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Lost Butterfly

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     Kallen was a good friend to you. She was an old friend at that but included you in everything she could. Christmas was approaching fast and she was going to have a party. "Come on Y/N. It's going to be fun. It's going to be at my house so you know it's going to be fine. I'm not afraid to kick people out if they cause a problem." Kallen reasoned with you. You knew Kallen's friend group was very diverse, and some of them could at best be called a handful. "Listen Ygda is going to be bringing Ana so I promise I will keep it tame. Okay." Kallen tried again when you didn't respond. "Fine. I'll come." You sighed. Kallen smiled calmly, hugging you gently before she began to text someone on her phone. "We're going to be late if you don't hurry up." You sighed. "I'm walking slow on purpose. I'm waiting for Derieri to give me back my charger, she forgot to give me it back yesterday and my IPad is almost dead. Go ahead of me if you're so worried." Kallen stated. You nodded before speeding up your pace, walking into class just as the bell rang. The rest of the day was a blur and you just kept thinking back to that stupid agreement to go to Kallen's party. It was this Friday and Kallen had encouraged you to come in Christmas attire.

    Kallen had worked hard to set up for this party you could tell. She had the big Christmas tree you were used to seeing in front of her main window. The inflatables were blown up on the front yard, and her adopted sister Scahae was seen pulling out hangers for the guests' coats. You were the first one there as usual because you lived rather close to her. "Go down to the basement, you get first picks of the seats I guess. And you know the comfy ones too. "Scahae can you bring down the games and put them on my desk in the back. They are pretty much just big children." Kallen asked as she fixed the various pillows. You heard the doorbell ring as another person or possibly group showed up. Kallen was joyfully greeting them and you heard three sets of footsteps. You then heard Scahae coming down the steps with the boys following. Scahae smiled and hugged you before dipping into the back part of the room to drop off the stuff she was carrying. Meliodas, Zeldris, and Estarossa were all wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. Estarossa's was an ugly mustard yellow color with an adorable sloth with a Christmas hat on, which you had to assume Kallen got him. Meliodas was wearing the classic red 'I've been naughty' and you assumed Elizabeth had the counterpart. Zeldris had just a simple black sweater with a snowman pattern. The basement began to fill up as more of the guests showed up. Ygda had Ana with her when she entered, Bones and Nemur came together along with Charletta. Siegred came with Elrie and carried her down the stairs before getting her wheelchair and coming down himself. Elizabeth, Ban, Elaine, Diane, and King all carpooled there. Drole, Derieri, and Monspiet had all been driven by Galland who was the oldest one there. Gelda arrived with Merlin, Gowther, Arthur, and Escanor. Melascula showed up last with the dog their friend group had raised Grayroad. Kallen's dogs had been eager to play with Grayroad and as such, Grayroad stayed in the backroom playing with the other big dogs. Kallen's basement was fairly large or else all of these guests would be packed together like sardines. 

   When Kallen finally came downstairs Estarossa pulled her onto his lap. Many couples had done so to save space. All the guests had begun to talk among themselves. Scahae was sitting at Kallen's desk and looked to her sister. "Games. Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid." Scahae hissed. "Toss it." Kallen hissed back. Kallen caught it and then got everyone's attention. "This is a lot of people I know. I don't think that everyone here knows each other very well. So this is a game where you find out all about each other. It's called Drunk Stoned or Stupid. You don't want to get cards in this, and there are no winners only losers. The first to 7 is the pan ultimate loser." Kallen explained and everyone agreed to play. Kallen started it off, pulling out a random card. "#76 has an emotional breakdown when Netflix isn't working." Kallen shot a look behind her to her boyfriend. "I'm sorry but you literally did that yesterday." Kallen laughed handing him the card as he grumbled. She let him pull a card from the deck as well. "#185 thinks they're a philosopher after one drink." A majority of heads turned towards Galand. "Yeah. No denying that one." He said taking the card and the deck. "#174 pours cheap vodka into grey goose bottle to impress people." He paused looking around. "Y'know I'm just a broke college kid but Melascula over there would do it even if she wasn't. So Melascula dear here is your card. Your turn," Galand decided, smiling viciously. "#250 always wants to play stupid card games." Melascula read. "To be fair it's not stupid," both Kallen and Scahae said defensively. "Yeah, I have a better pick. There's a pure little sweetheart over there who seems just so innocent." Melascula said handing the card and deck down to Elizabeth who smiled nervously. "#157  won't stop talking about relationship problems." Elizabeth looked around everyone shrugging. "I don't think this applies to anyone. Can I discard it?" She asked. Kallen nodded and Elizabeth redrew. "#245 probably owns a sex toy." She read embarrassed. "So who's the loneliest. I think our dear boy Galand over there is getting another card." Estarossa laughed. Kallen chuckled lightly. "Listen when you get to college I'll come laughing when you're struggling with relationships alright." Galand countered causing Estarossa to howl in laughter. "I'm sorry. But you're the only one I can imagine Mr. Galand." Elizabeth said embarrassed. "There, there Elizabeth. It's fine." Meliodas comforted her. "#177 just wants to cuddle." Galand read before handing it straight to Kallen. She just accepted it and drew another card. "#27 has 20-minute conversation with Siri." Kallen just handed it to Nemur. "I have a lot of questions and I'm polite." He defended. "I know. That's why it's most likely to be you." Kallen smiled gently.

      "#190 will coach a kids soccer team and be way too into it." He passed the card to Ygda who just shrugged. "#33 apologizes for everything they have ever done." Ygda just handed the cards back to Nemur. "#229 can't remember shit." Nemur looked to Charletta and quickly passed her the cards. He would never be rude especially by calling out his friends for their faults. "#145 steals a street sign." Kallen elbowed Estarossa to nudge Charletta. "He literally has before," Zeldris yelled pointing to Estarossa as you continued nudging him. Charletta just shrugged and handed the cards to him. "#243 always tells the same damn story." Quickly Estarossa handed it to Drole. "Sorry bud, you're the first one I thought of because we don't really talk." Drole took the cards and read "#28 is a basic bitch." Quickly he handed the cards to Gloxinia he looked slightly offended but not downright insulted. "#43 will blow life savings on space travel." Everyone began accusing each other. You even threw in a few jabs at Kallen and Scahae. Until the final cards, everyone was on relatively the same playing field except for you, who had significantly less. Kallen pulled out a card and read it, "#94 is a fucking push-over." Kallen looked to you solemnly before handing it over. "I'm sorry but it is a little true." You sighed playing it off, but internally it did hurt. "But think about this now you decide who is the ultimate loser among us." You nodded a little. "#240 will drive 3+ hours in hopes of hooking up." Everyone cried out Estarossa's name and laughed hysterically. Kallen gathered everyone's cards back and put them in the box. "Is everyone hungry? We have dinner when you're ready." Kallen asked. Everyone mumbled yes, and Kallen and Scahae began to get the heroes out from the fridge in the backroom. 

   After everyone ate and settled Scahae went upstairs to set up the gingerbread house building competition. Kallen stayed downstairs cleaning up the trash. Everyone had been respectful and put their garbage all together and on the tables rather than leaving it strewn about. "Everyone come on up," Scahae called and the large group went up the stairs to the kitchen where two tables had been set up for the competition. "So it's kind of a tradition to build a gingerbread house for Christmas. But we wanted you to be creative, so you have everything you need but no clue what the original looks like. Also, we're going to set two team captains and they have to pick people that you don't normally spend time with. The first team leader is going to be Arthur, and the other will be Elrie. So we'll stay to watch you pick teams and then we're going to put up the timer and check on you every few minutes. You'll have 30 minutes. Start picking your teams." Kallen and Scahae stepped back to let them go for it. Arthur looked around before calling "Y/N." You were shocked you were never the first pick. "Elaine." "Melascula." "King." "Derieri." "Ban." "Nemer." "Diane." "Bones." "Zeldris." "Estarossa." "Siegred." "Monspeet." "Elizabeth." "Ygda." "Meliodas." "Ana." "Merlin." "Drole." "Escanor." "Gloxinia." "Gowther." "Gerharde." "Galand." 

   "Alright, the teams are set you've got 30 minutes starting now. Good luck." Kallen said staring a timer on her phone. "Our theme is going to be Love in a Winter Wonderland," Elrie told her team as she got close to the pieces. "I'll build it if you guys decorate it." The team agreed and began to work. Arthur's team was a little bit all over the place. Everyone but you were arguing about what the theme should be, you just started to put together the build. "Guys!" Arthur was trying to get their attention but they just kept arguing. "What theme do you want it to be? You're the team leader after all." You asked as he gave up and sunk down. "I was thinking of something pretty and angelic." He said looking to you. "If you help me I think we can pull it off." You stated, pulling everything towards the two of you. When Kallen came to check on your team she didn't see the two of you working together. The 30 minutes flew by and soon time was called. You looked over at Elrie's team. They had managed to create an almost beautiful scene with a few small issues but otherwise beautiful. You then looked down at your house. Considering only 2 of you had worked on it, it was rather good. It came as no shock when Elrie's team won but you were proud of the little house. Everyone went back downstairs where other games were set up. Just Dance was on the TV and Scahae sat right over there waiting excitedly. Monopoly was in the back near Kallen's desk. And in the hallway was Cards Against Humanity. The rest of the night was a blur of rapid excitement. You had joined in playing Monopoly where you witnessed Kallen brutally destroy anyone that tried to so much as play the game casually, watched Merlin yell at Arthur for wasting his money on worthless properties, and learned that Meliodas was terrible at negotiating prices. You looked over at the group playing Just Dance watching as Galand destroyed Ygda at the game. The group playing Cards Against Humanity were surprisingly the quietest, not to say they didn't have points where they too were yelling.

    When everyone was leaving you were one of the last to go. The only ones left were you, Arthur, Merlin, Escanor, Meliodas, Zeldris, Estarossa and obviously Scahae and Kallen. Merlin, Gelda, and Escanor went to go get their coats as the 3 other boys went to sit in the living room to wait for their father. You didn't understand why Arthur hadn't gone with Merlin, Gelda, and Escanor. "Y/N, thanks a lot for before. I'm really grateful for you helping me with the competition. And I wanted to tell you, you look pretty cute. Want to hang out over the break?" Arthur confessed a little nervous. "Sure." You smiled when he did and the two of you went up the stairs. You couldn't believe anyone had noticed you in that way. You wanted to jump for joy. "Hey Y/N do you want to stay over here for the night? You can take one of our beds and our spare pajamas." Scahae offered as she raised an eyebrow at you. "I'll ask my mom." You responded texting your mom quickly. Arthur walked out with his coat. "I almost forgot something. He passed you a little piece of paper that had his phone number. You quickly typed it in and sent a short "Hi" to save the number. He smiled at you again before leaving with his car group. The boys left shortly after them, Estarossa and Kallen kissing quickly as he left. As he left your mom answered with a yes.

   The two girls quickly pulled you upstairs with them. "How was it?" Kallen asked after throwing you a pair of pajamas. "What do you mean? The party?" You asked. "Yes. Did anything special happen?" Scahae asked. "Or did he chicken out?" She mumbled under her breath. "Well I mean the party was great. Something special did happen I guess. Arthur wants to hang out over the break and he called me cute." You answered. "Finally, he did it. He's been asking me every day if you were coming today because he finally worked up the courage to tell you. He's been asking everyone for help." Kallen sighed. You looked to her as she began texting on her phone. "That day in the hall, I wasn't texting Derieri the entire time. I texted him as soon as you agreed. He was texting me the rest of the time plus a short conversation with Derieri about my charger." Kallen looked at you smiling like the Cheshire cat. "What am I meant to do?" You asked. Kallen laughed before answering, "Just be yourself." You sighed and shifted the blankets around you.