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Plague Rat

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It all started when Marinette found out she needed to go and do a lot of testing for some genetic disease she didn’t fully understand. She was told that the various antibiotics and testing chemicals would ruin her stomach and immune system. She told her class and asked them not to be around her if sick. That it was bad and she could die if exposed.

 They listened but for one. Lila stayed she had never heard of sick a thing and claimed Marinette was lying. Most of the class said they weren’t willing to risk it.

 “Even if she’s lying the chance she isn’t is to big.” Nathanael told Lila. “Not even Chloe is willing to risk it.”

 “Ewww no.” Chloé muttered. “I’m already wearing a tacky anklet.” She pointed at the tracking anklet she wore thanks to her sentencing for her Miracle Queen stunt. “And killing is not my style.” Even she had a line.

 However one person listened. Alya had felt like she didn’t know Marinette anymore. No since the girl started hanging out with Luka and seemed to not care about dating Adrien. After she seemed to be drifting and making new friends. 

 She latched onto the idea of Marinette lying. She wanted to believe it, so she could feel like Marinette and her friendship vanishing was all Marinette’s fault and not the sneaking thoughts it might be because of the fact Alya kept doing things Marinette didn’t like. 

 She brought her sisters around to visit Marinette to pick up a gift she had commissioned for their mom. A day after they had been told to keep an eye on them as a nasty flu was going around.

 They got sick.

 So did Marinette. Who ended up in the hospital. Alya was so horrified she went to her parents and confessed, and they brought her to the hospital to tell Marinette’s worried parents everything. They freaked out, threatening legal action and Alya sobbed out she had been told she was lying by Lila.

 They didn’t know Marinette heard everything.


 Marinette felt her heart break when Alya admitted she had purposely let her sick sisters near her. She felt it completely shatter when Alya said Lila had said Marinette had to be lying.

 Alya trusted fucking Lila without a shred of proof but demanded it from her. Marinette felt tears being to trail down her face as she sobbed. 

 “It’s okay Marinette, I’m here.” Tikki tried to comfort her chosen but the girl was lost. She was so upset and exhausted and… oh god she nearly died.

 She had told them it could kill her. She had told them and… 

 Alya hadn’t cared.

 It wasn’t a surprise that a butterfly came through the window, Tikki would think later and she would never blame Marinette for giving in, even as she was forced to yank the earrings off and fly away as fast as she could. 

 She needed to find someone to take them. 


 Alya didn’t know what to think. She didn’t know what to feel. 

 Marinette was in the hospital and it was all her fault. She was to blame.

  Your so called bestie never trusted you, did she? She used you for your connections but when you wouldn’t use them for her she turned against you.

 Alya felt the tears pouring down her face as Sabine finished screaming at her and she made no move to defend herself. Her parents didn’t defend her. God why… why had she believed Lila so easily? Why had she risked this?

 She didn’t… Lila couldn’t be lying maybe she was mistaken? Maybe…

  Your class sided against you, cast you aside. Your crush was spineless. Like a plague, her lies spread didn’t they?

 “I’m so sorry.” Alya whispered.

 “Sorry isn’t good enough!” Sabine snapped. “You betrayed her, betrayed her worse then you already have. Don’t you remember that she knows Jagged Stone? That she designs for Clara Nightingale?” Alya flinched and felt her heart crumble.

 Oh god.

  But it’s not just pathetic liars who can spread the Plague is it? No. Rats can to, can’t they Plague Rat?”

 “Yes Hawkmoth.”

 It was the most terrifying thing Alya had ever hear coming from Marinette’s room, and her parents gasped in horror. The room’s door opened up and Marinette stepped out. She wore a long smock, with a mask covering her face, the mask resembling the old plague doctors, but it was in the shape of a rat’s nose. Her hair was in buns on top of her head like ears, and she had a tail that looked like an IV cord swishing behind her. She used an IV stand to walk, limping along.

 “I am Plague Rat,” the akuma said in a growling voice. “And I will spread my plague to all who lie