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Honey Thighs & Strawberry Kisses

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Hoseok likes feeling pretty. 

He likes being doted on and praised and he loves feeling pretty.

So when his boyfriends buy him a new skirt he almost cries. It's adorable. It's a pleated skirt that's a sunshine yellow and the material is light and airy. 

"We also got you these," Namjoon smiles softly, taking out a small gift bag from his backpack. Hoseok excitedly empties out the contents and gasps when he sees enamel pins of yellow smileys and sunflowers. There's also a cute rainbow sunflower face and a squirrel with a fluffy tail.

Hoseok plops on the floor right there and then and lays his new skirt out, placing the enamel pins strategically onto the skirt. Yoongi chuckles and sits beside him, "You like them?" 

Hoseok bops his head up and down and kisses Yoongi’s cheek as a gesture of thanks. "I love them!" 

Once he's happy with the positions of the pins he stands up, shrugs off his sweats and slips on the skirt. Namjoon helps him with the tiny zip at the back and Yoongi leans against the wall watching with glittering eyes as Hoseok twirls in place, the skirt fluttering as he spins. 

"Do I look pretty?" Hoseok bats his lashes. 

"You look beautiful, Sunshine," Namjoon embraces him from behind, wrapping his arms around Hoseok’s small waist, "So pretty."

Hoseok blushes deeply. He may love being doted on and praised but… He's the shyest thing on this planet. He gets so easily flustered that it's embarrassing. Yoongi joins them, kissing Hoseok’s nose and going on his tippy toes to kiss Namjoon's.  

"You really are the prettiest, Seok," Yoongi smiles sweetly at him. Yoongi has a smile reserved just for them and it's Hoseok’s favorite. 

"Stuh-stop," Hoseok mumbles, "This is embarrassing." 

Namjoon kisses his temple, grinning, "Do you want us to do your makeup?" They do his makeup often. They spoil him a lot and Hoseok loves all the attention even if it leaves him a flustered mess. 

"If you want to…" he mutters and Yoongi’s already sitting him down on a chair and setting out the makeup and brushes. 

Namjoon cleans Hoseok’s face with a cotton pad and cleanser. He rubs a moisturizer on Hoseok’s skin, it’s cooling and makes Hoseok think he's at some sort of spa. 

Namjoon’s touches are gentle, careful not to hurt Hoseok in any way. He strokes down his cheek bone with the back of his finger and hums, "Your skin's so soft." 

" Joonie," Hoseok whines, "Stop it." 

"What?" Namjoon holds his hands up in defense, "I was just stating a fact." 

Yoongi dabs foundation onto Hoseok’s face and quietens as the seconds tick by. Yoongi’s always been quiet and once he's concentrating on something important nothing else can distract him. It causes bubbles to form in Hoseok’s chest, knowing that he's considered something important and a priority. 

"Do you want to go out after this?" Namjoon asks, "You look really pretty, Seok and-" 

"No," Hoseok shakes his head, wanting to curl in on himself. He may like attention from his boyfriends but grabbing the attention of others and their looks of judgment is something he hates. Yoongi and Namjoon always try to convince him to go out with them while he's all dressed up but Hoseok always refuses. "It's okay."

He wants people to look at him, but not in a way that makes him feel small and ugly. When there's too much negative attention on him, he gets this churning feel in his stomach and just wants to hide forever. 

It's his own fault for liking pretty things like skirts. Not many people understand it, not many people understand him . Only a couple years into their relationship, Yoongi and Namjoon found out about his little secret. 

They found a few skirts and stockings in his room that Hoseok forgot to pack away. At first they were confused, thinking that maybe his sister left it behind and when he went red in the face they couldn't understand it. Then, their mind went to the worst place possible and thought he might have been cheating on them. 

Hoseok would never cheat and they knew that. But the assumptions came nonetheless. He broke down in tears and they held him as he explained. Namjoon had told him that it was more than okay and that they'd never stop loving him and that they love him even more for being honest with them and sharing his secret. 

After that, Hoseok felt a lot lighter. He could talk about the things he loved more freely and wouldn't have to hide a piece of himself that he loved. 

"Hoseokie," Namjoon frowns, "If anyone looks at you badly I'll kill them." 

Namjoon’s a teddy bear. He couldn't harm a fly even if he tried . "Sure," Hoseok rolls his eyes but a small smile up turns the corner of his lips. 

"Joonie," Yoongi says then, "Why don't you get that thing we discussed the other day?" He gives Namjoon a knowing look and the other AHs when he understands. Hoseok, however, is completely confused. 

"What thing?" Hoseok cocks his head. 

"It's a surprise," Yoongi places a soft kiss to his forehead, "Now close your eyes. I'll do your eyeshadow." Hoseok decides to not push for the answer. He's going to find out sooner or later anyways. 

"Alright," Namjoon shrugs on his jacket, "I'll be back soon." 

Hoseok waves, "I'll miss you." 

Namjoon visibly melts at the tenderness seeped in Hoseok’s words, "I'll miss you too, Sunshine." 

Hoseok smiles, giddy. His legs swing back and forth in the chair as Yoongi does the rest of his makeup. "You're in a good mood," Yoongi muses, brushing shadow onto Hoseok’s lids. 

"Yep," Hoseok’s cheeks round with the biggest smile, "My two favorite people always make me happy. Of course I'm in a good mood." Hoseok gasps from surprise when Yoongi drops the eyeshadow brush onto the vanity and litters kisses all over his face. " Wah- Yoonie-"

"I love you," Yoongi smiles against his lips, "And I'd do anything for you." 

" Anything?" Hoseok teases, "Would you summon demons for me?" 

"I'd go down to Hell if I have to and bring those demons up just for you," Yoongi nuzzles their noses together and Hoseok turns into a pile of mush. 

"You're so embarrassing," Hoseok’s cheeks hurt from smiling, "I love you too, Yoonie." 

Yoongi smiles, the kind that shows his pink gums and small teeth. He continues doing Hoseok’s makeup, complimenting him every few seconds and saying how pretty he is. 

When Yoongi’s done with his eyes, he brushes a reddish pink lip tint and some gloss to Hoseok lips, "There. All done." Hoseok doesn't have to look in the mirror to know that Yoongi did his makeup well. Yoongi’s always been good at things like this and Hoseok trusts his skills. 

Yoongi turns to the mirror and starts applying foundation to his own face, "You're doing your makeup as well?" Not that Yoongi doesn't wear makeup but he only wears it for really special occasions. Not on an ordinary day like this one. "What's the occasion?" 

"You'll see," Yoongi says, looking at Hoseok through the reflection. 

What's that supposed to mean? 

Hoseok’s eyes narrow in confusion, he's just about to ask Yoongi for answers when Namjoon strolls through the front door, "I'm back!" he announces, a shopping bag swishing in his hands. "How’s my favorite boyfriends- oh wow, you look great," Namjoon spots Hoseok and smiles, dimples deepening prettily. 

"What's in there?" Hoseok eyes the bags, suspicious, "Did you buy me another gift? You just got me this skirt not even an hour ago-" 

Namjoon gives him a pointed look and scoffs playfully, "Not everything's about you, Seokie. I bought something for me and Yoongi." 

"What is it?" Hoseok asks curiously, trying to grab the shopping bag from Namjoon's tight grip, "I wanna see." Namjoon holds the bag above his head, Hoseok struggles to reach it. "Joonie. I want to seeeee-" 

"No," Namjoon steals a kiss from Hoseok’s lips while he tries to reach for the bag. 

"Stop-" Namjoon kisses him again and again. Hoseok’s protests get swallowed by Namjoon's lips. And since Hoseok is weak, he gives up on trying to attain the bag and lets Namjoon kiss him, going weak in the knees. Yoongi laughs at the whole ordeal, mumbling something that sounds a lot like, 'Seokie is so cute.' 

Namjoon’s arms wrap around Hoseok’s hips and the bag falls to the floor as he lifts Hoseok up. Hoseok whelp s, his legs wrapping around him for support. Namjoon grins and lays him down on the bed, Hoseok’s skirt riding up his thigh in the process. The yellow looks pretty against his honeyed skin. "Look at you," Namjoon's gaze darkens to something heavy, "So pretty." 

Hoseok keens at the praise, his stomach twisting. His head falls back and he bares his throat for Namjoon, shuddering when Namjoon's plump lips lightly brush his Adam's apple and kisses down the column of his throat. 

Yoongi’s watching the whole thing through the reflection of the mirror with a dopey smile on his face. "Joonie, don't ruffle him up too much. I just did his makeup." 

Namjoon makes a sound of confirmation at the back of his throat and lightens his kisses. They turn to something more gentle and soft rather than rushed and hungry. Hoseok melts nonetheless, loving any and all types of kisses he receives from Namjoon. 

Namjoon pecks his lips once, twice, thrice, then he pulls Hoseok into an embrace and positions them until Hoseok’s head lays on his chest. Namjoon threads his fingers in Hoseok’s dark brown hair and tugs at the strands. Hoseok sighs, cuddling closer to the other and breathing him in. 

 "What did you buy?" Hoseok pouts, poking Namjoon's stomach, "Tell me." 

"You'll see," Namjoon nips at his nose with his teeth. 

"Yoongi said that too," Hoseok huffs, irritated, "What's going on?" 

"Baby," Yoongi calls, "Come here. Let me do your makeup too." Namjoon gives Hoseok an apologetic smile and breaks from his hold, walking to Yoongi with a bounce in his step. This is getting weirder and weirder. Namjoon never wears makeup. 

Hoseok brings his knees to his chest and sulks on the bed, clearing his throat loudly so that Namjoon and Yoongi can see that he doesn't appreciate the secret. But, Namjoon just blows him a kiss that looks so fucking awkward that it's cute. Hoseok tries to fight the smile creeping up on his face, but he can't help it. They always make him smile so easily. It's becoming a problem. 

"Why are you putting makeup on Joonie?" Hoseok asks, purposely making his eyes appear sadder and doe like. It has always hit their weak spots, they'll definitely tell him if he pouts harder. 

But, "You'll see." 

Hoseok loudly boos them, cupping his mouth and whining, "BOOOOOOOOOOOOO." Yoongi’s shoulders shake in silent laughter at his antics but they still don't give him an answer. "Fine." Hoseok puffs and collapses back on the bed and stares at the ceiling. 

Hoseok closes his eyes, meaning to rest them and pass time but he ends up falling asleep, Namjoon and Yoongi’s muttered words dissolving into background noise. 

He wakes to hushed voices that are incomprehensible at first but he gets some of the conversation in. 

"... I look ridiculous." 

"No, you look hot." 

"Maybe I should have gone for a lighter colour." 

"Grey suits you." 

"The black one is…" 

"Sexy, isn't it? I should wear this all the time." 

Hoseok decides he's had enough of the whispering. He sits up and stretches out his limbs, yawning loudly. Yoongi and Namjoon go silent and he can feel their eyes boring into him. "What's going on-?" Hoseok’s jaw drops. 


In skirts. 

Yoongi’s wearing a fitted leather skirt that shows off his slender legs and pink knees. It's shorter than Hoseok’s skirt and shows a whole lot of thigh. On top of that he's wearing a black long sleeved turtleneck. He looks like a doll. 

Namjoon’s fidgeting awkwardly, switching his weight from one foot to the other and looking away. His skirt is a light grey and falls midthigh. He's also wearing a baby blue sweater with a small whale on the chest. 

Namjoon's muscular legs are… too much to look at. Hoseok’s sure he'd lose his mind if he looks at his legs for longer than five minutes. 

Hoseok is…. 

He's dreaming. 

"What the fuck?" Hoseok says. 

"Told you I looked ridiculous," Namjoon mumbles and his shoulders slump, he tries to hide behind Yoongi but he fails because he's Namjoon. He's the tallest and broadest out of all of them. He looks like a kicked puppy. 

"No, you don't," Yoongi interlaces his fingers with Namjoon's, pulling him to his side. Hoseok stares. Shocked. Completely, utterly shocked. 

"What the fuck?" He repeats. "What kind of dream- this feels so real." 

Yoongi laughs heartily, "It's not a dream, Seok." 

" Huh?" 

Yoongi twirls the way Hoseok did earlier, grinning from ear to ear, "What do you think?" 

"Why-? Why?" 

Yoongi pinches Hoseok’s cheek, "This isn't a dream. Now tell me. Do I look nice?" Yoongi looks more than nice. He looks amazing. He looks more than amazing actually. He- "Hoseok?" 

"Uh…," Hoseok’s tongue is heavy in his mouth. His throat feels too dry. God. 

"Yeah," Namjoon says in a small voice, making to walk away, "I'm just gonna change-" 

"What?" Yoongi grabs a hold of his wrist, "Why? You look great." 

He does look great. Hoseok can't even begin to describe the way he's feeling. He's never seen Namjoon wear makeup before, but the smoky liner that Yoongi gave him suits his large eyes perfectly. Namjoon is… 

"Seokie doesn't think so," Namjoon deflates. Hoseok hasn't ever seen Namjoon look so dejected before. He can't handle Namjoon being sad. He can't handle seeing any of his boyfriends sad. 

"Wait-" Hoseok forces himself off the bed and quickly hugs Namjoon, "You look amazing. Please don't change.."

"Really?" Namjoon's fluffy brown hair falls in his doubtful eyes. "You're not just saying that?" 

"Have I ever lied to you?" Hoseok shakes his head, "You look pretty , Joon." 

Namjoon scratches the back of his head, bashful, "You look prettier." 

Hoseok’s heart flutters in his chest. He doesn't understand what this is. Be it a dream or reality but whatever it is, Namjoon's pretty and he wants to kiss those dimples for the rest of his life. 

Yoongi taps his foot impatiently, looking at them, unimpressed. "Hello? What about me?" 

"Meh," Hoseok waves his hand dismissively, "You look okay." 

Yoongi’s face falls and he huffs, "Fine. Guess I'll just take this off-" 

Hoseok smiles, pulling Yoongi into his and Namjoon's hug, "I'm kidding. You look pretty too, Yoonie." 

Yoongi tsk s, "Obviously I do. Have you seen me?" Namjoon and Hoseok roll their eyes simultaneously. Yoongi never knows how to take a compliment, acting cocky instead to hide his embarrassment. 

"Although I'm loving this little group hug we got going on," Hoseok starts, "What the actual fuck?" 

Namjoon’s cheeks are flushed red when he speaks, "You're always scared about standing out if you were to leave the house all dressed up… So Yoongi and I thought it would make you more comfortable if we all dressed up. So you're not on your own, you know? And-" 

" Seok," Yoongi’s voice fills with worry, "Are you crying ?" 

"Nuh-no," Hoseok sniffles, wiping his eyes with the back of his sleeve, "I'm fine." He's far from fine. He doesn't know what to say. This is exactly something Yoongi and Namjoon would do. He's overflowing with love for them. He feels all warm and fuzzy on the inside. "I'm perfectly fine." 

"You're obviously not fine," Yoongi expertly wipes away his tears, "Don't cry, you'll ruin your makeup." 

"I'm not crying," Hoseok pouts. 

"Then why are there tears coming out of your eyes?" Namjoon chips in, kissing Hoseok’s forehead, "Don't cry, Hoseokie. If you cry, I'll cry and if I cry, Yoongi will cry and if Yoongi cries he won't stop crying because we both know once he starts he can't stop and if that happens we'll drown in his tears because he's so fucking dramatic and then he'll-" 

Yoongi shoves an elbow into Namjoon's ribs, "Are you done?" 

"No," Namjoon continues, "And if we drown from Yoongi’s tears, we will die. And if we die, I'll never get to see you looking pretty ever again and then I'll be sad and start crying again-" 

"Jesus Christ," Hoseok covers Namjoon's mouth with his hand, "Stop. I get it." Namjoon smiles and sticks his tongue out, licking Hoseok’s palm, " Ew." 

"So what do you say, Sunshine?" Namjoon cups his cheeks, "Wanna go on a date?" 

"Looking like this…?" Hoseok nibbles his bottom lip, stomach twisting uncomfortably, "Are you sure you'd want to do this? Everyone would look at us and-" 

"If we're all together, let them look," Yoongi assures, "We have each other, we don't have to worry about them." 

"But won't you be embarrassed?" Hoseok’s eyes are downcast, his voice defeated, "I don't want to make you uncomfortable just because of my own problems and.. Yeah. You don't have to do this for me." 

They're silent for a moment. Hoseok appreciates it a lot, he does but. He doesn't want them to go out of their comfort zone just to make him happy. He'd rather they just be themselves and do what they really want. 

"Your problems are our problems too," Namjoon hugs him, stroking down his back, "And we're not uncomfortable. We've been thinking about doing this for weeks. We want this, Seok." 

"If you still don't want to go out when you're dressed like this," Yoongi squeezes his hand reassuringly, "We could stay in, watch some movies. We could do a little fashion show? Maybe take some pictures?" 

That sounds like a great idea. "You wouldn't mind taking pictures?" 

"We wouldn't mind at all," Yoongi plops down on the bed and taps the sheets next to him. Hoseok takes a seat beside him and Namjoon sits on the other side of him. "So? Do you want to stay in instead?" 

Hoseok’s heart does a little flip in his chest. They're looking at him so lovingly and they went out of their way just to make him feel more comfortable. 

"We could… go out.." Hoseok trails off. It would be nice to be under the sun and be his best self for once. He'd have Yoongi and Namjoon as support and they'd be together. But. "But I don't know." 

"Okay," Namjoon says easily, not a hint of disappointment in his voice, only understanding, "I'll make some popcorn and we can watch some movies." 

"You're… gonna stay dressed like this?" Hoseok eyes Namjoon and Yoongi’s skirts, unsure. 

"Yeah," Yoongi lays back on the bed, "It's freeing. My thighs are having the best time." Hoseok smiles at that, "And also, Namjoon's legs look like chicken nuggets and I would like to continue looking at them." 

"What's that supposed to mean?" Namjoon's brows scrunch together, "Chicken nuggets?" 

"Yes," Yoongi deadpans, "They look delicious." 

Hoseok giggles at the dark red that covers Namjoon's cheeks and ears. Namjoon mumbles a ' whatever' and then he's off to the kitchen to make popcorn. Hoseok and Yoongi shamelessly stare after him, licking their lips as they take in his sun kissed skin and strong thighs. 

When Namjoon's out of earshot, Hoseok looks down at Yoongi, "Are you sure about this because-" Yoongi groans and pulls Hoseok on top of him. Hoseok stumbles and painfully hits Yoongi’s forehead with his own, " Ow." 

"Fuck that hurt," Yoongi rubs his forehead, with his hand, "Are you okay?" 

"Dunno," Hoseok teases, "I think I'm seeing stars- oh wait. That's just you ." 

Yoongi pinches his side, scoffing but the gleeful smile on his face says something else entirely, "I don't regret doing this and I feel pretty so let me feel pretty and accept that I kinda look hot in a skirt. I'm doing this for me . Not you, don't get cocky."  

Hoseok buries his face in Yoongi’s neck. He giggles like a child when he says, "This is so… Namjoon and you do look hot in skirts." 

"Exactly," Yoongi nods meaningfully, "But not as hot as you." 

"Stop it." 


"My boyfriends are cuddling without me," Namjoon says, distraught dripping from his voice and chomping down on popcorn, "What will I do now?" 

"You could show off your chicken nuggets," Hoseok says, rolling on his back and looking at Namjoon with a smirk on his face. He makes grabby hands and Namjoon gives him the bowl of popcorn, no questions asked. 

Yoongi taps his chin, contemplating, "I agree with Seokie. Let's see those chicken nuggets."

"How dare you objectify me," Namjoon huffs, "How dare you see me as an object and not a person. How dare you decide my worth and-" Yoongi and Hoseok look at him blankly, their faces straight and unphased, " God. Fine." 

Hoseok holds his hand up, "Wait. Let me find a song." 

"A song for what?" Namjoon asks, incredulous. 

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star starts sounding from Hoseok’s phone's speakers. They stare at the phone for a while, a silence falling over them. Then Yoongi’s laughing, waving his hand, "Go on, Joonie. Give us a show." 

"You can't be serious-" 

"You're not going to give us a show?" Hoseok juts his lip out, petulant, "Okay." 

He's about to exit out of his music app when Namjoon shakes his head erratically, " No I'll give you a show. Wait." Hoseok smiles innocently and high fives Yoongi’s hand in victory. "You guys are terrible." Namjoon rubs his temples.

"We're waiting," Yoongi crosses his feet at the ankles. Hoseok doesn't hide that he notices the tight skirt straining against his milky skin. He runs his hand down Yoongi’s thigh and massages the soft skin. "If I always wear skirts will you always grope my thigh like this?" 

"Yeah," Hoseok can't lie, "I would." 

"I'm never taking this off then," Yoongi says off handedly but he's smiling that smile that's all sorts of warm and reassuring. Seeing Yoongi genuinely like the skirt causes happy bubbles in his chest. 

"Y'all done flirting or?" Their attention whips back to Namjoon, who's crossing his arms over his chest, 

"Keep doing that," Yoongi says, "Your chest looks great." Hoseok bursts out in laughter. Namjoon's seething but it's adorable. 

Hoseok rewinds the song, a mischievous smile playing on his lips. "Okay. The song's about to start. Get ready, Joonie." 

This is the part where Namjoon should do a strip tease or something along those lines. Maybe bending down and seductively dragging his hand up his leg and thigh. Or giving them sultry looks or something. Anything. 

But instead. 

He's clicking his fingers and shaking his hips like an amateur belly dancer at their first lesson. Perhaps ten times worse than that. And his skirt is going swish swish swish while he click click clicks. And what makes the whole thing worse is that he's dancing to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. 

He looks like an awkward noodle sloshing around in water. Something like that. 

To say Yoongi and Hoseok are in tears is an understatement. 

Namjoon does a hard spin that shows off his underwear with cute little bears on it. Hoseok cooes because yes, Namjoon is a bear. Hoseok bought those for him a couple months back. 

Namjoon offers his hand to Hoseok, "Come here, Sunshine." Hoseok takes it without hesitation and then he's being lifted in the air and being spun round and round until his vision gets blurry. "Wah- wait. We're going too fah-fast-" 

Namjoon trips over his toes and they both fall down in a mess of limbs and laughter. Yoongi takes a video, smiling sheepishly as his boyfriends giggle to their heart's content. 

Namjoon fixes Hoseok’s hair and tucks loose strands behind his ear. Hoseok still blushes for these kind of things. Yoongi and Namjoon always tease him for it. 

"You sure you don't want to go anywhere?" Namjoon asks, smiling kindly. He's always had the kindest smile. The one that immediately puts Hoseok at ease. "We could go anywhere that you want."

"Can we…" Hoseok trails off, contemplating. He wants to but there's still lots of doubts in his mind. "Can we go somewhere where there's not that many people?" 

Yoongi hops off the bed. He doesn't usually show his excitement often but he looks more than happy to go somewhere with them dressed like this. It doesn't bother him at all and that's enough to reassure Hoseok even if it's the tiniest bit. 

"I know exactly where we can go," Yoongi swings his car keys in his hands, "Put on your shoes and let’s get out of here." 


In the car, Hoseok sits in the backseat with Namjoon. He plays with the other's fingers in his lap, squeezing his palms and bringing his lips to the back of Namjoon's hands and trailing kisses all over his knuckles. 

"What's this for?" Namjoon's eyes light up and his cheeks become a pretty pink. 

"I love you," Hoseok says, kissing the corner of Namjoon's mouth. "Thank you." 

Namjoon holds Hoseok’s face in his hands, squeezing his cheeks until they look like a chipmunk’s, "No need to thank me. I just like seeing you happy." Namjoon pecks his nose and then litters kisses all over Hoseok’s forehead, "You're so pretty when you're happy." 

Hoseok wonders if it's possible to fall in love with someone more and more every day. He wonders if there's a limit. An end to this love. But he can't see it no matter how hard he tries. He found Yoongi and Namjoon when he needed them most, he can't remember what life was like before them. 

"Y'all done flirting or?" Yoongi looks at them pointedly through the rearview mirror. 

"Feeling left out?" Hoseok chuckles, sliding his hand between the gap of the front seats and wiggling his fingers, "I'll hold your hand while you drive." 

Yoongi scoffs but takes his hand anyways, interlacing their fingers as they drive the rest of the way. A soft pink takes over his cheeks and Hoseok has to stop himself from reaching over and biting them. 

Namjoon grins, hand snaking around Yoongi’s headrest and playing with the silver hoops in his ear. "How long more until we're there?" Namjoon asks. 

"About ten minutes." 

"We've been driving for an hour already," Hoseok says, "Where are we even going?" 

"You'll see," is the only answer he gets from Yoongi. He rolls his eyes. Of course. Those two words seem to be Namjoon and Yoongi’s favorite words of the day. 

They're by the countryside. The fields are a rich green and the sky is a clear blue. Hoseok has no idea where the hell they're going, "Did you buy us a farm house or something?" 

"Nah," Yoongi clicks his tongue, "That's on my schedule for next week." 

"Can we get some dogs too? All farm houses have like… a million dogs." 

"Sure love, whatever you want." Hoseok hums happily, squeezing Yoongi’s hand in response. 

Fifteen minutes pass and they find themselves at a strawberry farm. Hoseok’s eyes widen. He's always wanted to come to one of these farms and pick as many strawberries as possible. He'd said it to Yoongi fleetingly one day a couple years back when they had just become friends. "You remembered?" Hoseok says in a whispered voice, questioning if this really is a dream and hoping he doesn't wake up any time soon. 

"Ahuh," Yoongi gives him a warm smile as he purchases them weaved baskets. 

The woman that gives the baskets to them eyes Hoseok for a long time. He squirms under her gaze and wonders if she's going to say something to wash away his confidence. 

But, "I like your squirrel pin," she points to the fluffy squirrel pinned near the bottom of his skirt, "Your yellow skirt looks nice with it." 

Namjoon and Yoongi nudge his shoulders, smug smiles on their faces that drip with pride. Namjoon whispers something that sounds a lot like 'that's our baby'. 

"Thank you," Hoseok’s smile nearly splits his face in half. His cheeks hurt from smiling and he's still smiling as they enter the fields filled with hundreds upon hundreds of the reddest strawberries he's ever seen. 

He runs ahead of Namjoon and Yoongi, his legs moving in excitement. He skips along the planes and bends to pick up as many strawberries as his hands can handle and plops them into the basket. His fingers stain a pretty red and he spreads his hands out, turning around to show Namjoon and Yoongi. 

"Look!" Hoseok shouts to get their attention, "I'm all red!" 

Namjoon’s shoulder slump and he meets Hoseok in the middle of the field, "Why are you so cute?" 

"Stop," Hoseok shoves a strawberry into Namjoon's mouth, "You're embarrassing me." Namjoon chews the fruit and the sweet juice dribbles down his chin. Hoseok steps up on his tippy toes and licks the juice right up from Namjoon's chin to his soft lips, " Mmm . Tasty." 

"I changed my mind," Namjoon sputters, pushing away from Hoseok, "You're not cute at all. You're scary as fuck." 

Hoseok grins and skips away, catching up with Yoongi a couple metres away. Yoongi’s carefully choosing what strawberries to pick, ensuring that he gets the best quality ones. Hoseok’s not surprised. It's a very Yoongi thing to do. 

Hoseok picks a few more bunches of strawberries, whistling a bubbly tune as he fills his basket blindly. Soon his basket is overflowing and strawberries start to tumble out. "My basket's already full," a pout pulls at his lips. How disappointing. He's only been here for a little while and he wants to pick more strawberries. 

"Here," Yoongi passes him his basket. There's only a few strawberries inside since he's been so careful in choosing. "You can take my basket." 

"No, it's okay--" But Yoongi’s already switching their baskets, taking Hoseok’s full one and giving him the near empty one. " Yoonie." 

Yoongi quickly kisses Hoseok’s temple and makes a run for it, "Have fun picking more strawberries!" 

Hoseok mouth parts, words lost on his tongue. It turns into a smile that has him ducking his head and smiling like an idiot. Yoongi’s so…

This time around his new basket gets full in a matter of a few minutes. He needs to calm down, he thinks. He's going too fast because he's too excited. But he can't help it. 

Namjoon brushes past him, whistling innocently and taking away the now full basket. " What are you-" 

Namjoon shrugs and passes Hoseok his basket, "Here. You can have mine." 

Hoseok laughs, incredulous, "But I already took Yoongi’s." 

"You can take mine too," Namjoon pecks him on the nose. He holds the full basket against his chest and it looks wonderful with his baby blue sweater and grey skirt. He nibbles happily on the strawberries and smiles around them, his deep dimples shining under the sunlight. Namjoon looks so pretty. Hoseok thinks he's the luckiest man in the world.

Yoongi’s sitting under the shade, fanning himself and fishing through the strawberries and separating them into little sets. Hoseok’s not sure exactly why he's doing that but he lets him be. 

Hoseok closes his eyes and tilts his head back, feeling the warm sun on his skin. This is the best day he's had in a long time. All his days spent with Namjoon and Yoongi are his favorite days, but this day in particular is everything he didn't know he wanted. He's in the prettiest skirt he owns and he's with the loves of his life. Nothing is better than this. 

Later, when the sun is setting and they're sitting on the peak of a mountain, Hoseok wah s as the sun disappears. "This place is so beautiful." 

"It's okay," Namjoon says, looking right at Hoseok, "But there's something a lot better in front of me." 

Yoongi lets out a laugh, "Your flirting has gotten better. I'm proud of you, Joonie." 

Namjoon rubs his lips together and pinches Yoongi’s thigh, "Shut up, you're no better than me." 

"He's right," Hoseok nods in agreement, "You suck at flirting. Yoonie." 

" Gee, thanks ," Yoongi holds a hand against his chest and pretends to be gravely hurt, "After everything I've done for you." Yoongi takes out three ziplock bags of strawberries. It's the strawberries he separated earlier. He passes one to Namjoon and another to Hoseok, "There."

"Why'd you separate them?" Hoseok cocks a brow, "We could have all shared perfectly fine without separating it?" 

Yoongi flushes a dark red, looking away from them. Hoseok and Namjoon share a confused glance and look back at Yoongi for answers. "What's wrong?" 

"Nothing," Yoongi huffs out, still avoiding their gazes, "I just separated the very ripe ones for Joonie since he likes soft strawberries and I gave you the hard ones because you like those more.. Anyways." Yoongi comically stuffs his mouth with strawberries until his cheeks are full and rounded. He looks like a round potato. 

Hoseok and Namjoon simultaneously swallow. Then, they're enveloping Yoongi in a tight hug and showering him with kisses. They kiss all over the sides of his face and giggle when he nearly chokes on all the strawberries in his mouth. 

" Jesus. Stop-" 

"You're pretty," Hoseok coos, kissing Yoongi’s rosie cheek right over his freckles. 

Yoongi’s mouth is full when he says, "No, you." 

Namjoon agrees, booping Hoseok’s nose, "He's right, you're the prettiest one here." 

Hoseok’s cheeks heat. He feels so warm. So, so warm. 

He always feels warm when they're together. 

Hoseok likes feeling pretty. 

And he feels prettiest when he's with them.