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Stupid Earrings

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“Don’t forget to call us every day.” Trini said looking seriously at Penelope.

“Yes Mami, I know. You already told me this. Everything will be ok, I promise you. I’m at school anyway, so you have no reason to worry.” Penelope reassured her mom.

“Oh yeah, the same school where there are monster attacks. You’re right. I have no reason to worry about my daughter’s safety.” Trini said with a sarcastic tone. 

“Everything will be ok Trini. We’ll only be gone for a week and you know that our baby girl can protect herself just fine.” Kimberly reassured her wife after finishing packing the car. 

“Just promise me to be careful and please…please don’t do something stupid.” Trini sighed.

“Me, doing something stupid. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Penelope said sarcastically, knowing she had made stupid things in the past.

“Penelope, not helping.” Kimberly said with her mom look.

“I promise to be careful Mami.” Penelope promised sincerely. “Now can I have a hug?” Penelope asked extending her arms asking for a hug.

Trini smiled and gave her a big motherly hug.

“I love you Mija.” Trini whispered, kissing her head softly. 

“I love you too Mami.” Penelope said, pulling back from the hug and smiling at her. “And I love you too Mom.” Penelope said, hugging her other mom who wrapped her strong arms around her daughter.

“Take care Baby. You know you can call us anytime if you need to talk. I know what day it is tomorrow.” Kimberly said, pulling back from the hug and stroking her daughter’s cheek softly, looking at her with a knowing look. 

“Yeah. Now you should go before you miss your flight.” Penelope said, not wanting to enter this discussion.

“You’re right. Let’s go Trini.” Kimberly said, taking her wife’s hand and leading her out of the house.

“Don’t forget to call.” Trini reminded her daughter for maybe the hundredth time before exiting the house.

“Yes Mami.” Penelope said, shaking her head with laugh. “Tell grandma and grandpa I love them!” Penelope shouted before closing the door.

Penelope went in the living room to watch them leave. When they were gone, she went downstairs with a smile painted on her face. 

“Finally I will find out what is hidden behind you.” Penelope said looking at a metal door with a note saying Don’t you dare enter in this room Penelope . “Oh Mami, you know it takes more than that to stop me.” Penelope whispered with a smirk.

She concentrated herself and began to recite a spell to open the door without her moms' personalized alarm system going off. She has been working on this spell in a long time and it was finally ready. She couldn’t wait to see what her moms were hiding from her. When the door opened, excitement invaded her whole body and she entered the mysterious room. 

In the room were magic objects of all kinds and substances used to make different spells. Penelope looked around the room with eyes wide open. She stayed there during a really long time, carefully observing each object and wondering what it could be used for. Some of them had instructions, while some remained a total mystery to her. 

After examining them all, Penelope started searching for secret hiding places. She only found one that was behind one of the big stones on the wall, but its content was quite disappointing according to the young witch. 

“What? Why trying so hard to hide stupid bee-shaped earrings?” Penelope wondered out loud, examining the earrings and trying to understand what was so special about them.

Penelope decided to bring them with her to see if she could find what they were used for and to bring them back before her moms’ return.

Closing carefully the door so no one could come in, Penelope went upstairs and locked the doors before exiting the house and returning to Salvatore School with her motorcycle. 



Kimberly was driving the car and, even without looking at her, she could feel her wife stressing out beside her. 

“She’s going to be ok. Relax My Love.” Kimberly said, putting her hand on her wife’s thigh. 

“I know, but I can’t help but worry.” Trini sighed, putting her hand over her wife’s hand. “I know she’s not a little girl anymore and that she can take care of herself, but, with all those monster attacks, I’m so worried Kim. You and I both know that she’s…a little different from others. What if a monster goes after her because of that?” Trini asked, looking at her with a worried expression.

“Don’t think about that.” Kimberly said reassuringly. “What would be the chances of that happening? Our biggest fear should be other supernaturals, not random monsters.” Kimberly reminded her.

“It’s not helping.” Trini groaned. “I know I have to calm down, but I don’t know how I’m going to do it.” Trini sighed.

“Hmmm…I can think of a few ways.” Kimberly said with a smirk.

Trini looked at her with raised eyebrows and a playful smile.

“Don’t forget that we’ll be resting in my old room…in my parents’ house.” Trini reminded her. 

“Yeah, in the room where we had sex multiple times when your parents were there…without them noticing.” Kimberly said, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Well, we aren’t teenagers anymore.” Trini said.

“You’re right. You’re older now. You wouldn’t be able to be quiet anymore.” Kimberly said with a smirk, knowing that it would strike the right chord.

Trini stayed silent and looked in front of her with an annoyed look.

“Using my ego, you should be ashamed. You’re the one who won’t be able to stay silent tonight.” Trini warned her.

“Crap, I won’t be able to concentrate for the rest of the day until tonight now.” Kimberly groaned.

Trini smirked, satisfied.