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Shelters in The Storm

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          Uta was just plain pissy. Taka had called a meeting to inform the crew that the HBG would be closed indefinitely due to the pandemic, and everyone was sent home, with no date to reopen. “The boss will still pay you, and you’ll all have your jobs when this is over, but at this point, we’re losing money by staying open, and possibly exposing ourselves and others to the virus.”

          Driving home, frustrated and angry, Uta pulled into the drive way, got out, and slammed the car door. Walking into the house, he threw his keys down on the small table in the genkan, Uta toed off his shoes and went in search of his lover. “Tadaima,” no answer. “Great, he’s not even home, why does he get to be out and I don’t?” Stomping down the hall, Uta went to their bedroom to change out of his uniform, muttering and swearing, “this, fucking sucks.”

          Throwing himself down on the couch, and grabbing a blanket, Uta settled in to start the remainder of his day, watching TV and being bored. When Luna came up to nuzzle her boy, Uta roughly shoved her off the couch, “I’m not in the mood, Luna,” he snapped at the cat, who gave him a decidedly dirty look before sashaying down the hall to the bedroom.

          For the better part of an hour, Uta threw himself a huge pity party. Flipping through the channels, trying to avoid any news reports on the situation with the virus. When he couldn’t find anything to watch, he reached for his phone, hoping to distract himself with games, only to grow even more frustrated, finally tossing his phone on the table, “UGGHH! This is so not fair!”

          “Tadaima,” Uta heard coming from the genkan, jumping off the couch, he went to greet his lover, “Finally, where have you been?” he demanded of Sakurai, as he stood at the door, with his hands on his hips.

          The older man was slightly taken aback at Uta’s tone, “I was at the studio, gathering up some projects to work on during the week. All concerts have been canceled, so I’m going to take this opportunity to try and write some new songs.”

          “So basically, you’re going to be stuck in your office all day?”

          Sakurai frowned, “Where is all this anger coming from? Why are you so damn pissy?” He walked to the kitchen, Uta trailing behind him.

          “We had a meeting today at work, Taka said the boss is closing the HBG until further notice, though we will still be getting paid. This whole thing is just asinine, we’re not going to get sick, it’s only old people like you.”

          “Old people like me?” This hurt, and Uta saw it in Sakurai’s face.

          “You know what I mean, older people that are already sick.” Back-peddling.

         Sakurai turned away, “I’ll be stuck at home as well. My band and many others have had to cancel performances, Mucc had to cancel a European tour, the Gazette had to cancel an anniversary event. This isn’t about not being able to go to Vinyl Fetish, Uta, this is serious.”  

         “It’s going to get boring; you know that as well as I do. What are we going to do? This could last for weeks.” Uta wasn’t done whining.

         Sakurai wiggled his eyebrows, “I believe that we can find a few things to do,”

         Uta scoffed, “Even that’s going to get old fast,”

         This last comment, even more than the age jab, hurt Sakurai the most. Pouring a glass of wine, Sakurai brushed past Uta and walked down to his office, firmly shutting the door.

         “What did I say?”


          For the next hour, Uta tried to remain busy while he anxiously waited for Sakurai to come out of his office. Going over what he had said to his lover, he knew he had hurt the man, “He’s not old…” he whispered. Thinking over the situation, he had to admit he was being selfish. The pandemic wasn’t just in Japan, it was world wide and people were dying at an increasingly swift rate.

         Deciding to start dinner, Uta didn’t hear Sakurai come into the kitchen, the man sneaking up behind him and wrapping his arms around Uta’s slender shoulders, nuzzling his neck.

        “Hey, you know I’m ticklish!” Uta squirmed to get out of his lover’s grasp. “I want to apologize,” he said as he turned around, “I didn’t mean anything by the old comment, I don’t see you as being old…I promise, and sex is definitely not boring. Can you forgive me?”

         Sakurai accepted the apology with a kiss. “I understand, this whole situation isn’t going to be fun for anyone,” he took over finishing cooking dinner. “There’s going to be a box arriving tomorrow, and I don’t want you to open it, just take it and put it in the office.”

        “A box of what?”

        “Never you mind what it is, just don’t open it.” The remainder of the evening was spent with Uta trying to guess what Sakurai had bought, “Um, is it a new kitten? No, wait, that wouldn’t be delivered…oh! I know… it’s um, a new… forget it…I can’t think of anything.”


       The next day, Sakurai needed to get Uta out of the house, sending him to pick up some cat food, “You know if they don’t have their canned food in the morning, they’re going to scream all day. Just do it quickly, and make sure to wear your mask.”

       Uta hadn’t been gone more than fifteen minutes, when Sakurai’s package arrived at the door, “Perfect.” Taking the box down to the bedroom, Sakurai unpacked its contents, laying them out individually on the bed. “Bet this doesn’t get old,” he chuckled. Standing back and looking down, he tapped his finger to his lips, deciding on how to use each item. Hearing Uta’s small sports car pull into the garage, Sakurai quickly repacked the box and shoved it under the bed, walking out he closed the door.


       “Okaeri, in the kitchen.” Sakurai called out, “What do you want to do about dinner tonight?”

         Uta started to unpack the cat food, putting it in the cabinet, “Hmm, I don’t really care, maybe pasta?” The couple discussed ways to combat the boredom during the foreseeable future. Sakurai suggesting that they take long drives along the coast, “We can be in the car and not come in contact with anyone, and still be safe.”

        “Could we go to the estate? If we packed our own food… oh wait, never mind,” Uta’s voice dropped, “We don’t have anyone to watch the cats.” The look of defeat was hard for Sakurai to take, “Baby, I promise when this is all over, and everything is back to normal, we will take a long vacation, maybe back to the Netherlands to see Josez and Marcel. I’m sure Davina would let us use her flat, wouldn’t that be nice?”

       Snuggling on the couch after dinner, Uta’s feet in Sakurai’s lap, the couple watched some TV, mostly about the pandemic, “This is so sad, all those people in Italy and Spain?” Uta now felt like an asshole for complaining earlier about not being able to go out.

       “Let’s go to bed, I’m tired of all this bad news,” Sakurai suggested, “can you feed the cats?” Uta moaned a complaint, but did as he was asked. “Come on you terrible little fur people, time for your last meal.”

        Sakurai pulled the box out and set it on the bed, trying hard not to giggle. “He’s going to love this…” Standing at the foot of the bed, Sakurai waited for Uta. “Before you say anything, I want to remind you what you said about a certain thing getting old fast.” Uta stared hard at Sakurai, “What do you mean?”

      The older man stepped aside, a gesturing wave towards the box, “Open it.” Uta sat on the bed and slowly opened the box, “What the hell? Are you serious?”

      “Still think our sex life will get old?” Uta looked at his lover, “You bought sex toys? How many are in here?” he started to take each item out and lay them on the bed. “You’re joking? How is this suppose to fit?” He picked up a rather large latex toy, and waved it around, “You’re not using this on me!”

      “Maybe I want you to use it on me?” Uta’s eyes grew wide just before he fell over on the bed laughing, “really? You want me to use this on you? Oh, my god, Acchan…you’re such a pervert!” The couple spent a few minutes teasing each other with the dildoes and vibrators, the cock straps and nipple clamps, making sure to voice who would be using what on who. “Only you could think of doing this, hentai,”

          “Still think sex will get old so quickly? If you do, l promise to show you just how wrong you are.”