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wait, you wear glasses?!

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The elevator ding ed and the doors slid open, smooth as a waltz dancer. Kara flicked her tie and slid her hands into the pockets of her slacks as she strode out, stopping in front of Jess’ desk. 

“Hiya, Jess. Long night, huh?” 

Opening up her satchel, she slid a cup of mint green tea and a chocolate croissant over to the young secretary, who took it with a grateful smile.

“Evening, Kara. Thanks for the late-night snack. Yeah, the last couple meetings ran long, a board member had to be thrown out by security, and a scorned Lex supporter pulled a gun in the lobby today. All in all, a normal day here at L-Corp. Go on in, she’s just filling out some paperwork, but I imagine she could use the pick-me-up too.”

The photographer repositioned her shoulder bag strap as she grinned toward the door. She turned back to Jess.

“I’m here to drag her from behind that ridiculous desk and take her home, so you can go ahead and start packing up.”

“All right, will do. Thanks.”

With a smile and a nod, Kara pushed open the heavy double-doors into the CEO’s office.

“Hey Lee! A little birdie told me that you’ve had quite a day. Are you ready to—” 

The last couple of words were choked as she saw her best friend seated at her desk. Her eyes traveled from the top-down. Prominent cheekbones, chiseled jawline, regal neck, strong shoulders. Dressed in a white-and-blue striped blouse and black slacks, the creases having lost their crispness hours ago. Even seated, Lena was poised and graceful, looking every bit the badass businesswoman she was, as always. 

But something new: a set of thick, black frames set on the young Luthor’s proud nose bridge. Behind the lenses, a pair of tired emerald eyes, lacking their usual luster. 

Lena, who had picked her head up the moment she heard the door open, sent her a small smile that slowly stretched into a trademark smirk. “Ready to what, darling?” 

Kara spluttered like an old car engine for a couple seconds as she tried to regain her mental footing. Lena Luthor wore glasses?! Who gave her the right to look that cute and hot at the same time— “Kara?” —oh, no.

Suddenly, Lena and her adorable glasses were right in front of her, looking concerned and lovely, and— Get it together, Danvers!

Laughing nervously, Kara ducked her head and jammed her hands in the pocket of her trench coat. Clearing her throat slightly, she continued, “—to get going?”

Raising a sculpted eyebrow slightly, the younger woman grinned, making her dimples pop out, as she stepped closer to the blonde. “Hello again, love,” Lena purred as she wrapped her arms around Kara’s waist. “you’re a sight for sore eyes.”

As soon as she felt the Luthor encircling her, the Super pulled her in closer and nuzzled the dark-haired head. “Missed you.”

“Did you?” The shorter woman pulled back to look Kara in the eye. Lena’s exhaustion had crept past her CEO facade; her smile was gentle and even the raised eyebrow directed Kara’s way was softer than usual.

”Yep.” The blonde nudged Lena’s glasses by the bridge. “I didn’t know you wear glasses.”

“I normally don’t. Can’t show any weakness and all that, as a female CEO. I usually wear contacts, but my eyes get tired after a while. I had to pull a longer night,” Lena walked back to her desk and started packing up her things, “so once all my meetings were over I switched over to glasses.” 

Locking her briefcase closed, she pulled on her blazer as she continued. “I don’t wear them in public much unless I want to blend in, and also because I don’t think it’s a good look for me.”

Kara scoffed at the last statement. “Are you kidding, Lee? You look great in just about everything, and you look so cute in glasses!” 

She stopped herself from saying it makes me want to whip them off and kiss you , but just barely. 

The young Luthor blushed and dipped her head with a bashful smile. “Do you really think so?”

“When have I ever lied?”

“Kar, you told me two days ago you forgot to eat dinner so you could eat with me. Thank goodness you’re bad at lying.” Lena chuckled as she slipped off the black frames and tucked it into the slim case.

The blonde huffed and crossed her arms in a faux-angry manner. “Well, anyway, you look amazing, and I could only dream of looking this good at 23:00.”

“Now, you’re only saying that because you’re my friend.”

“The best, and don’t you forget it. But it’s the truth! Now, can we get going? I require couch snuggles and sugary foods.”

“Sure, you big dork.”

Kara grabbed Lena’s hand and led her out of the office, bringing her to a halt in front of the elevator. As they waited for the car to reach their level, she squeezed the hand in hers.

“Oh, and Lee? Feel free to wear your glasses any time around me.”