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Public Mating

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As Kaito had informed Shinichi, their mating ceremony would be when their mating cycles aligned, and considering he can feel his pre-heat symptoms already, it wouldn’t be long until then. He’s nesting in their shared bed and eating more than usual, along with feeling more emotional about the littlest things, and Shinichi can tell Kaito is also feeling his pre-rut. He’s much more grumpy than he usually is, and a lot more possessive of him, growling at people and fucking him more roughly, not that he’s complaining about the later, it’s quite enjoyable to be fucked into the mattress when he’s in pre-heat.

Shinichi sighs, he still wasn’t exactly comfortable with the idea of having sex in front of so many people, even if he was in heat and not that coherent. He knows he was going to be strapped to a breeding bench too, which, as much as it sang to his instinct to be bred, it still felt demeaning.

He huffs, cuddling closer to the pillows in his nest, hugging and scenting them, missing Kaito and his strong alpha scent. His future mate was so busy lately, having to deal with the preparing of their mating. He wanted Kaito here, hugging him and fucking him, wanted him to breed him already, ceremony or not, and he humps the pillow he’s cuddling.

Spreading his legs, Shinichi takes his cock on his hand and rubs, pumping it as he reaches for his pussy with his other hand, stroking his clit and shivering at the dual stimulation. He takes the hand on his cock and reaches for his already dripping wet hole, inserting three fingers into his cunt and pressing just so against his inner walls before thrusting them in and out, building up a rhythm.

“Ah, Kaito, I want you, I need you.” Shinichi mewls as he pumps his fingers and furiously rubs his clit, wanting his soon-to-be mate here to make him come, to come in him and breed him and make him his, have him carry litter after litter as his queen.

Shinichi comes with a silent scream, pussy gushing slick onto the sheets as he clenches around nothing, his cock spurting infertile seed on his chest, hitting his face. He rubs his sore clit for a few more moments before sighing and stopping, his orgasm only making him miss Kaito more and the nest to seem so big and empty without him.

He falls asleep missing Kaito, cuddling the big pillows on his nest and hoping they would help him with his loneliness.


The public mating ceremony comes, and Shinichi can’t say he feels ready. He feels antsy and nervous, his heat right around the corner making him feel unsafe in front of so many people. Kaito is there for him, soothing with his alpha scent and rubbing his face on Shinichi’s neck, but also as a possessive display of ownership, marking him as his to mate and breed, his in body and soul.

Kaito follows them as the omega and beta guards lead Shinichi to the breeding bench, helping him undress and settle on it. The guards strap him down, making sure he’s as comfortable as he can be, then form a wide circle around them to protect them if necessary, leaving him mostly alone with Kaito.

“You have no idea how much I’ve waited for this, my sweet omega, my Shinichi.” Kaito growls as he rubs as hand on Shinichi’s flank, soothing his nerves as the guards announce the start of the ceremony. He presses a kiss on his neck, circling the bench to where Shinichi drips slick onto the floor, and Kaito licks him up, savoring his pussy. Shinichi moans an omegan sound, his heat just beginning, and Kaito growls into his cunt as he laps and laps at that sweet slick.

Shinichi whines and whimpers when Kaito moves away, trying and failing to sway his hips to entice his alpha. Kaito grunts his approval, and undresses, ready to take his mate. He takes his cock in hand and presses against his omega’s cunt, groaning at the soaking wet warmth, not used to sheer heat he could already feel from it on his cock.

They both moan loudly as Kaito finally sinks deep inside Shinichi, pressing in to the hilt and mounting him, Kaito growling in alphan possessiveness, his rut causing the need to breed and make Shinichi his his his to be even stronger than what he’s used to.

Mine, my mate,” he growls darkly, nipping Shinichi’s neck as he starts thrusting. “You’re mine now, little omega.

“Yes, yes, I’m yours, Kaito, alpha.” Shinichi whimpers around a moan, taking Kaito’s heavy thrusts and doing his best to shove his hips back to take him in impossibly deeper. “Make me yours, mate me, breed me, I want your come!”

Kaito grunts, pounding and pounding into Shinichi as his knot starts to inflate, making Shinichi gasp and come on his cock as he bites his neck fiercely.

The way Shinichi clenches around him fuels Kaito to shove his knot inside his cunt and come, filling his mate up with his hot seed, breeding him full. Kaito licks the bleeding wound on Shinichi’s neck, healing his new mating mark.

Standing up, Kaito releases the straps holding Shinichi down on the breeding bench, picking him up and turning him around so he can cling onto him. He growls at the guards and near spectators, possessive of his queen, and they open passage for Kaito as he takes Shinichi to their nest.

Getting there, Kaito carefully gets onto the bed with Shinichi still clinging to him as he continues to release inside of him, moaning as he feels his alpha’s cock shifting and his knot stretching and pressing just so against his inner walls. Shinichi wraps his arms around Kaito and brings him closer, biting his neck to mutually establish their mating bond.

Kaito rumbles, content as Shinichi’s emotions flow through their bond, his mate feeling the same as him, happy and satisfied to be finally mated to him.

He licks and nips at the mating mark, causing Shinichi to moan and clench around his cock. Kaito purrs as Shinichi squirms just to feel the cock inside of him shift, his heat making him hornier than usual.

“Don’t worry, my love, I’ll take care of you.”