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Chasing Butterflies

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Chasing Butterflies

Set during song beneath the song, after Callie and the baby are fine


Chapter 1: In Which Addison Finds Her Vibrator


Of all the sights Meredith would see in her life, the one she never expected to see is THE Doctor Addison Forbes Montgomery, legs wide and eyes closed her hand moving between her thighs as she moaned. Her feet were propped up on her desk and she was laying back in her armchair hair splayed out every which way. And inside of her right hand is a butterfly vibrator. 


It is pulsing in and out of her wither her hand. It is thick at the tip inside of her with the butterfly wings and antennae which are stimulating her clit and making her moan.


Addison didn't see Meredith because her eyes are fluttered shut and she's groaning and humming out loud. Meredith listens to hear if it's a name she recognizes but it isn't, it's just whimpers of "oh god" and "closer" and "more. 


Addison is teasing her breasts with her hand underneath her shirt and she's pinching her nipples now and rolling her areolas in her palm. And Meredith watches. She just stands there knowing that if she walks in then Addison will see her and if she walks out then Addison will watch her leave so she's stuck.


Stuck in front of an orgasming Addison as the redhead clutches the chair with her left hand and jams the toy inside of her with her right. She cries mhhmmfff loudly as the heat moves all across her body and the pleasure waves wash over her. 


She milks her aftershocks, decreasing the vibration as she takes every ounce of release that the buildup can give her. She's still panting breathing ragged; she continues till the hypersensitivity forces her to shut off the vibrator and stay there, still as the heat from the motor warms her thighs.


And Meredith is just standing there awestruck, mouth slightly agape as she watches the redhead restart the motor again already ready to go again - ALREADY! 


Meredith feels hot under the collar now as she watches Addison tease her inner folds with her fingers and lick them to get them wet. 


That's when Meredith realizes SHE's wet also. 


That underneath her pants Meredith Grey's underwear is slick with arousal and a blush is creeping across her thighs. An arousal that was so thick she was weak at the knees and trembling at her core. 


Meredith has had her flings with women before but never with the forbidden fruit ADDISON FORBES MONTGOMERY - Formerly Addison Forbes Montgomery-Shepherd that used to be married to her current boyfriend and was estranged from Derek when Meredith met her Addison. While Meredith was dating Derek while he was still married to Addison. Which he conveniently forgot to mention.


So Meredith wasn’t just going to go bang her boyfriend’s former ex-wife - the She-Shepherd - Pure Satan - Ruler of All - Mrs. McDreamy - Addison Adrianne Forbes - Montgomery - Now is she??


Because that would be really and totally wrong, right?


For Meredith to cheat on McDreamy to go mack up on McHot?


But even if she did (and Meredith’s not saying that she WILL, just hypothetically if she DID), then-


Would it come as some sort of revenge to Derek for almost dying or for driving too fast or for being mean to her or dare she admit being mean to Addie all those years ago. Because she never let herself care about that particular fact until about just now. 


That Addison had been in pain too and that she had been partly the cause. She never had any pity for anyone who had their hands on HER McDreamy before. 


But here she was, Dr. Meredith Grey with a striking urge to have her own hands wander over her body as her pants now felt too restrictive and sticky and she can see Addie now, head thrown back and toes curling on the blink of another toss into oblivion. 






She's never called the redhead that nickname in her whole life and here she is thinking it to herself. No less with the redhead half naked in front of her. 


And she can't stop but stare at how beautiful Addison's breasts are. She's never seen them bare without a shirt or a bra but now Addison has removed those items of clothing to give herself better access to her stiffened nipples. 


She's thought before or more Alex Karev has and has mentioned to her that McSlut's boobs were super tantalizing. As has been established before, Meredith Grey has seen her share of bare breasts but none of them can beat Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery's rack. 


No sir, not any day of the week and Meredith has to quell this overwhelming urge she has to walk into the room and touch them for herself. 


She realizes her thoughts are getting more dangerous just as Addison shucks her pants and panties off and runs her fingers all over her long legs and thighs. Her legs go on for miles. Addison is almost six feet tall and it has always given her some girl-on-girl vibes. 






How long has Meredith thought these thoughts anyways Meredith curses inwardly at herself.


Back when Addison was staying in Seattle she couldn't admit to herself just how many times she had taken the trek all the way out to Derek Shepherd's trailer to "see doc" just so she could stare at the hot She-Shepard's luscious curves. 


She figures that once Derek had picked her that it couldn't have hurt anyone to have these fantasies about his ex-wife and it couldn't hurt anyone that she thought Addison's milky skin would taste delectably sweet on the edge of her collarbone.


Of course, she never shared these thoughts aloud, not to She-Sheppard, not to He-Sheppard, not even to her dearest friend Cristina Yang because what the hell would Cristina do with knowing about these clearly obsessive compulsions. 


Cristina would probably have said she was transferring some sort of mommy issues or something shrinks like that before they shared another bottle of tequila. 


Meredith sighs loudly at her own inner conflict and her own eyes are shut so she doesn't see as Addison's eyes snap up to Meredith's in alarm. 


Addison wants to scream at the intern in front of her right now but she's so close to coming for a third time that it comes out as more of a very loud moan of "MEREDITH!" as she comes undone and her eyes flutter shut once more.