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You’re The Only Hope For Me

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In this story: Shaggy haired Gee and clean cut smol bean Frank


"This is a bad idea" Mikey murmured from the other side of the booth. They stumbled across this dumpy little diner and Gerard was starving. Normally the Way brothers were not allowed to associate with humans, per their fathers orders, but that's what made this that much more exciting. They were about a half hour from their home, a large colonial house set in the woods. They actually lived in a little village of similar people, seeing as Donald Way didn't like interacting with humans much himself. Mikey knew it was unlikely for them to run into anyone they knew, but he also knew the repercussions of being caught. 


"Just chill out, Mikes" Gerard said. Mikey was right, they would be totally fucked if their mother or father knew about this, but Gerard had been feeling antsy lately. He was 26 now and had yet to find his mate, but for some reason over the last few months, his inner wolf had been pulled further and further away from the village. 


Mr Way was concerned that his oldest son still hadn't found a mate. He practically dragged Gerard door to door to meet every potential mate in the village but his wolf never imprinted on anybody. All the girls swooned over him because not that Gerard wanted to brag or anything, but he looked damn good in his tight black jeans and black shaggy hair. 


Mrs Way had suggested letting Gerard out to roam the state, thinking maybe his mate was in a different pack. Mates were chosen by the goddess, for life and it wasn't uncommon to have wolves imprint with mates from other packs. Normally the lower ranking wolf would be required to desert their pack and join their higher ranking mate's. But this didn't concern the Way's one bit, knowing that both of their sons were alpha males. This meant that whoever their mates were would be required to join the Way pack. 


That's why they were here. Gerard, Mikey and Gerard's best friend Brendon we're driving all over the state looking for true love but coming up empty handed. After a long day of driving and very little food, Gerard insisted they stop at the little diner. Brendon was cool with it but poor Mikey wouldn't stop acting like their father was about to walk through the door. 


"If father finds out, just tell him it was all my idea" Gerard shrugged. 


"This is all your idea" Mikey countered. 


"See? Problem solved". 


Gerard sat back in the booth, just as a voice made his ears perk right up and the hair on the back of his neck stand. 


"Hey guys, sorry for the wait, my waitress called out sick today. My name is Frank and I'll be taking your order". Gerard looked over to see a short man littered in tattooed. He had a big warm genuine smile across his face as he made eye contact with each of the three men. When he got to Gerard, Gerard swore he felt the earth shift. 


His jaw dropped and it almost felt like the rest of the world cease to exist. This gorgeous man was smiling at him and ... and ... oh ...


Mikey kicked him from under the table but it didn't break Gerard from his intense gaze. 


"Um, sorry about my friend" Brendon coughed awkwardly. "He doesn't get out much". 


Frank brushed off the weirdness as he grabbed a small notebook and a pen from his back pocket. Brendon ordered steak and Mikey ordered chicken, then it was Gerard's turn. 


"Um ..." he fumbled. "W-what's good here?" Frank smiled again. 


"Well considering I run this place, I would say everything is. But I'm also a little biased." 


"Woah that's awesome man" Brendon cooed. "But you're so young! You can't be much older than this scrap" he added, rustling Mikey's hair. 


"I'm 22. I've been here since I was 15. My grandparents owned this place and when they passed away they left it to me" Frank said with a little reverence in his eyes. He adored his grandparents and missed them terribly. 


"What is better, the steak or the pot roast?" Gerard tried to regain the beautiful strangers attention back to himself. For some reason, this man talking to Brendon was really eating at his inner wolf. 


"Honestly? I wouldn't know. I'm vegetarian". 


"O-oh I'm s-sorry" Gerard stuttered, suddenly feeling like a total jackass. 


"Don't be" Frank brushed off. "It's a choice I live but obviously I don't expect everyone to do it."


"Well what good vegetarian meals do you have?" Gerard asked, now on a mission to impress the beautiful Frank. 


"My favorite is the veggie lasagna. It's grandmas recipe just spiced up a little" he winked. If it wasn't for Gerard's naturally quick reflexes, he would have easily missed it, but he didn't and he swore his heart was beating out of his chest. 


"That sounds good I'll have that" he said handing his menu over to Frank. 


"Coming right up" Frank said brightly, scribbling on his notepad and grabbing the menus. Brendon waited until he walked away to start busting Gerard's balls. 


"I never thought I would see the day that Gerard Way was at a loss for words" he said astonished. 


"W-What? No, fuck you" Gerard mumbled but the rosy tint on his cheeks was a dead giveaway. 


"I mean, yeah, he's totally hot but I don't see it". Brendon and Mikey began discussion the hotness rating of their waiter while Gerard watched him intently. The place wasn't overly big, and Frank was pretty much the only one working the front but with no more then ten tables and only three being used, it wasn't a hard job. 


Gerard watched Frank bring a tray of plates to another table with some elderly woman. After setting down everyone's plates, he crouched down next to one of them as she rested her hand on his shoulder and talked to him. Even though it was a perfectly innocent and friendly gesture, Gerard could hear the slight rumble of someone growling and realized fairly quickly that it was himself. 


The warning growl was low and obviously not picked up by Frank or the ladies at the table, but Mikey and Brendon definitely didn't miss it. 


"Gee? What's wrong?" Mikey asked in a panicked tone. Growling in human form was done rarely and usually when the inner wolf was feeling threatened. 


"What? N-nothing. Nothing. I'm just really fucking hungry" Gerard deadpanned. "My wolf is starving."


"Or it's in love" Brendon quipped. 


"Oh my god, what are you a 13 year old girl?!" Gerard groaned. 


"No. But I've watched people imprint before and you my friend have imprinted on the pretty, tattooed human." He said smugly.