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Two Letters..?

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Snape handed each of the boys a letter,”It seems that both of you will be attending Hogwarts. How... fortunate, I assume?”

“You assume wrong, Professor.” Harry said, smile suddenly becoming strained. 

Dudley shrank back at the force of the glare Harry gave him. “This talentless, stupid, no good pig is magical?” Harry said lowly, a fierce look upon his eyes. Vernon blustered,” I’ll have you know-“

“SHUT UP!” Harry shouted.

“Why can’t I have something to myself for once? You always get everything you want, and now you get magic too?!” Harry choked, his dirty face scrunched up in a nasty sneer,”I hate you, Dudley! I hate you I hate you I hate you! I wish you would just die! I wish I could rip you apart! ” Harry shouted, spittle flying from his mouth. Harry snarled at Dudley, looking positively feral, and leapt at him. Ripping the letter from his hands, Harry tore it right in front of him. Big, fat tears were rolling down Dudleys face, and Harry felt a sick sort of satisfaction at being able to make him cry for once. Vernon made a grab at Harry, but Snape got to him first. Snape shoved Harry behind him and cast a Patronus. He whispered a quick message and the silvery doe shot off as Harry kept screaming abuse at Dudley.