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Veilstone High

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Hello everyone, I have a bad and good news for this fic. First of all after a discussion between me and my friend. We decided to discontinue Veilstone High. The sole reason we're doing this is halfway through our summer planning we reread the whole fanfic again and like last chapter everything doesn't go the way we wanted it to be the good news is we're rewriting the whole fic it will be slightly different from this, it won't change much though we don't want to disappoint everyone who had read it from the beginning and like the story. We hope everyone look forward to Veilstone High 2.0 ^_^. We'll publish the fic probably next month or earlier, the shipping will be the same with Cynthia x Steven as the main ship.

Once again we're sorry for discontinuing this fic, just last chapter I said it won't happened again yet it happen again and it's the whole fic nonetheless. We hope all of you look forward to it. Thank you for all the hits and kudos you guys left. Well, see you soon.