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  1. Answers
    :: Six, Rex


Rex flinched at Six’s immediate reaction, almost wishing he hadn’t said anything. “L-look, Six…it’s, um, it’s…”


The kid looked up at his caretaker and bit his bottom lip. “I’m sorry, Six. He…told you he was proud of you. Of what you’d become.”

Six stopped with his mouth hanging slightly open – clearly Rex’s words had caught him off guard. He frowned and looked away from Rex, putting his hands in his pockets.

Rex hated the awkward silence, but he didn’t know what to say. The only loss he’d dealt with was for people he didn’t remember, where Six just learned that he lost one of the only people he did remember. It wasn’t exactly something Rex could relate to. It was just…sad. That was the only word for it.

The older man bit his lip and turned around, walking towards the window and leaning against it. He took off his sunglasses and stared at them in his hands.

“…Six?” Rex asked hesitantly.

Six shook his head and put the sunglasses back on. “I need to leave for a little while,” he said. “I’ll be back soon.”

“I’m-I’m sorry, Six. I didn’t know how else to tell you.”

“No, Rex,” Six said. “You did the right thing. I just need to go somewhere. I’ll be back in a few days. Tell Holiday and White for me.”

Rex nodded as Six pat his shoulder on the way out. He still wasn’t sure if he did the right thing, and Six was probably just saving face for the time being. Rex figured he was headed to the island One died on, maybe just to mourn. There was no way Six would get over this quickly, but…Rex still hoped he’d come back soon.

  1. Innocence
    :: Holiday

She just wanted to look back on old times. Just…something to remind her why she kept going every day – why she kept looking to the next day as something positive.

The first video she popped into her VCR was one of her and her sister when Beverly was just born – Rebecca was already twelve or thirteen and it was a shaky video of her father handing such a small baby to Rebecca so she could hold her for the first time. Rebecca looked confused and a little scared, but she held Beverly tight and the baby just smiled up at her and giggled.

Rebecca smiled. She didn’t remember that at all, but…she was so glad it was on tape. She just wanted to watch video after video of Beverly. Back when Beverly was happy and young and cute and…able to think and eat and live. She felt her eyes watering and Rebecca considered the possibility that this wasn’t the greatest idea. She just…wanted things to go back to the way they were.

  1. Simplicity
    :: Rex, Six, Holiday, Bobo, Noah

“Doc!” Rex knocked on her door. “Doc Holiday!”

She opened the door, putting her hair into place. “What’s up, Rex?”

“For dinner tonight…I was thinking you, me, n Six could dress up all fancy,” he said confidently. “Like…y’know, like a fancy dinner night.”

She smirked. “Fancy meatloaf night?”

“Not meatloaf tonight!” Rex put his hands on his hips. “I’m helping Bobo make something extra special!”

“Oh, really? And what’s that?”

“It’s a surprise!”

Holiday leaned against the doorway. “So what’s so special about today?”

“Nothing, really. I just thought it’d be fun!” Rex smiled.

Smiling, Holiday just grabbed her labcoat and headed out the door. “Sounds fun, Rex. Sure, I’ll dress up.”

“Yes!” Rex shouted, pumping a fist in the air. “Now I just gotta convince Six!”

She laughed. “He’ll just wear the same suit as usual. Not much convincing to do.”

Rex shrugged. “Maybe he’ll shine his shoes or something. Who knows with him!” Then Rex jumped off in the direction of Six’s room, letting Holiday get back to work.


“Six! Yo, Six!” Rex knocked against his door. “You in there?” He waited a good twenty seconds before getting ready to knock again, then the door quickly opened.

“What do you need, Rex?”

“Dinner tonight! Bobo and I are making fancy food so you and Holiday have to dress up nice, okay?”

Six raised an eyebrow. “Did Holiday agree to this?”


“Fine.” Six rolled his eyes. “But don’t expect me to show up in a tux.”

“No, no. I expect you to stay green as ever! But Holiday’ll look super nice, so that’s always a plus.” Rex gave his mentor a thumbs up before running off in the direction of the kitchen.


When their usual dinnertime rolled around – seven p.m. on the dot – Six had to admit he was a little curious as to what Holiday would be wearing. What was Holiday’s version of fancy clothes? Nicer skirt? Low-cut top? A dress, even? She’d look gorgeous no matter what, but still.

He stepped into their makeshift dining room to see a table with two chairs and a candle in the middle. Two chairs. Hm. Six shrugged and took a seat. It’s possible that Rex was doing what he thought the kid was doing, but…best not to jump to conclusions.

Less than a minute later, Holiday stepped into the room. Six turned around to take a look at her, and felt his eyes pop out of his head. She looked amazing. Her hair was down and slightly curled and she was wearing a long blue dress with a nice slit up the side. Six stood up instinctively and walked over to pull out her chair.

Holiday smirked. “Thanks,” she said gently, not having noticed the only-two-chairs thing yet. As Six took his seat across from her – still hadn’t said anything, but Rebecca supposed it was better than hearing him say ‘you look…nice’ again – she finally noticed that there wasn’t a seat for Rex. “Have you heard anything from R-“

Rex suddenly appeared at the side of their table, wearing a little waiter outfit and carrying a bottle of wine. “Welcome to Ché Rex! May I suggest the…uh…” He looked at the wine label. “The Sau-vig-non…Blank? Okay, no idea how to say that. But Bobo says it’s really good.”

Holiday covered her mouth with one hand, holding back a laugh. “Rex, what are you-?”

“I’ll take that as a yes!” he said, pouring wine for both of them. “I’ll be back in just a minute with your menus!”

Six picked up the wine glass and took a sip. “…not bad. The monkey knows what he’s talking about, apparently.”

“This is too cute,” Holiday said as she took a sip herself. “And so random. But I’m liking the treatment.”

Six adjusted his tie a bit and wondered if Holiday knew what Rex was doing. It seemed kind of obvious to him, but maybe Rex had done stuff like this before. He waited a few more seconds before finally saying, “…you look gorgeous, by the way.”

Holiday immediately blushed and looked off to the side. “…thank you,” she said, a small smile gracing her lips and making Six’s heart ache. She took another sip of wine.

Six opened his mouth to say something else when Rex suddenly returned, handing each of them a piece of laminated paper. The papers both said Chicken Marsala on Pasta and had a list of types of pasta. Six smirked.

“Do you two need a minute to decide?”

Holiday handed the menu back. “I’ll have it on spaghetti, if that works,” she said, smiling.

Six copied her. “Just give me the same,” he said with a nod.

Rex nodded at them. “If you need a refill on wine or anything at all, just shout my name! I’ll be out as soon as possible!” He quickly zipped back into the kitchen.

Holiday was smiling brightly. “Chicken marsala, wow. I didn’t know Bobo could make something like that.”

“I still don’t know why we let the chimp cook our dinners,” Six said. “Wouldn’t it make more sense for you or me to do it?”

She laughed and blushed a bit. “Well…me and cooking is not a good combination. And you just never wanted to. But you never wanted to have our Friday dinners in the first place. Rex had to beg to make them a regular thing.”

“Really? You can’t cook?” Six said with a smirk.

“Of course you’d focus on that part,” she rolled her eyes. “No, I can’t cook. At all. I can’t really explain why, but…that’s how it is.”

He continued smirking at her. Of course she couldn’t be perfect, but it was just…such a cute thing to be terrible at. Or maybe he just found everything about her attractive or cute. It was starting to become a problem.

“But the way you said it sounds like you can cook,” Holiday noted. “I wasn’t aware of this little talent of yours. What kind of food can you make?”

“What, I didn’t cook for you before losing my memories?”

“…no,” Holiday said with a pout. “You can cook for me sometime soon, though! I’d love to see if you’re actually any good.”

Six rolled his eyes. “Trust me, I am. I cooked for myself for years.”

Holiday considered what that meant before taking another sip of wine. “So, what? Is everything you cook super spicy?”

“Of course.”

“Maybe you could tone it down for me?” she said with a small laugh. “I’m not sure how much of your spice I can handle.”

“Maybe.” Six couldn’t help but smile while Holiday’s laugh was sounding through his ears – she was so cute and this was…this was surprisingly nice. Did they ever do this before? He suddenly got stuck on that question that had plagued him for months: had they dated before he lost his memories?

That awkward thought made him reach for another sip of wine – a bit longer of a sip that time, too. Holiday raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say anything, and he was happy for that.

After that, they sat in a…slightly awkward silence for a few seconds before Rex popped out of the kitchen again. “I’m back! Hope I’m not interrupting anything…” He looked back and forth at them expectantly.

Six raised an eyebrow and Holiday shrugged. “No, you’re fine. What’s up?”

“Your entertainment has arrived! She was a little delayed ‘cause of Noah’s car being stupid, but whatever, now she’s here! You can now enjoy the song stylings of… Bev!”

Holiday’s eyebrows jumped up and she turned to see her baby sister on the other side of the room, completely dolled up with Noah behind her playing the piano. She didn’t know Noah could play the piano.

“So…Beverly’s a singer?” Six asked Holiday as Rex went back to the kitchen.

Holiday smirked and watched her sister while leaning against her hand. “Apparently! I wasn’t aware she was doing it outside of the shower these days. Not bad, either.”

Six let out a chuckle. “So is that a secret talent of yours, too, or is singing another thing you can’t manage?”

She blushed and pouted a bit. “I-I can sing! A bit. …alright, Beverly’s much better than I am, that’s for sure. But I doubt you’ve got the voice of an angel, either!”

“You’d be right about that,” he said. “But I doubt you’ll get the chance to hear it.”

“No? Not going to serenade me anytime soon?” Holiday asked with a smirk. “That’s too bad.”

Six opened his mouth to response, but paused as he started to think about that. Serenading Holiday? He didn’t really know music aside from what Rex referred to as “oldies.” Holiday probably liked that stuff, too.

She started to chuckle and covered her mouth. “Are you considering it?”

He smiled a bit. “Maybe. You won’t see it coming, though.”

“Even if you gave me a handwritten letter announcing it, I wouldn’t see that coming,” she laughed.

He just chuckled quietly along with her as they moved on to casual chitchat – which Six wasn’t a big fan of in general, but with Holiday it was alright. They talked about Rex, and more about Beverly – some of Holiday’s other family members, and Holiday asked about Six’s so-called family members as well. He was shocked that she knew about them, and it just made him go back to thinking about how close they might’ve been before losing his memories. He didn’t share information like that with just anyone. Rex knew, White knew, but…Holiday?

“No, I just met the pink-haired woman,” she said when Six questioned how she knew about them. “But now I know there’s more than just her! I’m guessing it’s One through Five, hm?”

“Dos through Five, actually,” he said nonchalantly, as if the reminder of One’s death didn’t still haunt him since Rex told him about it.

Holiday made a surprised sound, but didn’t question that. Maybe they just didn’t have a number one in their group. She really didn’t know much about them so it wasn’t her place to question. Though…just the fact that he answered her said that either Six was being a little more open because of the wine, or he was starting to feel very comfortable with her again. She smiled at the thought.

“What’s on your mind?” Six asked, noticing her sudden smile.

She blushed lightly at his question and as she opened her mouth, she came to a very obvious realization: this was a date. Rex had set them up on a date. Six had to know, he was always more perceptive about these sorts of things, and he hadn’t run away, so…

“I was thinking that…” Holiday felt her face get hot as she considered the best way to word this. “…we should go out for dessert after this.”

Six raised an eyebrow and held back a smile. “You don’t think Rex has anything in store for us?”

She smirked. “I think Rex would be happy to eat it if we decided to leave.”

“Good point,” he said. He considered asking her if she just wanted to leave then and there and just go out somewhere for a real date, but Rex had put in all this effort, so they could at least enjoy part of it. “So that’ll be date night part two.”

Out in the open, Six finally said the word, and Holiday just smiled back at him. No one was denying it, hand-waving it, working around it, or trying to change the subject. They were acknowledging it and going to do something about it.

As Holiday opened her mouth to say something else, Rex came out of the kitchen with their plates – and he was smiling so wide he was practically beaming. Six could’ve laughed, if he hadn’t laughed significantly more than usual already – he needed to teach Rex how to have a poker face. Eavesdropping and being subtle about it apparently didn’t go together in the kid’s head.

“I don’t wanna interrupt anything important, ” Rex said as he glanced between the two of them. “But your food is ready! And may I just say: it smells delicious!” He bolted out of the room, but not before giving a big thumbs up to Noah and Beverly, the latter of whom had to contain a squeal of joy.

Six let out a quick chuckle. “Subtle.”

Holiday rolled her eyes playfully and took a bite out of her food. After a second, her eyes widened. “Mm, Six. This is actually really good. Bobo’s food usually isn’t anything to write home about, but wow.

Shocked, Six quickly took a bite of his own plate. Well, she wasn’t lying, it was definitely very good. But…she was also definitely exaggerating a bit. She had to be – or maybe it just wasn’t spicy enough for him. But nonetheless, it was good.

They ate in relative silence – occasional chatter in and out of their bites, but they were both pretty hungry, so neither minded the lack of conversation. Rex, however, while peeking out at them from the kitchen door, was a little upset.

“They were doing so good earlier, and now they’re not even talking! What’s up with that?”

Bobo scratched his arm. “Maybe they’re just enjoying the food, Kid.”

Rex put a hand on his chin. “Hmm...then maybe I should chill. I mean, they already made plans to go out after this! Then next thing you know they’re finally officially dating, then married, then I have a little baby brother!”

Bobo scratched his other arm. “I wish my imagination was that wild.”

“It’s not wild! I can totally see this happening,” Rex frowned at the chimp. “I mean, okay, technically the kid wouldn’t be my brother, but he’d totally see me as a brother!”

“How ‘bout a sister?”

“I’m cool with that, too! Just gotta be prepared for anything, y’know? Maybe she’ll be a kick-butt ninja just like her dad! Or he could be a genius scientist like mom!” Rex grabbed Bobo’s face. “What if they’re a mixture of both?! Some kind of superkid?! They could take over the world!”

Bobo swatted Rex’s hands away. “Alright, Kid, enough baby talk. Maybe you should-“

He stopped talking as Noah quietly snuck into the kitchen, closing the door behind him. “Hey guys. It’s going great out there! I’ve never seen them so…intimate!”

Rex stuck out his tongue. “That word sounds so gross, dude.”

“You were just talking about them having a baby , but you don’t want them to be intimate? Maybe someone should give you the talk.” Bobo jumped down from the stool he’d been standing on and hobbled towards the kitchen door.

“Aaaanyway, Bev took a bathroom break so I thought I’d see what’s up in here. How’s the food? It smells good.”

“It’s actually really good. Bobo really outdid himself! I wish I knew how to-“

“Hey, hey! You three kids might have more food to share than you planned,” Bobo said from the door. He swung it wide open so Rex and Noah could see the empty table (with cleaned plates!) right across from them. “The lovebirds have left the building.”

Rex laughed. “I can’t believe they just ditched! No complaints, I guess, but man…I put together this whole nice atmosphere for them ‘n everything.”

“Uh, you mean we put together the atmosphere,” Beverly said as she walked back over to them. “So I’m done singing, right? ‘Cause I’m starving!

Rex and Noah looked at each other, then down at Bobo, then back up at Beverly, and then over at the food. Yup – time to eat.


“I can’t believe we snuck out.”

“Easier than having to talk our way out of there,” Six said, handing her the ice cream she ordered.

She smiled and immediately started sucking and licking at the top of the soft serve – Six ignored it while ordering a vanilla cone for himself. Holiday smirked at him. “So for dinner food you need it to be as spicy as possible, but for dessert you get vanilla?

He raised an eyebrow. “Do they somehow contradict each other, Doctor?

“No, no,” she said, going back to her cone. “Just an observation is all.”

As he grabbed his cone and paid for their treats, Holiday led Six outside – it was the perfect temperature, not a lot of bugs, and there was not a single other person outside. She moved to a nearby bench and sat on the table with the feet on the seat. Six smirked at the childish movement but mimicked her anyway.

They sat together in companionable silence for a few minutes before Six decided to get some awkward feelings off his chest.

“Kind of sad that it took Rex for us to finally go out, huh?”

Holiday laughed, taking Six by surprise. “Not really. Well, I don’t think it is. It took Beverly last time.”

“So we did used to date!” Six said with way more enthusiasm than he intended. He actually blushed and cleared his throat awkwardly when he realized how loud the outburst was while Holiday snickered at him.

“Just a few times, don’t get too excited,” she replied. “I mean, at least this time you didn’t almost die. I don’t think I could deal with that again.” A pause, then she added: “…again,” after remembering his recent coma when Rex’s friend from another dimension came to visit.

“Almost died, hm?” Six looked down at his cone. It felt less appetizing. “Without Rex, maybe I would’ve waited that long. Guess I’m the same kind of idiot I was back then.”

“Probably because you are the same idiot you were back then,” Holiday smiled at him. “I know I’ve told you this before, but…besides a few missing pieces here and there, you act exactly like you did before losing your memories. It’s kind of amazing, actually.”

“Amazing?” The missing pieces part of her sentence was going to bug him for days, though, Six commented in his head.

“That…even though you lost such a huge chunk of yourself, being surrounded by the same people and the same circumstances made you into the same man. Psychologically speaking, it’s just fascinating.” Holiday started munching on her cone.

Six stared at her. “How about…non-psychologically speaking? What about Holiday speaking?”

She blinked and smiled down at her cone. “Holiday speaking, it’s nice to know that you’re still interested after everything we’ve been through.”

He pondered on that for a moment before opening his big mouth. “...referring to what Scarecrow did?”

Holiday groaned. “ Don’t! Remind me of that! I still can’t believe he kis-“ She blushed mid-word, realization of what she was about to reveal hitting her. She’d never actually told Six what Scarecrow did, despite how many months ago it was. He probably knew, but she’d still never said it out loud. She suddenly chomped on her cone.

Six stared at her. Yes, he knew Scarecrow kissed her while pretending to be him. And then his brain started wondering – that was the last time she’d been kissed, wasn’t it? Who knows when it was before that, but between then and now, there hadn’t been anyone as far as he knew.

She was transfixed on finishing her cone, and it was delicious and it was gone, and she hoped Six didn’t ask her to continue that statement. Remembering Scarecrow just reminded her of the taste of that disgusting! Terrible! Awful! Disgusting-!

Her thoughts were cut off by Six’s lips very suddenly and very gently pressing against hers. Holiday stayed still for a moment, in shock and total disbelief, before melting into it and kissing him back.

Six wrapped his arm around her waist, tugging her towards him while enjoying the taste of mocha ice cream in her mouth. This was even better than he’d imagined it – and oh God , the amount of times he’d imagined it – and Holiday’s arms wrapped around his shoulders just improved the experience.

They stayed like that for a good half a minute before breaking for air, and though Six desperately wanted to continue (and continue some more, and then back to the car, and maybe back to her room if she was interested), he chose to smirk at her instead. “Just thought your most recent kiss should be a better one.”

Holiday chuckled and licked her lips. “One of your best ideas yet, Agent Six. We’ll have to make sure to repeat it often.”

  1. Reality
    :: Breach, Six, Holiday, Rex, White. This is a long one! Based off of a Fullmetal Alchemist comic I read probably almost ten years ago.

" Six! " Rex screamed, forming his right arm into a smack hand and bringing it down towards Breach. She dodged the attack, and as Rex looked over, he saw Six be completely encompassed by one of her portals.

Rex turned towards Breach angrily. "Where'd you send him, Breach!?" he asked, bringing another smack hand down.

She laughed in response, pointing behind Rex, where he could see Six come out of a similar portal behind him. The agent seemed terribly confused until he looked up, saw Rex and Breach, and immediately bolted forwards, swords out, ready to attack.

Rex rolled his eyes - he knew Breach loved messing with him, but he really couldn't stand when she did stuff like that. Gave him a heart attack! He followed Six, BFS ready.

Breach continued laughing, thoroughly amused by Six and Rex's attacks, and after another few moments she disappeared through a new portal.

The boys waited for her to return, with Van Kleiss and The Pack, or perhaps just by herself again, but after waiting a minute without anything happening, they packed up their swords and looked at each other.

"Gah! She's so annoying!" Rex complained, covering his face with his hands. He was brought out of his angered stupor by Six's hand on his shoulder.

"Are you alright, Rex? She didn't hurt you, did she?" the agent asked, concern evident on his face.

Rex raised an eyebrow. " I'm, uh...I'm fine."

Six smiled and patted Rex's shoulder. "Good! Let's get back to base, then."

As the agent started walking away, Rex started at him, completely bewildered. Six just asked if he was okay, then smiled! Openly smiled! Showed concern! For him! Maybe Breach actually did something to him when she sent him through that portal. Rex noted that he should keep an eye on Six for any other strange behavior.

In the jet, Rex continued staring at his mentor. Six was still smiling, and now he was humming ...this was too weird.



"...are you feeling okay?"

Six raised an eyebrow. "I feel great, Rex - especially considering I just went through one of Breach's portals. I really can't stand those things. But-" he chuckled suddenly. "I guess you have more experience with 'em than I do!"

Now he was being really talkative, too. And did Six just laugh? Rex stood up and walked over to the agent. "Yeah, okay...about going through that portal. Did you stop anywhere? See anything? Hit your head?"

Six tilted his head. "Hm, well...I saw my reflection. That was new. But mostly creepy. Otherwise, nope, same as usual."

"Your reflection?" Rex paused, taking a few seconds to think. What could that mean? Was he near water while in the portal? Was that even possible? Man, they had no real understanding of Breach's portals. She probably didn't even understand her own portals. "Yeah...that is weird."

But it wasn't the only thing. Rex sat back down, deciding to sit the rest of this one out in silence.


As they landed the jet back at Providence, Rex was about to run to the Doc to tell her what was up, when Six spoke up.

"So what do you want for dinner tonight?"

His eyebrows flew through the roof. "'s not Friday, Six."

The agent cocked his head and stopped next to Rex. "So?"

After a second of staring at him, Rex glared. "Are you trying to mess with me or are you really sick or something?"

Six blinked a few times, eyebrows raised. "What?"

Rex flailed. "That's it! I'm getting Dr. Holiday! This is too weird!" he yelled, activating his Boogie Pack and flying towards her lab.

Six ran after Rex, utterly confused. "Rex?! Rex!"


" Doc! " Rex yelled, running through the door to her lab and almost bumping into her. "Doc!"

"Rex?!" she responded, immediately worried. "What's wrong? Is everything okay?"

"It's Six -" he started, breathing heavily.

Her eyes got wider as she reached forward and grabbed Rex's shoulders. "What about Six? Is he hurt?"

"He-" Rex continued, pausing another second to catch his breath. "He's being really weird! Like nice and friendly and chatty! It's creepin' me out!"

The doctor stared at Rex for a second before letting go of his arms and smacking him on the head. "Don't worry me like that! I'm sure you're just overreacting. Six can be nice if he wants to."

As Rex was about to respond, the subject at hand walked into the room, hands in his pockets. "Rex, are you alright? You ran out of there before answering me."

Dr. Holiday raised an eyebrow - Rex was right, Six did seem a bit different, but not so much to cause a ruckus. She turned Rex around and shoved him lightly. "You should apologize to Six, Rex. You're being ridiculous."

Rex frowned, stepping away from the doctor. "No way! You need to find out what's wrong with him!"

Dr. Holiday looked over at the agent with a raised eyebrow, and he just shrugged in response.

"Six seems fine to me. Maybe you should go take a nap or something."

Rex turned back to the doctor, hands motion behind him. "But he's-!"

"Rex, I don't know what you're talking about. I feel fine," Six interrupted, taking the few steps forward to stand beside Dr. Holiday, his arm wrapping around her waist. "You should listen to Rebecca and sleep whatever-this-is off."

Rex's eyes were bulging as Holiday blushed, looking down at Six's hand and back up at his face - which was totally casual like this was a normal thing. She waited a second before reaching down, peeling Six's hand off of her and continuing to hold it by the tip of his finger as she stepped away and let go, not understanding his confused expression.

"Okay, Rex, I see what you mean," Holiday said quietly, still staring at Six. Rex smiled.

" Rebecca , not you too!" Six exclaimed, a hand to his head.

"Wow, Doc, that's twice in a minute. I've never even heard him call you 'Rebecca' before." Rex smirked, the doctor beside him still blushing a bit.

Holiday took a breath and stepped forward, putting a hand on Six's forehead. "You don't feel warm. Did something happen?"

Six reached up and grabbed Holiday's wrist, taking the other one in his other hand as well. "Rebecca, I'm fine. I don't know why you and Rex are-"

He paused suddenly, and looked down to her hands where his fingers had been absentmindedly rubbing. She pretended not to notice initially, but now this was just getting really ridiculous.

"You're...not wearing your ring?" he asked quietly, looking back up at her.

She blushed again. "Ex cuse me?!"

" ring. Rebecca, did I do something wrong?"

She blinked twice, ignoring Rex's loud " Whaaatt?! " in the background. "Weddi-?! Six! We are not married! We have never been married!"

The agent frowned. "What? Rebecca, I have my ring right here." He lifted his hand and motioned to the ring on his finger. "Why are you-"

Holiday interrupted him, covering his mouth with her hand and cradling a headache with the other. "Okay, just...stop talking. I need to think."

He nodded, still concerned, as Rebecca removed her hand and took a step back. She looked Six up and down. "Rex."


"You fought Breach, right?"

Rex nodded. "Six was sent through a portal, and when he came out, he was like this. Oh! The portal time took, like, longer than usual, though!"

She turned to him. "Where was it?"

"The fight? was a couple hundred miles south of here-"

"We're going back. You too, Six."

Rex shrugged and followed, while Six shoved his hands in his pockets, noticeably upset over the entire situation.


Arriving on the scene Rex specified, Dr. Holiday took out a small machine that Rex didn't recognize and started scanning the air.

"What are you looking for?" he asked curiously.

" Anything to explain what happened to Six," she answered. "He's obviously not injured, and you both claimed that he didn't get hit in the head. So obviously it must be something to do with Breach's portal."

"Like what? I thought Breach's portals could only take people places."

Six stood in the background, unsure of what to do. He didn't understand why Rebecca and Rex were acting so strange suddenly. Perhaps, after this little "investigation", he should talk to White about all this.

"'s a weak idea, based on a very shaky theory...but I'm wondering if, perhaps, Breach was able to open a portal to another dimension or parallel world. Or something like that."


Holiday started walking around, still trying to get a reading on her device. "I'm theorizing the possibility that...perhaps...this isn't our Six, but...another Six. From a dimension where...he and I are married."

Rex let out an unintentional laugh. "Is you guys being married that weird to you?"

She bit her cheek and turned to him. "Rex, he has a ring . It didn't just appear along with his delusions - he had it already."

The EVO held up his hands. "Alright, alright, I get it! It's extra super weird."

She looked up at Six, who was absentmindedly staring off into the distance. Suddenly, the device started to beep, and Holiday looked at it in concern.

"What's up?"

"According to these readings, I...I may just be right."

"So then...that's not our Six? How do we get him back?!"

"...we need to find Breach."


As he flew through the portal, Six immediately took in his surroundings. Same area. Of course. Well, that made things easier.

"Six!" Rex yelled happily, looking over at him. "Are you okay?"

"Fine," the agent replied gruffly. "Don't worry about me, pay attention to Bre-"

As they looked up, Breach had already slithered through a portal, leaving them behind. Six immediately got anxious, waiting for the next attack, but after a few minutes, nothing happened, and he sighed.

"Rex, you need to focus on the battle at hand. You could clearly see I was fine," Six scolded, sheathing his swords.

The teenage EVO pouted a bit and his weapon fell to the ground. "I-I'm sorry, Six..."

Six raised an eyebrow, slightly disturbed by Rex's reaction. He'd thought they'd gotten past this months ago. "'s fine. Just don't do it again."

"O-okay." Rex followed Six towards the jet, falling into step beside him. "You're not mad, are you?"

Six crossed his arms at the question. Was he being serious? "No, I'm not mad."

Rex responded with a smile and quickly ran to the jet. "Awesome!"

Shaking his head at the obsurdity he'd just dealt with, the agent continued onto the jet.


Walking off the jet, Six knew he needed some aspirin right away. The entire trip back, Rex was just talking and talking - as if Six cared what happened on his last adventure with Noah? - and Six couldn't bring himself to tell the kid to shut the hell up. Not after he got so upset earlier.

As Rex continued talking, Six considered getting something stronger than aspirin. He'd go ask Dr. Holiday if she carried anything.

"-and then Noah was like-hey! Where ya goin', Six?" Rex said, interrupting his story as Six headed up the stairs.

"Just going to talk to Dr. Holiday," he responded, not turning around.

Rex pouted. "You always wanna spend time with the Doc!"

He paused, wondering where Rex got that idea from, but decided to ignore it and continued on his way.

Rex crossed his arms. Six was being so distant today! At least, ever since he went through Breach’s portal……


Six saw her back turned and, not wanting to scare her, knocked on the inside of her lab's door a few times. "Dr. Holiday?"

She turned around, smiling brightly as soon as she saw the agent. "Hey, Six! How was the mission?"

He took a few steps forward and stopped in front of her. "Nothing exciting happened. Fought Breach. Rex wouldn't stop talking. Speaking of, do you have any aspirin?"

She smirked. "Isn't Rex usually talkative?" She turned around, reaching into a nearby drawer. "Here, I think I've got we go!" She pulled out a small bottle. "How much?"

"You might as well just give me the whole bottle." He sighed, holding out his hand.

Holiday smiled, placing the bottle in his hand, then leaning forward and pecking him on the lips. "Don't take too many! You know what happened last time."

As she started to walk away, Six still stood there, completely silent and unmoving, eyes wider than ever before and not even registering the fact that the pill bottle was in his hand.

Before she was too far away, he finally composed himself, placing the pill bottle back on the desk. " Holiday , what was that?!"

She turned around, arms crossed. "What was what? And what's with this 'Holiday' stuff? You haven't called me that in months."

Six blinked at her, though she couldn't see it, and started rubbing his temple with one hand. He didn't want to ask this, but she was being... "Why did you just... kiss me?"

With a raised eyebrow, Holiday walked back over to Six, putting her hands around his neck and noticing how stiff he immediately got. She frowned. "Am I suddenly not allowed to kiss my husband?"

Internally, Six's reaction to this last statement was very, very confused and concerned. Husband? HUSBAND? HUSBAND? That was absurd. So very absurd. However, Dr. Holiday was intelligent and not one to play pranks or make things up or try to get on his nerves, so he had to wonder what was going on. Even if she'd been paid a lot, she wouldn't do something like this. Probably not even under the power of a horrible threat or blackmail.

So, instead of all these questions and confusions, what came out of Six's gaping mouth was a simple:

" What?! "

She removed her arms, resting them at her hips instead, and tilted to the side. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Six proceeded to take off his sunglasses, check them, clean them, and put them on again. "Holiday, I don't know what's wrong with you, but we are not married."

She crossed her arms, frowning deeper. "Six, what's wrong?"

"What's wrong is that you think we're married!" he near-shouted, calming himself immediately after. With a breath, he continued, "We're not married."

Out of concern for his outburst, Holiday stepped forward, putting a hand on his arm. "Six...did something happen? Did you hit your head or something?" She put a hand to his cheek. "You're starting to scare me."

Six could feel his ears turning red at Holiday's touch and outward concern. This was strange . He always had a very good memory. He would definitely remember being married to Dr. Holiday. Though, looking into her eyes - she seemed extremely genuine. So that just begged the question - what was going on?

He reached up and took her hand off of his face. "You know what, I think I'm just gonna take a shower and go to bed."

She pouted. "That's probably a good idea."

As he started to walk away without a word, Holiday, on impulse, said, " you."

Six felt his back stiffen and ears turn pink, but he didn't turn around, instead sending an awkward wave her way and continuing out the door.


Upon entering his room, he immediately noticed a difference in the air. Someone else had been here.

He didn't want to think through the possibilities, instead opting to look at the picture frames that had magically appeared on his desk. Now this was getting too weird.

He picked the first one up. It was him and Holiday. At He immediately put it back down and reached for the second one. Him and Rex. In swimming trunks. At the beach. He put that one down, too.

That never happened. Neither of these ever happened. Why were there pictures of these things if they'd never happened?

He briefly thought back to his trip through Breach's portal. He'd gone through her portals before. Plenty of times. Though, thinking deeply, he seemed to recall being "in between" places for a moment - and even seeing a reflection of himself.

That wasn't how it usually went. Perhaps - and though he was no expert - that moment was the explanation to everything. He'd have to talk to Holiday and Rex about it. Surely they noticed he was acting "weird".

Though he really could use that shower. Hopefully waiting an extra day before fixing this wouldn't alter anything.


Coming out of his shower, Six immediately grabbed a towel and started drying off his hair.  After about a second, there was a knock on his bathroom door.


Though she didn't open the door, Six immediately brought the towel down and wrapped it around his waist. " Holiday?! What are you-"

"Still on that, huh?" she interrupted, sounding sadder than usual. She started to open the door. "The shower didn't bring you back to your senses?"

Six immediately reached for the door, stopping himself in lieu of not wanting to upset Holiday further. Rather, he tightened the towel around himself and put on his sunglasses instead.

Clearing his throat as she entered the bathroom, he responded, "...I suppose not. I actually think I know what's wrong, though I'm considering sleeping it off first in case I'm really just overtired."

She walked towards him, putting a hand on his arm. "Do you wanna talk about it?"

He backed away from her in response - extremely uncomfortable with Holiday touching him while he was naked. Alright, there was a towel...but still.

She retracted her hand at his reaction, and bit her lip sullenly. "That's a no, then?"

Adjusting the towel again, Six regained his composure and rubbed some excess water out of his hair. "Perhaps...after I'm dressed. If you could just...leave...for a few minutes?"

She pouted. "Six, this is my room, too."

Though Holiday couldn't see it, Six's eyes bugged out at that statement, and he really wanted to smack himself. They were married (for some reason) , he thought, so of course they shared a bedroom. He cleared his throat. "Right. I, uh..."

Rebecca was obviously more than just a little concerned at this point - something was very very wrong with her husband and she definitely needed to check him out. Still, she complied with his wishes and nodded sadly, leaving the bathroom and grabbing a pair of boxers from Six's drawer. She opened the bathroom door just a bit and held out the shorts. "Do you need these?"

Six could feel his face heat up and quickly grabbed them from her. This whole situation was going to give him a heart attack. Though he was starting to wonder if, perhaps, Breach could have sent him to some fake world. Or reimagined world. Maybe there was some science behind that and Holiday could help him out.

Now dried and somewhat dressed, he exited the bathroom, finding Holiday snuggled into one side of the bed. He suddenly felt eerily guilty, and sat on the other side, hoping she'd say something to him first. When she didn't respond, he sighed and turned around, putting a hand on her blanket-covered shoulder.

", Rebecca ..." The name felt foreign on his tongue, but even if this wasn't the real Holiday, he hated seeing that disappointed look on her face. No matter how uncomfortable everything was.

She turned around, staring up at him with a frown on her face. She could tell he was trying to be like he usually was, but something was holding him back. Hopefully he had some idea, or she might just have to send him to a psychologist.

"Are parallel worlds possible?" he asked bluntly.

She raised an eyebrow, and then scrunched them down, wondering where this thought came from. Sitting up, Six immediately noticed she was wearing a very tiny pink slip - and he moved his sight away from that as soon as he could.

"Well, it's a theory , but it's not a very sound one. Why?"

He sighed. "When I went through Breach's portal earlier was weird. Um, different than usual," he started, laying back again his pillow. "There was a moment of time where I was actually inside the portal, rather than partly in and out. I think...if it's possible...I and another Six - the one that you know - were switched into each other's worlds."

Her skeptical eyebrow was still raised, and she frowned. "Well, that's...quite a theory. I suppose it's possible , considering Breach's powers are so...variable."

"Do you suppose there's a way to switch us back?" he asked quietly, not wanting to somehow offend this more-sensitive version of Holiday.

She paused, thinking it over. "If what you say is actually true , which...would explain a lot...then I imagine we'd need to find Breach. And in this world you come from, they'd also need to find Breach. And have her open a the same time."

Six frowned deeply. Finding Breach was difficult. Capturing Breach, or getting her to listen to reason, was ridiculous. Getting both Breaches in each world to open a portal at the same time without any communication? Impossible. "...I see."

"...yeah. I mean, this is all in theory, of course. Parallel worlds are very unlikely."

Six shook his head. "I've seen a lot of strange things in my time. This, however, is the only explanation I could think of."

She frowned again. Were things so different here? Obviously they weren't married in "his world" - or even a couple , apparently - but other than that, all he'd complained about was Rex's talkativeness. This was either what he was saying...or the most elaborate divorce strategy she'd ever heard of. Though she knew the latter thought was irrational paranoia - she and Six were very happy together and he'd tell her if something was wrong.

So maybe he was right. Maybe this wasn't her Six, but another Six. Maybe they'd have to find Breach and fix everything as soon as possible. She nodded. "Do you...wanna go look for Breach?"

He sighed. "I'm sure it can wait until tomorrow." Though he was still immensely uncomfortable with even the idea of sleeping in the same bed as Dr. Holiday, Six decided he would humor the woman this one night and finally laid down on the bed beside her. Not under the covers with her, but on the same bed.

She smiled, just a tiny bit, and scooted over to snuggle herself against his chest. "Okay. G'night, Six."

He practically froze at her touch, not knowing what to do or where to put his hands or how he was going to fall asleep with her touching him like that. After ten minutes, and realizing from her breathing that she was definitely asleep, Six quietly and slowly lifted her hand off of his chest and turned around, facing away from her. Hopefully he'd be able to sleep like this.


"So we need Breach to open a portal at the exact same time as this other Breach?" Rex asked, still slightly confused.

"Yeah," Holiday responded. "...yeah, we do." She sighed. "This is impossible."

Six frowned, looking over at the two of them. "Well, if your Six is as different from me as you say he is, I'm sure my Rebecca and Rex have figured it out by now. Maybe, if we time this right, we can all get back to where we belong."

Because he sure as hell wasn't enjoying his time here. Everyone thought he was crazy, Rex didn't seem to want to spend as much time with him, and Holiday had this no-touch policy that was driving him up a wall! What was with these people? This other version of himself must've been a serious stick-in-the-mud.

Holiday nodded. "I suppose that's our best bet at this point."

Rex leaned back in his chair. "So I guess I gotta charm Breach into helping us, huh?"

Smirking, Holiday rubbed the back of her neck. "I don't want to make you, but if you want our Six back, then...yes. You do."

Rex nodded. "I don't mind. No offense to you, Six, but...I think I'd rather have our Six."

Six just rolled his eyes in response. That much was obvious.


Waking up the next morning, Six was oh-so-aware of arms wrapped around his waist. He knew he shouldn't wake her up, but this was just way too much and he remembered what she was wearing to bed and now he could feel just how little there was and he needed to get away from this touchy-feely Holiday before he had a stroke!

He slowly pried her hands off of him, trying not to wake her, but after a few tries she eventually started to mumble, and rubbed her face in the back of his neck. He stiffened at the feeling, but then decided that if she was up, he didn't have to be quiet. He quickly removed her hands and shot out of the bed, immediately opening his closet and pulling out a suit.

Holiday sat up in bed, looking very groggy, and rubbed at her eyes lightly. "...Six? What's-oh." She paused, remembering their conversation the night before. "Six, how do you expect us to get a hold of Breach?"

Slipping on his jacket, Six turned around, unintentionally taking in the image of Holiday with her hair down and messy, her face flushed from lack of sleep, her sleepwear...or lack thereof, slipping off her shoulders. He really was not comfortable at all.

"In my world, Breach has...sort of a crush on Rex. Is it like that here?"

She raised an eyebrow. "Well, if you count kidnapping him and calling him her 'doll' as a crush - then yes."

Nodding, Six opened a drawer that should've had his socks in it, but instead it was full of bras and ladies underwear. He immediately closed it. "I'm going to wake Rex up. The sooner we can find her, the sooner you can have your Six back and I can get home."

Holiday watched him leave and sighed. She really did miss her Six.


Six set the jet down in Abysus, a decent ways away from Van Kleiss' castle. This trip was...dangerous, though they all concluded it was necessary. Perhaps, if they pulled some bullshit speech, they could get the help they needed and escape without anyone dying or getting hurt.

They hoped...though they weren't really planning on success.

Rex stepped off first, looking around for dangerous EVOs, but the ones in their direct area seemed relatively harmless. He motioned for Six and Holiday to follow as he activated his Boogie Pack, and Six got out his hoverboard, Holiday hanging on to his waist.

Making their way towards the castle as quietly as possible, Rex suddenly noticed the exact person they were looking for on the outside of the castle, making portals and sending random EVOs through them. He smiled.

"There she is! Awesome - I didn't wanna have to see Van Crazy anytime soon."

"Watch it Rex," Holiday said cautiously. "It could be a trap."

Rex sighed. "Van Kleiss didn't even know we were coming, why would he set a trap ?!"

Six shrugged. "She's got a point, Rex - you never know with Van Kleiss."

Rex growled. " Fine! " He slowed down his Boogie Pack and landed on the ground a decent distance from Breach.

Her head immediately perked up when she noticed him, a disturbing smile covering her face. "Rex, hey , what are you doing here?"

"I don't have a lot of time to chat Breach - we need your help."

She disappeared through a portal, and suddenly was behind Rex. He made a small "yip!" sound and turned around at the sound of her voice.

"Why would I help you? You and Miss Smarty Skirts and that stupid green man...I've got no reason to help you."

Rex sighed. " Please , Breach - I don't know if you did it on purpose, but you switched Six with a different, weird Six from a parallel world!"

She tilted her head and smirked. "I didn't know I could do that!" she said happily, giggling against Rex's neck.

He shivered. "Well, apparently you can! Don't you wanna try and do it again? You can switch the Six's back!"

She laughed. "Why would I do that? "

Rex covered his face with his hands and growled in frustration. "I don't know! What do you want that's not me or not somebody dead ?!"

Her response was silence; Six and Holiday watching cautiously from a distance as Breach disappeared into another portal. Rex turned around, only to find that she was behind him again .

Suddenly, she created a new portal, and Six and Holiday, and the hoverboard, fell through it and onto the ground. Six immediately moved to help Holiday up, and she took his hand awkwardly.

Breach watched them with a devious smile. "So you're saying this green man is the wrong green man? What's wrong with him? He sure looks the same. Same color."

Rex sighed. "Yeah, he looks the same - but he's not ."

As Six and Holiday stood up, Breach appeared behind them, sending a barely-noticeable glare to the doctor. "How?" She eyed him up and down.

"It's his personality , Breach, you can't tell just from-" Holiday started.

"I didn't ask you, Miss Smarty Skirts!" Breach interrupted, going through another portal to appear directly in front of Holiday's face. "I'm asking Rex. "

Holiday immediately shut her mouth at the EVOs interruption; not wanting to show how scared she was of Breach's powers. Six noticed and quietly put an arm around her waist; rather than her usual objection, she just crossed her arms and let him.

Rex glared at Breach. "Like Doc said, it's his personality that's different, not his looks. You'd have to actually know Six."

She pouted before smiling again. "Well then, if I can't tell the difference, why should I change him back?"

Rex glanced at his mentors, who made similarly unfortunate faces at him, and turned back to Breach. "Because if you don't, this could get ugly really fast. " He transformed his arms into Smack Hands to make his point. "I've beat you before, Breach - I can do it again."

The girl glared menacingly. "Aw Rex, I thought we were past threats!" She giggled and appeared behind him again. "Don't worry - I'll do it. No extra charge."

His machines fell to the ground. "Really? No catch?"

The EVO suddenly appeared above him, her face hanging in front of his. "No catch!" And another giggle.

Rex raised an eyebrow in disbelief, but decided not to risk losing this chance. "Alright. Then...I..." He turned to the adults. "Holiday, how do we do this?"

Having already removed Six's hand from her waist, Holiday looked over at him, and back to Rex and Breach. "There's no way for us to know if they were able to convince the 'other' Breach. All we can do is just...keep sending Six through portals and hope they'll switch at some point."

Six frowned at her. "There's really no other way?"

She shrugged. "It's what our Six is gonna have to do, too. Don't whine."

He continued frowning as Rex turned to Breach. "You're not gonna, like...send him to some random place super far away, right?"

She laughed again. "I guess we'll find out, won't we?"

Rex frowned very deeply and activated a Smack Hand. " Yeah , I guess we will. "

Breach pouted at his weapon and activated a portal, now properly standing on the ground in front of Six.

Seeing this, Holiday stepped away, and Six stood tall, ready for Breach's attack.

"Ready, Greenie?"

He rolled his eyes behind his sunglasses and nodded, just as he disappeared from everyone's sight through a red portal.

Holiday and Rex immediately turned around to see Six on the other side, and he stared back and forth between them.

He blinked. "This looks the same. Are we married?" he asked Holiday.

She frowned. " No. Looks like you'll have to keep trying, Breach."

The EVO glared at Holiday before repeating the same process.


" think you're in a wrong dimension?" Rex asked curiously - though this was already explained to him, he still couldn't figure out where this was coming from.

Six sighed in response. " Yes . Because yesterday you did not treat me like your friend and Holiday and I were not married. And we never know what Breach's portals can do."

Rex noticed Holiday cross her arms at how bluntly Six said that, and he frowned. "...oh. So those are bad things to you?"

Immediately, Six felt himself stiffen at the question. No , they weren't necessarily bad things, but they were...weird. He didn't dislike them, he just...they weren't how it was. And he wanted things how they were. "I just think it'd be better if you two had your own Six."

As everything quieted down and Six continued piloting to Abysus, Holiday sat next to Rex in the back.

"Doc...what's the chance he's right...instead of going totally crazy?" he asked quietly.

She shook her head. "I don't know, Rex. I really, really want him to be right..."


Arriving in Abysus, Six landed the jet and quickly scanned the area for potential threats. As he was doing so, Rex opened the hatch and jumped out, followed by Holiday in her Providence jumpsuit. Six growled quietly as he noticed them moving without him telling them it's safe, but chalked it up to the parallel world version of him being such a softie.

He didn't see anything dangerous nearby, besides the small EVOs everywhere , and caught up to the other two, grabbing Rex's shoulder. "Rex."

The boy turned around. "What's up?"

"I'm sure you're already aware, but remember who we're dealing with. She's not going to agree to help us so easily," the older man warned, letting go of Rex.

He shrugged in response. "Yeah, don't worry, Six! I got this!" he said, before activating his Boogie Pack and taking the lead.

Six stared off at Rex as Holiday stepped next to him, reflexively wrapping her arms around his and leaning against his side. Six immediately stiffened and looked down at her and cleared his throat. " Holiday. "

"Hm?" She looked back up at him and followed his gaze to their connecting arms, and she immediately moved away from him. "...right. Sorry."

Six then took out his hoverboard, getting on and grabbed Dr. Holiday around the waist, pulling her on with him. Then they started to follow Rex.


"Why should I help you? " Breach giggled, appearing on Rex' left and right and top and bottom and wherever else she pleased.

He growled, activating a Smack Hand and shoving it in her face. " Because , Breach! If you don't, I won't hesitate to beat you down!"

She frowned and stared at Rex for a few seconds, followed by a smirk and some giggling. "Okay, I'll do it."

Rex glared and pointed a giant mechanical fist at her. "Well too bad! You have to-...wait, what? Really?"

"Yeah, sure!" She giggled again, stopping just after it turned into a somewhat maniacal laugh. "Just tell me what you need me to do, Rex ..."

He shuddered at her laugh, and then even moreso at the way she said his name. "Well, Doc? What does she need to do? Just shoot him through portals?"

Six made an unsatisfied face as Holiday nodded. "If we're lucky, and this is all actually true...then the other world's Breach will be doing this, too."

As Rex moved out of the way, glaring at Breach, she positioned herself in front of Six and Holiday. Rebecca looked up at this man who wore her husband's face, and quickly kissed him on the cheek before backing away. She knew he didn't like that, but in case something happened...

As Breach lifted her arms, Rex growled out, "You better not send him somewhere far away, Breach!" and she smirked, sending the portal down on top of Six.

He appeared next to Rex, who jumped a bit, startled by his sudden presence. "..Six?"

The agent glared down at Rex, then looked over at Holiday - specifically her hand. "I'm still in the wrong place. Try again."

Breach quirked her head to the side and did as Six said, sending him through another portal.


"Rebecca, I don't know how much longer I can do this," Six said quietly, appearing out of a portal right next to her.

She turned to him and sighed. "You're not feeling sick are you? We'd really like to get you home..."

He scoffed. "Believe me, I'd like to go home, too. But this doesn't seem to be working ."

She frowned and looked over at Rex, who shrugged uncomfortably. Turning back to Six, Holiday sighed again. "Maybe...just one more try?"

Six looked down at her and smiled a bit. "One more time can't hurt."

She blushed, still uncomfortable at the attention this Six gave her, and nodded.

Rex looked over at Breach. "One more time, Breach. Let's go."

She giggled in response and created the portal.


Six bit his cheek. This was getting ridiculous. Not only were Holiday and Rex started to doubt his theory, he was getting a huge headache from all this portal-travel.

" Six ," Rex started, he and Holiday walking up to him. "Are you sure you wanna keep doing this?"

Holiday nodded in agreement. "We could just run some tests on you instead. Get you some help..."

He closed his eyes, frowning deeply. They really thought he was messed up in the head. What if he was? What if he'd actually hit his head that hard?

Opening his eyes again, he looked at Holiday and Rex. He didn't like this overattachment they had. Did their Six not realize how easily he could die? Then these two would never get over it. He couldn't imagine ever being comfortable with this. He needed to least once more.

Sighing quietly, he shoved his hands in his pockets. "Let's just...try it one more time. Just in case."

Holiday and Rex gave each other sad looks before nodding and backing away. Rex gave Breach their instructions, and Six held his breath as the portal overtook him.


That extra few seconds - he knew it, he could feel the similarity from that portal he went through the day before. There was a vibration, like he'd jumped through a wall of water, and suddenly everything was normal again.

And there was his reflection - and in that moment he realized; that's not a reflection. That's the him that he was switched with. That's this other Six.

They stared at each other during the brief moment they could, and suddenly everything was black.


He shot out of the portal, immediately staring down at Holiday's hand, where he'd been looking each time to confirm whether or not he was home.

There was no ring. He was back.

An awkwardly small smile appeared on his lips and he turned to the EVO next to him.

Rex raised an eyebrow. "Six? Are you...are you back?"

He nodded. "I...think so."

Holiday ran over to them, putting her hands on his face. "Were you...actually in another world? Do you feel sick or anything? I-I'm not really sure how you should feel after a trip like that..."

His ears turned the slightest bit pink, her touch reminding him of their marriage and the fact that they slept in the same bed , and he reached up and pulled her hands away from him. "I feel fine. Headache - but otherwise fine."

Rex grabbed Six's hand and held it up. "And look at that! No ring! I guess you two aren't married anymore!"

Holiday felt her face heat up and she pushed her bangs out of her face. " Anyways , um..." She turned around. "Breach. ...thank you."

The EVO girl smiled and giggled. "Oh, are we done? I was so enjoying the disappointed looks on your faces!"

Rex scowled and activated his BFS, shoving it in her face. "We're getting out of here, Breach! No funny business! Just let us leave!"

She scowled at first, but left them off with a large smile. "Go ahead, Rex . I won't stop you."

Keeping the sword extracted, Rex circled around Breach, Holiday and Six walking behind him, and they eventually made their way back to the jet.

"So Six," Rex started, noticing Six cradling his head. "What were me 'n Holiday like in that other world?"

Six glared down at the EVO. "You talked too much. Way too much."

As he closed the ramp to the jet and sat down in the pilot's seat, Rex leaned over and smirked. "What about Holiday? Married life must be fun , huh?"

Six glared even harder. He knew what the kid was getting at. "Different. Uncomfortably different."

Rex pouted and slumped into a seat in the back next to Dr. Holiday. "Lame. I wanted details ."

She lightly slapped the top of his head in response, blushing just a little bit . "You don't need any details!"


As Six lifted the jet off the ground, he smirked. It was good to be back.


He smiled ever-so-slightly as he fell through the portal. Apparently Breach decided that this last one would be funny. He landed on the ground right next to Holiday, and immediately sat up at the sight of her hand.

"Six? Are you...are you feeling okay?" she asked quietly, reaching her hand out to help him up.

He smirked before grabbing her hand, pulling her down so she was lying on his knee, and he kissed her as passionately as he could. Holiday responded with her hands around his neck, smiling into the kiss.

Rex cheered and ran over, so glad to see his Six was back. As Six and Holiday separated, she hugged him tightly, and Rex wrapped his arms around Six's neck as well.

Breach tilted her head to the side awkwardly as she watched them in their little group hug, and out of spite she sent all of them through another portal.

When they opened their eyes, Holiday and Rex were the first to notice their new surroundings. "Oh...come on ..." Holiday mumbled.

"Ugh... Breach !" Rex screamed.

Rex and Six looked around. They were surrounded by sand, sand, and more sand.

But as he watched Holiday seethe and Rex scream to the skies, he smiled. It was very good to be back.

  1. Acceptance
    :: Six, Holiday. No porn but mentions of sex!

She woke up slowly, feeling groggy and gross and too warm and a little nauseous all at the same time. Though it didn’t happen often, she was plenty familiar with the feeling. Apparently, though she didn’t remember when, why, or how, Holiday had gotten very drunk the previous night.

Assuming it was morning, anyway. It felt like morning, but she didn’t want to open her eyes just yet – knowing she’d have a major headache as soon as the light came into view. There was definitely no sunlight in the room, but the window in her room was usually covered by shutters, anyway. She could tell from behind her closed eyes that there was a light on somewhere though. Maybe a lamp or the bathroom light.

She rolled to her side and considered just going back to sleep ‘cause screw getting up when she felt like this when suddenly she heard a shuffling noise and what distinctly sounded like footsteps.

Immediately, Holiday bolted upwards, eyes wide open, and looked in the direction of the noise.

Six was standing there, in front of the open bathroom door, completely shirtless and sunglasses-less, toothbrush hanging from his mouth, and looking like he was just about to take a shower.

Holiday squinted, considering the possibility that she was still asleep or going crazy. Why was Six taking a shower in her bathroom? And why was he just staring back at her and not saying anything?

She glanced to the dresser next to him where she usually kept a clock and noticed it wasn’t there. Maybe it fell? She looked around the room and suddenly noticed that nothing was familiar. In fact, there was barely anything personal in the room at all. It felt like the kind of lacking decorations she’d expect Six to have.

With that thought, Holiday’s eyebrows shot up and she looked back at Six. Normally she’d be worried about her growing headache, but the adrenaline rush from the fear of why she might be in Six’s bedroom was distracting her.


Six nodded at her and moved back to the bathroom, spitting out the toothpaste and coming back. “Hello, Dr. Holiday.”

Hearing his voice just solidified the fact that she probably wasn’t hallucinating, and Holiday closed her eyes and gripped her head as she thought about that. She looked down out of reflex and finally noticed that she was…completely naked under the blankets. She stared down at her boobs before looking back up at Six and quickly covered herself with the blanket.

“Uh-um…” she started. “ Six… did we-uh…did-…”

“I believe we had sex at some point last night, if that’s what you’re asking,” Six said with as straight a face as possible.

She stared at him. “You believe we had sex?! You don’t know?!”

“I don’t have the best memory when I’m inebriated, Doctor,” he said. “I remember the before, but not the during.”

“W-well what happened before?!” she squeaked, knowing her face was getting redder. This was ridiculous! She’s an adult! So she may have had mutually drunken sex with her very handsome coworker. Not the worst thing that could happen, right?

“Party for Rex’s birthday. Bobo spiked the punch. Normally I would’ve noticed right away, but apparently he’s been experimenting with vodka flavors to make them less detectable,” he said quickly. “We both had too much and ended up here. That’s the gist of it, anyway.”

Holiday just nodded. That all was vaguely familiar in her mind, though she wished she remembered it better. She wished she remembered all of it, to be specific.

After a minute of silence, Six spoke up. “…I’m sorry.”

She raised an eyebrow. “ You’re sorry? I’m probably the one who initiated it,” she confessed as her face started to go back to its normal color. The sooner they could talk this through and get it out of the way, the better.

Six shrugged. “True, but…well, we’re in my room. I can’t help but feel responsible for that, at least.”

Holiday considered that for a second, but decided the blame game was pointless. “Speaking of…where are my clothes?”

He walked over to a chair in the corner and grabbed some folded clothes from a pile. “These are what I found. I don’t know if it’s everything, but I only woke up a half hour ago.” He tossed the clothes at her, not wanting to make her uncomfortable by getting too close.

Holiday grabbed them and looked through – underwear, skirt, shirt. “…my bra is missing,” she said.

Six shrugged. “Don’t have a spare for you to borrow, but I’m sure it’s in here somewhere.”

She rolled her eyes at his attempt at comedy and put on the underwear while still under the sheets, lifting up his pillows to look around for the last, but very important part of her outfit. While she did that, Six looked back at the bathroom, then back at her. “I’ll, uh, leave you to this, then.”

As he started to leave, Holiday huffed out a breath. “Six. We should…talk.”

He cringed. “And you know how much I love talking.”

“We can’t just ignore that this happened,” she said, glaring over at him. “I’m not saying we have to start a relationship ‘cause of this, but we should at least…talk.”

“We could just ignore it, though,” Six said, not looking at her.

Holiday bit her lip and looked down. “I…I don’t want to ignore it. I really don’t think you do, either.”

Slowly, Six turned around and made his way over to the bed, sitting on the edge of it. “Alright.”

She scooted up next to him, still covering herself with the sheet out of modesty. Not that he hadn’t already gotten a good look at them, anyway. “So…what was this? Just random?”

He shook his head. “I don’t know, Holiday. It definitely wasn’t planned.

“Right, well…” She glanced away from him. “I’m…even though I can’t remember it, I’m not sorry it happened.”

Six looked over at her and didn’t say anything for a minute, wondering if she’d laugh that off and take it back. When she didn’t, he moved his hand to the back of his neck. “I’m…not sorry either.”

Holiday exhaled loudly and laughed a bit. “Thank God. You took so long to respond I thought I just screwed myself.”

He smiled at her. “I guess I already took care of that.”

She looked shocked at his comment and Six paused, realizing what he just said, before slapping his hand against his forehead. “Sorry, that was…sorry.”

A few seconds passed and Holiday laughed, leaning against him. “I can’t believe we had sex.

He stayed still. “I can’t believe I don’t remember any of it.”

The thought that they could repeat it while sober came to both of their minds, and Holiday sat up straight so she didn’t think about touching him. She glanced around the room, taking it all in now that she knew exactly where she was. Six’s room was…well, it was as boring as she expected. No surprises there.

“We should get dinner tonight,” Six said suddenly, turning towards her. “…if you’re interested.”

Holiday stared at him before smiling brightly. “I think that’s a great idea.”

They continued to stare for a couple seconds before Holiday noticed a clock on the wall behind Six, finally seeing that it was already 9:30 in the morning. She frowned. “Okay, you go shower so I can get dressed.”

He nodded and walked towards the bathroom. “Pick you up from your room at six?”

“Meeting Six at six. I can do that.” He shut the door and Holiday went back to searching for her bra, deciding not to focus too much on last night or the upcoming night or she’d never be able to focus on work.

  1. Luck
    :: Bobo, Rex, Six

“Kid, you’re thinking about it too much. Just look at your cards and if you’ve got high cards, keep ‘em.”

“Okay…” Rex shuffled through them. “So if, say, I had two aces and a king…I would wanna keep those? And trade the others in?”

Bobo nodded. “That’s a good hand you got there! Definitely keep those three.” He grabbed Rex’s other two cards and put them at the bottom of the deck before handing him two new ones. “What do you think now?”

“I think…” Rex squinted at the cards in his hands. “I think that those didn’t help me at all. You gave me two really low cards.”

Bobo shrugged. “Luck of the draw, Kid. You can trade ‘em in again, if you want. Got another turn, still.”

Rex nodded and handed the cards back, getting new ones to replace them. “Ooh!”

“Okay, in a real game you can’t look or sound super excited! It’ll make it obvious to the other players that you’ve got a good hand and you don’t want them to know anything. Got it?”

Rex nodded again. “Well, I…I’m pretty sure I have a really good hand!”

“Let’s see it.”

Rex slapped down his cards to reveal three aces, a king, and a seven. Bobo nodded. “Three-of-a-kind with aces high…that beats mine by a mile. Good thing we weren’t betting anything.”

Smiling, Rex collected the chips in the middle. “But we’re betting these little chip thingies! I wanna win all of ‘em!”

Bobo laughed as Rex started throwing the chips above his head until the door near them opened up and Six stared down at them.

“Hey Six! Bobo’s teaching me how to play Texas Pulled ‘Em!”

“Hold ‘em.”

“Hold ‘em!”

Six glared down at the monkey. “He’s thirteen. He doesn’t need to know how to gamble.

“Just teaching the kid a card game, Green Man. Don’t get your panties in a twist.”

Six grumbled and turned to walk away. He was not in the mood for this.

  1. Enthusiasm
    :: Kenwyn

People often asked her why she was so dedicated to Providence. “ It’s a corrupt organization”! they would always tell her. But she knew better. She knew the real Providence.

At age sixteen, Kenwyn was a happy part of the Jones Family – who lived in a little town called Boulder City outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Kenwyn, and her little sister Lydia. They weren’t rich and sometimes had trouble getting by every month, but they loved each other and were getting by as best as they could.

Kenwyn, smart as she was, had skipped a grade in middle school and was already a senior in High School. She was ready to graduate as Valedictorian and the youngest in her class and her family could not be more proud.

Lydia, especially, was so proud of her big sister. Not only was Kenwyn her hero and idol in every single way, but Kenwyn had talked to their parents and made it easier for Lydia to come out to them and admit to having a girlfriend. They were shocked, but accepting. And it was all thanks to Kenwyn. She really was the ultimate sister and the perfect role model.

It was, on the day of Kenwyn’s high school graduation, that The Terrible Thing occurred. In their family, they primarily chose to not talk about it. Not talking about tragedies was the easiest way to keep being optimistic and happy. Kenwyn used to agree with them, but after The Terrible Thing , she wanted them to talk more. She wanted them to talk about Grandpa’s death and about their financial problems and she wanted them to have proper arguments and debates like a regular family.

They didn’t want to – they really didn’t want to – but Lydia’s missing legs made it hard to avoid thinking about it.

Kenwyn was in the middle of giving her Valedictorian speech when The Terrible Thing happened. It was a giant hoard of EVOs – creatures that a lot of people were still coming to terms with – that stampeded through the ceremony. Lots of people were injured – four students and two parents were killed – but Kenwyn’s family could only pay attention to the screams of their youngest daughter whose legs had been crushed under the weight of the EVOs and there was so much blood and they could see pieces of bone sticking out and-

And then they came.


Kenwyn was in awe as this group of soldiers – hundreds of them! – came down from the sky like they were angels...and they started cleaning up. Half of them went after the EVOs and the other half started tending to the wounded. Lydia was taken away and Kenwyn and her family all came with to make sure she was okay. Obviously she’d never be okay , but she’d survive. And that was what mattered most.

So when people asked her why she was so dedicated to Providence, why she put her life on pause and joined this military organization instead of taking her full scholarship to Cornell? She didn’t feel like telling them the whole story. They didn’t need to know her sister’s tragedy and her family’s struggles in trying to pay for the medical bills. All she needed to say was that Providence saved her family and she owed them. She owed them her service and she wanted to help people all around the world so no one would have to go through what Lydia went through.

She was going to become the best goddamn agent that Providence had ever had! 

  1. Game
    :: Holiday, Six, Rex, Noah

"I still don't see the point to all this."

Holiday didn't respond to Six's negativity as she grabbed the drinks and food from him, handing some of them over to Rex and Noah, then turning back as the agent sat down in the aisle seat next to her.

"It won't kill you to humor Rex for a few hours, Six."

He scoffed. "We'll see."

She smirked, lightly shoving his arm. Usually she wasn't so physical with Six, but being out at a football game like this just brought her back to her high school days.

Not that she had a boyfriend in high school, but she did love going to games with her girlfriends. Er...not that Six was her boyfriend. Or one of her girlfriends.

Actually, this wasn't all that similar. She just had a love for football games that she hadn't been able to experience in a long time.

Fortunately for them, Six didn't complain much during the first quarter. Holiday even though she saw him lean forward in interest during a particularly risky play by their team - but Six would deny it immediately. He didn't want her to think he liked this sort of thing, that meant she'd try to drag him here again.

Rex and Noah, on the other hand, were constantly standing and screaming and cheering. Six had a huge headache. He would've considered leaving at half-time, but unfortunately they all came in one car. Realistically, Rex could just fly Noah and Holiday home, but they were trying to keep a low profile. Famous Providence employees really shouldn't be out at some random football game, after all.

That fact only added to Six's discomfort once he realized that during breaks in the game, there were different kinds of 'cams' that went around filming fans in the stands. So far, he'd seen a 'Flex Cam' - Noah and Rex appeared on screen for that one - a 'Booty Shake Cam' - to which he paid no attention - and a 'Disco Cam' - which was actually kind of entertaining.

As the next break started, Six briefly wondered what the next one would be. Since he'd never been to a football game before, he didn't know all the different options.

At that moment, the announcer yelled about a 'Kiss Cam' - and the screen showed a couple with a huge heart around them. It wasn't difficult to figure out what they were supposed to do, though the thought that they'd get a brother and sister pair on camera made the agent smirk.

The first couple on screen didn't notice the camera at first, but as soon as the girl saw it, she roughly grabbed the boy next to her - hopefully her boyfriend or husband - and planted one on him. The camera then moved to an elderly couple, who kissed each other and made a few people in the stands (Holiday included) say "aww".

The camera moved again, though Six was completely unprepared. He immediately tensed at the sight of himself on camera, and then at the realization that he and Holiday were expected to share a kiss on this public screen in front of thousands of people...

He opted to not move, able to see Holiday's reaction on the screen. Anyone could clearly see Rex and Noah laughing their heads off next to her, and Rex was even nudging her in the arm. Her face was red and she was biting her lip - pretty obviously nervous. Or uncomfortable.

The camera shook a little bit, and the words "PEER PRESSURE" appeared above and below the heart-bordered image of the agent and doctor. He bit the inside of his cheek, glancing over at Holiday, who was shielding her eyes from view.

After another moment, which must've not been as long as it felt, Six turned, reached over and lightly cupped the back of Holiday's neck, pulling her towards him for a very quick kiss. Anything to get the camera off of them.

Her response included a squeak and both hands coming up to grasp his shoulders, and after the second he thought the kiss would last, he realized that he couldn't make himself pull away. And Holiday didn't seem to want to, either...

Another few seconds later he overheard Noah say to Rex, "Man, are they still going at it?!" and Rex just laughed even more.

At that, the adults finally separated, glad to see that the camera had not been on them that entire time. In fact, the game had started up again. Holiday's face turned red at that realization, and Six knew his ears were turning pink. That hadn't exactly been the ideal situation for a first kiss...

But, well...he was glad it happened. At least it seemed like no one recognized them. And when he looked back over at Holiday, she was back to enjoying the game, though she did give him a small smile when she noticed him looking her way.

  1. Auction
    :: Main cast + some extras! Ft Holix

“You can’t be serious.”

White Knight glared at the person speaking to him, hoping they had suddenly grown a sense of humor and were trying to screw with him.

“Absolutely serious,” she responded. “The people need to see Providence in a more charitable light.”

“It’s raising money for Providence!”

“And by participating, we can encourage more organizations to do just that. Get Rex. Six, too. They’re required, other than that just go with whose interested.”

White pinched between his eyes. “Six is never going to agree to this.”

“Make him. I don’t care how you do it.”

“…Alright. I’ll get it done.”

“Good. See you at the auction, then.”

White Knight didn’t say a word as the purple-haired woman disappeared from his screen. He couldn’t stand when she gave him orders, but…she was right. If they participated in these kinds of charity events, maybe they’d get more money. Especially with Rex and Six on board. But how the hell was he going to get Six to participate in a date auction?!


“You can’t be serious.”

White snorted. “Funny, that’s exactly what I said.”

Six adjusted his sunglasses. “Rex’ll do it. He loves this kind of crap.”

“I know. But you have to do it, too.”


“It’s not a request, Agent. It’s an order. From the top. ” White felt like even more of an ass than usual – he didn’t mind sending Six on dangerous, life-threatening missions, but Six did have a sort of reputation he liked to uphold.

Six shook his head in disbelief. “From the- what?! Why?”

“Apparently they’re under the impression that you’re going to rake in a lot of money.” White couldn’t help but smirk at that.

Six frowned. “This is because of that stupid Ultimate Exposure segment, isn’t it?”


He sighed and rubbed his forehead. “How do these things work? I just have to take some rich woman out on a date?”

“Something like that,” White said with a shrug. “The organization running it will give you the details.”

“Am I getting anything out of this?” Six said quickly, hoping White would give him a bonus of some sort. Or maybe an intern to do all his paperwork so he could focus on fighting.

White frowned and looked off to both sides before smirking down at Six. “It’ll probably make Holiday extremely jealous, how’s that work for you?”

Six rolled his eyes and had to fight the urge to smack his forehead with his palm before shutting off the screen. He wasn’t going to acknowledge that comment with a response.


“A date auction?! Awesome!” Rex jumped onto his bed. “Girls are gonna bid thousands of dollars for a date with me, Six!”

Six rolled his eyes again. This was going to be a hellish nightmare.

“Maybe you could get a good hundred or so…I mean, if the Doc decides to bid anything!” Rex laughed at Six’s immediate frown. “I can’t believe White got you to do this. What’d he offer you?”

“Nothing. The orders were from higher up than him,” Six said, still frowning.

“Whoa! They must’ve seen how much that news lady was into you. Probably figured ladies would pay a lot for a date.” He laughed again. “They’ll probably make you be nice and gentlemanly on your date, too!”

With another eye roll, Six turned around and started to leave. “Just make sure you’re not late.”


Holiday tried not to laugh – honestly, she did. She snorted at first and immediately covered her mouth, but then she couldn’t stop thinking about it and suddenly burst out into laughter when Six came up to her.

Six just glared at her. “I take it Rex told you?”

She stopped after twenty seconds or so, and continued to cover her mouth. “I’m-I’m so sorry, Six, I just-I’m… you? For a date auction?

“Yes. I’m being forced. Against my will.”

“Well, don’t say that to the lucky lady who pays for you. And tell her she looks pretty , not just ‘nice,’ okay?”

Six felt an unmistakable urge to comment on how well Holiday was taking this. He didn’t expect her to get angry , but…well. He expected her to be a little put-off. But of course he wouldn’t voice that confusion. “Alright. Any other advice?”

“Hmm…” She put a finger to her chin in thought. “Where are you planning on taking the highest bidder? Restaurant?”

“I…hadn’t really given it any thought. I assumed she would choose.”

“Well, come up with something nice in case she wants you to pick!” Holiday smirked. She gave him a light pat on the shoulder before starting to turn away.

Six bit his bottom lip for a brief moment before opening his mouth. “So this doesn’t bother you at all?”

She turned around and raised an eyebrow. “What? You being auctioned off?”

“…yes,” Six said as neutrally as possible.

Holiday smirked again. “I got a date from you for free a few weeks ago, if somebody wants to pay, they can be my guest.” She went back on her way out the door.

Six raised an eyebrow at Holiday’s confidence. Of course she had to know she was gorgeous, and that he was more interested in her than anyone else, but…alright, maybe White had a point. Six wanted her to be jealous. At least a little jealous. Hopefully she showed up to the auction – maybe someone she knows will be there.


Shockingly, or maybe not so shockingly, the auction was already a huge success. First to go out were some soldiers that Six didn’t know particularly well, but they were all decent looking men, he supposed, and the women in the crowd (and a few men, he noticed) were bidding a few hundred dollars. That he found surprising – how rich were these people? And the soldier that just went up he was pretty sure was married. Maybe his wife would be the one to bid on him.

Six was forced to go last because of the news show making him – not his words – “extremely yummy and exciting.” He hoped to whatever God might be out there that Five through Dos didn’t find out about this. Not that he paid much attention to them these days, but still. He didn’t…he didn’t want to think about it much.

Callan was up next. Six listened from behind the scenes as he called out for more money. Started talking about all the things he was really great at and would take the girls to see. He was enjoying this way too much. Apparently some men enjoy having women want to spend a lot of money for a date with them, but Six just didn’t understand the appeal. Though he didn’t understand the appeal of paying someone for a date in general – when he was younger he would just go to a bar and find someone for free.

The announcer was starting to say the “going once, going twice,” stuff for Callan, so Six went back to paying attention. Callan was sold for $2000. That was…shocking, to say the least. Maybe some girls enjoyed the cowboy type. Was $2000 a lot for these sorts of events? Was someone going to pay even more than that for him? That was…honestly ridiculous. Maybe they were being generous since it was for charity. But still.

Rex went up next. He was excited – probably the most excited Six had ever seen him. Rex was immediately hamming it up for the audience, and the girls were screeching to the point where Six had to cover his ears. The announcer was shouting about all of Rex’s great qualities – many of them Six was a bit doubtful of – while Rex blew kisses and winked at everyone he could see.

Six peeked out of the certain to see what kind of women were making all these bets. There were a lot of older women in the crowd who were happily participating and Six didn’t know how he felt about that. Alright, no, he felt uncomfortable. Holiday would probably be pissed. Though speaking of, Rex probably didn’t mind hanging out with older women now that he thought about it.

They were already at $2000 for Rex, so clearly he was going to beat Callan’s amount. Not that it was a contest, he was pretty sure. Maybe it was? Did they mean he was expected to be the winner? Rex was already at $3000 now. Surely no woman would pay more than that for a date with Six. He wasn’t exactly friendly company. Or charming. Though according to Diane Farrah, he was extremely handsome. And here he’d been self-conscious about his receding hairline. Apparently no one cared about that!

“Sold for four thousand two hundred dollars!”

Six’s eyes widened – holy shit that was a lot of money – and peeked out again to see who’d won Rex. It looked like an older woman - maybe in her late 30s? – she was definitely too old for Rex. But Rex waltzed down the stage steps to meet with her. Six was tempted to say something about the age difference when he distinctly heard the woman in question say she couldn’t wait for Rex to meet her daughter.

…alright. That was fine, then.

But still, $4200. That was just ridiculous.

And that thought stayed in Six’s head as he heard the announcer start to call for him – she started with a description, and it was completely exaggerated and some of it just untrue, and also...very embarrassing. She called him a charming and very hands-on kind of guy. Holiday would probably be laughing her head off if she was here, so Six assumed she had other things to do.

He wouldn’t be here if he didn’t have to be, so Six didn’t mind. He stepped out when the announcer woman called his name and immediately put his hands in his pockets. No smiling, no posing. He was just going to stand here until this was over.

The announcer started with “Do I have two thousand dollars?” and Six almost let his mouth hang open. She started at five hundred for Rex, and just started at zero for the others. There was no way in Hell that some woman was going to pay-

“Five thousand!”

Six’s eyebrows shot up and he looked out to find the woman who’d said that. His eyes landed on not just one woman, but a group of (admittedly) very attractive women who were holding up their cash together.

“Five thousand dollars! Ladies and gentleman this is already our record for the night!” the announcer woman shouted into her microphone excitedly. “Anyone think they can top that?”

Six looked over at her. “They can put their money together?”

She smirked at him. “They can do whatever they want, so long as we get the money. And don’t forget to give all of them lots of attention!”

He looked back at the group. There were five women in total. Was he actually being forced to take out all of these women at once? Well, it was better than having to take each of them out on a date, he supposed.

As the announcer continued asking for more bets, since they’d only just started after all, Six scanned the crowd for anyone familiar. He was starting to get bored, not seeing anyone he recognized, until his eyes landed on a particular someone who he thought wasn’t going to be there.

Holiday was standing in the back of the room (wearing casual clothes and a pair of sunglasses, incognito maybe?), leaning against the wall and biting her lip – clearly staring at the group of women Six was about to take out. She was obviously, visibly jealous, and Six felt himself smile at that fact.

A couple women in the crowd gasped as he smiled, and Six immediately went back to his usual frown. No need to make anyone think he was smiling over his quintuple date. Not that he should be complaining, there were some very nice possibilities for him as the moment. And it’s not like he and Holiday were official …but…

“Going once! Going twice! Aaaand-“

F-five thousand a-and one!

Six looked for the source of the voice. And he smirked very obviously when he saw. Holiday was holding up one hand in the back of the room, covering her eyes with her other hand.

He almost felt like laughing. After that little talk she gave him, she still couldn’t stand seeing him go out with another woman. And could she even afford that kind of donation?

“We have five thousand and one! Anyone wanna take it up to two?”

The group of women who’d bet previously were scrambling to find more money – they even bothered some of the people sitting around them for anything. Six was glad he wouldn’t have to go with them, they seemed too energetic for his liking.

“Five thousand and one! Going once! Going twice!”

Holiday smacked herself in the face with her hand. She was going to regret this so, so much.


Six was smirking more than he’d ever smirked before. He was never going to let her live this one down. And he made his way towards her in the back of the room, ignoring the comments from the women on either side of him and he took the few steps to be right in front of her.

Holiday didn’t look up at him. Six leaned down. “Seems like it bothered you after all.”

She pouted. “Well I didn’t think it’d be a group of women! A-and all of them are gorgeous , I can tell from up here! It’s not like I’m being irrational when-“

He cut her off by reaching down and picking her up bridal-style. “No, Holiday, this was completely irrational and you know it.”

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and glared at him. “Y’know what? I’m going to make the most out of this, Agent. You have to do what I say for a night, that’s the rules, right?”

“Within reason,” he said as they walked out of the room.

“Fine. Within reason ,” Holiday mimicked. “You’re taking me to that Mexican place I’ve wanted to go to. I don’t care if we need reservations, get us in there! And then we’re going dancing, and you actually have to dance with me.”

Six frowned at her. “Maybe I should go back to those other wome-“

Holiday cut him off with a chaste kiss, moving back to glare at him. “I lost a lot of money today. You better make this night worth it!”

He considered the innuendo hidden behind that statement and chose to shrug – all he was going to think about for the rest of the night was the feeling of her lips on his.

  1. Endings
    :: Six, Holiday, Rex. Inspired by a fanart called “Cure, Contain...or KILL” by Miyathena1975 on deviantART. I don’t think allows links so google it and check it out.


“Stay here.”

“What? No, you need-“

You need to keep track of Rex’s vitals! Promise me you’ll stay here!”



“…be careful.”


She hated when he did this. He would treat her like a child – like someone he had to protect instead of a capable woman who could handle herself. Dr. Rebecca Holiday was not someone who wanted to sit on the sidelines! Not for something like this.

Van Kleiss – who was back, after a year of complete silence from him - had sent an army. Not just a battalion or a big group. An army. There were thousands of EVOs marching to Providence headquarters and Rex was working with the soldiers to take them down, but…it was clear Van Kleiss was up to something. He wouldn’t send such a huge army without due cause. It was more than just a comeback attack, they could tell.

And it was terrifying! Rex and Six were down there – even White Knight had donned his suit and joined in. Everyone was aware of the potential dangers of Van Kleiss’ attack. Of what it could mean. Was he after Rex again? Did he want something?

All she could hear was shouting. This stupid commlink just gave her headaches – anytime Rex landed on his side he’d accidentally turn it on and start screaming into her ear. Six always managed to stay silent – which was just as discomforting.

She didn’t really promise him anything, but Holiday was almost too nervous to move. Everyone was running around and screaming and she just wanted to join the fight , but Six was right – she needed to monitor Rex’s vitals.


It’d been six hours since the fighting started. She didn’t know what to do with herself anymore. So many people were coming in and out of the medbay to collect more soldiers and get them help. Rex had passed out twice already and Holiday’s heart was racing every time she waited for him to answer her again. Six was only speaking to her when she specifically asked for him.

…and now it’d been twenty minutes since she last called for Six and he still hadn’t responded. Holiday knew if he didn’t respond in ten more minutes she was headed to the battlefield and she didn’t care how dangerous it was.

Agent Six? Come in, Six!”

Still no word. Rex called in and asked why she didn’t sound so worried about him , but he didn’t know where Six was either.


No response. She was already getting her coat. “Rex, don’t do anything too reckless, I’m going to look for Six.”

“Are you sure that’s such a good id-“

“Don’t do anything too reckless!”

“…okay, okay! Be careful!”

She was getting tired of everyone telling her to be careful. 34-years-old and people still treat her like this! And not just Six and Rex – multiple soldiers commented on her rushing out of headquarters with a worried expression on her face. They kept bothering her and how could they not realize she had somewhere more important to be?!?!

She rushed out of the building and took one of Providence’s cycles, riding further onto the grounds and through the mess of human and EVO bodies. She knew better than to dwell on it, she just had to keep going.

After about three minutes of driving, Holiday got to a point where she could see some soldiers fighting EVOs in the distance. Either Six was with them, or he was somewhere else , or he could be dead or injured or who knows! Either way, she was on foot from here on.

With her guns out and eyes sharp, Holiday started walking towards the battles. She had to step over some bloody EVO carcasses - which was disgusting and awful and she felt a pang in her heart for the possible family that EVO could’ve had – and then there was a crunch under her boot.

She lifted it and looked down. It was…a commlink. Whoever it belonged to, it was broken now. But as she looked down, she saw a pair of sunglasses just a few feet away. Her heart stopped as she walked over and picked them up, brushing dirt and dust off of them. Six wasn’t dead. His sunglasses just fell off and he was too busy to come get them. It didn’t mean he was dead. He would’ve-…he couldn’t have told her, that was probably his commlink.

So stupid! She should’ve…she should’ve said something to him before he left. That she loves him or something stupid like that. They were only kind of sort of awkwardly dating still after all this time, but she knew how he felt and he knew how she felt…and she wish she could’ve said something…and it was just frustrating knowing she had the opportunity and just-

There were footsteps in front of her and Holiday’s looked over to see Six’s brown shoes stained with blood. She wiped tears off her cheeks before standing up straight and seeing the face of the man she thought might be gone.

He stared down at her and she stared back at him. There was still fighting going on and he was covered in blood and scratches and his jacket was gone and her heart was racing.

“…I told you to stay there.”

She closed her eyes and looked down at the sunglasses in her hands. “You weren’t answering me.”

Six took a step closer to her. “I’m sorry.”

Holiday looked up again to see him right in front of her. “I know,” she said while she started to bring the sunglasses up and back onto his face. There was something intimate about putting them on for him that made her feel…serene. Not exactly happy, but, she liked that he let her.

With her hands on the sides of his face, Six dropped his swords and squeezed her waist, pulling her in for a kiss. He didn’t care if anyone saw, he was tired and aching and scared and he was so happy to see her. And she kissed him back passionately – wrapping her arms around the back of his neck and moving her lips against his like she thought she’d never see him again.

When they finally parted, Six didn’t want to let go of her.

“…I love you.”

Holiday’s eyes widened and she just…stared at him. A part of her wanted to blurt “you do?!” but she held it in, thank God , because that would be the worst possible reaction.

Six stared down at her expectantly. He didn’t expect this to be some movie moment where she says “I love you, too” and then they kiss until the sun sets, but…he kind of expected a response right away.

Holiday bit her lip and finally, after way too long of not responding, leaned up and kissed him again. “I love you, too, Six…I love you so much.”

They wanted to stay and enjoy each other’s company for as long as they could, but Six knew he’d have to return to the fight. As he started to go, Holiday grabbed his hand.

“I’m coming with.”

“Holiday, you can’t-“

Yes, I can. I’m coming with you,” she said confidently.

Six just smiled at her. He knew she could handle herself, but he was always worrying about her. “…fine. Just don’t slow me down.”

She kissed him again. “I couldn’t if I tried.”