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Two Weeks

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Sharon shot up as the teacher’s voice rang through the classroom. It took her a few seconds to realize she’d fallen asleep in class and she groaned as she lay down her head again. Her flatmates had kept her awake almost all night long with their Harry Potter marathon, resulting in her still being tired after already four hour of class. She followed her classmates out of the room as the class ended and she still wondered why she hadn’t skipped her classes.

Sharon looked up as a hand was placed on her shoulder and she smiled as she saw her flatmates. They looked just as tired as her and due to the alcohol they probably felt even worse. In complete silence the three of them walked towards the cafeteria and got their food, the first word only said as they sat down.


‘What? Did you forget to take something to drink again?’ Sharon asked as she studied Floor’s plate.

‘No, Tarja is coming this way.’


‘What if we say something wrong?’

Charlotte rolled her eyes and Sharon smiled as she saw the redhead stuffing some food in Floor’s mouth to shut her up. None of them had ever really met Tarja, but still Floor was scared to talk to her. She was scared gay people used some sort of secret language, meaning she could accidentally offend her by speaking English. Charlotte had been annoyed by her way of thinking from the very beginning, but her reactions amused the brunette to no end. The smile on her lips disappeared however as someone tapped her shoulder and she looked at Tarja’s face as she turned around.


‘Hi, you’re Sharon, right?’

‘How do you know my name?’

‘I asked one of your classmates.’ Tarja smiled. ‘Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to go watch that new movie that premiered yesterday. I saw you reading the book it’s based on so I thought…’

Sharon uneasily smiled at the other girl. They didn’t know each other and she wouldn’t mind if it was in a group, but she wasn’t sure about just the two of them.

‘Tarja, I’m sorry but… I’m not gay and-’

‘You don’t have to be gay to watch a movie together.’ Tarja interrupted her. ‘We can just go as friends, or soon to be friends or… You know, nevermind.’

Tarja turned around and Sharon immediately felt guilty. She was right, there was nothing wrong with watching a movie together. After all, that was exactly what she’d don with Floor and Charlotte last night.

‘Tarja, wait.’ Sharon said as she grabbed the girl’s wrist. ‘When do you want to go?’

‘Eh, are you free tomorrow?’ Tarja seemed surprised, but she still smiled as she turned around again.

‘Sure, I have class until 6, we can go at 8.’

‘Great, I’ll see you there.’

Sharon watched the other girl as she walked away before turning to her friends again. They looked at her in disbelieve and worriedly the brunette frowned.


‘Did you just agree on a date with Tarja?’ Floor almost whispered.

‘It’s not a date, just two people who are going to watch a movie together.’


‘Come on, I did the same with you yesterday! And we even live together, we’re practically married.’

Floor looked at her for a second before returning her attention to her food. Sharon smiled and mentally added another point to her score of arguments she’d won, even though she was still convincing herself that it was not a date.

It wasn’t working.

By the time she left the flat to meet Tarja at the cinema she was still reminding herself that they were just friends. This wasn’t a date, Tarja wouldn’t try to kiss her, no one would be rejected, she didn’t had to impress anyone. And yet, the nerves were running through her body as she saw the other girl waiting in front of the cinema. They greeted each other with a smile before buying their tickets and snacks and deciding where they would sit. Sharon was glad Tarja didn’t want to sit in the back and she relaxed as they sunk down in their seats exactly in the middle of the hall. There hung a silence between the two girls and Sharon bit her lip as she opened her bag of chips, cursing it for making so much noise. The sounds continued as she put her hand in the bag before tasting the candy and realizing she’s bought the wrong one.

‘What’s with the face?’ Tarja asked.

‘I bought the wrong brand of chips, I don’t like this one…’

‘Do you want my popcorn?’

‘Are you sure…?’

‘Otherwise I wouldn’t suggest it.’ Tarja smiled before switching their snacks.

The smile Tarja gave her disappeared in the dark as the lights went out. The two girl turned their attention to the screen, but Sharon couldn’t help it to glance at Tarja every now and then. She wondered what went through her mind, if she also looked at her when Sharon was focused on the movie. It turned out she was.

Sharon’s eyes traveled to the other girl once again as the characters on the screen kissed each other for the first time and she met Tarja’s gaze. The smaller girl smiled at her before looking at the screen again while Sharon did her best to relax. She still expected Tarja to suddenly take her hand and her heart started beating faster as the other girl’s hand moved in her direction. Sharon held her breath as Tarja’s hand came closer before disappearing in the popcorn and moving back to the girl’s mouth. During the entire movie Sharon was more aware of the other girl’s movements and reactions than she watched the screen. She has seen every little smile, every piece of chips or candy that disappeared into her mouth and of course how she almost chocked on her coke.

Her mind was still with Tarja as Sharon closed the door of the apartment behind her. The two other girls turned around on the couch as they heard the sound, their eyes filled with suspicion.

‘So, how was your date?’

‘It was not a date.’

‘She walked you home.’ Floor pointed out. ‘Who paid for the tickets?’

‘We each bought our own.’


‘We paid ourselves, but we switched afterwards. I didn’t like my chips so I got her popcorn, but I still shared it with her.’

‘How was the movie?’ Charlotte suddenly asked.

‘Eh, I was okay…’

Sharon suddenly felt caught. She hadn’t seen much of the movie and in order to avoid further questions she faked a yawn and walked towards her room. Floor blocked her way, inspecting her as Sharon tried to avoid her eyes.

‘You watched her instead of the movie, didn’t you?’

Sharon didn’t answer her. She just walked around her flatmate, only looking up as Floor’s voice sounded right before she entered her room.

‘I bet the two of you will have kissed within two weeks, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.’