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Crown Me Nemesis

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A kiss… desperately 

I suppose this takes place after the first chapter but before the second one. 


“My brother died because of you and the White Moon tyrants!” Saffir raged.

King Endymion didn’t move, kept his face impassive. 

“I don’t care what the Dark Queen OR Wiseman says, I will have my revenge!” A coil of smoke and crackling energy spun through his hands, emanating from a black crystal fragment.  

The pain in Endymion’s side intensified the closer the dark crystal got, but he didn’t let it show.  “Killing me will do nothing to help your cause,” he said.

“My cause?! My cause is nothing now that everyone I cared about is dead!” He aimed the crystal and threw with all his might.

“Saffir!” A new voice rang out, and to Endymion’s horror, Neo Queen Serenity - black moon insignia and black crystal earrings and white, white dress and all - darted in front of Endymion with her hands in front of her, blocking Saffir’s blast and sending it back at him. 

“You insolent fool!” Serenity screamed, eyes incandescent with rage. “Endymion must be kept alive! He is the only one who knows where the Silver Crystal is!”

Saffir stumbled, clutching his arm as the energy that had been deflected at him sizzled away and left him useless until he returned to the Black Moon Clan’s headquarters to be healed.  “You keep telling yourself that, ‘Queen’ of the Black Moon,” he spat out. “But you know as well as I you can find the crystal yourself, and he does nothing but get in the way!”

Serenity glared at him, still standing in front of Endymion in a battle stance as Saffir disappeared with a sneer.

“Thank you,” Endymion said, hoarsely.  

She turned and glowered at him. Her hands blistered with angry, red burns. Endymion reached for her hands and she yanked them away.

“Let me,” he whispered. “Please.”

Still glaring, still radiating  anger and malice and confusion, she offered him her hands grudgingly.  “I suppose I may as well, considering it can only weaken you,” she said.

He removed his gloves and brushed his fingers along her open palms, his touch a desperate, beseeching kiss. Her wounds healed, and although she turned and left him without a word, the few seconds she’d lingered before pulling back her hands gave Endymion the smallest amount of hope.