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Away from the Past

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Kaz Brekker knew that he can't be shocked easily.

He also knew that Jan Van Eck isn't that kindest of all people, but Saints! This is just ridiculous!

"Let me repeat that", he said slowly, trying to make eye contact with the boy in front of him. "Jan Van Eck, your Father, kicked you out.....because you can't read?"

It sounded utterly ridiculous. Who in their right mind would abandon a child because it can't read?!

Finally Wylan looked him in the eyes, if only for a second, and nodded. "I just fought you should know. That I didn't run away I mean, and that if you would ever need me again you would know where you CAN'T find me."

"And if I need you again", started Kaz, raising a brow, "where am I supposed to find you THEN?"

Wylan looked at him again, this time without breaking eye contact.
"Somewhere on the streets, I guess...."

"Do you know anything, when it comes to living on the streets?"

Wylan shifted uncomfortable.
"Not exactly. I mean, I know the basics, I think?"

"You think?", now Kaz wasn't sure whether to laugh or not. Sure, this situation wasn't a laughing matter, but somehow he couldn't look at the boys face as he tried to tell him how he would survive without trying to hide a laugh.

"I-I mean it can't be as hard as you put it. Not-not that I don't believe you! I believe you when you say it's not easy! But....I think I can manage! And-and if you really need me I could just, I dunno, find a permanent place to stay? Like an alley or -"

"Wylan", Kaz cut in, and said boy promptly shut his mouth, "Don't take this too offensive, but you just aren't made for the streets."

"But -", Wylan tried to protest.

"At least. Not yet.", Kaz said with a serious expression.

Wylan straightened up in surprise.
"Wh-what do you mean?"

Kaz sighed.
"I mean", he said looking at Wylan as if he could see his very soul, "You'll stay here. With the Dregs."

Wylan's eyes widened and his lips parted, but not one sound made it past them.
He looked at Kaz as if expecting it to be some kind of joke.

Finally he said with a barley audible Crack in his voice: "Thank you, Kaz"