasn’t the person he was used to. It was all different and gross and he just wanted it all to stop. He found himself wishing Bakugo would appear and help him.

Suddenly the hand that was up his shirt retreated to bury itself in his blonde hair, yanking his head to the side violently. A pained whine tore itself out of his throat and then a full-on yelp followed after when he felt a deep bite into his shoulder. It was through the shirt, which helped keep it from being deep enough to bleed more than a few pinpricks, but it was still painful. When he had shouted, Itou had flinched a bit in shock, the arm against Kaminari’s chest loosening its hold. It was loose enough for Kaminari to push against it and cause Itou to stumble back a bit. Kaminari’s fight or flight instincts kicked in and he threw a punch at the other’s face. From there it was just a series of flying fists and kicks, ignoring the fact that someone had walked in and then immediately out at seeing their tussle, until they were pulled apart by a teacher.

By the end of the story, Bakugo’s urge to kill had increased. He was ready to storm off and use his AP Shot move on the piece of shit. No way was he going to let the guy get away with any of this. It was bad enough he was harassing those girls but to attack his boyfriend in such a manner made him furious. He began walking off, ready to find the guy and give him hell when he heard Kaminari’s quivering voice.

“‘M sorry... please don’t be mad at me...”

He instantly stopped in his tracks, feeling his heart catch in his throat. Fuck, what was he thinking? He had immediately gone into kill-mode when instead he should be comforting his boyfriend who had been distraught even telling the story. To leave him here in such a state would be the worst thing he could do.

“Shit,” he whispered to himself. He headed over to where Kaminari was leaning against the lockers, curled into himself. He reached out, hands hovering around the other, unsure if touching the boy would be a good idea right now. He was never good with words but at the moment that was what he needed to rely on.

“I’d never fuckin’ blame you for this, I’d never blame anyone except the shithead himself,” he said, keeping his voice as soft as he can. Kaminari had looked up at that, relief clear in his eyes. Bakugo didn’t take offense to Kaminari assuming he’d be an asshole about everything. They both knew that wouldn’t have been the case, especially since Bakugo has matured a lot over the last couple of months. Sometimes negative thoughts like that can pop up when you’re at a very low point. “I shouldn’t have just walked away. I’m sorry. All I could think about was blowing the bastard up.”

His hands had still been hovering the whole time but suddenly they’re full of Kaminari. He was pressing his face into Bakugo’s chest as he silently cried. The taller blonde wrapped his arms around him tightly, burying his face in the other’s hair. They were gonna get through this.

It took a lot of convincing but Bakugo finally managed to get Kaminari to report what happened to the principal the next day. They made sure to go before classes began, Bakugo holding his hand the whole time as Kaminari informed Nezu of the incident. They had been told that he and the other teachers would deal with Itou and to not worry. When word got around that Itou had been taken out of class for his actions, it had caused a few girls to come forward as well. With the amount of people willing to tell their stories of Itou’s harassment, Bakugo had no doubts that the prick would be expelled.

Kaminari ended up revealing a watered-down version of what had happened to their close friends. Of course, that ended in hugs and threats of violence towards Itou. Bakugo could tell that Kaminari was feeling better about everything, especially when the smaller blonde kissed him later that night in the privacy of Bakugo’s dorm room. For a couple days, Kaminari was still looking over his shoulder sometimes as if Itou was suddenly going to show up, but fortunately he got past that as well.

They were lying on their sides in Kaminari’s bed, Bakugo behind him and looking over his shoulder to watch some dumb video Kaminari has pulled up on his phone. Bakugo tightened his grip around Kaminari’s middle as he pressed a kiss to the back of his neck.

“I love you,” he said quietly, not wanting to interrupt the video.

Kaminari paused it anyway and turned his head enough to peer at Bakugo, a look of surprise on his features. Bakugo can’t blame him, really. It’s rare for him to say those words first. It wasn’t like they weren’t true, but it’s just easier for him to initiate physical contact than it is words of affection.

“Aww, I love you too!” Kaminari replied cheerily. Bakugo smiler and leaned up a bit to kiss the other before settling back down into his original position. He felt Kaminari press back against him even more, craving contact. He had a feeling things were gonna be fine. He still wished he could’ve blasted the Itou guy before he was expelled. Oh well, maybe he’ll “accidentally” run into him outside of school one day.