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Sudden Showers

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The sound of running water filled the room the girls of class 1-B were in, the showers attached to the changing rooms, where they were calming down from a two-hour long training session.


It was just the seven of them who had been working hard together, trying to develop new moves or perfect old ones, having planned to get together for it a week in advance.


Now they were just enjoying the feeling of the warm water running over their bodies, washing way the dirt and making some of their bodies glisten as talked with one another.


They weren’t on school hours and the school was hardly going to run out of money any time soon, so they were in no rush to escape the calming, soothing water. None had started on their hair yet and only Setsuna Tokage, Itsuka Kendou and Pony Tsunotori had begun to lather themselves with soap.


The remaining girls all were distracted either making small talk or just enjoying the sensations. Looking out amongst them all, Setsuna let out a small mischievous snicker as a silly idea came to mind and she started focusing on her breasts, pressing harder against them and simply playing with them over properly lather them as she pulled a few faces.


The first to notice was Ibara, whose face quickly coloured red as she looked away. “So sinful, Tokage!”


That caught the attention of some of the others who looked over, only for them to either roll their eyes, avert their gaze or just chuckle quietly at the girl’s antics, while all their own faces slowly tinted red.


It was Itsuka who decided to actually confront the lizard like girl over it though, walking over with a small frown as she rolled her eyes. She was the one who was perhaps the most used to her messing with them for her own amusement.


“Set, could you stop making weird faces please? You’re trying to make us uncomfortable on purpose and you know it.” The red head said unamused, putting her hands on her shapely hips. the dark green haired girl just snickered, dropping her breasts and winking.


“But what if a cute guy walks in?” Setsuna asked with a small smirk, wiggling her eyebrows. “Gotta be prepared.”


“Set, no guy in his right mind is going to walk in here.” Kendou deadpanned. “That’s just being ridiculous.”


“Yeah, maybe.” The lizard like girl snickered, before she leaned forward with an innocent expression. “But maybe one will fly in!”


The red head before her let out a frustrated sigh, about to continue this silly dispute when all too suddenly an event that would forever have Setsuna denying she had magical powers atop her quirk occurred.


The door to the showers slammed open and class 1-A’s Izuku Midoriya soared backwards through the air, hitting the wall and falling to the floor with a groan. Under her breathe, Itsuka let out an irritated sigh while the rest of the girls stared at the new arrival confused.


Izuku groaned, gingerly reaching to the back of his head and looking up. His eyes stayed upon the various naked girls before him, some of whom weren’t even covered by bubbles of soap, for a grand total of three seconds before his face exploded into a blush and he looked down so fast the girls briefly worried he’d broken his neck in the process.




The 1-B students just looked amongst themselves confused, Ibara being the first of them to make a move as she walked over to the 1-A student and leaned forward, not even registering that her breasts were hanging right in front of the boy’s face now as a result. “Midoriya, are you alright? That fall looked like it hurt.


“Wait, hang on, why would we hurt you?” Itsuka asked next before Izuku could answer, having realized what he’d actually said, raising a brow. “I doubt you meant to come flying in here like that.”


“B-Because l-last time this happened in m-middle school, t-the girls beat me u-up.” He explained quietly, face still blushing massively. He’d crashed into one of the unused showers as well, which had been soaking him since he landed with hot water which likely wasn’t helping. His shirt was starting to turn see through, and the girls couldn’t deny they were impressed by the physique beginning to show through.


Inside his mind, the boy was panicking. He wasn’t one to really focus on sexual thoughts or anything, but that didn’t mean he didn’t suffer from biology the same as anyone else and there were seven incredibly attractive naked girls right in front of him, oh god. ‘Please don’t get an erection and make them think I’m a pervert, please don’t get an erection, pleasepleaseplease-‘


Pony tilted her head with sadness, walking forward and kneeling, hoping her presence was scaring Izuku. She knew she would be scared if she was the one in this scenario. “ That’s not good. We won’t hurt you. Who hurt you now?”


"One of the s-second years. They thought I was b-being a tough g-guy for surviving so many villain attacks and wanted to p-put me in my place." He explained, still keeping his head to the ground. Itsuka tightened her fists and let out a small growl, angry someone would attack one of her friends over it. They may not have been particularly close but she knew enough about the boy to know he didn’t deserve to be attacked.


“That is just uncalled for.” Ibara let out a small hum of disapproval, tilting Izuku’s head up. “Please look at me, I need to see your eyes to be sure you haven’t suffered a concussion.”


He looked up for a moment, meeting her eyes and got an approving nod, then his gaze naturally shifted down and he saw her breasts hanging in front of him, causing him to go straight back down as he squeaked out another sorry.


The red headed class president of the group looked around them, before an idea came to mind. One she had to discuss with the girls first but one that left her smirking. “Girls, come here for a moment, I need to discuss something with you.”


They all gave her confused looks, before falling her to a corner of the room and huddling up. Izuku only heard hushed whispers from them. For a moment, some of them seemed really riled up with whatever was said, but then they calmed down and turned back, walking to Izuku who was continuing to keep his eyes on the ground


Itsuka, debatably the closest to Izuku of any of the girls (though not by much) strode forth, walking behind him and pulling him into a hug, his face heating up even more somehow as a result. She did see a slight twitch in his pants, but she along with the other girls ignored it. Biology would be biology, it was inevitable really. She lifted his head up, forcing him to take in the girls who all just fixed him with soft smiles. (Except for Yui, whose face seemed to be forever locked into a neutral expression)


“Look none of us are gonna hurt you. We know you didn't come here to perv on us and none of us hate you. In fact, since you're already here and soaked, you wanna join us?” She asked, getting Izuku’s jaw to drop in confusion which made a few of them giggle.




“We have heard enough of how ‘innocent’ you are from the 1-A girls and you already have proven to be far more pure than some of our male classmates.” Reiko explained, floating a few bottles of shampoo down with a small hum. Kinoko followed up, brushing her hair out her eyes with a wide grin.


“Plus you know, after you get bruised a shower can help relax it a bit, so it would be good for you!” The mushroom girl said, bouncing on the balls of her feet and causing her smaller breasts to bounce with her. Izuku finally was able to stop himself from looking away though, mainly cause Itsuka was holding his head up. “And you already saw all of us naked the second you crashed in here, not really anything for us to hide anymore.”


“I can’t in good conscious put you back out there if that ruffian is still present. Plus, either way, sending you out into the cold with your clothes now would be a terrible idea. They need to dry.” Ibara spoke up next, a small blush on her face. She quietened down with her next sentence, looking away as she fiddled with her hands. “Plus… I could use a helping hand or two… with my vines….”


“Also you’re attractive.” Yui put simply, plain as day, making the boy blush bright again and the other girls briefly glared at her. “It helps.”


“Well, she’s not wrong.” The girl behind Izuku sighed, rolling her eyes and helping him to his feet. “We’re all fine with it, but we get it if you don’t want to either. Want to join us, Midoriya?”


Izuku really had no idea what to think of this situation, he was being invited to shower with not one, not two but seven naked girls with no prior warning. He wasn’t sure how his hear hadn’t let out his chest with how fast it was beating. Still, it would be rude to decline, right? And it did sound nice, so…


“I um… I-I’d like that.” He said quietly with a small nod, grabbing one of his arms.


“Alright, cutie number eight in the shower!” Setsuna cheered, making the boy squeak and causing the lizard girl to let out a small laugh. “Proving my point as well.”


“You gotta get out of these then, dude.” Kendou hummed, tugging the boy’s shirt off of him before he could protest and exposing his somehow slim yet simultaneously muscular chest to them. Only Yui would be honest in the future, admitting to the fact she drooled on sight.


“R-Right.” Izuku said quietly, before looking down and letting out a shaky sigh. “U-Um… I know you’re going to see anyways but could you look away just while I take them off?”


“Yeah, sure!” Setsuna laughed, as she and the rest of the girls all turned their backs briefly. They heard the sound of wet fabric hitting the floor, followed by another one and to cap it all off there was an audible slapping of flesh they decided to ignore.


“Soap?” Kendou asked, which the greenette took with a quick thank you, lathering himself up quickly and finally letting out a sigh.


“A-Alright girls… you c-can look now.” He said, and they turned their attention back before some eyes went wide. Somehow Izuku looked a mix between hot with his amazing physical build, cute with his somewhat shy demeanour and just sort of amusing with how he was clearly nervous yet happy at the same time. “S-Sorry I look k-kinda ugly with my s-scars…”


“Ugly? Don’t be ridiculous!” Kinoko said with an excitable energy, moving towards him as fast as she safely could on the slippery floors, putting a hand on his arm and making him blush. “You look mushtastic!”


“You weren’t even trying with that pun.” Yui accused unamused, the shorter girl just shrugging. The size-altering teen sighed, before shifting her gaze to Izuku. “She’s correct though; you are still attractive. We likely will not have shampoo or conditioner you are used to using.”


“O-Oh um… actually, I can see the exact brand of shampoo I used right there.” Izuku said, pointing to a shelf where he saw the brand he used. It was a pink bottle, labelled to show that it had a ‘cinnamon’ scent.


“Oh, that’s mine!” Pony said excitedly, picking it up and walking over with a massive grin. “You use this too, hottie?”


“I um… don’t know w-what that English word was but yeah.” He nodded, blushing as the well-endowed girl stood mere feet from him, holding it out. “I grew up w-with just my mother without much money s-so uh… I kind of got used t-to sharing a lot of stuff with her, l-like her shampoo.”


“Oh, oh! Is that how you two get your hair so dang fluffy?!” Setsuna asked excitedly, bounding over to get a look. The two nodded, both with grins though the green haired teens were far more nervous. “Think I can try it then? I’d love to have hair like that.”


“Oh, I think it would be fun to try a new shampoo! Is there enough of it for me to try some?” Kinoko asked next, before the other girls all followed up with their own curiosity over the shampoo, while quietly in the background Reiko floated the boy’s clothes out to where they could start to dry.


“I have more than enough to share with my friends.” Pony laughed happily, tilting her head. She then ran her hands through Izuku’s hair, before humming thoughtfully while the boy just stood there gently leaning into what was effectively a headpat. “Though I am unsure how he gets it as fluffy as he does. How does one mix cute and sexy like this?


“W-Well actually I-I have a certain way I a-apply it.” He explained, scratching the back of his head with a small laugh. “I g-guess I can put it on for you guys if you w-want.”


“Yeah dude, that sounds great!” Kendou said with a grin, before snickering and grabbing the boy’s hands. “You gotta do me first-“


Setsuna suddenly started laughing, only to get a glare from the redhead.


“You know full well that’s not what I meant. Anyways, I’m closest to you and I’ve been meaning to get my haired washed from the moment we walked in so please?” She asked, using slight puppy dog eyes that made it impossible to refuse, so the greenette just nodded.


“So desperate for his attention.” Reiko said under her breathe, but in a way that betrayed the jesting nature of her verbal jab. Izuku just chuckled quietly, unable to help himself as he reached for the shampoo…


Then he slipped on the floor as he tried to take a step forward, eyes going wide. He reached out instinctively and grabbed hold of Itsuka’s arms, before he quickly began apologizing. “Ah sorry, I slipped and- Oh... wow…”


“Something wrong, Midoriya?”


“N-No it’s just… your m-muscles are so firm… i-it’s kind of nice.” He explained, before squeaking and letting go. “S-Sorry.”


“It’s fine… kinda nice to be complimented.” The girl assured with a small laugh, before sighing and closing her eyes. “Ok, I’m ready when you are.”


With that, Izuku dropped a decent amount of the shampoo onto his hands before he began working it into Itsuka’s head, using a technique he’d learned from his mother.


Barely a minute after he’d begun, there was a quiet moaning sound and Setsuna took on an irritated expression upon seeing the 1-B class presidents pleasured face.


“Wait so I can’t mess with people with Ahegao faces but you can?” She asked, only to pull her friend back into reality and make her look sheepish.


“U-Uh… no! It’s just… holy crap it feels so good.” She explained, gently moving her head further into izuku’s hands. “Where the heck did you learn that, Midoriya?”


“O-Oh… uh, my mom. She explained it was the best way to work in the s-shampoo and make it enjoyable at the same time.” He explained with a small smile. “I guess y-you like it then?”


“Yeah, that felt amazing.” The redheaded girl nodded enthusiastically with a grin, turning to look away so Izuku could go back to it as she grinned. “And feel free to throw some more body compliments while you’re at it.”


The other girls rolled their eyes or chuckled quietly that, but Izuku just blinked confused. “W-Wait do y-you actually want m-me to do that or….”


“Eh, I was kidding but I’m not going to stop you. Like I said, I know you won't try anything so I guess go nuts if you want, as long as you keep working my head like before.” Itsuka said simply, as Izuku went back to working in the shampoo. “Oh yeah, that feels sooo gooood~”


She leaned more into his hands, making him chuckle before he gently removed one, letting the water rinse away the excess shampoo before he began moving it to her arms with a small blush. He took a tight hold, feeling the firmness of her arms despite how thin they looked at first glance, before he began to run his hands along her.


“T-They feel n-nice, Kendou.” He began, smiling nervously as he gently glided his hand over to near her stomach while she continued to let out small pleasured sounds from his hands running through her hair. He let out a small hum, saying the next part quietly. “Y-You, um… you’re a-abs are r-really firm as well, they’re… s-satisfying to touch.”


Itsuka just hummed with a smile, lost in bliss, the other girls looking on with a small amount of jealousy. “Thanks… put a lot of wor- Ah ahh~ that feels great… work into them…”

Following that, Izuku eventually began finishing up, the class president of 1-B whining quietly as a result but accepting she wasn’t the only one waiting to get her hair washed.


“Enjoy that, prez?” Setsuna asked with a small chuckle, getting an enthusiastic nod from her friend.


“That was genuinely one of the best things I’ve ever felt.” Itsuka said with a slightly nervous smile as her senses came back to her and she realized the faces she’d been pulling to her friends, even if that was an unintentional side effect of Izuku’s technique. “So who’s next?”


Before anyone else could respond, Yui rushed over with a purposeful gait, plopping down in front of Izuku, her butt meeting her calves and making a slapping noise that echoed throughout the room. “Me. I want to be complimented.”


“O-Oh… ok t-then.” Izuku said, trying not to blush too hard as his eyes were briefly brought to her rear from the noise it made as she sat down due to how big and bountiful it was.


He also tried desperately to ignore the twitching at his crotch he was half certain the girls had seen but seemed to be ignoring so far.


Then his hands began moving, more shampoo being lathered onto them and beginning to work through the girl’s hair. There were a few impressed whistles when a moment later, the normally stoic girl’s eyes rolled up into the back of her head as a smile came onto her face and her tongue lolled out the side of her mouth.


“Wow, is it really that good even Yui can’t keep a straight face? I can’t wait for my turnshroom!” Kinoko said excitedly with a smile far to pure and adorable to be legal.


“Please try at least a little harder, Komori.” Setsuna sighed under her breathe before smirking as she watched her stoic classmates joyed expressions. “So, she said to compliment her, dude!


“R-Right!” Izuku nodded, humming as he took a second to think and smiled nervously. “W-Well, o-one thing I k-know for sure… you h-have really pretty e-eyes.”




“You all d-do, but K-Kodai especially….  Yours a-are so s-stunning, I um… I was actually kept m-me awake after I s-saw them for the first time c-cause they were s-so memorable.”


“Ah… thank you…” The size-altering teen murmured in an almost sultry voice, affected by the way Izuku’s hands where massaging her head, almost lovingly as he worked in the liquid, finally beginning to move his free hand over her body to find things to compliment her on.


And that was how the next ten minutes passed by for them, as every girl without failed succumbed to Izuku’s hair washing technique, while he left them all with varying compliments they enjoyed every second of.


(Pony had been next, after Yui. “Y-Your horns a-are really shiny and b-beautiful, T-Tsunotori. They’re k-kind of majestic, like a u-unicorns in a way.”


Then Kinoko. “Your h-hair is a-already r-really cute on i-it’s own. And you’re skin is s-so soft a-and... um… h-huggable?”


Ibara came after that. “Y-Your legs are… r-really nice and s-soft as w-well. T-To be honest… y-your faith in t-the goodness of p-people is so i-inspiring and I… I wish I-I could be more l-like you sometimes…”


Setsuna was the second to last to come forward, grinning all the while. “Y-Your smile is s-so n-nice and c-confident. It a-always makes me f-feel a little better about m-myself when I s-see it. Also your quirk is so awesome and- hey why’s your hand moving to my hea- oh… oh wow that feels good….”


Finally, Reiko came forward with her hands held in front of her in her classic ‘spooky’ stance. “I uh…. I t-think that t-thing you do w-with your h-hands is really… really c-cute. Plus you h-have an amazing q-quirk as well, the w-way you can fly is so cool a-and how your h-hovering everything right now, i-its so useful…”)


“S-So… what n-now?” Izuku asked when they finally finished up, and he’d washed his own hair on his own as he was the only one who knew the technique to achieve maximum fluffiness.


“You’re clothes won’t be dry yet.” Yui stated simply, before turning her gaze to Ibara who nodded.


“Quite right. It will likely still be quite a while until they are dry enough we can let you go so… we should find something to do to pass the time.” The vine haired girl hummed, making Kinoko and Setsuna’s eyes go wide in excitement.


“You thinking what I’m thinking?” The lizard like girl asked her short mushroom loving classmates who nodded with an equally massive grins.


“I think so! Massages?”




With that, they turned to their friends, grins only growing wider. “Any of you, aside from the two of us, know how to give a good massage?”


The other girls all just shook their head, but a small squeak was heard and Izuku raised his hand. “I h-had to do it for K-Kacchan a lot growing up. J-Just his hands but I-I decided to l-learn everything just i-in case.”


“Awesome, then how about this? Me, Kinoko and you will give the other girls massages in turns, then when that’s all finished we’ll do each other! That should take about an hour overall!”  Setsuna said excitedly, flashing a peace sign. The greenette looked between her and the short mushroom girl at her side before smiling nervously.


“I-I suppose t-that could be fun. Though there’s e-eight of us and only three p-people doing t-the massages.” Izuku pointed out with a thoughtful hum, before scratching the back of his neck. “S-So how do we m-make it fun for e-everyone?”


“We could sing!” Kinoko suggested with an adorable tilt of her head, bangs falling out the way of her face and exposing her pretty eyes and cute slightly chubby face.


“For a whole hour? I don’t know if my voice could handle that.” Itsuka hummed with a nervous smile. Beside her Reiko, shrugged before making her way over to Izuku and standing in front of him.


“We could partake in some other verbal activities such as a rendition of truth or dare focused solely on truths. Or we could play games with our senses, such as blinding ourselves and seeing if we can identify someone else. Either way, I am calling dibs as is the term on first massage from Midoriya.” She said, getting her other classmates to roll their eyes with small smiles. Setsuna cackled, before she slung an arm around Itsuka and pulled her closer.


“Well then I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this body for a test run for a long time!” She grinned, making the redhead blush.


“T-Think about how you phrase things like that, Set!” She huffed, only to get a wink from the lizard like girl.


“I know exactly what I said, Itsuka.”


“Well in that case who wants to be done by me?!” Kinoko asked the remaining three girls with a bright happy smile. “I like all your bodies! So who wants to be first?”


“I… am willing to wait. Kodai, Pony?” Ibara said, before checking the other two girls. The blonde beside her clapped her hands together, hurrying to the short girls.


Show me what you got, girl!   I’d love a massage from you!”


Everyone laughed a little at Pony’s enthusiasm as Setsuna, Kinoko and Izuku set to work on their friends, said girls letting out pleasured hums of delight throughout.


Especially Reiko, who was quickly discovering Izuku’s hands did wonders in far more area’s than just the head, as he began working on a kink on her, sitting in his lap and choosing to ignore the feeling of something big and hard poking her.


It wasn’t the most perfect of set-ups, but they worked with what they had and everyone still had plenty of fun, singing songs they found common enjoyment in. (Mainly pop songs, but they all had been caught off-guard when Ibara misunderstood one of the songs they were singing and started belting out the lyrics to a rock song, but they’d quickly began quietly cheering her on to continue once they heard her angelic voice.)


As well as that, they traded silly truths with each other. (Funnily enough, no one wanted to answer who they were crushing on at the moment for some reason, but no one missed how the others would shift their gazes around one another following being asked.)


They also had all been surprised when Izuku revealed he’d been kissed by a girl before in middle school, but saddened to learn it had been for the sake of a prank on the boy. (Ibara said something about ‘holy wrath’ and the boy really hoped he misheard Kendou about ‘finding those brats and teaching them a lesson’)


Nothing lasted forever however, and no matter how much it saddened them or how much they didn’t want to leave the shower just yet when they were having so much fun with their unexpected addition.


They knew they would not be able to explain this situation properly if a teacher caught them though, and the boy’s clothes had to be dry enough by then, plus on top of all of that they shouldn’t have had to worry about the asshole second year either. (Izuku had described them and Itsuka would be off to report them the second she was able to, having realized it was someone she knew and already hadn’t been too fond of.)


It was with slightly sad smiles the girls had waved Izuku off, the boy running to avoid being seen by a teacher here before they had all made their own way back to the dorms. They had been mostly silent, just enjoying how glorious their hair felt now and letting out content sighs with their bodies feeling so much better…


Then Yui finally said what all of them were thinking.


“We should shower with him again.”


They’d all shared a glance, nodding their heads in agreement. It had still been a fairly normal shower, but something about his presence just made it so much more fun.


“Um… I… won’t deny I would enjoy such an event.” Ibara spoke up, putting her fist to her mouth and chewing on her knuckle in thought. “But… we would never be able to sneak him back into the school showers and they most certainly won’t just allow him to walk in with us. It was luck alone that allowed for it to happen this time.”


“You make a good point, Shio, but I think I got an idea!” Setsuna said, grinning wide.


It was definitely an idea, at least.



The girls of 1-B laughed amongst themselves at a joke Setsuna had told, while their eyes occasionally darting over to where the dormitory showers were, their homeroom teacher walking past every now and again.


They were in the planning stage for Setsuna’s scheme, working out the information they needed.


The scheme? It was simply to sneak Izuku into the dorm showers which had far less security around them, as well as a much faster route for Izuku to take back to his dorm room where he would have plausible deniability.


“He goes around every two hours, so here’s what we do…” The lizard girl said quietly, leaning forward so the man wouldn’t hear them while he walked off. “If we sneak him on at five on Sunday, everyone else should be fairly distracted with something else and we just have to keep track of the time. Once half an hour passes, we quieten down so mister Kan won’t suspect anything and leave. That gives us a whole two hours with him after that. So? Anyone got any objections or suggestions?”


“I… have a request.” Ibara spoke up, drawing all attention to her as she looked amongst them all with a serious gaze. Then she voiced her request.


“We must make sure to get a good look at the size of Izuku’s penis.”


“Agreed.” Yui said without missing a beat, leaning back and taking a large swig of water cause she was thirsty, while the rest of the girls blushed to either minor or major degrees.


“Wow, Shio! I didn’t think you’d be the one to say it, haha!” Setsuna laughed, before winking. “Doesn’t that count as sinful somehow, I didn’t think you’d be the first to go for some fooling around.”


“T-That’s not at a-all what I meant, y-you sinner!” The vine-haired girl huffed, face exploding into a vibrant blush as she looked away. “What I MEANT, was that near the start he mentioned this happened before and he was beaten up as a result. What I realized after was that also implied back then, someone must have also been attacking him for him to end up in the showers in a similar manner then. That, combined with that horrid prank those girls pulled to break his heart for a laugh, leads me to wonder if there is any other bad things that have happened to him.”


“Oh, I believe I understand what you are intending to suggest.” Reiko hummed in her quiet voice, floating a juice carton to her lips. “You believe that any violence committed against him, if it were caused by villains we wouldn’t be able to ascertain the difference from his bullying related scars as we saw them while he showered with us. However, a villain is not as likely to target his crotch as a bully.”


“Exactly! Thank you, Yanagi.” Ibara nodded, looking to the other girls who were starting to understand where she was going with this. “Even it being small might be a sign of past mistreatment if it was targeted in his growth stages. I would just like to know if he is ok, is all.”


“I agree.” Yui said, nodding to them all, before taking another sip of water to quench her seemingly endless thirst. “Also, I want to know if it’s big for my fantasies.”





“U-Uh… guys… a-are you really s-sure about t-this?” Izuku asked, facing burning crimson as he stood before them, ready to be stripped down.


“I get it’s a little odd… but please, Midoriya?” Itsuka asked, scratching the back of her head. The girls all stood without clothes or even bubbles covering them, as they wanted to try to help in whatever way they could to get him to show off to them. “We just want to check something, I swear we don’t have anything more than that in mind.”


“They don’t.” Yui spoke up, before getting a light smack on the arm from Kinoko.


“Ignore her, cutie! She doesn’t know how not to be thirsty. I know it’s a bit weird, but we’re all friends right?”




With that, he gingerly dropped his pants, the 1-B girls eyes already going wide at the bulge they saw, then he dropped his boxers, showing his penis to them all. They all shared a single thought. ‘That’s it when it’s flaccid?!’


Jaws dropped, as various girls quietly voiced their thoughts.


“How the hell did we miss that?” Kendou muttered, eyes twitching as she realized how obvious she must have been not to notice the Mt. Fuji of penises.


“How does he even h-hide that?” Ibara pondered quietly with wide eyes.


“….Nice cock.” Was all Yui had to say, not all helping Izuku’s nervousness.


“W-Well… uh… oh.” Reiko sighed, floating over to him as he blushed bright. “I shall not hurt you, do not worry. I just wish to inspect it closer for medical reasons.”




The ghost girl simply let out a noise of affirmation, furrowing her brow as she looked closer, the boy shaking and blushing bright.


“Well, it has faded bruises but there clearly are no signs of stagnated growth” She confirmed to the girls who sighed in relief.


“W-What was this a-about?” Izuku asked confused, causing the girls to share looked before they decided to sit down, water running over them, gesturing for the boy to join them which he did.


“Well…. We kinda realized what the implications were of what you said last time.” Ibara explained with a small sigh, meeting his gaze with worried eyes. “I personally couldn’t stand the idea of you having been… hurt before, and we couldn’t use your normal scars as proof of anything…”


“So you looked to where you thought a bully would go for….” Izuku realized with a sigh, before frowning and looking over them all. “Well… you saw the bruises and worked it out so I g-guess there’s no point i-in saying otherwise. I um… didn’t have the greatest childhood. I was a late b-bloomer in terms of my q-quirk so…. I got b-bullied a lot.”


“And that will be in part where some of your scars come from?” Yui asked, getting a nod.


“Yeah, for one. There was also stuff like those girls I told you about, the one’s who tricked me into thinking they liked me just so they could turn it on my head for a laugh. Then there was this one boy with a rock quirk…”


And so, for the next few minutes, Izuku regaled some of the worst tales of his childhood, mainly enplaning where some of his scars originated from. In the end, all the girls shared one last look before they jumped the boy, pulling him into one tight group hug not even caring about the fact Itsuka and Yui where pressing their breasts right into his face, or how he was slowly starting to lose blood from his nose.


Silently, a promise was made in that moment amongst the girls of 1-B. They would protect this wronged cinnamon roll with their life and do all they could to make up for the sadness of his childhood.


And that was how their second shower together began.


It was far from the last however, and they never failed to get more fun even with how little things changed, they just found more and more joy in each others presence.


By the fourth shower, they were all sitting and listening intently to Izuku listing off notes on their quirks from memory, by the eighth, they were letting Kinoko and Setsuna list of some of their favourite bad jokes.


By the twelfth they had even begun to get more comfortable with each other’s bodies, hands brushing by not even being batted at. While they started off as still personally reserved as first, by the time of the twelfth even Ibara and Izuku were willing to wash the more private areas of each other to help, all laughing along with one another all the while and enjoying each other’s company.


And showers weren’t all that were happening for them….



“Man… Aizawa seemed stricter than usual today.” Denki Kaminari groaned as he stretched in his chair, looking around at his classmates as they all began packing up for the day, getting ready to return to the dorms after a hard days work. “Wonder what has him annoyed?”


“Probably just general moodiness from a lack of sleep.” Mina shrugged, before she turned her gaze over to Izuku who was distracted writing notes, making her let out a light laugh. “Jeez, Midori, class is over. Do you ever stop working?”


“H-Huh? Oh, not really?” he answered, beginning to put his notebook away now he had been called out. “I get frustrated when I’m not occupied with something.”


“Mood.” Kyoka hummed quietly from nearby, twirling one of her Earjacks. She opened her mouth to say something else following that, but before she got the chance a sudden knock on the door caught all their attention.


“Uh.. come in!?” Iida called, wondering who would be there who wouldn’t just walk in. As it turned out, as the door slid open, it was Itsuka and Kinoko, who smiled upon seeing Izuku as they walked. “Oh hello girls, is there something that you need?”


“Ah, well actually, we’re just coming by because us and the rest of the girls in our class are getting together to hang out today….” The redheaded class president of 1-B began to explain, before Kinoko finished up for her while clapping her hands excitedly and accidentally causing a few mushrooms to sprout.


“We’re here to ask Izuku if he wants to join us!” She explained with a wide smile. Were there an OST to life, the green haired boy would have been certain he’d have heard a record scratch in that moment as all eyes swirled towards him in confusion or surprise.


“O-Oh… w-well if you d-don’t mine me being t-there….” He muttered quietly, getting eye rolls from the two as they helped him up and began walking him along, arms entwined in his.


“Of course we don’t, silly. We want you to be there.” The short girl laughed, as they got closed to the door. “Setsuna has a few things she’s been excited to try.”


As the three left and disappeared down the halls, the remaining members of class 1-A still just sat in shocked silence before finally Ochaco piped up with one of the many questions they were all wondering.


“Did- Did anyone else notice how fluffy there hair was?! That was almost Deku levels of fluff!”


“What do you think they’re gonna do?” Hagakure pondered.


“Maybe they’re gonna have-“


“What!? I was gonna say fun!”

“You know exactly what you were implying. You were implying sexual fun!”

"Haha Iida said Sex."



What none of them realized was Mineta would have perhaps the closest guess, as Izuku and the girls of 1-B most certainly had fun that night.


However, perhaps the word “romantic” would have fit better for the fun than “sexual”


What Izuku did know is that he found himself going from acquaintances, to fast close friends, to so much more with every girl of 1-B faster than he ever could have imagined.



“I think inviting you into our shower may have been the best idea any of us have ever had…” Ibara muttered with a small content smile as she held onto Izuku tight. It had been a month since the ‘hang out’ and now, all the girls and Izuku were having a sleep over together in Itsuka’s room as she had the most space. The vine-haired girl clung tight to Izuku, who nuzzled slightly back into her with a small blush while Reiko gripped tight to his waist on his other side.


Itsuka herself was on the other side of Ibara, using her enlarged fists to keep them all close together, snuggled up and warm. Behind her, there laid Pony with a tight grip onto the class president’s waist while Kinoko, the furthest to the right side of their make-shift bed had her arms around the blonde’s neck as she let out small content hums on delight.


On the other side Izuku, Reiko was the closest to him, with Yui holding onto the ghost girl tight and finally Setsuna taking up the rear of the other side. While the redheaded member of their little group did have a bed, it wasn’t quite big enough to house them all and they had collectively agreed sleeping bags sucked if they couldn’t snuggle together, so they’d come up with a solution.


“I couldn’t do this without you making my hair so much softer.” The vine haired girl of the group chuckled. She’d made a hammock of her hair they all were currently lying in, covering most of the room and allowing them to stay together while still keeping enough room they weren’t likely to fall off. “I’d never have been able to do this before. My thorns may not be that harmful but they would have caused a lot of irritation, and my vines would have been far more coarse….”


“Glad I could help.” Izuku chuckled sleepily, nuzzling slightly into the crook of her neck. “Especially with how…. Comfy this is…”


“Right, you gotta be tired from your training today.” Setsuna let out a small chuckle, before she gently shook the ghost girl not to far from her. “Could you hit the lights, Rei Rei? I would but I think I’d lose my hand in the dark.”


“Of course.” The white haired teen hummed, as suddenly the lights went out and everyone instinctively moved just that little bit closer to one another in the dark.


“Goodnight everyone.” Izuku called, getting plenty of goodnight's in return. A few moments later, and light snoring began to fill the air as Izuku nuzzled up against Ibara once more.


She just smiled, gently placing her lips atop his head, still somehow more fluffy than any of theirs.


“Night, Izuku. Sweet dreams.”

Chapter Text

“Girls? You still haven’t told me where we’re going…” Izuku muttered as he followed all of his girlfriends through the forests of U.A. grounds. He still couldn’t believe his luck and if you told him he’d have been dating every girl in class 1-B because he showered with them, he would have mentally shut down, dropped to his knees and spent hours recovering from the mental image before he tracked you down and politely told you you had to be mistaken.


Yet here he was.


He was also sure they were hiding something.


“Well, it turns out there’s all sorts of stuff U.A. has been hiding with how much stuff they keep on school grounds.” Itsuka began talking, the closest to Izuku as she held his hand, while Ibara led the charge. On the other side of Izuku, Yui just hummed with a surprising rare small smile.


She’d been quiet the whole time, and that’s what had tipped Izuku off that they wanted to keep something from him for now, cause if Yui talked she’d likely just inform him of whatever was about to happen. Ahead of them. Pony turned around with a massive smile.


“Apparently Ibara found a super awesome lake area that’s supposedly very warm right now!” The blond explained while tilting her head. Beside her, Kinoko bounced on her heels as they moved deeper into the forest, a clearing slowly becoming visible.


“Shroomthing about the time of year.”


“Please… mercy, Kinoko.” Setsuna groaned, only for the shorter mushroom girl to laugh maniacally. Rolling her eyes, Setsuna’s lips detached and she pressed a kiss onto Izuku’s cheek before talking into his ear.


“We also have a nice surprise for you.” She said, her voice itself sounding like it was smiling.


“Quiet, Setsuna. We do not wish to ruin the reveal, do we?” Reiko hummed, hovering near the back of them all. Izuku tried not to blush knowing the exact reason for it either.


Reiko wasn’t shy at all about being into almost everything to do with butts, and now she had an entire group of people she could freely stare at. It didn’t hurt every single one of them had some junk in the trunk either.


In the ghost girl’s words. “An ass a day keeps the sadness at bay.”


“Ah, I believe this is it girls.” Ibara announced, the group coming up to the clearing and walking out. It was a rather gorgeous sight to behold, the running lake that seemed to call to all of them, the small fountain nearby running into said lake and the clear water. The calming sky above, with the sun beating down on them all, and the grassy field with both a mattress and chair upon it- wait what?


He did a double-take, and sure enough till sat there was a mattress big enough to fit them all and a wooden chair, just the one.


“Good, looks like Yaoyorozu managed to follow through on her favour then.” Itsuka said with a grin, before she reached up to her shirt and yanked it off in one quick, fluid motion, throwing it to a nearby tree.


The other girls followed her lead, Kinoko sliding off the straps of her dress and letting it fall to the ground, her small, adorable breasts jiggling slightly as she shuffled around until it hit the ground, revealing she had been without any underwear this whole time.


One by one, his girlfriends added their own clothes to the pile and Izuku thought he understood what they wanted now, pulling off his own shirt and trousers and throwing them into a corner.


He ignored the ‘mmm’ that came from Yui as soon as his member could be seen against the fabric of his boxers, revealing its size as he felt it slowly but surely harden. It fell forward, standing at attention the second it was let free and he just sighed, throwing the last of his clothes into the pile.


He still couldn’t believe even before they’d started dating that the girls just didn’t care whenever he became erect in the shower with him. The worst that had ever happened was an odd joke or two from Setsuna, but they seemed to just accept it would happen. Much more preferable to what Izuku expected at least, as plenty of media and past experiences had left him believing far worse would happen.


He turned to them all, not exactly sure what to make of their hungry eyes as he began moving towards the lake. However before he could set foot in it, suddenly vines wrapped around his waist and pulled him onto the chair.




“Not so fast, Izuku…” Ibara hummed beside him, pressing a gentle kiss onto his cheek while the girls walked over, all taking position around him. Itsuka and Setsuna got on their knees, heads near his crotch. Pony and Kinoko stood behind the two with big smiles.


Yui took her place at the left side of the boy, her stomach next to his face while Reiko stood on the other side, his face a little closer to the ghost girl’s crotch which he couldn’t help but note was now wet.


Ibara continued to press small kisses onto his head. Reiko and Yui pressed small kisses on his cheek, the ghost girl even licking him for a moment sending a shudder through his body, nibbling on his ear affectionately while Itsuka and Setsuna eyed his erection hungrily.


“G-Girls?” Izuku questioned, with a raised brow as he looked around them. “W-What’s going o-on?”


“…You’re still a virgin, right?” Itsuka asked as she pressed a kiss onto Izuku’s thigh, making the boy blush crimson but he nodded, while he watched Setsuna’s tongue fly out her mouth.


“Y-Yeah? H-How did you…”


“Our first shower.” Reiko chimed in, brushing a few strands of hair out of Izuku’s eyes as she continued to press small kisses onto him and lick him. He would have expected it to be Pony who relied on licks as a show of affection but it seemed to be Reiko’s thing she’d always do when she could get away with it.  “You informed us of a past story, about your female classmates and a horrible act they committed against you for a laugh.”


Izuku sighed, looking down at that as he remembered what had occurred during the start of middle school.


Honestly it was his own fault for being stupid enough to believe it.


He’d been invited out on a date by one of the most popular girls in the school, who was also one of his classmates and he had been stunned, shocked and also naïve. He just wanted a friend, let alone something like a girlfriend.


So of course he’d said yes. Then he’d gotten excited, and built it up more and more in his mind. He’d arrived where the date was to take place…


Only to find a bunch of girls laughing in his face for him ever being so stupid enough to actually believe it, pelting him with food when no one was looking. He’d left with a ruined suit and a broken heart.




“With whores like that-“ Yui began, getting a light smack from Ibara over her word choice before she continued. “-And with what else we learned it wasn’t too hard to put together if you haven’t been involved with any of the other girls. So somehow despite having Mount Fuji in your pants you must still be a virgin.”




“But, not for much longer.” Itsuka said, leaning forward and putting her hand just above his crotch, looking into his eyes with nothing but love and affection that made him feel warm inside. Setsuna moved beside her, with a similar gaze. “Izuku… if you’ll let us…”


“We want to make your first time as special as possible.” Reiko finished, holding her lips to his face a few moments after, before she began trailing down his body and kissing his arm, giving careful attention to every scar, Yui doing the same on the other side.


“Will you let us, Izuku?”


He saw the excitement in all their eyes. The love, the affection and the pure desire to make him happy and he felt his heart squeeze. He couldn’t refuse them.




With his permission granted, that was all the girls needed to set to work. Kinoko and Pony moved around the two girls in front of them, squeezing in so they could plant kisses and affectionate nuzzles onto his stomach.


Yui continued planting more and more kisses up and down his arm, while Reiko carefully trailed her tongue across some of his scars, creating an odd yet pleasurable sensation throughout him.


Ibara held his head back, kissing his nose and mouth, stopping just shy of making out with him, hair tickling his face as he began smiling dopily with his heavy blush.


Finally… The fun began with Itsuka and Setsuna. The 1-B class president started, finally taking a firm grasp of the top of his member, pulling down with slow, deliberate motions and sending a small jolt of pleasure through Izuku as he was touched there for the first time by someone other than himself.


It felt… electrifying to think this was about to happen and his grin grew a little wider, causing Ibara herself above him to smile wider, her eyes glimmering.


Izuku felt the skin covering the head of his cock be pulled back, missing how Itsuka licked her lips at the sight, eyes glimmering. She continued alone, gently bringing her hand up and down his shaft, every little bit of movement making Izuku feel amazing when they’d barely even begun.


Her jerking slowly but surely began to pick up in speed as the red-head grinned, the girl twisting her hand lightly in the process, putting the smallest amount of pressure on the head of his cock every time her hand reached the tip and causing his mouth to drop open.


With Kinoko and Pony licking and kissing his thighs like Reiko and Yui were with his arms, and how Ibara kept feeling up his chest, he was already in a state of absolute ecstasy.


Then, while Itsuka’s speed remained consistent, the size of her jerking motions began to decrease as she focused more on the base of his shaft. However that didn’t mean his tip went without attention as the reason why quickly became apparent, Izuku’s eyes going wide as the biggest jolt of pleasure yet shot through his body as he felt Setsuna’s tongue glide across the head of his member, right across the slit.


Itsuka’s free hand came up, gently cupping Izuku’s balls and fondling them, playing with them while Setsuna’s tongue began curling around his tip, before jerking up and down the top of his cock.


“Mmmf… frick…” He moaned aloud, unable to help himself. Some of the girls giggled at that, Kinoko taking a chance to press a kiss onto his chest quickly as she looked up to him with a teasing grin.


“’Frick’, my that’s so naughty of you, Izuku.” She laughed quietly, before she pressed a kiss directly into his chest. “I’d love to see just how naughty you could really be~”


“We all would.” Reiko muttered, nibbling gently on his neck, her hot breath on him only adding to his joy.


“I think we should step it up, Set~” Itsuka said, with lidded eyes and a sensual smile, gripping Izuku’s shaft tighter as her movements began to pick up. The tongue on his cock slipped away for a moment, before moving right to his balls and licking them, before it trailed up his shaft to his tip again, constantly following a pattern that combined with the pleasurable grip Itsuka had left Izuku with a hazy mind and almost no thoughts as the speed and intensity picked up.


“Enjoying this?” Yui asked simply in the boys ear, getting a dumb nod.


“Do you want to cum Izuku?~ Do you want to feel what it’s like for someone else to make you cum?~” The redhead gripping his member tight, sending all these jolts of electricity and pleasure through him asked with a quiet, almost breathy voice.


“P-Please… Ken- Ah.. Kendou… T-Tokage…. “ He barely managed to get out, gripping his fists and gritting his teeth, holding his head back as his legs quivered. Was this what he was missing out on, this whole time? “Pl…please… I want- Mmpfh frick... want It…”


“You heard the stud, girls~” Kinoko hummed, kissing Izuku’s stomach again, trailing her tongue along it, before she lifted her head with a massive grin. “Finish him off.”


Somehow, Itsuka’s grasp became even tighter than before as she gave a few final violent tugs on his shaft, Setsuna’s tongue moving so far over and over his cocks head he wondered if she could even move it that fast without using her quirk.


Or at least if he could think that’s what he’d probably be thinking. But right now all he could do was moan into the sky as violent jolts of pleasure shot throughout his body, his ecstasy reaching new heights.


“Fu..frick…. I’m… Mmpfh… G-Gonna…”


“Do it, Izuku. Show them your love.” Ibara encouraged quietly, planting one last kiss on his head, as his other head throbbed violently, his hips thrusted forward almost on their own as warmth filled his lowe regions and a hot,  white liquid shoot out of his dick, some of it landing on the floor but most of it landing on Setsuna’s tongue.


Quickly, it was brought back to the green haired girl’s mouth and Ibara focused Izuku’s head on her.


“Look, Izuku.” Yui whispered quietly In his ear and he did his best to focus through this sudden wave of hazy pleasured tiredness washing over him. He saw Setsuna holding her mouth open, showing her tongue reattaching before she swallowed, exposing her mouth again and showing there wasn’t a single drop left.


“Delicious… as if there was a doubt.” The lizard girl laughed sultrily, while Itsuka glared at her slightly. “Did you like that Izuku?~ Seeing me swallow every last drop of your ‘love’?”


“Y-Yes…” He panted out, unable to believe he was in this situation as it finally hit him, his face heating up. He was having sex with seven gorgeous girls.


God he loved U.A.


“Hey Set?” The class president of 1-B spoke up, pulling the lizard girl's attention to her before the red head suddenly tackled Setsuna to the ground, kissing her passionately. Surprise crossed her face at first before she melted into the kiss, their bodies pressing against one another on the mattress they had landed on, breasts squishing together as they lost themselves in one another, the lizard girl squeezing Itsuka’s soft, supple ass tight before finally she pulled away with a big grin. “Not getting away with the reward for my work.”


“Mmm… So you’re after the taste, pres?~” Setsuna purred, before winking and opening her mouth after giving a simple instruction to the redhead. “Come get your prize then.”


Izuku wasn’t able to help it as his erection quickly began to revive itself, seeing how hungrily Itsuka was kissing the green haired girl, as they gripped each other tight, moaning loudly in the process and leaving him wishing he was in the middle of the two of them.


While that wasn’t happening, he wasn’t going to be left to stew in his arousal alone as the remaining girls all backed up, except for Pony who straddled Izuku’s lap.


He felt something warm and wet on his legs as she grinned, very gently grinding on him, Izuku feeling her pussy sliding up and down his member without her going high enough for it to be inserted, essentially rubbing it against her wet, warm opening.


“My turn now, Izzy.” She purred excitedly, pulling the greenette’s attention onto her properly. Her big blue eyes shined with desire and excitement as she took a hold of his dick and carefully began inserting it, slowly sitting down until it went all the way in, Izuku letting out a small moan in the process with the blonde doing the same as she smiled somewhat dopily, facing twinging red. She fixed him with an excited gaze. “Don’t worry about anything either, we’re all on the pill right now.”


A little more aware than before now, his eyes properly took her in, for some reason just now noticing the girl’s body properly despite the amount of times they’d been together naked before as she slowly began lifting herself back up, putting her hands on his shoulders to steady herself.


His eyes darted to her breasts that jumped up and down just a little bit with every movement she made, neither particularly big or small, a perfect middle ground in size that helped make them somewhat hypnotizing to watch.


He’d never noticed before how her dark pink, almost purple areolas seemed that much more prominent than any of the other girls, covering most of the front of her breasts. It almost seemed like how he’d heard from certain classmates how they would look on a normal woman after pregnancy, and he couldn’t help but ponder if her quirk was to blame. Her nipples themselves were clearly hard, her arousal and the cold air causing them to perk up.


“Ah.. Mm… Izuku…” Pony whispered quietly, but with love present In her voice and desire in her eyes as she continued to slowly bounce up and down on his dick, sending waves of pleasure through him while Reiko and Yui continued to pepper his chest with kisses, putting focus on his nipples as they licked them and kissed them, feeling up his chest in the process.


His eyes trailed down to the horse-like girl’s abdomen, noting the well-defined muscles she had while somehow still looking soft to the touch. Past that, he noted her lack of pubic hair, clean shaven and he finally took in the size of her thighs, noting how big they were. He wasn’t sure exactly how she handled such massive legs, with the ass that would have come with it but he wasn’t complaining as her speed began to pick up, and he felt them clap against his dick, squeezing it slightly every time she slid down his shaft, once more leaving him with that electrifying sensation.


“Izuku…” Pony moaned, tongue lolling out the side of her mouth as she continued on with this. “ Ah… Mmphf Fuck! Izuku!


He began reaching out, almost in a trance to hold her hips but as he got close to grasping them, vines suddenly shot around his wrists and pulled his hands back, effectively tying him to the chair.


Ibara pulled his head back again as Pony squeezed his shoulders tight, picking up speed. His eyes met Ibara’s as her large, heavy breasts fell onto his face while the vine-haired girl just smiled.


“Not yet, ‘Zuku... This is your first time after all.” She hummed, gently caressing his face and planting a quick kiss on his forehead, meeting his eyes with a sparkling, loving gaze. “Just let them do all the work for now, you’ll get your time later sweetheart.”


“Mm… ok- Ah.. f-frick…” Izuku moaned, while Ibara pressed her lips against him and slid her tongue inside his mouth, the two exploring the other for a moment before they broke apart, a trail of saliva connecting them as they shared loving gazes.


Then he felt Pony slam down against him, her speed and intensity picking up as he let out a pleasured gasp, looking down to see her no longer restraining herself at all, bouncing up and down on him happily, breasts bouncing with her and once more pulling him into an almost hypnotized state.


His member was soaked with her juices, as her inner walls began to squeeze him along with her thighs, adding to the ecstasy and pleasure of her riding him, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh filling the forest.


“Tsun….Ah T-Tsun! Yes!” He moaned, fists gripping tight with nothing else to do while he was restrained by his other lover, however he did subtly shift his own hips up every now and again, something none of the girls noticed. “I-It’s so warm! Please… keep going!


“Izzy! Fuck ! I need- Ah! I need all of you!” Pony whimpered, leaning forward as Izuku felt his member begin to throb violently, her arms encircling his neck as she pulled him into a passionate loving kiss, their tongues dancing with one another as they continued to moan, the noises muffled and quiet but leaving the other girls present feeling even more aroused than before.


A white hot jolt of pleasure even more powerful suddenly shot through him as he felt a tongue on his soaked orbs and he stopped kissing Pony, the girl moving into more of a hug as Izuku looked behind her to see Kinoko kneeling there with excited eyes as she suckled on his family jewels, before letting go and smirking. “Mmm... Pony flavouring~”


With that, the mushroom girl went in for another lick, before trailing her tongue up onto the base of his shaft before shifting onto Pony as she came down again, causing the blonde to let out a sudden pleasured shout, before Kinko’s tongue continued onto the horse-like girls ass, kissing it and nibbling it playfully.


“Alright, you horny little minx, get over here!” Itsuka’s voice called out playfully, as a massive hand suddenly picked up the brunette, tossing her onto the mattress as the redhead eyed her hungrily, Setsuna seemingly having passed out from her round with the 1-B class president. “You know, I bet you’re going to be as delicious as those mushrooms you make and that’s good, cause Mama’s hungry!~”


Izuku wasn’t sure if his cock was throbbing so hard now because of Pony or because of how arousing Itsuka sounded as she took what she wanted.


With that, Itsuka went to town on the shortest girl of the group fondling her close-set, small breasts and pressing kisses all over her as the mushroom girl squirmed and squealed with every touch, however it was clearly with joy as she loved every second of it.


Izuku’s focus didn’t stay on them for much longer though as Pony started digging her nails into his back, as Yui pressed a kiss into his neck and Reiko nibbled a small part of his arm that wasn’t scarred lovingly.


His eyes widened as she slammed down hard into him, slowing down but going hard as he felt his entire body seemingly set on fire inside.


Fuck yes! Izzy! Ah! I lov- Mmfph... love you!”


“Pony! I’m gonna- Ahh! C-Cumming!” He could barely cry out, and no sooner had he then did he release his load, semen exploding inside the blonde girl, both their eyes lighting up. They breathed heavily, as Pony slowed before she fell forward, placing a hand on the greenette’s chest to steady herself before they met each other’s eyes and smiled happily at one another. “T…That was a-amazing…”


“Glad I could…. Make it a good first time. Don’t worry about me not… cumming yet. I have a lot… of stamina. As long as… you’re happy.” Pony huffed, leaning forward and pressing a kiss onto his nose before she let out a content sigh, Yui and Reiko helping her off the boy and letting her lay down on the mattress behind her, giving Izuku a good view of both their bountiful booties in the process.


Reiko’s especially was amazing and alluring, almost awe-inspiring with how big it was with faded red marks and bruises, though very few. The two usually stoic girls turned back, as Ibara walked forward and Izuku noticed a few almost imperceptible scars on the vine-haired girl’s body he’d never seen before.


He also didn’t fail to note that behind them Itsuka was still teasing Kinoko, seeming to refuse to let up on the mushroom girl or provide her any release as wet patches appeared on the mattress beneath them.

Meanwhile Yui and Setsuna, who had caught her breath, finally were taking their chance to help Pony, the lizard girl pressing kisses all over the blonde while her detached fingers helped the raven haired girl atop Pony finger the lucky American transfer student.


“Reiko, I believe we brought this for you.” Ibara spoke up, Izuku noticing a bottle of water in her right hand a smaller bottle he didn’t recognize in her left hand. She’d pulled it out from the nearby pile of clothes, apparently where Izuku now noticed a bag amongst it all. She tossed the smaller bottle into the air and it suddenly began hovering, before the cap unscrewed itself and a thick see-through liquid came out, starting to apply itself to Reiko’s ass, while the boy’s vine haired girlfriend handed him the water. “Drink up, ‘Zuku. We don’t want you getting dehydrated.”


“T-Thanks.” He said, taking it and unscrewing the cap before taking a large gulp, thankful for the refreshment. He didn’t stop drinking until he’d downed half the bottle before he finally stopped and reapplied the cap, turning to Ibara with a curious gaze. “W-Was that lube?”


“That I gave to Yana? Yes, it was.” She said, carefully caressing his arm as she pulled him into a gentle embrace with a warm smile, kissing his head with a small giggle. “She has a… speciality.”


“O-Oh.” Was all he could think to say in response, noticing how said girl was now shaking her ass a little before humming in satisfaction. Then, a thought struck him. “W-Wait are you going to be joining in?”


“Likely not.” Ibara sighed, pressing another kiss onto him. “Please don’t take it personally, I still love you but I am not certain I am… ready to take that step with my beliefs. I may not follow them to the letter but I still need some more time personally.”


Izuku just smiled a small smile, grabbing her hand and squeezing it. “As long as you’re happy. That’s all that matters.”


“Charmer.” She giggled, before sighing contently. “So, I must ask. What is your opinion of your first time so far?”


“…It’s been amazing.” He hummed happily, gently cupping her face and kissing her cheek, enjoying the light giggle that escaped his girlfriend. “I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have all of you… I just wish I could be more appealing for you all.”


“More…? ‘Zuku! You’re plenty appealing.” Ibara said, frowning as her grip on his arm tightened. “We love how you look. Why would you think you aren’t appealing?!”


“I m-mean… My scars, my plain face, my…” He flinched lightly and for the briefest moments the vine haired girl's eyes shined with a rare hate before she pressed a kiss straight onto his cheek.


“Izuku…” The girl whispered with a sad sigh, before she cupped his chin and pulled his gaze towards her. Then she began to kiss him all over, peppering his face with only brief breaks to say a few words between every kiss. “Your adorable little nose… Your cute freckles… Your intoxicating lips… Your pretty, enticing blush and sparkling eyes…”


She then began to move further down his body, kissing his neck before reaching his torso and continuing on like she had before. “Your amazing muscles… Your somehow still small, but lovable figure… your abs… your cute little belly button.”


His arms came next, the One for All wielder unable to do anything but smile warmly at the kind, loving affection she gave to his body, endearing him to her even more. She took more time here, placing longer kisses onto each scar as she went over them. “Heroic…. Brave… Gorgeous in a way… because of what they mean…”


Finally, Ibara stood up and smiled the most radiant smile Izuku had ever seen from her as she came back to his lips and kissed him properly, taking in his taste before pulling away with a look of bliss. “There are so many things about you that are appealing, ‘Zuku. And we love every last one….”


“Thank you- Ah!” Izuku’s eyes went wide as he felt a sudden tug on his member, which had turned erect again while Ibara had been showering him with her affection. He looked down, to see the lube Reiko had been applying now also on his dick.


“If you both are done, I would appreciate my turn before this lube dries up.” She hummed, before turning and bending over, dropping onto the mattress and giving the two a perfect view of her glorious rear. “I prepared this for a reason.”


“H-Huh?” Izuku questioned, getting giggles from Setsuna and Ibara while the lizard girl and Yui who had finished up toying with Kinoko (Who still hadn’t yet been given a real release to her building arousal it seemed) helped Izuku onto his feet and led him to the ghost girl.


“It’s time for you to try anal, cutie~” Setsuna hummed playfully, giving Reiko’s as a light smack before giggling. “Don’t worry, Rei Rei’s told me before how much she loves getting it back there, so it’s just on you whether you enjoy this or not. If you don’t want to, just say.”


“Y-Yanagi wants it, right?” He asked, the ghost girl letting out a noise of affirmation and he fixed them all with a soft smile, as he gently set his hands onto his white haired girlfriends backside. “Then it’s n-not like I can knock something until I t-try it. If it will make her happy…”


“That’s a good boy.” Itsuka whispered sensually into his ear, kissing him as she helped guide his cock between the ghost girl’s cheeks. “Now, Rei~”


At the command from the class president, Reiko began to move her body back and forward, her buns caressing Izuku’s member as a result and causing him to smile at the sensation, unable to help it. It just felt good.


“I think he likes this.” Yui commented, getting small chuckles from the other girls.  Reiko picked up a bit in speed as her excitement began to show. “I think you should start inserting now.”


“R-Right.” Izuku nodded, before gingerly taking a hold of Reiko’s hips and positioning his cock properly, pressing against her entrance before suddenly slipping inside, eyes going wide as his mouth opened in surprise, the white-haired girl letting out a gasp of pleasure as he did so. “F-Frick, Rei… S-So tight…”


“That tends to be the appeal.” Setsuna snickered, gently massaging and grasping Reiko’s ass while she watched Izuku begin to push inside her slowly. The lizard girl leaned closer to Izuku, mouth right beside his ear before she began whispering some advice to him. “By the way, hottie, Rei Rei Is a little kinky~ Not as much as Yui but trust me, ok? Just go along with what she says. Might seem weird but will make her happy.”


“O-Ok.” He nodded, body shuddering with the pleasant sensation of Reiko’s ass squeezing his firm cock as he slowly began moving back and forward clouding his mind with a new wave of pleasure. “Mmphf… It f-feels so good...”


“Ah! Fuck…” The ghost girl moaned, moving her body back and forth in time with the greenette so as to add onto the pleasure, biting her bottom lip. She felt like she was burning down below and she loved it. “Fuck, Zu!”


It was a little weird to hear the girl talking (or rather, moaning) so loudly. She did show more visible and audible emotion than Yui, but she was usually so quiet you had to be paying close attention to notice it.


Then, Izuku got his first taste of what Setsuna had mentioned.


“"How does it feel, Zu? Do you like knowing how many dildos’ I have stuck up here just for you? imagining this?” Reiko suddenly asked, breathing heavily already. He could only nod dumbly, hunching forward slightly while Yui and Setsuna steadied him, pressing kisses onto his thighs in the process. “Does it make you happy to know how much of a pervert I am?"


His instinct was to assure her she wasn’t one, but he remembered his lizard-like girlfriend’s words and his head dropped beside the white-haired girls ears, kissing her neck. “Mmm... y-yeah… f-frick… it feels s-so good…”


“Faster, Zu.” Reiko practically demanded, slamming her perfect posterior down onto his crotch, while her fingers reached down and began to finger her soaked pussy. “Ah! Please! I want you to make my perverted fantasies reality. Fast and Hard Izuku!”


“O-Ok.” He nodded, gripping her stomach tight before he complied, thrusting into her exactly as she described, balls slapping against her ass in the process as his eyes went wide. “F-Frick! That feels so- ah!”


“Yes!” The ghost girl cried out happily, gripping the mattress beneath her tight as she was railed hard by her boyfriend, both their eyes shining with excitement and joy as he stretched out her already well used hole. “Yes Zu! fuck me ha- Ah! -harder than Monoma fucks our classes b-bonds!”  


“Ah!  Yana! It’s so good!” Izuku moaned as his balls continued to slap against her cheeks, leaving new red marks on them that served only to shoot even more pleasure through Reiko while Izuku’s cock throbbed inside her.  “I lo-Ah! I love you!”


“F-Fuck… You love how p-perverted I am, Izuku?!” She asked through her almost incoherent noises of pleasure, one eye shut tight as she panted heavily. “F-Fuck… I have i-imagined this with s-so many objects but t-this is better than them a-all! Ah! Fuck me, Izuku! AH! I’m- I-”


His tip throbbed violently as he continued to push inside her, his entire body burning with euphoria as he felt himself approaching his climax once more.


“I’m g-gonna-AH! Frick, I’m c-cumming!” He announced, giving one last hard thrust, the smack that resounded echoing through the forest as the girl screamed in pleasure, while his semen burst out and filled her up inside.


Yui and Setsuna helped him exit the girl, a ‘plop’ sound ringing out as he almost fell back from the amount of pleasure coursing through him that made him feel as though he was going to collapse.


Reiko herself just fell forward, panting heavily and letting out a sigh of bliss as she gripped the mattress. Izuku barely managed to walk forward, falling beside her and hugging her from behind, kissing her neck.


“T-To answer your q-question… I love all of you, Yana…. Including your um… k-kinkiness.” He said, faltering near the end as his voice quietened down. The girl beneath him just turned, eyes shimmering bright as she pressed a kiss onto his lips.


“So proud, you almost managed something close to a swear.” She teased in a somewhat tired voice, before she grinned, a rare expression on her face. “And I will k-keep that in mind.  You will not escape my perverted desires anymore.”


“L-Look forward to it.” He risked saying with a small laugh, before pushing himself up. After all, he knew there were still two girls left to go. Kinoko had been left alone by Itsuka by now, sitting stewing on the bed with a heavy blush, whining quietly while the 1-B class president walked over.


His gaze shifted to all the girls as they laid Yui down, who spread her bruised legs and moved a hand down, opening up her entrance with two fingers alone. Her face remained natural but her eyes shined.

The other girls looked a tad hesitant, but they all gestured for Izuku to come forward. He complied, standing over Yui and frowning very briefly once he noticed her faded bruises.


“Ok, Iz.” Itsuka spoke up, lying down beside Yui and holding her, before meeting Izuku’s eyes. “We kind of debated this a lot considering this is your first time and all and we know what you might feel like, but we think it would be better If we did include this. You see these bruises?”


“Y-Yeah? What about them?” He asked, while noticing in the corner of his eyes Reiko was now lying down in-between Ibara and Kinoko, who were cuddling her. Well Ibara was cuddling her, Kinoko seemed to be rubbing herself against the ghost girl a little, until Pony stopped her once again as she seemed close to achieving release.


“I like it rough.” Yui said in her monotone voice, looking into his eyes with that blank expression, but there was a light hidden in her eyes. He’d learned by now it was her eyes that often gave away her true feelings, the sparkle inside them. “I want you to be rough with me.”


“H-Huh?” He raised a brow in confusion, as Setsuna guided him over. He got on his knees, carefully positioning his dick before pushing inside her, the girl letting out a small ‘mmm’ in the process. “W-What do you mean b-by rough?”


“She doesn’t expect it straight away, go at your own pace for now, Iz.” Itsuka said, prompting Izuku to begin gently thrusting into the raven haired teen, enjoying the warm feeling of her insides soaking his member like Pony’s had before. However Yui seemed a little more loose, able to fit him in easier. “But, once you’re ready, being ‘rough’ means things like spanking, biting, maybe a bit of hair pulling.”




“You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Yui spoke up, seeming as emotionless as ever even as Izuku fucked her. “But it would make me happy.”


“It might sound odd, cutie, but some people like it when it hurts a bit.” Setsuna explained, before suddenly slapping his ass and causing him to let out a cry. however, he couldn’t deny he kind of liked it in a way. “It’s different for different people.”


“…This is d-definitely what you want, Dai?” Izuku asked, getting a nod from the stoic teen before he took a steadying breath and prepared himself. “Okay then, as long as that’s what you want.”


“Please. Make me your bitch.” Yui said, completely monotone. The green haired boy wasn’t sure really how he felt about this, but he also didn’t like the idea of disappointing her so he began to thrust into her with more force and speed, feeling her inner walls begin to tighten and pull on his dick. “Better. Now make m-  fuck! Make me unable to walk.”


“O-Okay- ah!” He nodded hesitantly, thinking about how to go about this before deciding to reach down and squeeze her ass, at least what was exposed.


“Mmphf… You can do better than that, Izuku. Destroy me.” She demanded, a hint of emotion in her voice. With a shaky sigh as he continued to feel his dick be squeezed by her warm pussy, he went for a different approach and after preparing himself he lifted his hand up and brought it down on her ass hard, causing her cheeks to jiggle as her eyes sparkled and an actual small smile came onto her face. ‘S-She really did like that?’ “That’s better!”


Now with an idea of what to do, he considered what else he could do. However a part of him felt guilty no matter what, until her panting open mouth offered him a solution.


He spanked her again, another excited moan escaping her but this time he also gripped it tight, nails digging in as he dropped forward before anyone could stop him and shoved his tongue down the size-altering girls throat, making her moan in excitement as his thrust became much more powerful, hitting her hard and likely leaving bruises with every hit. She kissed him back, her legs wrapping around his waist as she threw her arms around his neck.


He broke apart, kissing her nose as he dragged his nails down her ass, making her grit her teeth as actual pleasure filled emotions came onto her face. There was only one solution of course. He’d just have to show her as much love as possible while showing her the rough treatment she wanted at the same time.


“Fuck yes, Izuku! Mark me as yours! Make me your little slut!” She said, as Izuku slammed against her over and over, spanking her once more before his hand began trailing up her stomach, fondling one of her breasts and squeezing it tight enough she let out another gasp of pain and pleasure. “Fuck!”


“You like that, You s..s..stunning  beauty?” Izuku asked, unable to follow through with the words. He couldn’t call his girlfriend what he perceived as an insult. He’d have to rely on physical actions.


Speaking of actions… he moved in for another kiss as he continued to grope her, the two letting out moans as they made out and Izuku went inside her. They kept like that for a couple of moments, Izuku occasionally gripping tight or giving her light scratches in the process.


The Izuku broke away, a trail of saliva between them before he moved his head to her neck, kissing it before he then bit it playfully, making Yui gasp in delight as his teeth sunk in. He didn’t bite hard enough to break the flesh but it did leave a nice, discernible mark and it wasn’t to be the only one as he moved down her, giving more as he continued to rail her hard.


“Fuck, fuck yes! Ah! Yes Izuku! I want everyone to know I’m your fucking bitch! Keep marking- Fuck! me!” The girl almost shouted in ecstasy as she clawed into his back with pleasure. His gaze shifted to her, almost stunned by the raw beauty she had even as he smashed her harder than All Might smashed All for One.


Her eyes were sparkling with pleasure joy, her medium length black hair getting frazzled yet still framing her gorgeous face and looking amazing nonetheless. With every thrust, her beautiful, naturally rounded breasts bounced up and down from the force, just as hypnotizing if not even more so than pony’s.


His eyes continued trailing down to see the rest of her gorgeous, voluptuous body. The enticing big thighs and her well-toned stomach, that was bulging the tiniest amount with every thrust.


Every inch of her was beautiful in his mind, even the few bruises she sports seemed to add to her beauty.


He felt the head of his member begin to throb while he lifted his actual head and began to pepper the raven haired girl's face with kisses, even as his hand trailed up and he grabbed her hair, giving it a strong pull which seemed to send even more pleasure through the girl. “Fuck Yui…”


“Yes Zu! Fuck me!” The normally stoic girl shouted, neither even realizing Izuku had potentially just sworn properly for the first time in his entire life.  He felt his cock begin to throb violently, his eyes widening as he continued slamming into her. “God it f- AH! It feels so good!”


“Y-Yui! I’m c- AH- Cumming! I’m Cumming, Yui” He shouted, accidentally taking a tight hold of her hair and yanking on it hard as his last hard thrust ended with him cumming inside her, her womanhood milking him for every last drop.


He dropped down on her, letting go of her hair and meeting her eyes. She was smiling far too wide for what he was used to, as she pressed a kiss onto his nose.


Then his clarity came back to him and he grabbed hold of her tight, sliding his dick out and hugging her to his chest.


“Z-Zu?” She asked surprised, only for him to kiss her over and over, rocking the two back and forth slightly. “Uh..”


“You got what you w-want… now I get what I want. To love you indiscriminately.” He said, before pressing another kiss onto her face and brushing her hair out her eyes carefully and affectionately. “I love you.”


“This is fine by me.” The girl in his arms hummed, turning to him and nuzzling into him slightly, kissing him back while the two recovered some of their energy. Her monotone returned, but her words still somehow shined with affection despite that as she looked into his eyes. “I love you, too.”


They stayed like that for a few minutes, until their breathing calmed down, simply enjoying one another’s presence and gentle embrace.


It wasn’t destined to last of course, there was still one girl left that had yet to have her turn and she was rapidly growing impatient.


“Zuzu…” Kinoko’s voice whined out, drawing the green haired boy and his current snuggle buddy’s attention to the mushroom girl whose eyes were lit up with a heavy red blush on her cute face. She was clearly agitated a little and Izuku was pretty sure he could guess why as Kinoko kept rubbing her (relatively) massive thighs together. “Please… I can only t-take so much teasing…”


“Of course.” Yui spoke up, leaving their boyfriends embrace and bringing the mushroom girl over to Izuku, who tried to stand but was held down by Setsuna’s disembodied hand.


“Ah, ah hottie. You’ve gotten plenty lucky today. You’ve had us helping you all the way throughout today, but if this is your final ‘lesson’ then it’s time you learned how to be the one giving.” The lizard girl said with a teasing grin, as she came to the other side of Kinoko and took her arm before she and Yui lowered the mushroom girl to sit right on Izuku’s face. Her surprisingly nice smelling maidenhood was right above his mouth, making him turn even redder than he already was, some of her ‘nectar’ dripping out onto his face already as it rolled down her magnificent thighs.


“We have been toying with her this whole time to get her nice and ready for you, Izzy.” Pony snickered from nearby as she hugged Reiko tight, burying the ghost girls head into her breasts. “Now you pleasure her.”


“Let’s see how good you are at… at…. Fuck what’s it called?” Setsuna suddenly stopped, groaning in irritation.


“Cunnilingus, Setsuna.” Itsuka spoke up.”


“Yeah that! Cunni Bongus or whatever.”


The class president of 1-B just sighed in agitation.


“P-Please… can we start now?” Kinoko whimpered, already gently beginning to grind her crotch on Izuku’s face, wetting his lips with her juices. The others chuckled quietly at her, as Setsuna lifted her up for a moment.


“Just one thing. You able to breathe, Zukes?” The lizard girl questioned, getting a quick nod from izuku. Satisfied, she let the brunette fall back down on his face with a feral grin. “Go nuts. Pressure is on Izuku, can you do it?”


“Remember, every girl is different.” Yui spoke up suddenly, sounding rather authoritative all of a sudden. “So pay attention so you know what she likes.”


“Mm-hm.” Was all their boyfriend was able to get out, muffled by the thighs encapsulating most of his head. With a quick breath, taking in more of Kinoko’s scent as a result, he set to work as he parted his lips and let his tongue slid out, running up her slit and causing her to shudder suddenly.


His hands reached up, taking hold of her hips so he could lift her as soon as he needed air, continuing to tease her with a few strokes of his tongue, never once going further than her entrance. 


He snickered a little at one point as an idea came to mind and he stopped licking for a moment, planting a gentle kiss on her before grabbing one of the lips with his own, nibbling on it gently and causing Kinoko to moan lightly, as she shifted on his face the tiniest bit.


“P-Please… no more teasing…” She begged. Feeling slightly guilty, his hands shifted to her thighs, gripping them tight as he gave one last lick to her slit to prepare himself before he inserted it inside her. “Mmphf... Fuck... “


 He let his tongue simply just move up and down at first, in a very basic pattern that still seemed to have the girl moaning before he decided to get a little more playful, eyes shimmering. 


His tongue slid back out, as he pressed another kiss onto her pussy, gripping her thighs a little as his tongue went back to work, this time in a more circular motion as he looked for a spot that worked for the girl.


She didn’t seem to be the hardest to please, as she moaned happily pretty much wherever he went but he didn’t fail to note that every time he came closer to the top of her slit, she would shudder and shake excitedly.


Remembering Yui’s words, he continued to toy with her there, as he moved one of his hands away from her thigh and positioned his finger, wiping it against her soaked inner thigh to wet it a little before he began gently toying with her entrance, inserting it inside eventually as he continued to nibble on her and make her shake.


“F-Fuck! Zuzu! K-Ah! Keep going, please!” She gritted out, struggling through her pleasure to speak. His free hand continued to rub up and down her thigh as he fingered her with the other, using a few circular motions to add to the sensation. “Yes! Like that!”


Following her demands, glad to see he had found what she liked, he stuck to this for now. She even began to give him a tiny amount of help, unable to stop herself from grinding lightly on him and making his job easier.


What he couldn’t see from his position was the look of wild ecstasy on her face, eyes sparkling with an almost crazed look as she drooled and panted, her small close-set breasts jiggling with every movement.


“F-Fuck fuck fuck! Ah! Keep g-going, Zu! Fuck!” She moaned out, movements getting faster and forcing Izuku to adjust his head slightly so he could continue to use her sweet spot to his advantage. “Ah! I’m g-gonna- i’m going to- AH! FUCK, FUCK, ZUZU!”


Taking that as his cue, he stopped what he was doing, pulling out before pulling her up and quickly shoving his tongue back inside her, using a few quick swirling motions to ensure she wouldn’t be denied this time, enjoying the pure warmth and taste of her in the process.


Then finally, she reached her climax and Izuku felt her warm nectar drip onto his tongue, leaving him to pull it out slowly and grin widely as the girl dropped off to the side of him, panting heavily.


“Fucking hell, Izuku…” Setsuna muttered in surprise, laughing in disbelief at what she’d just witnessed.


“Hey, Iz.” Itsuka spoke up, appearing at Izuku’s side. He turned to see her just in time as she dropped down and pulled him into a passionate kiss, catching him off-guard. However as soon as his brain caught up, he wasted no time returning it, their tongue’s exploring one another happily in a dance of love and passion.


This lasted for a couple moments before the redhead finally pulled away, grinning wildly. “Mmm… knew it would taste good with ‘mushroom’ flavouring~”


“So… good…” Kinoko muttered drowsily from beside them, making them both laugh. The rest of the girls all gathered back up with grins on their faces, as Izuku sat up himself.


“Drinks, anyone?” Ibara asked, having grabbed water bottles from the bag nearby, giving them to each of the girls and Izuku. She was blushing heavily and for some reason seemed to have a conflicted look in her eyes. “I do not want you all to become dehydrated.”


“Thanks, sweetheart.” Pony said, walking over and kissing the religious girl on the cheek in gratitude, before she unscrewed the cap to her bottle and gulped it all down in one go. “Dang, I’m thirstier than Yui right now. Didn’t know that was possible.


“You know, we did all come here with the idea of bathing in the lake.” Setsuna spoke up with a grin, nodding her head to said lake. “I think we all could do with a little clean-up before we continue, might help us all prepare for round two.”


“Good idea. I wished to clean up my hair anyways so I concur this would be a good idea.” Reiko spoke up, standing up and wobbling slightly before blushing. “I… believe I may need some help keeping my balance however.”


“That’s what happens when you stick Mount Fuji up your ass.” Yui said in a bored tone, turning and helping the ghost girl while the rest of the group either burst out in laughter or in Izuku and Ibara’s case, blushed bright.


“I um… Shall remain behind.” The vine haired girl announced, looking amongst them all. “I have something I wish to deal with first. I will need your assistance however, ‘Zuku.”


“O-Oh, okay.” He said, titling his head in confusion. The rest of the girls shrugged, before peppering the two green haired students with kisses and leaving to go bathe in the lake. He watched Ibara begin walking back towards the forest and made to follow her but was stopped by her holding out a hand.


“Please, stay there a moment and look away. I want this to be a surprise.” She said. Confused, he complied. However just before he turned he couldn’t help but note her scars again he hadn’t seen before. With a small sigh, he turned to see Pony and Setsuna playfully splashing one another in the water, Kinoko and Itsuka seeing who could swim furthest in and Reiko and Yui simply making out with one another. It was nice to see them all looking so happy.


“Um… Shio? Is… are your scars because of your vines, if you d-don’t mind me asking?” He suddenly spoke up, curiosity getting the better of him.


“Ah… yes. I had to practice on myself a lot as I didn’t have many friends who were comfortable with sparring with me.” She explained, before grunting, making Izuku raise a brow in confusion. ‘What is she doing?’ “However your hair washing has helped even further, to the point I can now do this comfortably. You can look now.”


He quickly turned, before his eyes widened in surprise at what his eyes settled upon. The girl was completely tied up with her vines, being held off the ground by one of the tree’s. Her heavy archetype breasts and her ‘core’ one of the few things revealed through the vines.


Her arms were entirely covered in vines, bounding them behind her back. Her calves were also completely covered in vines, but her thighs only had two that encircled them briefly, before leading into the most exposed area of vines were they circled around the girl’s waist and torso tastefully, circling her breasts and stomach, framing her body in a way that seemed to accentuate some of her best features.


Her vagina was also exposed, and similarly to Kinoko her outer lips covered most of her inner workings however the vine haired girls lips seemed to be smaller.




“I… was conflicted on whether I wished to do this or not, due to my beliefs.” She began to explain, before sighing and looking up to him with her big, sparling, gorgeous eyes that just for some reason made his heart feel ready to explode. “But… seeing how you treated the others… seeing all the love you put in… I’m ready now. I want you to take me. I know I can trust you.”


“Y-You’re sure?” Izuku asked, stunned and his girlfriend nodded, spreading her legs as best she could, fixing him with a loving grin.


“The girls were playing around with calling these your lessons… so I suppose this is your ‘final test’, ‘Zuku.” She giggled to herself with a blush. “I’m in your hands now, to do as you please…”


“O-Okay… if that’s what you want, then I can’t deny you.” He said, walking over to her and running a hand up her thigh, looking up into her eyes and being compelled to lean forward, kissing her. She kissed back of course, their tongues quickly getting locked in a battle of wills, fighting for dominance and leaving them both moaning quietly but happily. Eventually Izuku broke away, staring into her eyes, his own filled with love and desire. “What I want to do… Is show you all the love you deserve.”


“O-Oh… so c-confident…” The girl muttered, blushing at his surprisingly adamant declaration. His hand gripped her thigh tight as he knelt down, bringing her maidenhood to eye level. He placed a delicate kiss above it, before gently making his way down it with more kisses, causing the bound girl to shudder lightly.


He continued on with the gentle kisses for a few moments, occasionally throwing in a quick lick or playful bite to tease the girl, running a finger along her slit whenever he did so to keep working her.


She bit her lip, whimpering and moaning happily and he didn’t stop teasing her until he saw a small wet trail begin to leak out onto her thighs, making him smile, happy to know she was feeling good if it was any indication.


He finally stopped with the kisses, standing up and taking a hold of his member, giving a few quick strokes to make sure he was prepared and erect as possible before he gently began to tease her with it, rubbing it up and down her slit.


“Zuku…” She moaned, one eye closed as the other sparkled. He looked up, raising a single brow and she seemed to understand what he was questioning. “I’m… I’m ready. Just… be gentle.”


“Right…” He nodded in understanding, positioning himself and taking great care as he began to insert himself inside her. He paid attention to all the little noises she made, making sure to give her a breather whenever she needed, as his cock slowly but surely began to stretch her out. “You’re so t-tight…”


“Izu- ah! Izuku… it- It feels good bu-but it hurts.” The girl huffed. Izuku leaned forward as best he could, snaking an arm around her neck and pressing a kiss onto one of her breasts to try to comfort her, pausing. “K-Keep going. It w-will be better s-soon, right?”


“Y-Yeah…”  He nodded, continuing into her as she huffed and panted. “Almost… there.”


“AH! Ah ah ah aha…  Izuku- Izu Izuku…” she moaned, as Izuku finally settled all the way within her and she looked down, before forcing a small grin. “F-Fit it….”


“Y-Yeah, good job sweetie.” The boy managed to get out with a small laugh, before straightening himself up slightly. “I’m g-going to start thrusting now, a-alright?”


“O-Okay… go ahead.”


With her permission, he slowly began to pull out about half way before he began to push back in.


“Mmphf… n-no w-wonder the girls c-couldn’t resist s-swearing.” Ibara laughed in a slightly breathy voice, as Izuku began going back inside her again. “I-I think I can take i-it a little f-faster.”


Complying, he began to pick up speed, reaching a decent rhythmic thrusting, causing the vine haired girl to moan and smile dopily now she was getting used to the massive member inside her.


As he did this, a teasing smile came onto his face and he moved so that he could kiss the girl as they did this, eliciting more moans from her as they made out once more, Izuku gripping her thighs in the process and sending powerful jolts of pleasure and joy through his girlfriend.


He broke the kiss after a few moments, immediately moving to kiss her nose then move onto her cheek, quickly beginning to pepper her face with kisses before pulling back and grinning happily as she looked up confused. “W-Wha- Ah! What?”


“My turn to tell you everything I love about you.” He said, rubbing her thigh as he then leaned down near her ear, whispering into it. “For on- Ah! For one, your adorable face.”


He then began kissing her over and over as she moaned until he got down to her neck, giving it a quick playful bite, leaving a small mark before continuing on his way and coming down to her chest, where he placed kisses on both her breasts, a free hand reaching out to fondle one.


“Y-Your boobs are amaz- Mmphf f-frick.. Amazing. Your e-entire body is.” He said, before then placing a kiss onto her stomach, having to bend a little weirdly to keep thrusting at the same time. “You have a p-pretty tummy and amazing thighs.”


Then he looked up, with a look of absolute purity on his face. “And even y-your sc-Ah! Scars are amazing. They show how a-awesome and d-dedicated you are and um… that makes you h-hot. Even more than y-you already were- frick, Shio…”


He felt her inner walls squeezing tight against his dick, making him grin as he continued on. He looked up, seeing a look of pure joy on the girls face. He worried briefly when he saw what looked like tears forming but she fixed him with a massive smile.


“P-Please, Iz- Mm! Izuku… go faster. I- Iove you, so much.”


“I- Ah, I love you too.” He said, doing as she requested and they began to cause the sound of smacking flesh once more with the speed as he accidentally spanked her with every thrust, her eyes widening and lighting up in joy as he crashed in and out of her. She suddenly squeezed her thighs as tight together as possible, milking Izuku’s member for all its worth, caressing the shaft even when it wasn’t inside her and making him pant as he started to feel his tip begin throbbing. “F-Fuck! Shio!”


“Y-Yes, Izuku! Please! Keep going!”


“I’m- Ah fuck, I’m gonna… gonna…”


“Make me yours Izuku! I’m yours! Inside me!”

“AHH!” He ended up shouting out loud as he finally reached his breaking point, semen bursting out of his tip and completely filling up her insides, however he didn’t stop thrusting yet, going on still while he could as she shuddered, moaned and panted.


“Iz-Izuku! I can- I can feel it! I’m cumming!”


He thrusted a few last times until suddenly the girl let out a shout of her own, her own juices mixing with his own inside her, Izuku taking out his cock after as he panted heavily, treated to the sight of his hard work dripping out of her and making him smile to himself.


He decided enough was enough of the bondage thing though, summoning up enough energy to call upon One for All and destroying the vines holding Ibara, quickly lifting her bridal style and jumping over to the bed before he collapsed, the two panting heavily.


The two now ex-virgins turned to one another, meeting each other’s gaze and giggling through their tiredness with massive smiles, love emanating between them as they reached out and pulled each other into a shared tight embrace.


“God… I love you... so much.” Ibara managed to get out between heavy breathes, making Izuku laugh a little more.


“I-Isn’t it… bad to take… the l-lords name in vain… o-or something?” He asked teasingly. The girl rolled her eyes before leaning forward and pressing a kiss onto his nose, pulling back with a smirk.


“Notthing about… using it like that… is vain in my book. How else could… I show just how much I love you?” She asked, making him freeze up briefly before he just swallowed the lump in his throat and nuzzled into her.


“And I love you…. So fucking much.”


“You swearing… shouldn’t turn me on as much as it does…” She admitted, making Izuku chuckle.


“It’s hot, right?” Setsuna’s voice suddenly spoke up, drawing the two’s attention to the girls who had all left the pool and grinning at the two wildly. The lizard girl turned her attention to Izuku. “So cutie, how did you enjoy round one?”


“It was amazing- Wait… round one?”




….They didn’t finish for good until another five rounds later, with the sky beginning to darken and every last one of them incredibly tired as they bathed in the lake, Izuku washing their hair with his amazing technique to help them all relax.


When they returned to the dorms half an hour later, they’d run into Mina who had taken one look at them all and grinned far too wide before running off to presumably wherever Hagakure was to gossip about what she’d just seen.


None of the eight lovers could bring themselves to care though, just making their way back to Itsuka’s room and once more setting up like they always did at least once a week.


This time, Reiko was cuddling with Ibara, Itsuka had Pony and Yui and Izuku…


He felt two lips press against either side of his face, one belonging to Kinoko and the other belonging to Setsuna.


“Night cutie.”

“Sweet dreams, Zuzu.”

“Or wet dreams~”



Both ended up being correct. Though they were most certainly less kid-friendly than his usual dreams, they were also the sweetest he’d had in a long time.