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The TARDIS Outtakes

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Clara went to the TARDIS kitchen. To her surprise, the Doctor sat already there, a steaming mug in front of him.

“Hot chocolate?” She sniffed.

“Uh-hu,” the Doctor nodded, “I made plenty, help yourself.”

She went to the stove and poured herself a mug with the hot, delicious liquid.

“What are you doing up?"

She asked as she took a seat on the opposite side of the table.

“It’s not up if you never were down, Clara.”

For a while they sipped their hot chocolate in silence.


The Doctor finally asked.

Clara was surprised. Being perceptive usually wasn’t the Doctor’s strong suit.

“Uh-hu. How do you know?”

She looked up and met the Doctor’s eyes. In those eyes she saw the weight of the universe.

She saw violence, terror, fear, sadness, loss and grief.

“Let’s just say I know,” the Doctor uttered, looking down to his mug.