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Past Resurfaced - Queen's Choice(s) 'Verse

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There were three people sitting in a rather spacious office. An aging man sat behind an oak desk in a ridiculously large leather chair. His greying hair gave away his age, but it didn’t seem to be receding yet. Across the desk sat two people, an older man with what appeared to be his daughter. The girl was in a school uniform with long black hair that was only half tied up in a ribbon that matched her uniform. Her clear blue eyes held a certain level of intelligence that was hardly matched even by the two adults that were bickering. She had a square bandage on the side of her cheek along with an icepack on her shoulder, wrapped in a towel so that she didn’t get her uniform wet.

“Sir, I am not quite sure that you understand the severity of the situation. Your daughter attacked another student. Again. I know that she transferred her about a year ago after a very similar incident at one of her previous schools, so she appears to have a record of violence,” the dean stated as he placed his interlocked fingers on the desk in front of him. The girl in question didn’t appear to be at all guilty of her actions.

“My daughter did nothing but defend herself. Each incident was started by an alpha. Last time it was an alpha boy, this time an alpha girl. Why should I sit by and let you lecture me about my daughter’s behavior when you are doing nothing to punish those that started it,” a man stated with dark hair and a pristine suit.

“Mr. Li, I understand that you think that that girl wasn’t at fault, but she was simply trying to initiate courtship.” Victor scoffed.

“One that Désirée clearly didn’t want. The alpha saw this rejection as a direct attack on her and struck her first. You should be grateful that I am not pulling my funding from your academy immediately or telling her sire that you are blaming his daughter for someone else’s actions,” Victor said, trying to keep control of his pheromones. He was actually glad that he was the one to take care of this instead of Lucien or, heaven forbid, Kiro.

His omega would have ripped this alpha prick a new asshole if he heard what he was saying about his daughter.

“If Félix hadn’t stepped in to try and protect his sister, what do you think you would have on your hands, sir? A forced bonding perhaps? A sexual assault? Either way, you would be hearing from my lawyer,” he said, seething with barely contained rage. He stood and gently grabbed his daughter’s hand. “I am taking her home for the rest of the day. I don’t think I need an excuse.” With that, the two of them walked out of the office of Desiree’s cram school. Desirée had a triumphant smirk on her face as she passed by the female alpha that thought that she could bully her into a relationship, who had an icepack on a heavily bruised nose that Desirée broke under her knuckles. Typical knotheaded alpha bitch.

Félix, who had come with Victor to pick up Désirée, was sitting next to the alpha female, who as a Senior Middle School student preparing for senior high school education. Désirée believed that the alpha was about 18. It was difficult for her to understand the alpha’s interest in her. This was supposed to be an institution for higher education. Like most of the cram schools that were in Loveland, it was dominated by alphas of more elite families. The only reason that she managed to get into such a high-end cram school was that she was not only from what others would consider being an elite family but also because her transcripts were better than most of the alphas that she was competing with.

Her brother stood and followed the two of them to the car, a small cut in his lip from where the female alpha punched him. It angered Désirée so much that she would have broken the nose of the alpha if she hadn’t when the alpha struck her first. Her cheek was bruised where the other girl slapped her, saying that she should have been happy that such a well-off alpha was fawning after her. Désirée didn’t even remember balling up her fist or the impact itself. But she did, however, remember when Félix ran up to try and separate the two girls from nearly tearing at each other. That’s when the alpha decided that her anger shouldn’t just be let out on some omega girl, but her beta brother as well.

“Papa, I don’t understand something,” she spoke up. Much like her sire, Désirée was highly intelligent. But this led to issues with other areas for her. Unlike her siblings, she didn’t understand normal social cues. She also didn’t understand the thought processes of the people around her. Her Otousan said that there was nothing wrong with her, it was just that her mind worked differently than other peoples.

Her Papa looked down at her, his gaze tender. “What is it?” She thought for a moment, trying to put together the right words. Her gaze, a blue that perfectly mimicked those of her dam, fell to her shoes as they continued to the walk to the minivan that they’ve had her whole life. It as a 2020 black Mercedes-Benz minivan that was a bit beat up after 15 years with nine children, the youngest—Rose—being only three, almost four years old.

The two of them were silent as Désirée continued to find the right words. When she finally found them, she finally spoke up. Félix, Désirée, and their papa piled into the minivan and drove off, nearly an hour before the cram school was supposed to end. Now that she thought about it, why did they show up so early? That was a question that could be saved for later though.

“I know that omegas are still treated differently simply because they have different medical needs. I am also aware that there is a rather large difference in the alpha to omega ratio. What I don’t understand is why people look down upon omegas as if they are lesser in status than alphas and betas.” Victor sighed. “Even today, when it’s been proven over and over again that omegas are just as capable as the other secondary genders.”

“People are fuckin ignorant,” her brother piped up from his spot in the middle row of seats in the minivan. He crossed his arms over his chest. He was in street clothes. Over the years, he tried to mix the styles of the Eba and their Dad. One of his ears were pierced with a simple black stud. He wore a graphic tee with a leather jacket over the top, paired with a dark pair of ripped skinny jeans and high-top converse. It may have mimicked two of his parents, but he made it his own. Désirée, on the other hand, was wearing a school uniform. A simple pleated grey skirt, black socks that went up most of her calves, a white button-up blouse with a red ribbon that was tied into a bow, and a cardigan with her regular schools' emblem on the breast pocket.

Félix wasn’t in the cram school yet. They also weren’t in the same year anymore, though they were still attending the same school. Their school had both a Junior Middle School and a Senior Middle School, which Désirée was attending. She was in her first year of Senior Middle School, but it was still not advanced enough for her. The way that her regular school was set up wasn’t like a traditional school in China. There wasn’t exactly standardized testing, hence why she is only one year more advanced when she could be already in a higher education institution like Loveland University were her sire teaches.

“While yes, people are ignorant, that’s not the only reason, Félix. People are surprisingly reluctant to change. Look how long it’s taking for people to accept evolvers. Even still they are treated differently simply because they can do something that most of the population cannot. This isn’t some perfect world where differences are seen as unique little quirks that are a part of everyday lives. Humanity has been killing each other for less for thousands of years,” Victor explained, almost sounding like Lucien at that moment. Désirée sometimes forgets that her Papa was also highly educated due to her grandparent’s wealth. She smiled softly, even though the information was discouraging to hear. 

She thought over his words carefully. All in all, it was a solid argument, but that still didn’t completely answer as to why omegas were seen as different. Especially in the older generations. Perhaps she should talk to her Dad when they get home. He had to deal with being an omega, especially a male one. Her Mom too had to deal with her omega status. Then there was Uncle Minor. He had to deal with not only being an omega but an omega that was seen as different not only because he was a male like her dad. He was also seen as different because of the way that he chooses to live his life. He was goth, an omega, a male, and perhaps gender fluid. Either way, she adored her uncle for his strength. She admired all of them for what they have had to deal with in the past, even if she still doesn't know everything.

With her lost in her thoughts, the car ride home remained silent. When they walked through the doors to the extremely nice villa that they lived in, the noise of all her siblings’ home, running around playing and Rose was crying for some reason in Eba’s arms, didn’t faze Désirée as she went to go find Otousan. He turned out to be in his room, which was more of an office space than a room, sitting behind his desk. He appeared to not have aged a day since before she was born, which due to the stolen Evol from her mother’s deceased sire, it wasn’t far from the truth. None of her parents had aged a day due to Lucien’s control over life and death.

He looked up from the grad students’ papers that he had been grading and smiled softly at his daughter. He sat his glasses on the desk beside him and stood up. Because he was an alpha, he was very tall. Not as well built as say Victor, but strong enough to protect his family if there was ever a need to. He did, however, have more fighting experience than Victor. A fact that still seemed to bother him to this day. Not that Gavin, Kiro and himself haven't tried to help him in that manner.

“Hello, dear, how was school?” He asked as if knowing what the answer would already be. He must have gotten a call from the dean of her cram school just like Papa.

“I broke an alpha’s nose.” Lucien looked only the tiniest bit surprised at the bluntness of his daughter. He chuckled. While his daughter may have held an equivalent intellect to his own, she held Kiro’s fighting spirit, even if it was hidden under the miles of books that she seemed to bury herself in. What she lacked, though, was how to utilize it properly. She knew that she lacked the experience of life unlike Lucien, but from what he has seen, she never let that stand in her way of what she wanted. Or didn't want, in this case.

“Oh,” he said, amused. “And why ever did you do that?” He knew that he should be scolding her like a normal parent. But when has he ever been normal?

“She wanted to form a bond with me and I turned her down,” She said simply. “I just wanted you to hear it from me first before Papa decides to tell everyone over Coc au Vin or Ratatouille,” she said with a remorseless smile as she left his office with a swish of her shoulder-length, pitch-black hair. He chuckled. His omega would love to hear this. Was he in his recording studio? Best to check real quick. So, he did, with the tiniest of space folds. Nothing that was too strenuous on his body. He was still in a lot of pain from taking on so many people's Evols, especially Hades, but small, simple uses of them didn't seem to affect him hardly, so he knew that moving within his own home wouldn't be that bad. He knew because of all the time's that he space folded into different hiding spots around the house when he's playing hide and seek with his children. The thought made him smile ever so softly.

Kiro was in fact in the recording booth when Lucien popped in, outside of it, so that he didn’t mess up the take. He didn’t hear the song that Kiro was singing with the guitar on his lap. So, he sat and waited patiently until finally Kiro looked up and saw one of his mates. His gorgeous blue eyes sparkled when he saw Lucien. He didn’t even care that he was in the middle of recording a new song he was working on for an upcoming album. He rushed to put his guitar aside and out of the booth.

“Finished those papers already?” He asked with mischievous intent.

“Not yet, but I am bringing news about our lovely daughters’ day at her cram school,” he said. Kiro looked anxious since he didn’t want her going to a cram school filled with the majority being alphas. But when Lucien explained what she had told him in his office, relief filled his entire being as he burst out into laughter.

“That’s my baby girl!” He whooped with utter glee. “I need to go give her a high five! And you, mister, need to get back to work. I don’t need anything hanging over your head but thoughts of me,” He said with a wink as he ran to find his child. Lucien chuckled again. His daughter always thought that she was more like her sire than her dam, but she doesn’t seem to realize just where she gets her strength from.