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Travelling Words

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New York City, NY, January 3rd, 2020


Dear Therese,


Here I come to you again, another day, another piece of old and yellow paper. When will I stop? When will I give up? Oh, I fear the worst, I fear I won’t ever… But see, let’s move on my darling, there are better things to discuss. Harge is away, drunk at some old and cheap bar probably. I don’t blame him nowadays; I’d do the same if I had to deal with a dysfunctional wife. But alas, there are better things.


Rindy is getting smarter every single day that passes, just last night she told me there was no reason for boys to go in separated teams in P.E., she says girls and boys should play together. I’m very proud of her, and it’s easy to see the influence you had on her. Rindy asked me about you last week, she says she’d like to see you, she says she’s filled with saudades. Different little word, had never heard before. It’s Portuguese, it’s the feeling of missing someone deeply. I got to say, I’m filled with it too. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that we are very likely to never get rid of said feeling, for you are unlikely to ever even respond my letters, I said someday she might see you passing by, she looks forward to it.


This time I won’t ask you to come back, don’t worry my dear, I’ll just ask for you to be alright, healthy and safe. I do have to say that I miss you, although I know you’re tired of reading these words. Please, do be alright. I’ll be here, if anything.


Love, Carol.