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A Tiny Tiny, Thin Little Worm Got in Her Eye

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Lily let out a bloodcurdling scream because she got a live worm in her eye.(Sirius threw it at Severus but Severus had protections against that sort of thing) and Severus immediately threw a body bind at her and removed the worm with no hesitation. James was sitting terrified and Sirius went wide eyed. Lily’s eyes start to well up in tears and she starts bawling, she hugs Severus and starts mumbling how thankful she was and how she’d never doubt him again. Severus tells Professor Slughorn that he was going to take Lily to the hospital wing and they leave. James overhears Lily telling Severus how much she loved him(as siblings of course, but James doesn’t know that) and Severus answers back, declaring that he loved her too. A lot of students are white faced from the scream Lily let out earlier, and so Slughorn ends class early.