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Heyyy everyone! I know I haven’t posted any GenRex fic in a while, but that’s mostly ‘cause…I’ve been working on this! Verrrry slowly. I’m pretty sure I started this well over a year ago using some random prompt generator. And I’m almost done! I wanted to make sure I had at least 90 out of the 100 fics written before I started posting them. And with 93 (and a half!) done, I figured it’s about time to start.

The fics weren’t written in order, so the writing style or…well…it’s possible there are different things going on with some of these fics. They aren’t chronologically connected, most of them contradict each other, etc, etc. Oh, yeah, and it’s like 80% Six/Holiday stuff :’D

This first chapter is mostly drabbles, I think it’s only around 3200 words in total. BUT chapter four is like 7000 words and currently chapter ten is 15000 words. So there’s some variety in here hahahaha. Anyway, hoooooope you enjoy!

  1. Introduction
    :: Six, Holiday, Beverly

 “Six, can you stay with Beverly for a second? I just need to grab something from the next room..."

The agent watched Dr. Holiday as she practically floated out the door; he had never seen her so outwardly happy before. He felt...oddly content in knowing that he had something to do with that. Turning around, he saw the other reason: the teenage girl staring at him from the examination table.

"So...Agent Six, huh?" She hopped off the table and strolled towards him. "That's a weird name."

He cocked an eyebrow at her. "I suppose so."

There was an awkward silence for almost a minute before Beverly spoke up again. " Sooo... " she started, glancing up and around Six's head.

"" he responded, shifting his weight at the sound of the door opening, Holiday obviously having had returned.

"So are you Rebecca's boyfriend?"

Not expecting the question, Six spoke an undignified, "I, uh..." while Dr. Holiday let out a small squeak and ran over, pushing Beverly back to the examination table.

After glaring at a confused Beverly, Rebecca glanced over at Six. "Um, I think Rex wanted to talk to you, Six."

He immediately started towards the door. "Right."

As soon as the door closed, Rebecca attempted to continue glaring at Beverly, who just laughed at her sister. "He seems nice," she commented.

Dr. Holiday couldn't help but smile. "Yeah...he is."

  1. Complicated
    :: Six, Holiday

“So what do you see on this blot?"

Glancing over, Six smirked as pushed the sunglasses higher on his nose. "I see... you a string bikini. Looking good, as expected."

She blushed and glared at him. "I'm trying to help you here! You have to tell me what you actually see!"

He rolled onto his side, completely facing her now. "That's too complicated. I'd rather say what I wanna see." And the smirk came back.

She pouted and turned around, clicking a button on the monitor for the next Rorschach blot to appear. "Try telling me what you actually see this time."

  1. Making History
    :: Six, Holiday

He glanced down at the woman next to him, curtain closed (for the moment) in front of them, himself in one of his nicer suits. She was wearing a beautiful, but professional gown, hair up in the bun as usual, and a little extra makeup to make her eyes pop to even those further back in the crowd.

She looked over at him, somehow always managing to lock her eyes with his, even without being able to see them.

He broke her gaze and stared at the curtain. "Ready to give your big speech?"

She let out a nervous chuckle. "I, uh, I suppose so..."

With a raised eyebrow and a reflex he didn't know he had, Six reached out and gently squeezed her hand. "You'll do fine."

She squeezed back and smiled softly at him. "...yeah, thanks."

  1. Rivalry
    :: Six, Rex, Holiday, Caesar :: From an AU I'm never gonna write. Imagine Six Minus Six with months instead of years, so the big things Six misses are Caesar, One, and Beverly. Oh, and his date with Holiday!

“So...who is he again?”

Rex sighed and closed his eyes, but immediately shook his head. Things could be worse. At least Six remembered most of them. “That's my brother. He's the reason you're like this...but it wasn't on purpose! So don't, uh, don't kill him or anything.”

A raised eyebrow in response. “Do I usually threaten to kill him?”

Rex opened his mouth to give a quick 'no', but paused. “Uh...well, not a lot .”

Six's mouth formed a straight line as he turned from Rex and stared over at Caesar, who was currently talking to Dr. Holiday.

Well, she was talking to him . More like scolding. was similar to how she yelled at himself, actually.

At that realization, Six turned back to Rex. He didn't need to know where his own thoughts were headed. “So he's...what? A scientist?”

“Yeah,” Rex nodded. “like Holiday. Since he was around for the original Nanite Event, sometimes they work together or he'll take over watching over my bios. I think it's been good for the Doc.”

Six couldn't help a glance back at the two scientists. Worked together, huh? “Hm...that's good.”

Rex raised an eyebrow this time. “Uh...yeah.” Six kept staring over at the scientists and he didn't really get why.

“Anyone else move in these past few months?” Six asked, eyes still locked on Holiday and Caesar. He couldn't quite explain what was making him so uncomfortable about this man.

“Not that I can-oh!” Rex smacked himself on the forehead, making Six look back at him in slight concern. “Duh! Beverly!”

“Bever-...Holiday's sister?"

“Yeah! She's cured! But Holiday hasn't been able to replicate it yet.”

Six blinked a few times behind his sunglasses. “ That'”

“Yup! And it was all thanks to you!” Rex smirked and nudged the man in the side. He kind of wanted to tell Six the whole story, but figured Holiday wouldn't appreciate that. He also had another story to tell Six about...but he'd wait until they had a private moment. Or at least until Six was caught up with everything else.

“Me? Not your brother ?” Six asked scornfully, immediately regretting the second question.

Rex paused, mouth pouty, staring at Six. His brother? Why would Six think his brother had-...hmm. Oh, wow. That pout on his face turned into a huge smile and Rex finally realized why Six was spending so much time staring at the scientists. Was it possible ol' Six was jealous ? “Oh no, not Caesar. It was all you. The Doc was very grateful. Very .”

Six quirked an eyebrow at Rex's emphasis on “very”. It sounded suspicious.

“But you should talk to her about it!” Rex got it and started towards the scientists. “I'll distract Caesar and then you can have your alone time!”

Six glared and was about to object, but Rex was already grabbing his brother's arm and pulling him away from the Doc. Holiday crossed her arms and balanced her weight on to one side, before shaking her head and walking over to a very confused Six.

“Did Rex update you on everything?”

Six chewed the inside of his cheek before responding with a quiet, “...not sure.”

She sat down next to the agent. “Okay, what did he tell you?”

Six didn't look at her. “About his brother. About your sister.” A pause, and then, “...that's great, by the way, that she's cured. How is she?”

Holiday blinked, surprised by his response. “Um, she's fine. Thanks.” She tugged her hair behind her ear, realizing that Rex just got the two biggest things out of the way. “ there anything you really want to hear about or should I just go through the whole timeline?”

Six suppressed a smirk at that, but couldn't stop himself from answering with, “What's Rex's brother like?”

She wasn't exactly expecting that question, but shrugged it off and looked to the ceiling in thought. “Well he's...he's a genius, undeniably.”

Six let out a huff that he hoped Holiday didn't notice. A genius , huh?

“Though I'll admit he's a bit odd...and you actually didn't like him much. I think you may have threatened to kill him once or twice.” She let out a small laugh at the thought. "Oh, I shouldn't laugh at that."

Six, rather than think it was funny, was glad he hadn't changed much in these past six months. “I imagine him being here has been good for Rex. Learned a lot about his past?”

She smiled. "Yes, absolutely! It's been great, actually. Caesar even took Rex to visit some family friends a few months back."

Six nodded in response, not sure what else to say. He wanted to ask about Beverly, but he also wanted to ask about...Holiday and Caesar. Not that he really thought there was anything there, but...still. Curiosity.

" Rex says you haven't been able to replicate the process that cured Beverly," Six started. " you know if you'll ever be able to?"

Rebecca closed her eyes and patted nonexistent dust off her skirt. "I...hope so. The whole story is pretty long, but the basic problem is that I didn't create the machine that cured Beverly, I just altered it so it would work. And the man who did create it is still on the run."

"On the run?" He raised an eyebrow.

Sighing, Holiday put her hands together on her knees. "I suppose I should just tell you the whole story. I...I was stupid. It was Beverly's birthday and I was getting anxious - and there'd been a recent unveiling by Dr. Brandon Moses - a very well known scientist in the study of nanites - that he could cure incurables. Out of desperation, I...paid him to help Beverly. It was so stupid. I can't tell you how much money I lost because of that."

He felt himself grow angrier while she spoke. It did sound like she made a stupid mistake, but he understood how awful she'd felt all these years. He wanted to strangle this Moses guy.

"Anyways, so he took Beverly, turned out it was all a scam - he'd been supercharging EVOs with extra nanites instead of curing them - and your friend with pink hair told us where to find him-"

"Five?" he interrupted, somewhat bewildered. He rarely asked Five for favors, unless it was absolutely necessary.

She shrugged. "I think that's what she called herself."

He nodded, deciding to disregard that fact and let the doctor continue.

"We found Moses, he supercharged Beverly, and then got away while I altered his machine so it would be able to cure her. Unfortunately, it needed a way to reverse the polarization used your magnablades on it. ...almost died, too."

Eyebrow raised, Six was somewhat impressed with these actions he couldn't remember. He didn't want to remember the pain, obviously, but being able to see Holiday's face when she first saw Beverly again would've been worth it.

"I'm sorry."

She looked up, almost confused at first, but then let out a small laugh and cover her mouth with her hand. "Sorry? I may have been scared out of my mind, were fine and you saved Beverly. You don't have to apologize for anything ."

He smiled just a bit at that. "I'm glad I could help."

"Me too," she said, smiling back in response. After a moment, she turned away from him and messed with her hair...debating whether or not to tell him the rest of the story.

"Anything happen after that?"

Rebecca felt her cheeks flare up and she cleared her throat in an attempt to settle down. "I-uh...not really, no."

"...not really or not at all?"

She flushed again and turned away from him. "Not at all."

She was pretty obviously lying, and Six had some decent guesses as to why. His number one guess, though...what would he do if he almost died? Something he'd always considered, but never actually felt the need to do.

He smirked, knowing he was probably right. Those thoughts earlier about Caesar and Holiday were completely washed away - he knew where he stood.

  1. Unbreakable
    :: Holiday, Six

Punching bag. She needed a punching bag.

Walking into the small, but well-fitted gym, Holiday kicked off her shoes and situated herself in front of the punching bag she'd been searching for.

If only it had Black Knight's face on it.

A quick left hook, then a couple more straight-forward punches before she just flipped around and sent a roundhouse kick to its middle. With the size of the bag, it shook slightly, but didn't really move.

Holiday glared at it angrily. How dare it not burst into a milllion pieces, just like she wanted Black Knight to do!? It should be on the floor, begging for mercy .

She punched and kicked at it more. And more. And she was so tired but she couldn't stop.

Eventually she just gripped the sides of the bag and slid down to the floor. Her knuckles were bruised and her face was red and she felt sweaty and gross, but she still didn't feel better.

Pretty confidently, she knew the only thing that would make her feel better was getting the tomb back. After all of her searching ; she'd been down in that tunnel for days , not able to contact the guys or eat anything more than the small things she packed, and it was gone in two seconds.

Black. Knight. Goddamn Black Knight.

She got up and started punching again.

An hour or two later, Six walked into the gym, ready to train for a bit himself. When he saw Holiday, passed out and leaning against the punching bag, he scrapped that and immediately brought her to her room.

She usually wasn't so careless. He was glad he held her back for attacking Black Knight back in Egypt – who knows what might've happened.

  1. Obsession
    :: Holiday, Beverly

Beverly's head shook back and forth as her headphones blasted music loud enough for her sister to hear it on the other side of the room. Rebecca stomped over and pulled the phones off Bev's head, making the younger girl finally look up at her. “Hey – what was that for?!”

“Beverly, your music is too loud. And you're always listening to this same band! Don't you like anything else?” She held in the desire for something classical, or oldies – of course Bev wouldn't listen to that.

“I love the Trendbenders! Why would I stop listening to them?” The younger sister grabbed her headphones back and started to put them on, when Rebecca's hand pulled one of the phones away from her ear.

“Just keep the volume down! I don't need to hear how obsessed you are.”

“I'm not obsessed! They're just really good!” She flicked her hair. “Don't know why you can't hear that.”

Rebecca rolled her eyes and grabbed another book. This is exactly why she didn't feel the need to come home every few months. She had work to do if she wanted to get her third PhD before she turned thirty.

  1. Eternity
    :: Six, Holiday

“What if he doesn't come back for years?

Six glanced up at the woman in front of him. It'd been four months since Rex's disappearance into the time stream. It'd been three and a half months since Black Knight took over and they broke away from Providence. Every month or so, she'd gone through this pessimistic speech and he'd roll his eyes and tell her to stop worrying , she calculated this, Rex will be back in a few months at the most.

“We should be doing something.”

The agent turned his full attention to her. “We have been doing something. All those EVOs we've collected – that you've been studying? Remember those?”

She glared at him. “We should be doing more!

“What more could we possibly do? Rex will be back soon. We can't cure EVOs until then, so we have to let Black Knight use her collars on the more dangerous EVOs.” He made some hand motions for emphasis, hoping this would be the last time she went through her “Rex isn't coming back!” phase.

She started to glare at him again, but the mention of a cure made her eyebrows pop up. “Of course! I should be working more on the cure.” She got up and headed to her lab.

Six quickly followed her, grabbing her arm by the elbow. “Holiday.”

She tugged at him, but turned around when her efforts were in vain. “ What?

He pulled her closer to him. “You should visit your sister or something. Take some time off.”

She blinked. “Excuse me?”

“Get away for a while. I'll handle things here. Before you know it, Rex'll be back and you can stop getting so fussed about it.” He let go of her arm, but they stayed in relatively close proximity.

She looked down from his face and stared at his chest, glancing back and forth. “I guess that, um...”

He smirked. “Unless you'd like me to come with you?”

She smirked back and shoved him a bit away from her. “No, I think you could use the quality time with White and Bobo.”

She almost laughed when his smile dropped. He hadn't even thought about that.

  1. Gateway
    :: Six

He was surprised. Very, very surprised.

Never actually having the time or patience, Six hadn't paid much attention to religion. He didn't follow Christianity, or Judaism, or Shintoism or Buddhism or Islam. There was too much effort and all he needed to know was that no matter which God you followed, He wasn't going to give you money or food to help you survive.

But he hadn't quite called himself an atheist . In the chance that he would die, he liked to imagine there was something else to look forward to. Though he knew, with his track record, it wouldn't be anything good, he still liked to imagine there was something .

But this – this – was not what he imagined.

This gate, the one in front of him, the one he could only imagine he was supposed to enter...

It was white.

  1. Death
    :: White, Holiday


The aforementioned man looked up at the screen in front of him quickly as Dr. Holiday strode into his 'office'. "Do you need something, Dr. Holiday?"'

" What are we going to do about Six?"

He looked away from her, to something else on the screen, and she noticed him flick a few buttons around. "Salazar's still working on his machine. If he gets it fixed and Six agrees to be given his memories back, then there's no problem."

"...and if either of those don't work out...?"

Her boss' eyes drooped and his frown got deeper than usual. "...then the Six you knew is dead and gone."

She closed her eyes, letting out a sigh. "Yes, I figured that, knew him at that point in time, is he going to stay working here or what?"

White shrugged absentmindedly. "I suppose it's his choice at this point. Perhaps with some... convincing ," he gave her a raised eyebrow, and she responded with an appalled blush and a glare that made him know not to breach that subject again, "we wouldn't have to worry about him sneaking off before Salazar can fix his stupid machine. Otherwise, we'll just have to wait and see what happens. This Six is...unpredictable."

She huffed. "He's unpredictably immature."

White smirked at her. "What, you're complaining that he's flirting? I would've thought you'd enjoy that."

She frowned at the older man, glaring hard. "No, I don't , and I'd appreciate if you wouldn't think that." Angered, she turned around and stormed out of the white room, muttering about how as of that morning, all the men at Providence were pigs, and there was not one exception.

As soon as the door closed, White Knight let out a heavy sigh and massaged his temples. Irritating Dr. Holiday usually made him feel better, but this situation had...very little chance of turning out to be a good thing. Maybe he needed to talk to Rex.

  1. Opportunities
    :: Six, Holiday

That was the perfect moment. He was gonna say it. He was going to actually...tell her how he felt.

Or was he?

Six groaned, sunglasses off, rubbing his temples, and sitting on the edge of his bed. This past day had been...frustrating, to say the least. Holiday had been away for more than the few days she initially told them, and when he suggested they go get her, that stupid monkey wouldn't stop making comments. And then there was Rex with his godawful smirking.

And then they found her and they were fine and he was back to normal...and then they were about to die. What else could he do? Bobo knew it. Rex knew it.

It was, only at that moment...that he knew it, too.

And of course he, then, chickened out. His old self never said it, either, as far as he knew – and there was no chance he hadn't felt the same.

Six sighed, and got up from the bed, headed to the bathroom.

He lost his perfect opportunity – now he honestly didn't think he'd ever tell her.