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This is fine. I'll be fi- THREE HOURS!?!?!

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Ben's POV

"-shit!" Maggie says. The screen is back at the end scene, with Bev talking about their future. At least she's not in those things anymore. Ben can barely stand to think about it without coming close to crying. She doesn't deserve whatever happened to her with those lights. 

"Pause it!" Mrs. Denbrough orders. Maggie clicks it off. "What just happened? I thought this was the movie." She holds up the tape in her hands.

"Maybe it's a copy?" Maggie suggests. "Like it shoved out a copy and that's making the tv act all weird."

"But look, it says this scene is at the beginning." Mrs. Denbrough points to the screen. The line at the bottom has the circle at the far left, meaning it's at the start of the movie. She presses the forward bottom. It's all unfamiliar scenes. Things that definitely weren't in the movie. "What is this?" 

"The talking turtle said there was a second movie, remember?" Richie says. "You know; 'I'm a Mister Talking Turtle, blah blah blah, you're watching a duology, blah blah blah, I'm gonna name Richie Tozier King of the Universe with my almighty turtle powers." 

They all stare at Richie incredulous, but Ben does recall that turtle using the word, 'duology.'

"Oh shit, he's right." Eddie groans. Richie's face lights up, and Eddie's eyes widen. "Not about the last thing, Richie! About there being another movie!"

"Another movie!" Maggie laughs looking kind of crazed. "This is fine. I'll be fi- THREE HOURS!?!?!"

They all turn to the screen, and see that Bill's mother has forwarded the movie all the way to the ending, the time stamp revealing that it ends in two hours and fifty minutes.

"Ugh!" Bev flops onto the couch on the opposite side of Ben. Which is good. "Welp! Okay then! What're you waiting for? Your bathroom breaks aren't coming any time soon."

They all, or at least the majority of them, groan as they retreat back to their movie seats. The Losers Club all in one couch, except now Bev on the other side with five boys between them. Bill can't even look at him, but for some reason doesn't sit right next to Bev either. He stays perfectly in the middle, holding on to Georgie.

Bill's mother rewinds the movie back to the circle scene and presses play. Richie and Stan both ask about their future appearances, making Ben confused. "We're those lines part of the last movie?" Ben asks. He doesn't recall hearing those the first time around, and it wasn't exactly that long ago.

"I... don't think so." Stan says, looking bewildered as well. "That's weird... I guess they were cut?"

"Why?" Richie asks. "Don't say for time. We're trapped here for another three fucking hours, the first movie didn't need to be spared a couple seconds."

To his relief, the scene cuts off before Bev and Bill can kiss again. Instead a narration begins.It goes over various places in the town, like the school, or that place with all the missing posters. Even that drainage where Georgie met Pennywise. Ben tries not to shiver at how... empty it all looks. 

"Sometimes... We are what we wish to forget."

Ben frowns. He wouldn't mind forgetting a few things that he just witnessed. Bev in those lights, Stan and that painting, the headless boy. But... that doesn't mean he is any of those things.

A time stamp to twenty seven years later flashes on the screen, and matched with the narration it makes Ben believe that this is a story about... Memories? Or the past? Or... There was Bev's scene.

"Are we gonna appear in the future?" Ben asks as the scene shifts to a carnival. The future. Wow, they'll be adults. Obviously. Oh god, what if Bev and Bill are married in the future? If that's the case... Then he's happy for them! They're still his friends, even if he really doesn't want to think about them right now. 

"Probably." Stan murmurs. "I wonder what I'll look like."

Ben shrugs. For a moment he makes brief eye contact with Richie before the other boy quickly looks away, but Ben can still see lingerings of the queasiness he saw from his previous conversation. 

Oh shit, what if Richie is okay with being gay in the future? That would be really good for him, obviously, but right now he really doesn't seem like he can handle anyone else knowing. Even if everyone's cool with, and is relieved that he doesn't have to make anymore annoying-

Two men kiss onscreen. Next to him Richie chokes.


Leroy's POV 

"Holy shit!" Eddie shouts, gawking at the screen as if the men are some kind of zoo attraction. 

"That's good!" Andrea says with the smile of a school teacher addressing a child. "This means the world has gotten more inclusive. It's a good thing."

"Good? What if they have AIDS!" Eddie says fretfully. Leroy shakes his head. Of course these children still have their own prejudices. He almost expected better.

"Uh, I'm pretty sure AIDS only happens when... you... Just being gay doesn't make you have AIDS." Ben says, at least trying to be fair. He looks nervous, eyes shifting around the other boys. He must not want the other kids to think worse of him for standing with a hated people. Even the more open find themselves weak to pressures.

Of course, because the two men on screen were practically flaunting their differences like fools, they find themselves getting harassed. Leroy finds it hard to watch, especially considering his family.

There are things about his grandson that make Leroy wonder, and then he tells himself not bother because they are living in a white man's world and the less Mike does to make himself a target the better. The world is cruel and unfair, Mike doesn't need this kind of thing on top of the thing about himself that he can't hide.

One of the men, Adrian his name was, he mouthed off. Leroy has to shake his head. When he and Mike are back at their farm he'll make sure he knows that you never poke the bear when someone threatens you. 

"I just wanna be with you. I don't care. New York. Derry. Whatever."

"Aw." Richie says. "You have to admit that's sweet, Eds. Not that I'd ever do that. You know my heart belongs to your mother."

"Beep. Beep." Eddie says distractedly. "But my mom said-!"

"Your mom said a lot of things." Richie points out. "My mom said I was a good singer. Moms lie."

"It's true, I lie to him all the time." Maggie nods. She is a very strange woman, isn't she?

".... All the time?" Richie asks, but he quickly seems to change his attention when the harassers from earlier reappear to jump the couple. Once again the shorter of the men refuses to use his senses to leave the situation and only makes it worse for himself.

"... Can we skip this?" Ben suggests, looking nervously at the screen, where the one boy is being punched mercilessly. The hate in the hearts of these townsfolk run so rampant that Leroy has to disagree with Ben's request. It's important for them to know just how cruel the world can be even in their small town.

"Why?" Eddie asks. "I mean it's horrible but we've seen so much crap already. Why now?"

"Exactly, we've already seen so much, and.... I really did hope we wouldn't have to see so much awfulness after the last movie." Ben says. Leroy thinks he looks deflective, as though he's coming up with excuses. He's known people like that, and it never ends well for them.

"I d-don't think anyone here wants more violence, but-" Bill stops short of his sentence when Ben looks over at him, more annoyed than he's been since meeting them.

It's all for naught anyways. The attackers throw Adrian over the bridge and leave his partner desperately crying like they were nothing. It burdens Leroy to know that the evil in this town will never die.

"Richie, are you okay?" Eddie asks, the concern leaching through the confusion.

"WAIT!" Ben shouts, causing everyone to look at the boy. "Uh... My first cousin is gay..." He winces. "An-and I don't want that to happen to my first cousin, or-or any other... gay person ever."

"Oh, baby." Arlene says with her hand over her heart. 

"We're sorry you had to see that." Stan says. Everyone else voices their agreement and small words of comfort to Ben.

"Shit." Richie whimpers, sounding especially distressed. Pennywise has taken Adrian from the water, only to kill him himself. Leroy tries not to think about his partner's screams. Tries not to wonder if his son or daughter in law died before the other and had to feel that pain before perishing as well. 

A large array of red balloons flood over the water before cutting to a man asleep, and Leroy has to hold back his gasp as he sees his son alive again, standing up, looking through a window like he never died at all.

"Grandpa, there's a picture of you!" Mike says in surprise. Leroy knows he's not the only one coming to the realization of who they are watching.

"Sometimes... It comes back."

There was something about that voice from the beginning that rang familiar in Leroy and yet he couldn't place where. Now he does. 

He watches his son, no his grandson. His young grandson fully grown, and still living in a town where things like this happens. No matter what Mike might think, he knows there's a brilliant mind in him. He deserves better than this place, just like his father. He watches him find clues from the true evil in this town. 'Come Home'. 

It: Chapter Two

"This is gonna suck." Richie mutters.