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A Glorious Gamer

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A Glorious Gamer



It was the first day of spring, and I was able to tear myself out of my apartment. The sun shone on my shoulders as I felt the cool air’s breeze. The arcade is my destination. My goal, new friends.

As I walked in, the sounds were overwhelming, button mashing, people chatting, and the faint sound of music. And then, there was the real beauty, a cute blonde with pink streaks, and tiny bows. Her sweet brown eyes were staring at the screen, putting real effort into this game I have never seen before. Seems to be retro? I go and play the near-by Pac-man cabinet, and observe.

She moves the joystick left and right. Left then right. Left then right. It’s mesmerizing. She’s an expert, an idol, a worthy friend.

I saw her put in all of her quarters, until a legendary moment. She got a new high score! I couldn’t hold back my smile! Yet it still made me feel sad that she moved to a new game. At least I could now get a try.

As I slipped in my coin, I was now worried I would embarrass myself. I did my best, moving left and right, left and right, left and right. With me doing it, you could just call it button mashing. I reached the end of the game and I’m in shock. It says that I have an all-time new score, right above MIO.

A woman begins to angrily shout, “Are you fucking kidding me! Who are you! I’ve been working towards that for the last 3 months!” I look around, and notice whose yelling, the cutest girl in the place. I managed to utter a few words, Saying “s-sorry, I didn’t mean to erase your work. It was j-just a bit of luck?” She responded sharply, “Is that supposed to make me feel better? Hard work ruined by ‘some l-luck’? Huh?” “ Can you please calm down.” “Why should I
I don’t know how to respond. My mind is racing. I don’t want her to hate me. Could this be a chance to get to know her? How do I play It cool? Then, a genius idea comes to mind. “I could teach you how I did it” More silence. “ I thought you said it was luck… but I guess it can’t hurt.”