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Drabble #1

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Turri was fast asleep. She had spent hours tossing and turning because of nightmares. She l refused to tell Sigrun what they were about. But it was obvious that they were about death. She had woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of her sobs. And it had taken so long to calm her back down that Sigrun could see light shining through their paper thin curtains.
Sigrun didn’t mind. She was glad that her Fuzzy-head was back, even if that meant that neither of them got much beauty sleep. She loved her love’s voice as she read to her in the evenings. Telling her wonders of the Old World and worlds that did not exist. The melody of her voice could put her mind at ease and her own monsters at bay. She studied Turri. Her fluff at the top of her head, all soft in place that Sigrun had never been. Oh how she loved falling asleep with her by her side. It made her feel safe. Even out there in the Silent World where she was the protector of them all but especially those who aren’t immune.
She loved hearing stories about her life before on the Finnish isles. She loved her. Period.