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Shelters in The Storm

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“I’m going to get fat, if you keep making cookies and desserts, is that what you want?” Hide was joking of course, but Yutaka was not amused.
“Then I suggest you don’t eat them, it’s not like you like them anyway, you only like Uta’s cookies.” Yuta huffed, “You don’t really like my cooking as it is.”
“That’s not true, if I didn’t like your cooking, we’d already be divorced.” Hide was teasing, but his husband didn’t think it was funny.
Yuta glared at Hide, “That might be a consideration. Now you can find something to eat on your own.” Throwing the metal spoon, he was holding, into the sink, Yuta stomped off to their bedroom, slamming the door.
“Damn, that was an asshole move.” Hide muttered to himself, walking into the kitchen. “Don’t know when to keep my stupid mouth to myself.” Opening the cabinet doors, and checking the fridge, all Hide could find was the latest batch of cookies that Yutaka had made. Picking one up, he bit into it, “Not as good as Uta’s, that’s for sure.”

Starting up his laptop, Yutaka browsed different sites for online recipes for peanut butter cookies, hoping to find something that would be close to Uta’s. “Hmm, okay…this one has chocolate chips,” Bookmarking several different pages, Yutaka sighed, “All I can do is try.”
Leaving the bedroom, and going straight to the kitchen, Yuta opened the fridge, only to find his cookies missing. “Where are the cookies I made?” A moan was heard coming from the living room, “Hide?”
The man in question was laying on his back, holding his stomach in pain, with his eyes closed, “What’s wrong?” Yuta asked concerned.
Hide opens his eyes, and smiled painfully, “I ate all of your cookies,”
Yutaka gasped, “All of them? There were almost two dozen! Why would you do that?”
“Because I love you.”
The tears started to well in Yuta’s eyes, “You stupid man…I love you too. I promise I’ll ask Uta for his recipe, but next time you can only have two, not twenty-two.” Sitting next to Hide on the couch, Yuta reached out to stroke his husband’s hair, “I really do love you… even when you’re a dumbass.”