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Get Lucky

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            A low rumble of thunder cracked through the silence like the roar of a wild animal. Thomas was roused awake by the growling weather and saw a sudden flash of lightening against the opposite wall. He turned on his side of the bed and saw Guy lying there, deep in sleep. A digital red ‘Z’ hovered on his wide black visor halfway between pulsing and flickering out completely.

            Thomas couldn’t seem to get back to sleep. His memory was going crazy. He flicked through his backlog and replayed scenes over and over again. He couldn’t help it. His memory was a dirty place. And it was turning him on. He glanced over at Guy again and saw the vacant gold shimmer of the data port in the back of his neck. He knew it was wrong, especially since Guy was sound asleep, but he couldn’t help himself.

            Thomas felt himself start to sweat and reeled out the cable from the back of his neck. It began to take on an electric purple hue as he extended his arm and smoothly pushed the plug home. Guy’s body gave a jolt and he rolled over onto his back, suddenly awake. Thomas’s thin visor scrolled ‘Hey babe.’ and Guy’s responded with a bold red exclamation mark.

            Thomas scooted closer to his lover and couldn’t stop his hand in time as it reached out, his thin gloved fingers reflecting silver in the light of another flash of lightening as he caressed Guy’s thigh. That golden helmet like a broken halo shifted towards him and a small heart began to flicker on and off. Thomas felt a smile creep across his face as he relaxed against the pillows. Guy’s fingers were clutching the fabric at Thomas’s chest, those gold digits tightening further as his lover uploaded the dirtiest videos from his log into Guy’s wide black visor.

            Reels of the two of them played endlessly. Thomas clutching at Guy’s hips from behind, shoving his way in so deep. Guy could swear he could feel it himself, being filled so deliciously with his lover’s long, hard shaft. He could hear their moans ringing in his head. It was captivating in its realism and he shivered in Thomas’s hold. Thomas’s visor scrolled ‘Get Lucky?’. Guy nodded and heard the muted whirr of Thomas pulling out a second cable. This one pulsed with a faint red glow as he reached over and plugged it into the base of Guy’s spine. He shuddered visibly and arched his back. The pleasurable feeling seemed to be intensified tenfold and Thomas pulled Guy on top of him, Guy’s hands braced by the side of his head. Thomas’s visor pulsed ‘Ahhh’ and Guy ground his hips against his lover’s, relishing in the sweet dizzying friction between them.

            Guy reached behind his head and pulled out his own cable, sliding the pulsing blue cord home behind Thomas’s head. That silver helmet jerked back as he saw Guy’s own backlog downloaded behind his eyes. Guy moved with the projected images in his lover’s view, grinding his hips into that black jumpsuit. Thomas’s fingers clawed and tugged hungrily along the backs of Guy’s thighs, shivering as he saw and ‘felt’ his lover rocking up and down on his thick cock.

            A series of slashes flickered back and forth across Guy’s visor as he felt Thomas’s fingers squeeze his ass, pushing their hips together. Guy arched his back, increasing the friction between them. He tilted his head back and gripped at Thomas’s suit, a red exclamation flashed for a moment across his visor and Thomas’s scrolled ‘Good?’. Guy looked down at Thomas and squeezed his nipples playfully as a bright red heart glowed strongly on his visor, ‘feeling’ his lover push up into his body, filling him so completely.

            Guy felt himself shudder uncontrollably and a pleasant artificial warmth spread throughout his body. He felt weightless, satiated. Thomas’s visor scrolled ‘Ahhh-”, relishing the seductive push of Guy’s hips into his own, making his body pulse with pleasure. He felt a jolt pass through him like an orgasmic shock, making all of his muscles tighten. He rolled his hips into Guy’s forcefully before collapsing against the bed. All of the cords flickered and finally faded out to black. Guy unplugged them from each other and they both shivered in the throes of disconnection. Guy collapsed beside Thomas and looked at him. That thin black visor scrolled ‘Love you…’ and Guy responded,

            : )  < 3