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Love, First and Foremost

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She's in London for a big trial, won't be home for a while. She almost misses Maggie bending her ear every time she comes home from a long day at her beloved paper, certainly misses her voice (they talk on the phone, of course, but it's not the same). What she misses most, though, is Maggie's warm presence, her smile, her utterly infuriating habit of never giving up when she sets her mind to something, which becomes especially prominent when Jocelyn's telling her to go away. She's always glad that she doesn't in the end though, glad that she has the resilience and determination to help her through her (now significantly less frequent) black moods.

When she got here, she considered taking her wedding ring off. She told herself that it's inappropriate in this world to have anything that can be used against her, especially with sexism still so rife and compartmentalising and total detachment the only ways to prove your worth. But then she told herself that she isn't going to be scared anymore, isn't going to let her love be a weakness. Maggie makes her stronger, not weak or flawed. She has a wife, Maggie is her wife, and she isn't ashamed of that.

If people tease or ask questions, she looks them in the eyes and tells them she has a beautiful, strong, courageous wife whom she loves very much, and then gives them a hard stare, daring them to ask more questions, knowing full well they won't. Because she's Jocelyn Knight Q.C, formidable barrister. But first and foremost, she's the wife of Maggie Radcliffe, and she's all the better for it, in every respect.