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Beneath the Sakura Blossoms

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Everyone heard Ugetsu as he began warming up with some scales, a few children's songs, and the fun Irish jig - just as he had for Aki. Conversations quieted. Then he played something Aki didn't recognize, but it was by turns beautifully sad, wild, passionate, romantic. Like Ugetsu himself, Aki thought.

Last were three songs that seemed to fit together – lighter, happier, joyful. Ugetsu later told him the titles* of the pieces, but he forgot them almost instantly. It didn't matter what they were called, but that Ugetsu was playing them. There was an extra something in the playing. He knows he has a real audience. Or maybe it's the setting. What could be better than playing outdoors among sakura blossoms in the spring night air?

Aki had stayed with the others at first, letting Ugetsu be alone. The first main song pulled on him and he began to fidget, wanting to go watch.

::We trusted him with our story, now he gives back what he can. Beautiful music magic, yes?::

“Yes,” they all agreed. Three couples being lovey-dovey and Aki by himself.

Shima, who was laying with his head in Reiko's lap while she played with his hair, turned his head to find Aki. Why are you still here? Shima expression asked him.

Why am I? I'm kind of afraid to go. He's hypnotic when he plays. He said he wouldn't cross the line with me. Because he's not interested? Or because it would ruin our friendship? I'm not Kaji. But is that good or bad? What do I want? What does he need? Maybe it would be better to not find out.

::Go already, dumdum. He's calling you. If you can't understand his language yet, Izuna can. Told you before – strong, but weak for you.::

You meant him? When you said “soon”...I bumped into him the next day!

::Soon is whenever soon happens. Just go!:: It felt like she was giving him a mental shove.

Aki grinned at the little fox, then gave in and stood up. “Be right back.” As if anyone would believe he was only going to the bathroom.

Wandering through the trees, not in any hurry, Aki followed the music. He passed Kaji, leaning against a tree alone, smoking. Their eyes met, Kaji looking a little conflicted. Then he stubbed out the cigarette and walked back to Nakamura, a warning in his expression. I'll be good to him, Kaji. Better than you were.

Ugetsu was into the second part of the second song (“the second movement, not 'part,'” Ugetsu would later correct him) when Aki found him. Ugetsu's eyes were closed as he swayed, a shadow among shadows in the sparse illumination of the crescent moon filtered through the branches. But as the second movement ended, he opened his eyes to look right at Aki as if expecting to find him there.

Launching into the third movement, Ugetsu had a small smile on his face. This one he was playing just for Aki and he was having fun. He ended with a flourish, holding the position for a moment, before bowing deeply. There was a smattering of applause from all around as people realized the impromptu concert was over.

Ugetsu put away the instrument then walked straight over to Aki and into his arms. “I'm cold now.”

“You were wonderful,” Aki said, holding him tightly. He had no idea how his voice didn't crack, he felt so nervous with his heartbeat thundering in his head.

“It felt amazing. To play like that, knowing all those people are out there but not having to worry about them looking at me or expecting anything in particular. Alone, but not alone. I wish every performance was like that.”

This was the last possible moment Aki could back off, leave it at friendship. Right now, this could pass as a hug between close buddies. The tension between them would fade gradually. If he said nothing. He had to say something.

“Ugetsu, that first night when we were drunk, you mentioned a line you wouldn't cross.” Can he hear my heartbeat? He must.

“Did I? I'm stupid, but I'm not a liar.”

What the fuck does that mean? He's so frustrating! “And if I'm the one who crosses it?”

“Then I'm still not a liar and you're the stupid one. Because I'm a real bastard. I told you that, right? You'll want to slap me or punch me or kick me-”

“Or kiss you?” Aki interrupted.

Ugetsu didn't answer, but he did lean away just enough for their eyes to meet.

“Izuna already called me a dumdum. So I guess stupid fits too.” Aki kissed Ugetsu in the sakura-scented darkness and everything fell into its proper place.

Ugetsu tasted slightly of cigarettes and mochi. A strange combination but fitting – bitter and sweet. And holy shit, was he good at kissing! Whatever Aki did, Ugetsu matched him. Soft at first, testing each other again. Then Aki's tongue searched for Ugetsu's and found it waiting. Things suddenly turned hot as they explored each other's mouths, pressed against each other.

Aki moved his lips to Ugetsu's throat – his long, graceful neck. Ugetsu clutched at his hair and whispered, “I want you. God, I want you. If you're stupid, then I'm a fool and we're a perfect match.”

“Not here. Will you come home with me? Or should we go to your place?”

“Yours, not mine.” They kissed again - promises this time, slowing things down.

“Uhh...mmm. Ha, should go back and say goodbye.” But Ugetsu was already tugging him toward where the cars were parked. He scooped up his violin as they passed it.

::Go. Have fun!::

Aki and Ugetsu chuckled as they dashed hand in hand through the grove. It was a long drive back. They said very little at first. Ugetsu either didn't want to distract Aki while he drove, or he was just content to wait, now that things were settled between them. But were they?

“We're dating now, right?” Aki blurted out.

Ugetsu laughed. A merry, careless laugh. “Yes, Kai dear. My stupid darling. Unless you're terrible in bed – Oh my god! I forgot, aren't you straight?”

Aki glanced sideways to see a look of horror on Ugetsu's face and laughed himself. “No, foolish sweetheart. I'm bi. Don't worry about that.”

“Fuck, that scared me! I mean, it's not a problem for me if you are inexperienced, but to find out at the last minute that you can't do it with a guy would not be fun.”

“Uh, there is one'll have to guide me a little. I was on the bottom. Unless you want me to be the bottom – I'm fine with that! I just...I know what to do, but I haven't actually done it for a guy.”

“Oh.” Ugetsu blinked. “I prefer to be the bottom.” He grinned, “I can train you!”

“I'll be putty in your hands,” Aki told him dryly.

“No way! Putty is soft.” They both laughed at that. “Drive faster. Do you have supplies or do we need to stop somewhere?”

“If you mean lube and condoms, I've got them.”

“You have lube handy?”

Aki shrugged. “Bought it on impulse. Just in case.”

“Of course you did. How long have you been planning to seduce me?”

“From the moment you bumped my shoulder, I think,” Aki confessed. “You?”

“I knew when you yelled at me in your office.”

They fell silent again, waiting. Aki drove faster. At his place, they got awkward.

“You shower first,” Ugetsu told him. “It's going to take me longer to prepare.”

“Right. Sure.”

Aki showered in record time. Do I put all my clothes back on? No, that's ridiculous. He put on underwear and a t-shirt. Then he gulped down a beer while Ugetsu was in there. He made sure he had the supplies handy, turned down the sheets, contemplated lighting some candles. Talked himself out of it, then lit them anyway. I want to see him in the candlelight. Wow, I'm far gone. He laid back on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

He spaced out, then jolted when Ugetsu plopped onto the bed beside him, wearing just a towel. “Having second thoughts?” He looked a little worried.

He's absolutely adorable! Aki pounced, pinning Ugetsu beneath him. “Second thoughts, third thoughts - all thoughts of you.”

“You think too much.” Ugetsu pulled Aki's head down for kisses.

Aki took the lead just fine. He did know what to do and Ugetsu wasn't reticent about asking for what he wanted or telling Aki what he liked. In fact, once they got started and Aki was very obviously turned on, Ugetsu lost all inhibitions which helped Aki feel confident.

Ugetsu was a sensual creature. He liked to be touched and to touch in return. His body moved like a snake, coiling around, sliding, writhing. His skin was cool and smooth, but inside...

“My god, you're so hot!” Aki's finger explored the tight passage until he found Ugetsu's sweet spot.

“Oh, fuck! There! Yes, nngh!” Ugetsu moaned and panted. “Just like that, Kai!”

Ugetsu's fair skin was all flushed from the chest up, his eyes glazed over. Aki stared as he added another finger. It wasn't taking long – Ugetsu had prepared and not just cleaned himself in the shower. Leaning over for more kisses, Aki gasped when Ugetsu grasped his aching cock.

It was a battle, as Aki fought to keep himself under control and not neglect what his fingers were doing as Ugetsu stroked him and then slid the condom on. Drizzling more lube, Ugetsu urged him into place.

“Are you sure it's enough?”


Aware of what it felt like to be entered, Aki slowly pushed into Ugetsu though what he wanted to do was thrust in as hard as he could. “Shit, Ugetsu! You feel so fucking hot! I'm not gonna last very long...”

“You can move. Fuck me, Kai! I want you deep inside me.”

Oh god. Aki lost his mind at that point. Afterward, he wouldn't be able to say exactly what all they did to each other, only that it was both amazing and over too soon. He did know they ended with Ugetsu on all fours, Aki bent over him and gasping into his hair.

“Uhnn! Grr! Ugetsu, I can't...much longer...”

“Touch me!” Ugetsu pushed back into him as he gripped and stroked. “Harder, Kai! Ahh! Hah! Yes!”

Ugetsu tightened around him in his climax and that pushed Aki over the edge into his own. “Nngh! Uhhh! Ugetsu!” He felt the release like a bolt of lightning, almost painful it was so strong.

They collapsed into a sweaty, sated, boneless heap. Aki took a few minutes to catch his breath then stretched out an arm to grab the small container of damp towelettes and made a token effort to clean them both up. He blew out the candles, dragged the blankets over them both and they fell asleep.

Aki didn't snore when he was in the spoon position, and Ugetsu had no need to steal the covers with Aki's warm chest at his back. Together, they dreamed.


Lightning. Moon shrouded.

Sakura petals flutter.

Spring storm in the heart.


A Tokyo Yaoiverse haiku for you. Spring is here! 

*Ugetsu's playlist – this night he plays Chaconne by Vitale and Sonata for Solo Violin in D Major, Op. 115 by Prokofiev.