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Stupid Earrings

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“I had a feeling that they hadn’t escaped from the ball to go watch movies. Your parents didn’t flip?” Josie asked with a laugh.

“Apparently, Blair texted my mom saying “I’m going to stay with Raf tonight so don’t wait for me and, yes, we’re going to use protection”. I don’t think my parents are mad. She didn’t lie to them.” Sterling said with a shrug.

“Good morning! I hope you had a nice time yesterday. For the pageant rehearsal, it’s the same room as yesterday. Follow the arrows.” Josie said with a smile to guests arriving. “Where were we?” Josie asked once the guests walked away, following the arrows. “Oh right, your twin. Did she text you?” Josie asked curiously.

“She texted me yesterday to say that I would go home alone, but she hasn't texted me since then. I guess her mind was elsewhere.” Sterling answered with an amused smile.

“Are you leaving tomorrow or are you staying a bit longer?” Trini asked curiously.

“We’re probably going to stay a few more days to pass time with our niece.” Freya answered.

“I think we need some family time.” Rebekah agreed.

The adults were at the top of the stairs in the ballroom, watching the contestants get ready for the rehearsal.

“You should totally go to the Hakuna Matata zoo then. It’s the best zoo I know.” Trini suggested with a big smile. 

Kimberly snorted.

“Clearly your opinion isn’t biased.” Kimberly said with an amused expression. “I’m one of the co-founders and I’m the first vet there.” Kimberly clarified to the Mikaelsons.

“Then we should definitely go see that zoo.” Davina said, excited.

“It’s not a common zoo though, I’m warning you. But people usually like it.” Kimberly admitted.

“I hope you’re one of those people who put animals first.” Rebekah said with a serious look.

“Well, I like to think that I am, but I guess someone can always learn. Once you visit my zoo, I would like to hear your suggestions.” Kimberly said sincerely.

“Alright then.” Rebekah said with an approving nod. 

“I’m sure Nik is going to love it.” Keeling assured her.

“Yeah, I have a feeling we won’t see them today.” Jed said with a smirk.

“Won’t see who?” Rafael asked.

“Raf! We were wondering if you and Blair would leave your cozy den today.” MG said with an amused smile, turning to look at him. 

“I guess that smile means you had a great night Bro.” Kaleb said with a smirk.

“It was amazing.” Rafael whisper-shouted to his friends with a big smile, getting closer. “I won’t talk about it now because, obviously.” Rafael whispered, referring to the people around. “But it was better than anything I could’ve imagined.” Rafael whispered with excited eyes.

“Will I have to hear everything about it?” Landon asked with a grimace.

“Yes, because you’re my brother and I listen to you talk about your sex life many times.” Rafael answered, wrapping his arm around him.

“Fair.” Landon said.

“So, you’re not too bored?” Blair asked, putting herself between Sterling and Josie and wrapped her arms around them.

“Blair!” Sterling exclaimed, turning to look at her. “Come on, I need to hear everything.” Sterling whispered with an excited smile. “Not here though…” Sterling said, looking around with a grimace.

“Go talk somewhere else, I’ll take care of greeting the guests.” Josie said.

“You’re sure?” Sterling asked with wide eyes.

“Of course, go.” Josie answered with a laugh, gesturing for her to go.  

Blair took her hand and guided her to an empty class nearby.

“Are mom and dad mad?” Blair asked, turning to look at her.

“No, no! At least, I don’t think so.” Sterling answered with a laugh. “They didn’t talk much about it this morning.” Sterling admitted. “But let’s not talk about them. How was it?” Sterling asked with curious eyes.

“Remember when I found that amazing froyo combination?” Blair asked.

“OMG, it was so good.” Sterling said with a moan, her eyes rolling at the back of her head at the memory of the taste.

That night, they ate so much froyo and ended up rolling on the ground of Yogurtopia, laughing hysterically because of the sugar rush. Bowser just stared at them in disbelief, wondering how he went from his peaceful, normal life to this.

“Last night was even better than that.” Blair whisper-shouted with an excited smile.

“No way!” Sterling exclaimed, jumping slightly in place in happiness for her sister.

“The first time, it was so magical. Raf was so slow and sweet and gentle and sweet.” Blair said with a dreamy smile, remembering. “It did hurt a bit, but I was so happy that it wasn’t important.” Blair specified. 

“What do you mean by the first time?” Sterling asked with a confused frown.

“The second and the third time, we spiced it up a bit. It was more fast and rough and sensual.” Blair continued, biting her bottom lip. “And I tried a few of the tricks I read about and it was awesome.” Blair said with a big smile. “And the fourth time was the best of the bests.” Blair said with an excited groan.

“Four times? You had sex four times in a row? How is that possible?” Sterling asked in awe. 

“Well, I don’t know if it’s because he’s a werewolf, but Raf has a lot of energy in bed.” Blair answered, biting her bottom lip again. “But the fourth time was the best of the bests because I came when he was inside of me. I had a sexgasm.” Blair bragged with a smile.

“You did?” Sterling asked, seeming shocked.

“Yes! There was something special about this one. And it was, like, 100 times better than when we ate that froyo. In fact, it was as if someone had put the froyo in my vagina.” Blair answered, intense.

“Huh, I don’t think it would be really good for your vaginal flora.” Sterling said, skeptical, but she still seemed shocked about Blair’s story.

“You know what I mean.” Blair said, brushing it off.

“Oh, yeah. Yeah! Of course I know what you mean!” Sterling exclaimed, unconvincingly.

“Oh my God, Sterling, did you ever have an orgasm?” Blair asked in shock.

“Of course I had one!” Sterling exclaimed like a child. “Just not while having sex with Luke.” Sterling mumbled, embarrassed.

“Ok, first, I think I know how you had an orgasm and I really don’t want to hear about Little Miss Perfect right now because I’m in a good mood.” Blair warned seriously. “Second, don’t tell me you guys only did it until Luke came.” Blair said, putting her hands on her hips.

“Isn’t it how you’re supposed to do it?” Sterling asked with a confused face.

“No, no, Sterling. It’s not how you’re supposed to do it. The person you’re having sex with must at least try to make you come at least one of the times you had sex!” Blair exclaimed in disbelief.

“How did you want me to know Blair? Nobody talks to us about sex, never!” Sterling exclaimed, raising her arms in the air.

Blair’s expression softened.

“You’re right.” Blair agreed. “Not today because we need you to focus, but I’m going to make you read some smutty fanfictions. After that, you’ll know all the basics.” Blair said with a big smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll never let you have sex with someone without having an orgasm. Maybe not a sexgasm though because they’re, like, pretty awesome and hard to get.” Blair admitted.

“You’re sure? Fanfictions? That’s how you learned?” Sterling asked, uncertain.

“Well, at least, unlike with porn, I’m sure that no one is exploited for their body.” Blair answered with a shrug.

“Good point, really.” Sterling agreed, nodding. 

“And don’t worry, I got the best gay smut for you. GaySmuttyQueen11 is always there to serve.” Blair assured her confidently.

“You read gay fanfictions?” Sterling asked with a raised eyebrow.

Blair rolled her eyes.

“You don’t need to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community to enjoy Eve and Villanelle or Dani and Jamie smut, Grandma.” Blair said with a laugh.